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the Society, and a well condusted man ever | And ignorance, with all its dreadful traio, since I knew him, and I believe also a ase- Have here enjoy’d an unmolested reigo. ful man in his employment, though not able No wouder, then, that crime should to express himself to advantage on paper ; hence he was one of the number of that

abound, class of your agents from whom you have And Erin's sons with infamy he crown'd. never received any direct communication. But, God be prais'd, the remedy is near, I trust he is now among the grateful throng Spread wide the book, and crime will disapwho are singing “ salvation to God and the

pear ; Lamb." May the Society be instrumental lustract the population in God's word, in adding abundautly to the number of those

And tales of horror will no more be heard ; happy and glorified spirits !

J. WILSON. But in proportion as the Bible's knova,

The people will be happy, and the throne. Hibernia's Petition for the Instruction of


S. D. her Children and Adult Population in the

Holy Scriptures. oft has the page of history told misdeeds

Of Erin's sons, for which their parent

Received by Mr. Burls.
Such discords, such barbarities, and orimes,
As scarce could be supposed in modern Langham Association, by the
times ;

Bev. John Dyer......

7 3 And still each day produces something new, A.U. X. by the Rev. John Dyer, T'occasion grief, and apprehension too.

a Donation....


For Lyme School, by Mrs. Flight 8 0 Nor is the cause impervious to the sight,

Mrs. Davies, Reading

1 Where care is used to be inform'd aright; J. W. a token of gratitude 02 By such it will be surely understood,

Miss Howard, Edmonton, a Sub“ For souls to have no knowledge is not

scription to Mary's Philanthrogood.”

pic Scbool, by Mrs. Fernie.. 0 0 0 The Bible, by its Author, was design'd

A Friend to Ireland at Liverpool 500 For the regeneration of mankind; And where its precepts enter to the beart,

Received by Mr. Ivimey. They uniformly holiness impart;

Mr. Manning, Norton Falgate.. 10 And make the individual kind and true,

A Friend, by Rev. G. Pritcbard 7 0 Blest, and a blessing to his neighbourhood

A Female Friend


Children of the Mary-le-bone And Ireland, notwithstanding all her woe,

Sunday School, by Mr. Ralfs Has still her thousands who this truth will

of Portsea.

2 2 0 know.



too ;

But, ah ! for ages here, adults and youth,
Have mostly been without the word of truth: Subscriptions received by W. 'urls, Esq.
The book of God, the precious boon from 56, Lothbury, Treasurer; Rev. Jlvimey, 51,

Devonshire Street, Queen Squar; and Rev. Has from our houses and our hearts been G. Pritchard, 10, Thornhaughitreet, grodriven ;

tuitous Secretaries.


Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London: or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. In conformity with this resolution, the

Committee who now present this Report, FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.

have assumed for their institution the name

of the Calcutta Baptist Female School SoCALCUTTA,

ciety. Under its patronage are the schools

mentioned in the late Reports of the BenThe Seventh Annual Report of cal Christian School Society, as included in

the the Female School Society .con- Feeling that any lengthened introductory ducted by our Missionary friends remarks are unnecessary, the Committee at this station having lately ar-proceed at ouce to the detail of their exerrived, we insert it entire for the tions during the past year, trusting that the information of that portion of our lating to all who are interested in this work.

Report will prove both gratisying and stimureaders who feel particularly in- The number of schools at present under terested in this good work. the care of the Society is seventeen, in

clnding two at Cutwa, superintended by Ere commencing the Report of the Cal-Mrs. W. Carey. For the superintendence cutta Baptist Female Schools, it is proper of those situated in Calcutta and its vicito extract, for the information of subscri- nity, Chitpore, the Committee are indebted bers, the following resolution of the Com- to the kind and diligent labours of Mrs. mittee of the Bengal Christian School So- W. H. Pearce and Mrs. Yates. The total ciety.

number of children in these schools receivAt a Committee meeting of the Female ing instruction, is, according to the last Department of the Bengal Christian School inspection of the lists, about 350. During Society, held at the Circular Road Chapel, the past year, the following books have Jan. 25th 1828, it was resolved unanim. occupied the attention of the children. Pearously,

son's and Jetter's Spelling Books ; Pear“ That the union formed some time since son's and Keith's Catechisms of Christian between the friends of the Baptist and In- Knowledge ; Second and third parts of a dependent denominations in Calcutta, for Book of Fables and Tales ; the Gospel of the promotion of Native Female Education, Mark ; and Pearce's Geography. Writing, under the name of the Female Department Arithmetic, and Needlework have also been of the Bengal Christian School Society, attended to by many of the children. The having been found necessarily to involve following brief abstract will afford a tolersome pecaniary and other difficulties, be able just idea of the present state of each from this day dissolved ; and that two dis- school, under the patronage of the Society. tinct Societies be constituted, one ander The Salem School contains twenty-one the management of each denomination re- scholars, three of whom are women. In spectively. That the Committee, now about the beginning of the year, this school sufto resign their trust, beg to record on their fered much from the ravages of the smallminutes, that this measure has been adopted pox, which reduced its numbers, and greatly in the exercise of the kindest feelings on retarded the progress of the children. In both sides, and with affectionate wishes that her last report, the superintendent writes : the most abundant success may attend the “ This school has for some time past affordlabours of each denomination in its future ed me much pleasure. The children are exertions in this benevolent work.

very attentive to their lessons. This is (Signed) « E. RAY. chiefly owing to the diligence and influence

"G. PEARCE." of an old Gooroo, who takes great pains


with them. The two elder scholars can | superintendent. Needlework is not a faread with facility any book used in the vourite employment with the children of school. They bave committed to memory this school : their answer generally has been a considerable part of the work on Geo- when desired to do a little, “Ma'am, we graphy, and of Jetter's Spelling Exercises. prefer our books.” Within the last few months, the attendance Tbe Monmouthshire School contains fif. of scholars has much increased, and it now teen pupils. The master is attentive, but contains more than twenty.”

infirm and slow; for which reason the proThe New York School las yielded, gress of the children is also tardy. The throughout the year, much satisfaction. The pupils of this school, in company with those attention of the master, and attendance and of two or three others, have attended daily progress of the children have been pleas- at the Mission premises at Chitpore, where ing. Four girls in this school have parti- instruction has been communicated under cularly distinguished themselves, baving in the immediate care of the saperintendent. a short time gone through Pearson's Spel. This measure has been attended with adling Book, and made considerable advance vantage. The Leeds School affords little into Jetter’s. It may be proper to add, to report that is of a gratifying nature. In that the last-mentioned book, being on the consequence of the extreme negligence of plan of a Vocabulary, requires much appli- the former master, it was found necessary cation in order to prepare the lessons, as to discharge bin; which measure, as is not only the correct spelling, but the mean- generally the case, was followed by the ing of the words are given by the child. breaking up of the school. Another, howThe children of this school are very fond of ever, was shortly afterwards obtained, who needlework. It is affecting to add, that has collected together about twenty chiltwo promising little girls were taken off dren: these he brings regularly to the hy the small-pox in the early part of the Mission Bungalow for instruction ; but as year.

they are a different set altogether, little at The Newcastle and Potteries School, men- present can be said of their progress. tioned in the last Report as having been The Broadmead School, situated near the relinquished, was established again a few Nabob of Chitpore's garden, contains about months afterwards. For some time, owing thirty children. The master's conduct is to causes which could not be controlled, it generally satisfactory, and his pupils make bad in the course of two or three months progress equal to that of most in the schools. as many different situations, wbich of course Two or three of the scholars are of four and proved detrimental to its prosperity. It is five years' stapding : one of them has chilnow at length apparently permanently estab- dren, whom she has begun to instruct. This lished, as a lady and gentleman, in whose is a pleasing circumstance, as it evinces a compound a schoolhouse bas been erected, different feeling as to the value of female have kindly undertaken the superintendence instruction from that generally prevalent of the cbildren. This is an advantage with among the natives ; and it becomes more which few schools are favoured; and it is gratifying, when considered as the effect of hoped that it will henceforward flourish, the labours of this Society. This school and make amends for its past auprofitable- suffered much in the commencement of the

There are attached to it twenty year from the lamentable spread of the children.

malady already mentioned. The following schools are situated for the The Nailsworth School, situated on the most part at or near Chitpore.

Barrackpore Road, has not of late yielded The Juvenile School, situated midway mach satisfaction. A few mouths ago, the between Calcutta and Chitpore, being the superintendent was obligated to dismiss the oldest established, contains about sixteen master for his negligence. Since then, anochildren, which is somewhat less than the ther has been obtained; but bis behaviour number stated in the last report. This is scarcely better tban bis predecessor's. decrease is owing to the increasing age and if a decided improvement does not take infirmities of the schoolmistress, who finds place, the Committee will not feel themherself unable to attend to a greater num- selves justified in supporting it. ber. The progress of the children, however, The Philadelphia School, situated on the evinces that she is diligent, and concerned south side of the Barrackpore Road, near to bring them forward. Three or four of Doorgapore, contains eighteen children. This the girls can read, in a manner that would school has a female teacher, an advantage by no means disparage the talents and ap- seldom to be obtained in this country. She plication of European children of the same is a person of good capacity, and of credit age. They often manifest a considerable able acquirements. Much illness of late, degree of emulation to outdo each other in has prevented her very regular attention to their lessons, and are much ashamed if not her pupils. Of these one is an adult, who able to repeat them when visited by the has made such progress, that should the


mistress be vecessitated finally to relinquish, by her parents. The object, however, is her charge, she would be able, and pro- not lost sight of by the Committee; and bably willing, to succeed in it. The pro- shoald circumstances become favourable, the gress of the children on the whole is pleas- institution will again be commenced. ing.

By intelligence lately received from Mrs. In the Glasgow Scbool, situated at Cossi- w. Carey, of Cutwa, the Committee are pore, there are twenty-five children. This enabled to report, that female instruction school, at the commencement of the year, there wears an encouraging aspect. Th was almost destroyed by the ravages of the Liverpool school contains no loss than filly small-pox. For many weeks none of the children; and the progress in learning of scholars attevded to their lessons, several the pupils in this and the Deakin school of them being ill, and most of the others is described as being exceedingly pleasing. detained at home to wait upon their suffer- FUNDS.-Doring the year, the aid exing relatives. When the school re opened, pected from America, noticed in the last it was found that six of the children had Report, has been received in two remitfallen victions to this awful disease. The tances, amounting to 820 dollars. Liberal school is now in a progressive state, and soms have also been sent by friends iu Great some of the most difficult books used in the Britain ; and the applications made to the schools are read in it.

public in this country for renewed assistThe Whitchurch Family School, situated ance, have been answered in a very genernear Boronogor, contains twenty-six chil- ous manner, although not to an equal extent dren. The master has been generally at- with some preceding years. To all their tentive, and the progress of his pupils is friends, the Committee desire to present pretty good. A little interruption has been their warmest acknowledgments ; at the lately experienced, by bis absence on a same time, they beg respectfully and earnjourney to see his relations ap the country ; estly to request their continued liberality. but having returned, it is hoped that he will The Committee thankfully acknowledge also soon retrieve, by his diligence, what has the liberal and repeated supplies of medibeen lost. Two or three of the eldest girls cine for the use of the schools, afforded will probably leave soon, to be married ; them from the Honourable Company's Disand it is gratifying to the Committee to pensary; and they are happy to add, that state, that they have made good profi- it has been extensively distributed among ciency.

the poor children, and to many with good The Maze Pond School, situated at Boro- effect. nogor, bas twenty-five children on its list. The thaoks of the Committee are also It has recently been removed to a house presented to those generous young ladies nearer the town, and more eligible than its and others in Great Britain, who by their former situation for the obtaining of scho- taste and industry in designing and preparlars. The master is diligent, being always ing presents of different kinds to be sold for at his post when the school is visited by the the benefit of the schools, have manifested superintendent. The pupils are improving. so lively a concern on behalf of Hindoo A few of them can sew neatly.

females. A large quantity of fancy and Within the year, two new schools have useful articles, the result of their benevobeen established, one of them in Calcutta, ience, has recently come to hand, the sale near the Baptist Mission house, and the of which, it is expected, will materially aid other at Chitpore, with the design of at- the funds of the Society. temptivg the raising of seminaries of native The Committee will now draw their Re. girls, on a larger and more efficient scale. port to a close. In doing this, they would As the attempt is now only in the bud, and advert, in a few words, to the difficulties as experience teaches that buds are often still attending the prosecution of their work : destroyed ere they open into flowers, or are these, it becomes them to confess, are not matured in fruit, the Committee forbear to trifling. The prejudices of the people at enlarge respectivg them, choosing rather to large,—the frequent recurrence of disease, wait the result, and report what has been the unprincipled character of many of the effected, than excite expectations that may teachers,—the numerous bolidays,—and fiDever be realized. Towards the further- nally, the injurious effect of muoh exposure ance of the object, two school-rooms have to the weather on the health of those enbeen erected, each of them being capable of gaged in the works of superintendence, all containing fifty children,

contribute to binder them in their exertions, The Feinale Asylum, of which some ac- These things they do not mention for the count was given in the last Report, bas purpose of discouragement, but in order to made little progress since that period. bespeak the patience of their friends, and Piaree, the first child admitted into it, died especially of those among them in Britain or of the small-pox. Another bad been re- America, who have sent out funds for the ceived, but was soon afterwards taken away establishment or maintenance of partioular schools. Of these, some have probably / object at which they aim. In the books been disappointed, in learning from the used in the schools, the children are taught Reports of the Society, that their school bad the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ : been relinquished, and others, that their for it is certain, that if an empty mind be school had not been established. It is pro- filled, it ought to be with good ; or, if error per, therefore, that it should be generally be effectually opposed, it is only by presentknown, that neither the one nor the other ing truth: Thy word, said the Saviour, is of these unpleasant things can always be truth. prevented, owing to the impeding circum- The Committee now conclude their Restances already mentioned. Prospects have port, praying that God may sacceed their not unfrequently appeared, on the grouud of labours with his blessing, and impart strength which hopes have been raised and cherish- and wisdom to those who are immediately ed, that have in a little time again entirely engaged, and to all who love and assist in vanished.

this benevolent work. On this account, the Committee would take the liberty of suggesting to such friends, the propriety of allowing their contributions to be appropriated to the aid of the object

HOME PROCEEDINGS. generally, ratber than to the support of particular schools. This measure would re

PORTSMOUTH, PORTSEA, AND lieve the minds of the Committee from

GOSPORT. considerable anxiety, and leave them also more at liberty to carry forward the work, The annual services convected as favourable opportunities might invite :- with this Auxiliary were held in a liberty exceedingly desirable, when it is September last. The Rev. Isaiah has been so in a great measure, by embrac- Birt, of Hackney, attended as a ing propitious circumstances as they have deputation from the Parent Sopresented themselves. Difficulties, how- ciety, and warmly espoused the ever, the Committee trast, have not dimi- interests of the Mission. nisbed their zeal in the work allotted to them; and the most impressive motive for On Lord's day, Sept. 21, several serperseverance is found in the enlarged ac- mons were preached on behalf of the Society quaintance, which every successive year in the chapels connected with the Auxiliary, supplies, with the condition and necessities two by the Rev. Isaiah Birt, and the others of the people. The work of superintend- hy resident ministers, the Rev. C. E. Birt, ence necessarily leads those engaged in it T. Morris, J. Neave, J. Headden, J. Davis, into the midst of their abodes, and domestic and W. Davies. circles. Here they see tbings as they are ; The anniversary of this , Auxiliary was but the knowledge gained yields, alas ! little beld at Meeting House Alley Chapel on satisfaction. It causes them to feel, that Monday evening, the 22d of September. wretchedness is the Hindoo Female's con- Prayer for the Divine presence and blessing dition ; that destitute of knowledge, deprived was offered by the Rev. C. Cakebread. of liberty, living without respect, doomed | The Chair was taken by an esteemed friend to idleness and drudgery, she is the slave, who happened to be on a visit to Portsea, and not the companion of man. But the Robert Bowyer, Esq. of Byfleet.

The necessity of their exertions is not the only Report, which was read by the Rev. T. motive: labour has not been in vain ; suc- Tilly, one of the Secretaries, gave a brief cess is lifting op her head, and saying, “ Go view of the operations of the Society, comforward.” Year after year witnesses the prising some interesting information respectincrease of knowledge, the subjugation of ing the Mission to the West Indies, &c. prejudice, the alteration of opinion, and a The following is an extract relatiug to the growing, regard for instruction among fe- pecuniary affairs of the Auxiliary : males, in those places where schools have • The cbildren connected with our Sunbeen formed. Instances now exist of wo-day schools continue to aid the Mission, and men, who having learned to read in schools to pour their freewill offerings into its established by this and other Societies, have treasury. become the instructors of their own chil- “There is reason to apprehend that that dren. Let it be hoped, therefore, from what part of the income of your Auxiliary which is to be seen, and from what we know of the is derived from Branches, will in some reoperation of knowledge on the mind, that spects be less this year than the preceding ; the time for the education of Indian Females this may be owing to circumstances which it is come.

is hoped will not be of permanent influence; The Committee trust they are adopting but though this year's contributions may in the right method for the attainment of the two or three instances be less than the past,

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