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body and approaching with accelerated steps Stokes, Mr...

1 0 0 the boundaries of another world, but in- Wheeler, Mr.

0 10 0 creasing in the knowledge and grace of Yates, Mr.

0 10 Cbrist. He soon threw open bis house for Several Friends, after Serthe preaching of the gospel; thus an object mon at Harvey Lane

2 0 was gained which your Committee had ar- Luton : dently desired, aud in a very few weeks after Collection, part of, at the this he died taiumphant in the Lord Jesus. Rev. E. Daniels'.

6 0 In that house the preaching of the word is Ewer, Mr.....

sab. 1 0 0 continued, and under its roof you have a Gutteridge, Mrs. ....don. O 10 0 Sabbath-school ! • In the morving sow tby Spencer, Mr..... ..sub. 0 10 0 seed, and in the evening withhold not thy Waller, Mr. Thomas....sub. 10 6 hand, for thou knowest not wbich shall | Bedford: prosper.”


1 1 0 Gamby, Mr.

0 10 6 Contributions to the EAST KENT AUXI.


8 6 LIARY SOCIETY, 1827. 1828,

Hitchin :

2 Bowyer, R. Esq..

0 £. $. d. Ashford

Geeves, Mrs..
2 7



0 Brabourne

2 2 10
Ward, Mr.

0 Canterbury

1 Foster, Mr.:

0 6 7

0 8 Dover

Langford, Mr.
2 12

0 6


Palmer, Mrs. Dymchurch

0 Egerton

Hairworth, Mrs....

0 10 1 6

0 0 Eythorne

Small Sums, after Sermon, at

5 Farningbam.

Back Street....

3 0 0 1 0 0 Folkestone

South Hill :

12 5 Margate


0 10 Bodger, Mr.

3 0 7 Ramsgate

Arnold, Mr...

0 10 0 2 0 0

0 Field, Mr.

5 0 Romney

8 1 71 St. Peter's

Three Friends

0 6 0 6 6 1 Extra Contributions to remove

Chesham : tbe debt

32 12 3

Collection at the Rev. Mr.

8 14 0 Monies received by the Treasurer and Secre- Missionary Box, per Rev.Mr. tary since the account published in Septem- Ives, Gould Hill.

0 5 0 ber last; Collected by Rev. J. EDWARDS, Pierce, Mrs. Boxmoor, 2 yrs. 1

1 0 in the months of August and October, Amersham : 1828.

Collection at Rev. Mr. Sta£. 8. d. tham’s ,

7 0 0 Dunstable :

Wingrove : Gutteridge, R. Esq. sub, four

Cox, Mr...

0 10 0 years 4 0 0 Grace, Mr.

0 10 0 Gutteridge, R. Esq.. ...don. 1 0 0 Kingston, Mrs.

0 5 0 Gutteridge, Mr. R.

O 10 0

Griffen, Mr.. Osborn, Mr.

0 5 0 Towcester : Houghtov Regis :

Collection at Rev. Mr. Bar-
Eames, Mr...

1 0 0
ker’s Chapel

2 18 0 Cook, Mr. 0 10 0 Goodman, Mr.

sub. 1 0 0 Freeman, Mr.,

0 10 0 Missionary Box, per Miss S. 1 2 0 Harris, Mr. Fenny Stratford 0 100 Pershore : Leicester :

Risdeu, B. Esq. .sab. 1 0 0 Walden, Mrs. ..sub. 4 years 4 0 0 Several Friends

1 12 6 Carryer, Mr. ..sub. 2 years 1 1 0 Foar Friends at Upton 0 10 0 Coltman, Mrs.

.sub. 1 0 0 Tewksbury : Coltman, Mr.

.sub. 0 10 0 Winterbotham, L. Esq..sub. 1 1 Broadribb, Mr... .sub. 0 10

Hartiand, Mr. (Schools) don.

1 0 0 Berkley, Mr... .suh. 1 0

Wheeden, Mr.

.snb. ( 10 0 Collier, Mr. ...sub. 0 10 Several Friends

1 18 6 Haines, Mr. G. H. sub. 1 1 0 Thomas, Rev. J. Cheltenbam 0 10 6 Haines, Mr. C. F .sub. 0 10 0 Williams, Rev. J.B. Ditto .. 0 5.0 Harris, Mr..

O 10
Langdon, Mr. Do.

0 10 0 Hind, Mr.

0 10 0 Maitland, A. Gloucester... 1 1 0 Horsepool, Mr.

0 10

Collected at Madley Chapel 1 4 11 Marsell, Rev. J.P..

1 0
Missionary Box

0 5 1


......don. 10

er et


Rt. Hon. Lady Southampton,

Northampton Do. Do....... 22 10 9 Eaton House.... 0 0 Road Do. Do.....

3 5 1
Do. per. Mrs. Broad, 2 yrs. 0 0 Part of Collection, Kettering
Amicas at Eaton House.... 0 0 Union Meeting, Do...... 5 4 8
Collected by the late Mrs.

Key, Thomas, Esq. Water

Fulford, by bis Nephew.. 50 0 0 Lewis, Mrs. Warrdley, 2 yrs. 0 10 0 Miss Vines, Peckham ..sub. 1 1 0 Lewis, Mr. Do....

.2 yrs. 0 10

0 Northamptonshire IndepenLewis, Mr. Lane Head

0 5 0

dent Association in aid of Small Sams, &c.........

1 4 9 Missions, Harborough disMrs. per Secretary ..

0 5 0 trict, per Rev. W. Gane., 10 00 Higgins, Mrs.....

...2 yrs. 0 10 0 Broad, Miss

0 0 0

A DAY OF FASTING AND PRAYER. Broad, Miss, Kenchester 0 5 0 Children in the School at do.

At a numerous meeting of the Baptist

0 4 7 Three Friends at Kington

Ministers usually assembling at Fen Court, 1 1 6

Nov. 25, (Dr. Newman in the Chair) it was Bridgnorth : Grierson, Mr. ....

1 0 0

unanimously resolved

First, That it be recommended to our M.Michael, Mr. W.

1 0 0

Churches and congregations to set apart Sing, Mr....

1 0 0

Wednesday the 10th of December for the Sing, Mr. W.

0 Sing, Mr. J...

1 0 0

purposes of fasting, humiliation and prayer,

and, more especially with a view to implore Several Friends, after Serm. at Castle Street Chapel

the general effusion of the Holy Spirit.

1 10 0 Watford :

Secondly, That it be recommended to

private individuals to commence the soSalter, D. Esq.........sub. 1 1 0

lemnities of the day in their closets at 7 Salter, Miss

.sub. 1 1 0

o'clock in the morning. That each conEdwards, Rev. J.......sub. 1 1 A Thank-offering,

gregation hold a public service in its own 5 0 0

place of worship from ten to one. And Wells, Mr. High Holborn.. 0 10 0

that from 5 to 8 in the evening, neighA Friend, by Mrs. Crowther 0 10 6 Woolwich :

bouring congregations, as far as may be Collected at the Rev. Mr.

found practicable, unite in district meetFreeman's, after Sermons

ings. by the Rev. James Payne

Thirdly, That it be recommended to

make a collection at each place of worship of Ashford

5 3 0
Do. at the Rev. Mr. Bowes' 4 0 0
Received by the TREASURER.

Gurney, Joseph, Esq. ..don. 10 10 0 The First Annual Commemoration of the
Do. Do....

..sub. 1 1 0 re-opening of the above Chapel, and of its Guruey, W. B. Esg....sub. 1 1 o re-appropriation to Divine Worship, will Davies, Robert, Esq. Wal

be on Thursday, Dec. 4, 1828. The Rev. thamstow, per Rev.J. Dyer 10 0 0 Rowland Hill, A. M. will preach in the Carter, Jonathan, Esq. per

morning ; the Rev. John Clayton, jun. A.M. Rev. Dr. Newman....don. 2 2 in the afternoon; and the Rev. Eustace A.U. X. per Rev. J. Dyer.. 45 0 0 Carey in the evening. Worship to comDevonshire Square, Aux.Soc.

mence at eleven, three, and a quarter before by Mr. Millard, Treasurer 15 0 0

seven o'clock.

The Rev. T. Swan from Clapham Do. per Treasurer 19 2 0 Serampore, T. Price, J. Arundel and E. Kettering Do. per J.C. Gotch,

Carey will conduct the devotional services Esq.....

9 10 10 of the day.

for the poor.

Errata for the November Number. Page 492. col. 1. line 7. for “ the buoyancy of which” read “ the buoyancy of his spirits.' 519. 2. 33. after the words “ A continual sinner" the following line re

quires to be supplied, “I could have no hope but for that one

offering, that blood"
621. 1. 20. for “ Abingdon Bucks" read “ Abingdon Berks."

26. for “ who are small to defray,” read“ who are unable to defray."

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but now,

The friends and supporters of the Baptist Irish Society are respectfully requested to read with attention the letters of the Rev. Messrs. Thomas and Franks in relation to the progress made by the labours of the Society in the County of Clare. They are reminded that in the year 1820, at the solicitation of the Rev. Sir John Read, (who is so respectfully mentioned in Mr. Franks's letter,) the Society founded ten day schools as noticed in the sixth annual Report. Until then there had been no protestant schools for the children of the peasantry:

in consequence of the blessing of God upon the labours of Mr. Thomas, such amazing effects bave been produced, that it may with propriety be remarked, “ According to this time it shall be said,” of the western parts of Ireland, “What hath God wrought ?"

It will be seen, that the hardships to which Mr. Franks has been subjected, and for which his previous habits had not prepared him, have brought him near to the grave: we rejoice that the divine care has been manifested towards him : and express in the name of the Society our sense of obligation to the tender hospitality of the worthy family at Birr, for their Christian attentions to him : to which probably the Society owe the life of one whom we expect will prove himself also in Ireland a useful servant of Christ; and who with his worthy colleagues, and the Readers of the Scriptures, will attain to the high distinction given to the apostles,

o the beloved Barnabas and Paul :"-" Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lest our Protestant friends should overlook one passage in the letter to Mr. Thomas, we shall quote it for the purpose of stirring them up to contribute to. wards our more than exhausted funds. The treusurer will require at least six HUNDRED POUNDS to meet the quarter's expences ending at Christmas! Speaking of his and Mr. Franks's inspection of the schools, Mr. T. says, tlemen of the Committee had been presentyes, and all our friends in England, and then the Society would neither want encouragement nor support!The Rev. S. Davis of Clonmel has been, we are happy to say, well received at Birmingham and Worcester; and we doubt not he will be also at the neighbouring towns. The Rev. Mr. Wilson of Sligo is visiting places north of Liverpool.

" I wish the gen

From the Rev. Mr. Thoras. preached three sermons at Kilkee near Kil.

lera, where the school is, and arrived in Limerick, Oct. 20th 1828. Limerick in time to meet the Rev. Mr.

Franks. He preached an excellent sermon MY DEAR SIRA,

in my house. We then went off visiting the I RETURNED from the West, a journey of schools, and preaching. I have travelled 130 miles, where I had been preaching and 184 miles with him and 50 since. I left visiting the Western Irish School : there is him, I am sorry to say, sick at our friend a fine Irish Testament class in it who read Mr. Joseph Anticell's, near Birr, or as it is very well; numbers of adults have been taught lately called, Parsons-town. He will beto read the Irish Scriptures, and the people well taken care of by that kind and amiable are taking the part of the Society's master family. I was sorry that I was obliged to and reader against the priest, who has pro- leave bim, but was unavoidably compelled ceeded in the most violent manner. I have to come to pay the teachers and readers not time now to mention particulars. If their salaries, and to forward their journals



to you, at least such as have come to band. I the Scripture readers, and school-masters ; Though Mr. Franks has travelled 184 miles particularly Stephen Ryan, Tbos. Bush, John with mo and saw all the schools but three, Nash and Patt Gunding, all of whom hare yet he has not been over more than half iny been converted from the errors of Popery, district ; he promises to return as soon as he and are evidently men of God, mighty in the

He had appointed to go to Mr. Scriptures, and champions for the truth as M'Carthy. Mr. Franks was received with it is in Jesus. In the afternoon I examined the greatest kindness wherever I introduced the girls' school at Limerick, wbich has been him, and was greatly liked: he has not yet greatly injured by the opposition of the seen some of our most respectable friends. priests, but not destroyed, as has been the He preached to numerous congregations in case with some schools in other places. Mrs. the large parlours of soine of them, and Thomas gratuitously devotes much of her with great acceptance. In remote places time and attention to this school, in teaching he was badly oft, fasting all day until a late the girls fancy needle work, the whole profits hour at night, when we came to the end of of which she gives them, whereby many of a day's journey. He laboured hard, and them are saved from disgrace and raid in bad to sleep, after being drenched with rain, this world ; which kind of blessings she on a damp ground floor; bere we had not could greatly extend by employing a greater any fire ; this caused bis illness. I hope I pomber of them, could sine meet with a suit. did every thing in my power for him. I got able sale for the work. him on to Nenagh, where he was taken I preached in the evening to a respect. every possible care of by our worthy friends able and attentive congregation in Mr. T.'s Mr. and Mrs. Burr. In two or three days house. be got better, and followed me to Burris 2nd. Accompanied by Mr.T. I went to O’Kane, where I went to preach, but the Camas, preached in the afternoon to a large journey to Birr brought on the complaint congregation, chiefly Roman Catholics, in again. I trust he is better; his disease the house of Michael Bevan, Esq. (a magis. was brought on from cold and hardship. trate of the county of Limerick,) and again He was sometimes very much alarmed from on the morning and evening of the following the state of the country, from what he had day ; visited the school in the afternoon,

Last Friday week, as we were pass- beard most of the children read, spell, and ing througla the town of Nenagh, I was repeat portions of Scriptare ; their progress attacked and parrowly escaped being mur- certainly does credit to the diligence and dered. He was so terrified that he would qualifications of the master, who was edunot leave the friend's house that evening and cated in one of your Society's schools, and night, into which we fortunately got. I am is an juteresting and pious young man. His very glad Mr. Franks has come to Ireland ; mother (a widow) one brother, and six siswe shall be glad to see him often, as I am ters, with himself have renounced Popery. sure it will serve the cause ; and I am happy This school has not long been established, that he found the schools and every thing the priests use every means to prevent the far better than I had represented them to parents sendivg their children, but it is be, and appeared much pleased with the doing well and still likely to do better, Readers of the Scriptures. I wish the under the influential patronage of Mr. Begentlemen of the Committee had been present, yes, and all our friends in England, 5th. (Sabbath day,) preached at Cloghand then the Society would neither want en jordan and Nenagh, selt much as a Christian couragement nor support. But Mr. Franks and a Baptist, at witnessing the state of will make his own statement. I conclude, things at C, A comparatively few years hoping you will excuse this hasty scrawl, as past, (I am told) the most respectable Bapthe post is just going off.

tist church and congregation in Ireland

worshipped bere ; but it is now as low as My dear Sirs,

it can well be, and the deacons and others Yours in truth and affection, informed me would long since bave been

W. THOMAS. extinct, but for the labours of Mr. Thomas,

who preaches to them once a month, and From the Rev. John Franks.

administers the Lord's supper, and has done

much to set the things in order which were Arber Hill, Birr, Oct. 21, 1828.

wanting. There are still about thirty memDear SIRS,

bers, a good place of worship, and consiAGREEABLE to appointment I was with Mr. derable endowments attached to it, which Thomas at Limerick on the 30th of the last at present are withheld, but there is no doubt month, for the purpose of visiting his sta. could be recovered ; and Clogbjordan with tion and the schools under his superintend the towns and villages around it, (many of ence. On the 1st inst. the following morn- which I have seen) would form a most iming, we met and conversed with several of portant station for any suitable minister,


I am,

and it is for a lamentation that it is not oc- it said, the children have committed a great cupied.

number of chapters to memory, and many 6th. Went to see Mount Pelier school : of them can read and write well. the mistress Cubo has lately married to a Sevenoaks School at Aughnish. This is worthless man, had clandestinely left the a large and prosperous school, the general school and neighbourhood, and as there was proficiency of the children is sarprising, and no one to attend to them, the children were never did it before see such a number of not assembled. Several of the neighbouring fine, open, and intelligent countenances gentry assured me of the prosperous state of grouped together. The master is clever and the school previous to this circumstance, and diligent. Several of these schools ure in Jamented what had taken place, as they great want of forms, particularly to write were fearful it would injure the school; but upon, as the poor children are obliged to the injured patroness continges as firm a write on the back of a book, or on a piece friend as ever to it, and Mr. T. has another of board resting upon their knees. mistress ready to send. Visited the Bird- Was detained from the 10th to the 14th, bill school, which school is under the with a disease (a kind of cholera morbus) patronage of -- Ormsby, Esq. and is in an common to the inhabitants of this country, excellent state, every child in it being re- and particularly to Englishmen on their first gularly examined by Mrs. O. on the Sab- coming here. Finding myself better, I re. bath, to ascertain the progress they have commenced my journey on the 1411.. Visitmade the past week.

ed Mrs. Davy's school at Burrisacane. The 7th. Set off to see the schools in the mistress is a pious and interesting aged greatly disturbed county of Clare, and after woman, who in her youth bad taught the travelling several miles in heavy rains, we parents of the children, and which gives her were obliged to seck a shelter, and which considerable influence among them. The we found in the bouse of Sir John Read, school is well conducted, and in a good who received us with the warmth, and state. The priests have opposed the chiltreated us with the hospitality, of a genuine dren's committing the Scriptures to memory, son of Erin.

but many of them bave done it, and to a 8th. Visited the Mary's Philanthropic great extent. Girls' School, which is well conducted. Many 15111. Went to Miss Davy's school at of the children can repeat from 90 to 100 Birr. The progress of the children in this chapters, some of them more. One that school since its establishment, several of the has not been in the school more than a year, resident and neighbouring ladies, who are and at the time of entering did not know in the habit of visiting it, assured me is the alphabet, can now read the Testament, great, and that their needle work is good. and repeat eight chapters, and another not On the 16th the complaint returned, and more than six years old can repeat twelve the following day I bad canse for alarm, chapters. There are six girls of from 14 but by the prompt use of suitable means the to 17 years old who read particularly well, progress of it was checked, and through write decently, and their needle work is mercy I am now much better, though still said to be very good.

a prisoner. I am at the house of a Mr. Went to the Clonola School, which though Antisell, a member of the church at Cloghin good order and many of the children can jordan, and the kindness of whose family I read and spell well, is not generally in so fear I shall never be able to repay. Some forward a state as most of the others. Re- who are well acquainted with the nature of turned to preach at Mount Shannon; in the the disease, have told me I should for a morning the congregation was good ; we time give op all exertion, but as I find were told could we bave stayed for the myself to be so much better and evening it would have been treble the num- near to Raben, and wish to save time ber.

and increased future labour and expense, 9tb. Examined the “ Anacaraga," “ Ra- I purpose accompanying Mr. M‘Carthy (who hena,” and “Sevenoaks Schools." In the is with me) over bis station. Anacaraga school found the children to be I have seen the greater part of the schools very deficient in speling and reading, which under Mr. Thomas's superintendence, but was accounted for from the great opposition not the whole of his station, the remaining made to the school by the late Roman Ca. part I can with ease see at some future tholic parish priest ; but as he is succeeded time. The number of children I found to by one less violent, the persecution has in be more in many of the schools than was a great measure ceased, since which the returned the last quarter, and not in one of children have been improving, and the mas- them were they less. The extent and sucter promised all necessary future attention cess of Mr. T.'s labours have greatly sur. and diligence.

prised me.

He has a number of valuable Rahena School. The master of this school Itinerant and Sabbath Scripture Readers, is a Roman Catholic, but to his credit be school masters and mistresses, most of whom

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