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them in two volumes. None of them, Reader; especially when he is informed that I do not mean either to publish any thing more, or to leave behind me any

[v] ADVERTISEMENT. IN 1788 I collected into an octavo volume ten of my Publications, under the title of “ Sermons on public Occasions, and Tracts on Religious Subjects.”

The events of a long and an happy life, for which I am most thankful to it's Author, have impelled me from time to time, but always, I trust, in subservience to what I esteemed the public good, to give to the world divers short Publications, some of which have gone through several editions. On this occasion I have thought fit to collect these also, and to publish I hope, will be unacceptable to the

manuscript prepared for the press, except

a quarto

a quarto volume, consisting of—The Life of RICHARD WATSON, Lord Bishop of Landaff, written by himself at different intervals, and revised in 1814.

Ingruit senectus, appropinquat mors et melinis

ævi dies cùm hoc clariùs elucibunt. Juvat intereà tenui aliquod monumentum reliquisse vitæ non otiosè peractæ et brevi quasi functum militia, deinceps à laboribus requiescere.

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