The History of England, from the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of William and Mary in 1688, Tom 1

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J. Grant, 1902

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Strona 379 - By the laws it was provided that the heriot should be paid within twelve months from the death of the last possessor ; and was apportioned to the rank which he bore in the state. That of an earl was four horses saddled, four unsaddled, four helmets, four coats of mail, eight spears, eight shields, four swords, and one hundred mancuses of gold ; of a king's thane...
Strona 7 - Belgae, or inhabitants of the present counties of Hampshire and Wilts ; and the Damnonii, who, from the river Ex, had gradually extended themselves to the western promontory. Across the arm of the sea, now called the Bristol Channel, the most powerful was the tribe of the Silures. From the banks of the Wye, their original seat, they had carried their arms to the Dee and the ocean ; and their authority was acknowledged by the Ordovices and the Dimetse, the inhabitants of the northern mountains, and...
Strona 500 - He also set many deerfriths ;• and he made laws therewith, that whosoever should slay hart or hind, him man should blind. As he forbade the slaying of harts, so also did he of boars. So much he loved the high-deer, as if he had been their father. He also decreed about hares, that they should go free.
Strona 498 - King William was a very wise man, and very rich, more worshipful and strong than any of his foregangers. He was mild to good men, who loved God ; and stark beyond all bounds to those who withsaid his will.
Strona 200 - Gothrun, who on the fourteenth day offered to capitulate. The terms imposed by the conqueror were ; that the king and principal chieftains should embrace christianity ; that they should entirely evacuate his dominions ; and that they should bind themselves to the fulfilment of the treaty by the surrender of hostages and by their oaths; After a few weeks, Gothrun with thirty of his officers was baptized at Aulre near Athelney.
Strona 414 - Africa, they are said to have carried off, not only their own countrymen, but even their friends and relatives; and to have sold them as slaves in the ports of the continent. The men of Bristol were the last to abandon this nefarious traffic. Their agents travelled into every part of the country : they were instructed to give the highest price for females in a state of pregnancy : and the slave-ships regularly sailed from that port to Ireland, where they were secure of a ready and profitable market.
Strona 308 - ... because I had learned from my teachers that the Apostle St. Peter received from the Lord the great power of binding and loosing, with the keys of the kingdom of heaven. On this account, I thought it highly useful to solicit his patronage with God. "Be it, moreover, known to you that there was, at the festival of Easter, a great assemblage of noble personages, with the lord the Pope John, and the Emperor Conrad, namely...
Strona 82 - We know neither the period when he lived, nor the district over which he reigned. He is said to have fought and to have gained twelve battles. In most of these, from the names of the places, he seems to have been opposed to the Angles in Lincolnshire, from the last, at Mount Badon, lo the Saxons under Cerdic or Cynric (2).
Strona 194 - Wessex, had fixed his residence at Gloucester, and rewarded the services of his veterans by dividing among them the lands in the neighbourhood. But while this peaceful occupation seemed to absorb his attention, his mind was actively employed in arranging a plan of warfare, which threatened to extinguish the last of the Saxon governments in Britain. A winter campaign had hitherto been unknown in the annals of Danish devastation: after their summer expeditions the invaders had always devoted the succeeding...
Strona 71 - a more cruel and dangerous enemy than the Saxons. They overcome all who have the courage to oppose them. They surprise all who are so imprudent as not to be prepared for their attack. When they pursue, they inevitably overtake : when they are pursued, their escape is certain.

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