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income cannot, it is quite obvious, afford as ! " The liberal deviseth liberal things, and much as the man with a small family in the by liberal things shall he stand.” Many same position of society. If Christians would papers in your Magazine have, in times past, give about one-twentieth of what they expend referred to the low state of the churches; is it annually upon themselves and their families, to be wondered at, whilst Christ sees his and one-tenth additional of what they are ambasadors so badly supported, that he able to lay by at the year's end, would not should withhold the visible tokens of his the aspect of our dissenting churches soon favour? If we would have pentecostal seabecome vastly different from what it is at sons, we must be ready to sacrifice our pro, present ? But some will say, this scale perty in much larger proportions than we would not do at all for our labouring men. have hitherto done. The early Christians We grant it, and yet we doubt, whether the gave up their all, and their lives too, for the pious artizan would not be quite as willing to propagation of the faith which they had give, to the cause he loved, his sixpence received. weekly, out of his ten or twelve shillings, as Hoping these few thoughts may elicit would his richer neighbour to contribute his others from your correspondents, which in ten pounds out of his two hundred, which the end may be of practical utility, would only deprive the latter of a few luxuries,

I remain, dear Sir, or a little worldly display, whilst the sixpence

Yours respectfully, of the poor man would deduct from what

A WELL-WISHER TO THE VOLUNTARY might be fairly termed the positive neces

PRINCIPLE. saries of life. Therefore did our Lord bestow his just commendation upon the two mites of the poor widow, and not upon the donations of the wealtlıy.

EDITORIAL POSTSCRIPT. There is another point of view in which The annual services in London commenced, the present subject may be looked at, and it

as proposed, on Thursday, April 22nd, with is this. We live in a day when subscription a meeting for united prayer in the Library of lists for all sorts of objects meet the public the Mission llouse. Dr. Murch presided ; eye, one and another is commended for his and supplications were offered by Dr. Acliberality to such and such a benevolent worth of Bradford, Mr. Middleditch of object, whilst others may feel something Frome, Mr. Stock of Salendine Nook, Mr. approaching to shame, at the smallness of Leonard of Bristol, and Mr. Burnet of Kemtheir own contribution, where ample means nay House, Kinlore, Aberdeenshire. The are known to be possessed. Now, why may Library was well filled, and the service was not the same plan be adopted in our dissent interesting throughout. ing churches, and each subscriber know what another contributes ? It may be urged as a On Thursday evening, at Surrey Chapel, reason against this, that the scriptures enjoin prayer was offered by Messrs. Overbury of us to secrecy. Yes, in almsgiving; but the Eagle Street and Wills of Ramsgate. Mr. support of our Redeemer's cause, and his Davis of King Street, Bristol, took as his ministers are, or should be, his representa- text the words addressed to our Lord by an tives, is not almsgiving, but a positive duty, afflicted father—" Lord, I believe; help thou by the allegiance we owe to Christ. In my unbelief." In his discourse he illustrated favour of our argument it may not be inap- these three principles as adapted to increase propriate to quote our Lord's injunction, our devotedness to missions: The infinite « Let your light shine before men, that they value of the individual man-the impossimay see your good works, and glorify your bility of salvation by any other name than Father which is in heaven.” But it may that of Christ --- and our persoual respo nsialso be urged against this plan, that men bility for the work. would give from ostentatious motives, to see their names in a subscription list for a hand- On Friday morning, the annual session of some sum; to this it may also be asked as a the Baptist Union was held in the Mission rejoinder, how many would be ashamed to House Library. Official duties rendered it see their names there for what they now con- impossible for the editor to hear the address tribute? In the present state every thing of Dr. Cox, or unite in the deliberations that good will be tainted with evil; the question ensued; but one of the editors of the Patriot should then be, will the good predominate? if was present, and he has published in that it will, we must be satisfied. We might journal both the address at full length, and mention another passage of scripture as an account of the meeting which our readers applicable to the subject: “Provoke one may find on a preceding page. i another to love and to good works." Christians should converse together about the On Friday evening, at Bloomsbury Chapel, matter, and with all prudence, might chal. Messrs. Dowson of Bradford, and Larom of lenge each other to do what is right, re- Sheffield, prayed. Mr Young of Cork demembering the words of the prophet : livered an interesting discourse on the efficacy



of prayer, founded on words contained in the throne. As the cries of the prophets and eighth chapter of the Revelation :-“ And righteous men, ill treated of the Jews, were another angel came and stood at the altar, treasured to bring down wrath upon a gehaving a golden censer ; and there was given neration who crowned their fathers' wickedunto him much incense, that he should offerness ; so the prayers of the long train of it with the prayers of all saints upon the witnesses await a fulfilment when persecuting golden altar which was before the throne. powers shall be overthrown, and Christ placed And the smoke of the incense which came on the throne of universal empire. with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand ; and the The annual meeting of subscribers to the angel took the censer and filled it with the Baptist Irish Society was held on Monday fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth, morning in the Mission House. On the and there were voices, and thunderings, and motion of Mr. Larom, seconded by Mr. lightnings, and an earthquake.” The object Birrell, Mr. Angus, president of Stepney of the preacher was to show that the prayer College was called to the chair. The miof the church was influential on all the great nutes of the last annual meeting were read events of prophetic time. The teaching of and acknowledged, after which the secretary the vision was elicited by asking three read the minutes of the various committee questions. 1. What is the subject of the meetings held during the year. These last prayer of all saints ? This saint-prayer, it included a letter from the treasurer referring was observed, asked--The overthrow of a to the principles on which he thought the gigantic world-power which, in almost every financial proceedings ought to be conducted, age had presented a powerful obstacle to the and on which alone he could consent to progress of the gospel--the destruction of retain his office. A resolution was then Antichrist—and the lordship of the world passed expressing earnest desire for the for Christ. II, What place in the divine continuance of his valuable services, and arrangements is assigned to prayer? The adopting his suggestions. The secretary and vision placed the offering of prayer at the committee were then re-appointed, with the forefront of those great changes which were exception of four gentlemen whose ill health to take place in the world. The seven angels or pressing engagements had interfered greatly with their speaking trumpets, were bidden to with their attendance during the past year, wait till the prayers of the saints were and whose places were supplied by the offered. It was as though God had said to addition of the Rev. J. Allis, the Rev. those about to make proclamation of great J. Howieson, the Rev. W. Walters, and future events, The prayers of the saints must Marcus Martin, Esq. be taken into the account. Let us hear the martyr-cry. Give attention to the wiestlers On Monday evening, at Finsbury Chapel who take heaven by force. This, it was the annual meeting of the Baptist Home liisshown, was a principle of the divine govern. sionary was held. After prayer offered by Mr. ment. At the opening of the apocalypse Larom of Shethield, the chairman, Solomon not a seal was broken, till the prayer of the Leonard, Esq. of Bristol, opened the meetsaints was recognized (v. 8). The same ing in an appropriate speech, and the Rev. place was assigned to prayer at the opening S. J. Davis, the secretary, read an abstract of of the gospel dispensation. The scenes of the the report. lle read also the Cash Account, pentecostal day were the open, world-view of the treasurer being prevented from taking the opening dispensation. The Christian eye his customary part in the engagements of discerns the ten days' prayer-meeting that the evening by an affecting occurrence which preluded these demonstrations, III. What had suddenly rendered him a widower. In incentives to prayer are supplied by the ascending the stairs when going to rest a vision ? 1. The link that unites prayer, and few nights previously, Mrs. Bousfield fell, the putting forth of the divine power is clearly and concussion of the brain was occasioned, discerned. In the vision this link is bright which terminated fatally. Mr. Enoch Grifened into an imposing visibility. The identi- fiths of Upwell, an agent of the Society, cal censer, with whose incense the prayers moved the first resolution; and was followed were mingled, was filled with the fire of the by Messrs. Landels, Stovel, and Noel, who altar, and when its contents were thrown on all delivered effective addresses. the earth," there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.” On Tuesday morning, the Baptist Mis2. The intercession of Christ mingles with the sionary Society held its annual meeting of prayers of all saints. The early disciples subscribers in the Library of the Mission tried the power of the new name which had House. J. L. Phillips, Esq., presided. After been given them, when the great high priest the transaction of routine business, the report had newly passed to the higher sanctuary, of a committee of seven which had been and brought down one of the richest blessings appointed last year to inquire if it were that earth had ever received. 3. The prayers possible without impairing the efficiency of of the saints have accumulated before the the Society to reduce the expenditure of the



home management was brought up, and An appeal to British friends of American occasioned a long discussion. Ultimately, negroes is being made at the present time by it was referred to the consideration of the Mr. Edmond Kelly, a coloured minister who incoming committee. The scrutineers having has been for some time pastor of a baptist brought up the result of the ballot, it was church in New Bedford, in the United States. Dund that the committee chosen were the After purchasing himself, he has made his same as the last, with the exception of Messrs. wife and children his own by payment of J. J. Davies, B. Williams, and J. H. Hinton, about £660, of which he was necessitated to for whom are substituted Messrs. G. H. borrow a portion which he is now endeavourDavis of Bristol, G. Gould of Norwich, and ing to collect in this country. His case is J. J. Brown of Reading.

recommended unequivocally by our well

known friends, Mr. Girdwood and Dr. Sharp, The last meeting to which it is possible to “You may place entire and implicit con

the latter of whom says, in a letter to us : refer in the present number is the Public fidence in all his statements.” Meeting of the Baptist Irish Society in Finsbury Chapel, on Tuesday evening. This was well attended, and distinguished for the

We have just discovered that the following more than usual excellence of all the speeches cidentally omitted :—“The Rev. Joseph

notice, intended for our last number, was acdelivered. The Treasurer, who presided, after prayer by Dr. Acworth, opened the Garside, having resigned the pastorate of the meeting, and the Secretary read a report removed to Slaithwaite in Yorkshire, his

baptist church at Ogden, Lancashire, is now which will be found in the Irish Chronicle. Mr. Bowes of Blandford Street then moved,

former residence.", “ That in the opinion of this meeting the blessings which our Lord Jesus Christ bestows upon the individuals of every nation who commit themselves to his guidance are the blessings most needed by the people of

We are requested to announce that the Ireland ;

that this meeting earnestly desires meetings of this association are to be held at therefore that His gracious message should Devizes, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of be made known to all the inhabitants of that June. Brethren Bentley, Baines, Haycroft

, afflicted country, and that it rejoices in the and Middleditch of Frome to preach. In information contained in the report now read

case of failure, brethren Morris, Newman, respecting the diminution of burdens which | Crisp, and Anderson. have long repressed the energies of the Baptist Irish Society, and the increasing

SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION readiness of Christian friends to co-operate in its support.” This resolution having been

The Baptist Southern Association will seconded by Mr. Manning, of Frome, was

hold its annual meetings at Whitchurch, passed unanimously; the meeting united in Hants, the first Tuesday and Wednesday in singing, “ Praise God from whom all blessings June. Brethren Bulgin of Poole, and Green flow," &c., and a collection amounting to

of Niton to preach. The business begins at £22 was made. Mr. Young, of Cork, then eleven o'clock on the Monday morning. moved, “That this meeting having heard with pleasure the list of Officers and Committce appointed yesterday at the private meeting of Subscribers, cherishes a lively

The Devon Association will meet at hope that the gentlemen who have under Kingsbridge, on Wednesday and Thursday, taken the management of the Society's affairs June 16th and 17th, 1852. The business for the ensuing year will be sustained by the meeting will commence precisely at nine confidence of their constituents at large; and o'clock, A.M. that they will be supplied with funds sufficiently ample to enable them to discharge the remainder of the debt, and enlarge their

The friends at Taunton, having intimated operations in a manner in some degree cor

that the holding of the association at the responding with the importance of Ireland time appointed would be exceedingly inconas a field for missionary labour.”. This reso- venient, if not impracticable, in consequence lution having been seconded by Mr. Haycroft of the great agricultural meeting which is to of Bristol, was also passed, and after an be held there this year, it has been deemed expression of thanks to the chairman, the desirable to postpone the meeting of the assembly broke up, the only cause for regret association for a fortnight. It will be held, having been that when Mr. Haycroft rose therefore, at Taunton, on Wednesday the the time was too far advanced to allow of his 23rd and Thursday the 24th of June next, saying what he had intended to say on this the week after instead of the week before occasion.

the meeting of the Devon Association.




MAY, 1852.


The course pursued recently by the sufferers from famine, they could not Committee of the Baptist Irish Society be applied to the general purposes of will be understood the better, if a glance the Society, or to the discharge of its be first taken at its' financial history incumbrances, and thus the debt was during the last twelve years.

greatly increased. Six thousand pounds In the spring of 1840, when the an- were raised for this humane purpose nual accompts were made up, it ap- in the course of two years, and sent to peared that there was a balance against the conductors of this Society ; but, in the Society of £262. In 1841, that the same two years, the funds for spibalance had increased to £435; and it ritual purposes fell off to the amount went on enlarging till 1845, when it of nearly two thousand. The effects of amounted to £1904. In the ensuing the blow thus struck continued for twelve months more than a thousand some time in operation; and when your pounds were received in legacies, and Committee took office last April, the exertions were made to liquidate the debt with which they had to struggle debt, which would probably have proved amounted to £1828 4s. 1d. successful, had not calamities occurred It appeared to your Committee, therewhich could neither be foreseen nor fore, that the financial embarrassments prevented. The general failure of the of the Society demanded their first atcrops on which the millions of Ireland tention ; and that, however painful it were dependent brought upon the un- might be to themselves to turn from happy people all the miseries of famine, the more inviting occupations to which and diverted the resources of their the state of Ireland would have led friends into other channels than those them, to the cheerless task of supplying in which they had been accustomed to funds to defray a past expenditure, they flow. The absolute destitution of the were called in divine providence to this poorer classes, the depreciation of pro- exercise of self-denial, and bound to perty which impoverished thousands make the removal of that financial who had been in better circumstances, paralysis under which the Society was and the destructive pestilence which suffering their chief object. Their views ensued, brought after them a train of were seconded at the public meeting in consequences which may be overruled Finsbury Chapel, when two or three for ultimate good, but the immediate zealous friends who were present offered results of which were universal distress to give a hundred pounds each towards and prostration. The benevolence of the removal of a thousand pounds of British Christians was aroused, and, the burden in the course of the year. among others, the habitual supporters This object has been kept in sight durof this Society generously contributed ing the last twelve months. Handsome funds which they entrusted to its officers contributions have been received from for distribution among the starving many individuals ; some congregational These contributions having been made collections have been made towards it ; specifically for the temporal relief of the members of the Committee, and ladies

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of their acquaintance, have taken cards hoped that plans now adopted will

proby means of which they have obtained duce results which will manifest themdonations in their respective circles. selves plainly and undeniably in the The result is that for this special pur- year now commencing. Pastors in the pose of diminishing the debt, the sum of country have performed themselves £890 118. 4d. has been received. · But those services which have been renin this case, it affords the Committee dered formerly by costly deputations. great pleasure to add that instead of Deacons and private members of the General Funds of the Society being churches have kindly collected submeanwhile impaired, they have been scriptions from their own immediate augmented : there is a surplus which friends and forwarded them; and many more than supplies the deficiency of the individuals have sent their checques or special contribution. Cordial responses post office orders, without solicitation, have been made to the appeals printed or the intervention of any


person. from time to time in the Chronicle, so The experience of the year has given that, with the exception of the year no reason to distrust our friends in the already mentioned in which an extra- provinces with regard to the future; ordinary amount of legacies came in, and if they continue to act as they have the receipts of the Society taken alto- acted during the last five or six months, gether this year, have exceeded the an immense saving will be effected; the receipts in any previous year of its work will be done better than it was existence. The special contributions done by strangers; while a host of conamounting to £890 lls. 4d., and the comitant evils will be completely

11s surplus of the General Fund amounting avoided. to £488 28. 2d., have together susficed A third object to which the Comto reduce the debt by the sum of mittee has given attention has been a £1378 13s. 6d. The balance against the revision of the agency in Ireland. This Society now is £419 10s. 7d., a sum too would have been desirable had there large indeed, yet smaller than the been no necessity for retrenchment; balance against the Society has been as, in the course of a few years, such before for the last ten years.

changes take place, both in persons and A second object which your Com- in places, as call for re-examination mittee has had in view has been the and alterations in matters of detail. reduction of expenses incurred in ob- The inadequacy of the funds, however, taining contributions. In this their furnished an urgent reason for reducing success has been less apparent than in the number of persons in the service of the other particular, but, it is believed, the Society, even in cases in which not less real. It may seem, on an in- efficiency was undoubted. Care has spection of the cash account, as though been taken to retain those agents who the cost for this, and other things con- appeared to be the most valuable; but nected with the management of the the Comunittee are anxious that it Society's affairs had been very large; should be understood that it is not to but this has arisen from circumstances be regarded as a token that any one over which the Committee has had no was worthless, that his connexion with control, connected with the fulfilment the Society has ceased. They have of previous engagements. A large pro- been obliged, in

instances portion of the receipts of the year has sorely against their will, to dispense been forwarded spontaneously, at a with the aid of some whom they would very small cost; and it is confidently gladly have continued to maintain. As

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