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Edinburgh, continued :

Elder-street Missionary Prayer Meeting, by Wm.
Alexander, Esq. .

5 0
A Friend, by the Rev. W. Innes........

0 5 Robert Haldane, Esq..

5 5 0 Leith :-Auxiliary Missionary Society, by W. Alexander, Esq. 20 0 0

Juvenile Bible and Missionary Society, Collection at
the anniversary of

6 6 0 Miss Stewart, a gold mohur (value not stated)... Perth :-Collections at Mill-street Chapel.

7 3 0 Baptist Church, by Mr. Peter Campbell..

06 Collection at the Rev. Dr. Pringle's and Mr. Young's Chapels

9 10 8 Mrs. Willison

1 0 0 Dunfermline : Collection at the Rev. Mr. Law's Chapel, de. ducting expences......

5 0 10 Aberdeen :-Miss Forbes

1 0 Miss Smith, young Ladies at

0 P. Duguid, Esq.

1 1 0 Mr. Alexander Florence

0 10 6 Mr. Charles Ross

1 Baptist Friends, by Mr. Souter

1 3 Collection at the Rev. Mr. Gilmore's Chapel 6 0 0 Do, at the Rev. Mr. Spence's Chapel

6 2 5 Do. at the Public Meeting

5 14 0 Do. at the Rev. Mr. Thompson's Chapel.

4 9 7 Do, at the Rev. Mr. Penman's, after two meetings & 17 6 Female Servants' Society, by Mr. Matthews.... 3 3 Friends from Garinond, by Mr. George Leslie.... 3 0 Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Thompson, Treasurer.. 12 0 Stony Wood Prayer Meeting

0 0 East Church Association

1 1 0 East Church, Young Ladies' Class towards the Aberdeen Female School

1 1 0 Printfield Chapel, Rev. Mr. M.Kechnie's, Col. at 0 9 Donation from the Woodside Society for Religious

Purposes, by Rev. Mr. M.Kechnie.... 2 3 3 Two Friends of the Mission..

1 100 A Female Servant, by Rev. E. Carey..

0 1 Stirling :-Collection at the Rev. Mr. Gilfillan's Chapel, ded. ex. 9

3 St. Andrews :-Collection at the Rev. Mr. Lothian's Chapel.. 2 3 1] Auxiliary Missiouary Society

5 0 Musselburg :-Mrs. Campbell, Subscription

1 1 Cupar (Fife) :-Missionary Society, by Dr. Spence

10 0 0 Missionary Boxes

0 10 Mr. Thomas Greig.

0 10 6 Robert Methwin, Esq.

1 0

0 10 0 Dundee :-Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Gourlay, Treasurer 27 6 4 Collected at the Rev. D. Russell's Chapel

12 8 Do, at the Rev. Mr. Donaldson's..

3 0 Do. at the Annual Meeting, Oct. 20

10 7 0 Do. additional, by Rev. E. Carey

2 0 Do, at the Rev. Mr. Ramsay's Chapel

9 6 6 Do. by the late E. Lawrence

05 0 Brechin :--Collection at the Rev. Mr. Blackader's Chapel 5 1 0 Montrose :-Missionary, School, and Tract Society..

10 0 0 Collection at Rev. Mr. Wilson's Chapel, ded. exp. 22 4 6

Monthly Prayer Meeting, Congregational Church.. 1 1 0 Huntley :-Male Branch, Missionary Society

5 0 Collection at the Rev. Mr. Hill's

7 2 Elgin :—Collection at the Rev. Mr. M`Neil's Chapel

4 0 From a few Friends


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A Friend....



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Inverness :- -Collection at the Rev. Mr. Kennedy's Chapel.... 2 5

Do. at the Chapel of Ease, Rev. Mr. Finlater's.. 5
Forres:--- Collection at the Rev. Mr. Martin's Chapel...... 2 15

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It may have been remarked that among the dovations acknowledged in the preceding
list, a sum of thirty shillings is mentioned as the produce of Bees. We cannot forbear
inserting an extract from the letter accompanying this singular donation, as it affords a
pleasing example of the ingenuity of Christian benevolence.

“ About three years ago I felt a great desire to aid in some feeble way the Missionary
cause, verily believing that the Divine Scriptures must have their falliment. I have a
large family and it takes a deal to support them, but through mercy we have a decent
livelihood, but not having much to spare I employed labourers, hoping by tbat means to
get a little money together to put my intention into practice, and I have succeeded, for
they have been very active indeed. I bought some bees, and they have collected honey
to the amount of thirty shillings ; so you see, dear Sir, that the inferior creation serves in
some measure to promote the cause of Jesus Christ. I inclose 11. 108. in this letter, and
I am glad of an opportunity of giving it to the Baptist Missionary Society through your

A quantity of fancy pincushions for the Female schools have been received from the
Misses Cook, by the Rev. W. Shenston; and also a number of Magazines, &c. from Mr.
Watson, Crosby Row, Walworth.

Just published, “ News from Afar, or Missionary Varieties.” Third Edition, being
the Quarterly Papers of the Baptist Missionary Society from the commencement of the
series, comprising a period of Seven Years. Price in boards 2s, half-bound 2s. 6d. To
be had at the Mission House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street,

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