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1. The two sides of the bear. p. 53.

2. His three tusks. p. 54.

3. His voraciousness. p. 56.

II. The Grecian leopard. p. 57.

1. His four wings are the four Grecian kingdoms. p. 58.

2. His four heads are his four dominant polities: viz.

p. 60.

(1.) The Limited Hereditary Monarchy; p. 60.

(2.) The Archistrategia ; p. 60.

(3.) The Oriental Despotism; p. 61.

(4.) The Military Aristocracy. p. 61.

IV. The anonymous Roman wild-beast. p. 61.

1. Some fixed principle must be settled, on which his

ten horns are determined to be the ten primary

kingdoms founded by the ten Gothic nations. p. 64.

(1.) Difficulties attendant upon the lists, severally

proposed by Mr. Mede, Sir Isaac Newton,

and Bishop Newton. p. 64.

(2.) The principle on which the ten horns are to be

discovered. p. 67.

(3.) This principle will detect various errors. p. 71.

(4.) On the principle thus laid down, the following

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