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from their personal testimony to me, I find

CONTRIBUTIONS. bave been the instrument of converting from Popery, and many of them manifestly to real Christianity : and it was pleasing to

Received by Mr. Burls. hear their expressions of gratitude (as well as those of various other persons with whom

d. I bave conversed) to The Baptist Irish Job Heath, donation ...

IO 10 0 Society,for sending the gospel to

Bond Street, Birmingham, Bapwhereby they have happily been delivered tist Auxiliary Missionary Sofrom the darkness of Popery.


13 13 0 A pious and highly respectable clergy- Berwick, friend to the Circalaman, the Rev. Mr. P. of 0, said in my hear

tion of the Scriptures, per Rev. ing, that he (Mr. T.) bad made more con

Mr. Dyer

5 0 0 verts to protestantism than all the other Portsmouth, Portsea and Gosministers in the diocese of Killaloe.

port Auxiliary, per ditto.... 12 5 8 I remain,

Devonshire Square Auxiliary, per
My dear Sirs,

P. Millard..

12 0 0 Very respectfully yours, Kettering Missionary Society, JOHN FRANKS. per Mr. Gotch

9 19 10 Northampton ditto, by ditto.... 12 3 4

Part of Collection at the first
From J. Colpoys, Esq. to the Rev. Wm. Union Meeting held at Ketter-
Thomas. *
ing, per ditto...

5 4 8 Yarmouth, per E. Saymour 4 10 Ballycar, 14th Sept. 1828.

Friend in Somersetsbire, per Rev. MY DEAR SIR,

Mr. Dyer

1 0 MR. Synge mentioned in a note I had from Paid by Wright tlie Collector.. 30 0 him, that

you “ had sowed a little seed once Remitted by Rev. Moses Fisher at his place,” that he remembered your text of Liverpool, Collected at Bradwas,

" You sball know the truth and the ford, Leeds, Bacap, Howarth, truth shall make you free :” he adds, “ the Rochdale and Bolton, for the chamber on the wall is vacant."

He was
Schools ...

44 0 0 here yesterday, and again said that he earn- Mr. Stoddart, Banbury..

0 10 estly wished you would come whenever and as often as you could to sow more sced. I

Collected by Rev. S. Davies. assured him I would communicate his wishes At Clonmel :to you, and that I had no doubt you would At the Meeting-house

0 be glad of an opportunity of preaching the Earl of Mount Cashell

1 10 word to the people about him when you Rev. Dr. Bell

1 0 could do so without interfering with your Thos. Taylor, Esq..

1 0 other engagements. If you wish to write

Mr. Cuthbert

1 0 to bim at any time you may direct Carhue, Miss Coleman ('Tenby).

5 0 near Corrifin, but there is no occasion for At Birmingham.

42 18 6 your giving him notice as he is scarcely At Worcester

23 7 4 ever a night from home. Remember however that this is always to be your Inn on

Received from Miss E. Pritchard a paryour way to him, as we cannot allow you to cel of Pincushions for the “ Keppel Street pass us by without stopping to say some- School” in Ireland. thing to our poor people and ourselves, and if Mrs. Thomas will come with you we shall

Mr.'Davis will spend the Lord's day, the take good care of her till your retnsi. Mrs. C. unites in kind regards to you Rev. Mr. Copley.

30th inst. at Oxford, and preach for the and her with

Yours very truly,

Subscriptions received by W. Burls, Esq. * We take the liberty of printing this 56, Lothbury, Treasurer ; Rev. J. Ivimey, 51, Jetter for the purpose of shewing the re

Devonshire Street, Queen Square ; and Rev. spect which is shewn towards the Society's G. Pritchard, 10, Thornhaugh Street, graminister in that disturbed part of Ireland. tuitous Secretaries.




Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London: or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. commenced and sermons were preached in

aid of the Missionary cause, at WoodchesHOME PROCEEDINGS.

ter, Kingstanley and Stroud, by the Rev. T.Swan, at Hilsley, Wotton-under-edge, and

Uley by the Hon. G.H. R. Carzon, at HampNORTHAMPTON. The Anniversary Meeting of the Auxiliary at Eastcombs and Chalford by the Rev. B.

ton and Avening by the Rev. W, Yates, and in this town, was held on Wednesday, Francis. Sept. 17th. In the morning of that day a

The following Sabbath, Oct. 12th, Dr. double lecture was preached by the Secre. Cox preached two sermons at Shortwood ; tary of the Parent Society and the Rev. Dr. and at Gloucester the Hon. G. H. R. CarCox of Hackney. The chair was occupied zon, and the Rev.J. Davies (Independent) in the evening by J.C. Gotch, Esq. of Ket- of 'Rodborough, preached for the mission tering, and the respective resolutions were in consequence of the illness of our friend moved and seconded by the Rev. Dr. Cox, the Rev.W. Winterbotham, who was thereby Messrs. Simmonds, J. K. Hall, Gray, Bar- prevented from fulfilling his engagement, ker, Jayne, Deacon, Goodrich and Dyer.

On Tuesday P. M. Oct. 7th, the public The attendance was very numerous, and the meeting was held at Shortwood for the forcontributions from this respectable town mation of the Auxiliary Society, our kind fully prove that the interest which was so friend the Hon. G. H. R. Curzon falfilled early excited in it on behalf of the Society the duties of chairman, and the various adcontinues to subsist in all its vigour.

dresses delivered awakened a pecaliar in

terest, which was regarded as a happy GLOUCESTERSHIRE. commencement of a series of meetings, all The various services connected with the tending to advance the great cause of Imformation of the Gloucestershire Auxiliary manuel. Society in aid of the Baptist Mission, have There were also public meetings to form been of the most animating description; Associations in connection with the Auxevery meeting was crowded in its attend- iliary at Stroud on Wednesday evening, ance, and the interest awakened is great. Kingstanley on Thursday evening, WottonFavoured with the assistance of our es. under-edge on Friday evening, and on the teemed brethren Dr. Cox, the Rev. T. Swan, following Monday evening the Rev. T. and the Hon. G. H. R. Curzon, their power. Wbitta and friends favoured us with the ful and eloquent appeals bave produced an Independent chapel at Chalford in wbich impression which will we hope still operate we held our last meeting. The glowing zeal on many minds. The friends of the Society of our kind friends who visited us produced have been greatly delighted, their zeal has such an impression on the different assembeen re-animated, their ardour augmented, blies that one feeling operated, and this the and their efforts increased to support the most lively concern to extend the gospel cause of missions. The Lord has graciously and basten the auspicious day when all shall blessed us with tokens of good, and in the know the Lord. present state of our mission nothing could In all our churches we have established be more gratifying than the ananimous feel- juvenile and Sunday School Associations, ing of attachment manisested to the Society, and many of the children have come forwards and the determined zeal witnessed to sup- voluntarily as subscribers to the Mission. port those whose conduct has been marked, A pleasing incident which ought to be noby every honourable and Christian senti- ticed occurred at Kingstanley, at the public ment.

meeting, when the children of the Sunday On Lord's day, Oct. 5th, the services school presented a donation of 1l. 10s, accompanied by a note from them peculiarly | dred pounds; and in the hope of stimulating interesting, entreating us to acoept of their others to a símilar exercise of Christian zeal mite towards the blessed cause.

and benevolence, this pleasing instance of The collections in the whole amonnted to female missionary effort is recorded. about £105, but it is not so much the sum The attendance at the various services, we regard as the good produced. There and the aggregate amount of the pecuniary are now in operation oor various associa contributions, furnish unequivocal proofs of tions, and with the blessing of God apon an updiminished interest in the operations our efforts we hope they will contribute of the Parent Society. The current receipts much to aid the Society, which we pray may of this Auxiliary for the year jnst closed, go forward with increasing success until the and the collections at the present anniversary, acclamation shall be beard, “ Hallelujah, have both exceeded those of the previous for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” year. The intercourse of Christian brethren,

W.Y. also, bas been eminently grateful and re

freshing, and a missionary spirit has been

diffused through a widely-extended circle. BRISTOL AUXILIARY BAPTIST

The review, therefore, of the past and the MISSIONARY SOCIETY.

anticipation of the future are equally calcuThe tenth Auniversary of this Institution lated to inspire gratitude and hope, and to was held on Tuesday, the of November, induce a determination, in the strength of the and following days.

Lord, to “GO FORWARD.” On Tuesday evening, the Rev. Isaiah Birt

J. F. preached at Broadmead; on Wednesday evening, the Rev. J. P. Mursell at King

TROWBRIDGE. street; and on Thursday evening, the Rev. On their return from Bristol to town, Thomas Swan at Counterslip. On the fol. Messrs. Carey and Dyer bad the pleasure of lowing Sabbath, the claims of the Society attending the annual meeting of the Branch were again advocated at each of the Baptist Society formed at Bethesda Chapel, Trow. meeting-houses ; in the morning and evening bridge, in connexion with the Wilts and by the Rev. Eustace Carey, and in the after- East Somerset Auxiliary. The respected noon by the Rev. Isaiah Birt.

pastor of the church, the Rev. Peter Anstie, The present anniversary is distinguished being unavoidably absent, the chair was from its predecessors by a SECOND Public kindly filled by the Rev. W. Walton. Be. MEETING, adjourned from Tborsday morn sides the deputation from the Parent Soing to Friday evening, at the earnest and ciety, the large assembly was addressed by spontaneous desire of a considerable number the Rev. Messrs. Doney (Independent,) Barof the friends to the mission, who were pre-ber (Wesleyan,) Bunce, Rodway, Walton, cluded, by their daily avocations, from being and by Messrs. Salter, W. Stancomb, G.W. present in the morning. Both these meet- Austie, Joshua Whitaker, and S. Clist. One ings, which were numerously attended, were

of these gentlemen adverted with much effect commenced and closed with prayer, and to the dreadful practice of Suttee, still perwere more than usually interesting and pro- petrated thronghoat Bengal ander British ductive.

authority, and the earnest hope was exAt the former meeting, the chairman, pressed that Trowbridge may set the ex. Richard Ash, Esq. and the Rev. Messrs.

am to other towns in the county, of Birt, Newman, Swan, Oxlad, Clarke, Dyer, petitioning the legislature for the abolition Leifcbild, Winter, and Bunce ; and at the of this murderous rite. latter, the Rev. Messrs. Dyer, Hewlett, Evans, Wooldridge, James, Winter, Mursell, and Swan, greatly contributed, by their

SCOTLAND. several addresses and details of intelligence, Messrs. Morgan and Eustace Carey bav. to the excitement of a spirit in favour of ing, as a deputation from the Society, acChristian missions, which, in proportion as complished the biennial visit in Scotland, it is cherished and extended, cannot fail to the Committee feel it incumbent on them to prove eminently beneficial, both at home and record the grateful sense they entertain of abroad to the individual possessor and the the kindness shewn them by Christian friends commanity at large.

of different denominations in that country, The Report of the Committee announced, and to present their cordial thanks to the among other interesting particulars, the esta- several individuals by whose prompt and blishment of a Ladies' Association at Broad benevolent assistance the interests of the inmead, as the result of a resolution, reconstitution were promoted. The thanks of the mending such a mode of contributing to the Committee are especially due, and are herefunds of the Society, passed at the last by tendered to Messrs. Joseph Swan and annual meeting. During the first year of its James Craig, by whom the deputation were existence, it has yielded upwards of a hun- entertained, and to whose activities they

were mainly indebted for the facilities wbich, its interests among the benevolent public in were enjoyed for urging the claims of the So- that important metropolis. ciety upon the benevolent attention of the At Dunfermline, the thanks of the Society Glasgow public. The deputation owed are tendered to the Rev. Mr. Law, and at much also to the friendly offices of Rev. Stirling, to the Rev. Mr. Gillfillan, for the Messrs. M.Leod, M‘Laren, Smith and use of their chapels, and to the friends at Sheriff, for permitting them the use of their each place who kindly assisted the deputapalpits, and otherwise aiding them in the tion, pursuit of their objects. The thanks of the Mr. Alexander, of Leith, is also entitled Committee are also justly due to Rev. Mr. to the acknowledgments of the Committee, M.Leod of the Chapel of Ease, and to other as are the committees of the Leith Auxiliary gentlemen of that interest who so readily Missionary Society, and of the Leith Juconcurred in permitting the occupancy of venile Bible Missionary and School Society, that spacious place of worship for the benefit for the donations granted from the funds of of the Baptist Mission. The deputation those respective institutions. were also obliged, by the friendly attentions At Perth, the deputation were materially of Mr. Lethem, one of the Committee of the assisted by the zealous co-operation of the Auxiliary Missionary Society, and also to Rev. Mr. Adam and Mr. Stalker, by whom the Rev. Mr. Brown, successor to Dr. the suitable arrangements were effected for Chalmers, for his politeness in giving per- occupying the Sabbath. The Committee mission for a sermon and public collection in feel bound gratefully to notice the polite athis church, of which they were unable to tentions of Dr. Pringle and Mr. Young, Wiavail themselves through the pressure of nisters of the secession, who permitted their other engagements. At Paisley, Port Glas- chapel to be occupied for a public meeting, gow and Greenock, the deputation were also themselves assisting in its proceedings. kindly received, permitted to make collec- At St. Andrews, the deputation were tions in each place and to occupy the pulpits obliged by the Christian friendship of the of Rev. Messrs. Smart, Wilson and Inglis. Rev. Mr. Lothian, independent minister, At the last of these places, the friends of the and to the Committee of the Auxiliary Mis. Baptist persuasion made a collection among sionary Society in that city, for a donation themselves and otherwise exerted themselves of 51., and for former favours of this kind. in furthering the interest.

-Also at Cupar (Fife), the recognition of In the city of Edinborgh, the interests of their claims in a vote of 10l. from the Misthe Mission were recognized and cordially sionary Society, and other remembrances in promoted by Christian friends, not only of its favour. the Baptist, but also of other denominations, The Committee would be deficient in their * To Mr. A. Megget and Mr. Archibald Wil-duty, did they omit a specific notice of the son, the thanks of the Committee are re- countenance their friends received at Dundee. turned for the cordiality with which they re- The Rev. Messrs. Russel and Donaldson ceived Messrs. Morgan and Carey, and opened their pulpits to them on the Sabbath, for the time and various attentions they be- and assisted, together with other ministers, stowed in contributing to their comfort, and in conducting a public meeting on the eventhe successful prosecution of their work. ing following, A liberal donation also was The Committee desire their thanks may be voted from the funds of the Auxiliary accepted by Messrs. Innes, Haldane, Ped. Missionary Society. die and Dickie; also by the Rev. Mr. Ward- At Arbroath, the Committee are indebted law, independent minister, Mr. Kirkwood, to the kindness of Rev. Mr. Ramsay and and the Rev. John Brown, of the secession, friends; at Brechin, to the Rev. Mr. Blackfor the use of their pulpits. In the chapel adder, for granting the use of his pulpit :of the last named gentleman, a public meet- and at Montrose, to the Rev. Mr. Wilson,-ing was bolden, wlien Mr. Innes kindly pre- to his friends for the marked liberality with sided, and Mr. Brown and Rev. Dr. Pater- which they contributed ; and to the Comson assisted the deputation in advocating the mittee of the Auxiliary Missionary Society claims of the institution before a numerous for a vote of 101. and for the generous inand respectable assembly. The Committee terest they expressed in the welfare of the are also thankful in having to record the for- Baptist Mission. mation of an Auxiliary Baptist Missionary At Aberdeen, the objects of the deputaSociety in the city of Edinburgh, the first tion were effectually served by the kindness ever organized in that city in favor of the of Mr. Dunn, the Rev. Messrs. Penman, Parent Society, and which promises to prove Thomson and Spence, who kindly granted of great utility in diffusing an interest in fa- their chapels. A public meeting was also vour of the institution, in presenting its holden and supported by ministers of various claims, through the medium of its collec- denominations. Mr. Gilmore was of special tors, for pecuniary support, and in every service to the Society, both at Aberdeen convenient mode to watch over and further and at several places as far as Inverness, to which place he proceeded to plead the So- lands, and of receiving and transmitting ciety's cause.

contributions towards the furtherance of the At Huntley, Elgin and Forres, the deputa- work. tion were also received with every kind 4. That as there are three means in opefeeling, and collections were made in favour ration in India for forwarding the object of of the Society. If in this very brief notice, the society, viz. preaching the gospel the attentions of any of their kind friends through the instrumentality of missionaries, shall appear to have been omitted, the Com- the establishment of schools, and tbe transmittee can assure them that their names are lation of the word of God; the society shall passed over through pure inadvertence. receive contributions for any of these objects

according to the will of the contributors : it EDINBURGH.

being understood that the committee shall, We have been favoured with the follow- under present circumstances, remit the coning account of the formation of the Edinburgh tributions for translation to Serampore. Auxiliary Society, mentioned in the preced- 5. That while the smallest soms will be ing account.

thankfully received, none but contributors At a Meeting held in the house of Mr. of at least 108. 6d. annually, shall be memJohn Macandrew, 28 Dublin Street, on bers of the society. Monday evening, 3rd November, 1828. 6. That the society from among its memPresent.

bers shall choose a committee of twelve, inMr. Wm. Alexander Mr. Arch. Wilson cluding a treasurer and secretary. Three of Mr. John Horsburgh Mr. James Johnson the committee to go out annually by rotaMr. Andrew Scott Mr.Lawrence Berry tion, and their places to be filled up by elecMr. John Robertson Mr. Jobn Lawrie tion at the annual meeting. Mr. Johu Macandrew Mr. Fras. Johnston 7. That the committee shall meet once a Mr. William Inpes Mr. H. D. Dickie, quarter at least, and that there shall be a and Mr. Eustace Carey, from Calcutta, who general meeting of the society once a year, having been requested, kindly consented to on the first Monday of November. attend.

8. That the following gentlemen be It was stated that this meeting was called elected members of the committee, with on the suggestion of a few friends, who power to add other three to their number. thought the occasion of Mr. Carey's visit to Scotland on behalf the Baptist Missionary

Mr. Alexander Mr. Horsburgh

Mr. Macandrew Mr. Wilson and Society, a suitable opportunity for forming a

Mr. Megget

Mr. Spence. society in Edinburgh in aid of that valuable

Mr. Scott and highly important institution--it being thought somewhat singular, amid the many Mr. Robertson, treasurer; Mr. Dickie, societies which have of late years taken secretary. their rise in this city, that none having di- Mr. Carey afterwards shortly addressed rectly for its object the Baptist Mission the meeting, mentioning the recent estabsbould have been formed. With these lishment of auxiliary societies in Calcutta, views the friends above named having met in Kingston, Jamaica, elsewhere, and pointing unanimously, adopted the following resolu- out the extreme importance of continued tions.

exertions at home for the supply of funds 1. That the great work of propagating the necessary to meet the increasing expendi. Gospel among the Heathen, is one wbich ture of the society. He also shewed by the must deeply interest the heart of every relation of a few striking facts, the necessity Christian.

there was for, and the benefits that resulted * 2. That as the success of the undertaking from, the labours of properly qualified Euromust necessarily, under God, depend on the pean Missionaries ; and shewed that it was adequate supply of funds, and having full only to a limited extent that the services of confidence in the tried fidelity and experi- vative converts could as yet be rendered ence of the Baptist Missionary Society, available. this meeting form itself into a society A few female friends having been invited, auxiliary to that institution, to be called in the hope of their kindly undertaking the “ The Edinburgh Society auxiliary to the duty of collectors, it was remitted to the Baptist Mission."

committee to furnish them and any juvenile 3. That the object of this Society be to friends who may be found willing and qualiafford a medium of communication between fied, with the necessary books, and it was the parent society and the public of Edin- recommended that the committee should bargh and its vicinity, so as to be the means meet as soon as possible to carry this and of diffusing intelligence, and thereby extend the other objects of the meeting into effect. ing and deepening the interest in the public The meeting was then closed, as it bad mind in favour of the great cause of the ex- been opened, by prayer for the divine blesstension of the Redeemer's kingdom in heathen ing.

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