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ous rays of dirine light; nombers of the bis flock not to Kisten to such people. A Romanists rising above the authority of their few persons told her, if she considered it a priests, and awakened to a sense of their crime that she was at liberty to go away and native sin and woe. I have disseminated a not to listen, and added, if she did not rewamber of religions tracts, which have been main silent that she shon!d be at once turn. thankfully received, and five Bibles : in- ed out of the field. These people brought deed, the man with whom I lodged seemed their Douay Testament, with notes, Madispleased with me, as I did not give him a guire's Arguments against Mr. Pope, the Bible ; all I could do was to give him my works of some of the Fathers, and various child's Testainent, Indeed, I tbink in my other books and tracts; but when the popish inind that Kilkec, in some measure, exhi- cbampion's arguments were exhausted, he bited a representation of Jerusalem on the began to declaim against the most pious and great day of Pentecost, when Israelites from zealous characters. His own party disapevery tribe presented themselves hefore the prored of the latter part of his conduct, Lord. There were in Kilkee persons out and the meeting separated, all declaring that of various towns, villages, and remote parts they were bigbly delighted at the peaceable of the counties of Clare, Limerick, and conduct of such a multitude. Tipperary, who have heard in their own see how the late excitement respecting polilanguage the wonderful works of God. tical discussions, which reached an extra

T. Busne. ordivary pitch in this vicinity, has sunk

before the discussion on the word of life.

All these poor people, who would undoubtFrom an Irish Reader.

edly have spent the Sabbath at one vice or Balloboy Scariff, Sept. 8, 1828.

oiber, came of their own accord to be edi.

fied by the Readers of the Baptist Irish Rev. SIR,

Society. I could mention many instances of Never since my cominencement as a persons being lately more desirous than ever Reader of the Irisb Scriptures, has it been to hear the Scriptures in their own language. in my power to state such a pleasing instance

M. BURKE. of the utility of the reading of the Scriptures, and reasoning on the word of life, as

From a Sabbath Reader. what fell under my view on the Lord's day, yesterday. My brother Tom being absent

Camass, Sept. 14, 1828. from this part of the country these several

Rev. SIR, weeks back, and the people bearing that be I am bappy to have to state, that the would not go to Scariff yesterday, as soon as people of this neighbourhood are not so mass was said, the congregation, I may say, much against Scripture reading as I at first came in a mass, at least some bundreds of sopposed them to be. I have spoken on the them, and brought with them a man named word of life to many of them, and have Murphy, a native of Carlow, as their princi- found them very favourable to the cause. pal champion of popery. They sent a mes- On a Sunday evening, about three weeks senger before them, to desire Tom to be since, I called at the house of a carpenter ready to discuss the disputed points. The who works for Mr. B. There were about challenge was accepted, and both Tom and nine or ten of the neighbours assembled. Murphy took their seats on a large rock that I told them I came to read a portion of the lies about the middle of the grass field at word of God for them, and added, (lest the rear of his (Tom's) house. No house they might have any objection) “ I am willcould contain them. The people sat down ing to read the Douay Testament, which on the grass, and preserved the most solemn was in the house. The answer I received silence for hours, from about half-past two was, that they had got strict orders from till near sunset. There were people from the priest not to receive me or my reading all parts of the country for miles around, on any conditions whatsoever. I commenced and surprising to hear that there was not a then to explain to them the priest's reasons single murmur or disapprobation expressed for pot allowing the Scriptures to be read, during the refutation of the mass, whilst and quoted no less thau twenty passages to purgatory was proved to be a fable, &c. prove my observations. I then took my wbilst it was proved that there is no other leave of them, at the same time telling the mediator between God and man but the map carpenter be would understand the truth of Christ Jesus, whose blood cleansetb from my observations on the perusal of bis own all sin. The only interruption that occurred Testament, which I am told he reads with was by the wife of J. C.; she assumed great diligence. some authority. She stood opposite the There is a dairyman that lives convenient people, and told them that they were acting to Mr. B. wbo is a zealous Roman Cathocontrary to their religion and to the con- lic, and for this reason the priest entrusts mands of their priest ; that he commanded him with a Testament, wbich lie reads in his

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own house. The poor ignorant part of Mr.

From the Rev. J. Wilson. B.'s workmen count him as their only advocate, and whenever he is present they bave

Sligo, Sept. 16, 1828. no objection to bearken to the reading of

DEAR BRETHREN, Scripture by me. Tbis man and I fre

Another month has elapsed, and things quently dispute about the authority of po

have remained almost in statu quo in referpish doctrines, and it is known to most ofence to our operations in this country. There the workmen that he denies transubstantia- is the same opposition on the part of the tion and praying to images.

priests and their adherents—there is the On an evening, after readiug portions of same inclination on the part of many others Scripture for a few labourers that assembled to read the Scriptures themselves, and to after work in O’D.'s bouse, Mr. B.'s shoe have their children educated at our schools maker and the dairyman being present, we --there is a corresponding degree of success touched on many points of doctrine ; but attending our efforts, and I am happy to among others I asked which did they think dad, there is a still increasing desire to the greater breach of the commandments, possess the Scriptures. viz. to work on Sunday, or eat flesh meat

I have two or three times said that I had on Friday? The answer I received was, that given more bibles (the highest premium for they thought it more sin to eat the meat on correct repetition of the Scriptures) than in Friday, than work every Sunday in the year. any preceding quarter ; I have great pleaI then referred to Exodus, chap. xx. and sure in being able to repeat that observation Deuteronomy, chap. v. to shew them the at the close of the present quarterly inauthoity for keeping the Sabbath. I then spection. spoke on Numbers xv. 32 to 36. Then In fact, such is the demand for bibles in concening abstinence from flesh meat on this way, that though our worthy Secretary Friday, I told them it was a mere human in Dublin sent me a very large supply a few inveition, and to prove it, I referred to months ago, I shall soon have to call upon 1 Tin. iv. to the 5th verse; Matt. xv. 11: him again for more. And this demand for 1 Co. x. 25, 26. I then held up to their the Scriptures is, I humbly conceive, one viewthe great command in Scripture, Re- very satisfactory evidence that our labours member the Sabbath day, &c. and on the are not in vain, especially knowing, as I do, other hand the prohibition of flesh meat, that in general the bibles thas obtained are which the Scriptures condemned as a doc- not covered with dust, nor constantly, though trine of devils.

for security they are occasionally, under Aftr O'Connell had been returned for the lock and key. A pleasing instance of this countyof Clare, for three weeks successively desire to possess the bible occurred about this prt of the country was illominated with three weeks ago. bonfire, so that from my bed at night I

A man and bis wife called on me, having could oserve all the adjacent hills as volca- travelled twelve miles for the purpose, to noes, ad nothing was to be heard but the state the case of a danghter who is in one shouts of papists and harangues of their of our schools, who failed in obtaining priests. Among others, a young man who the premium of a bible at the last inspecteaches school within three miles of this tion, which she was very anxious to do, for place, distinguished himself by repeating her parents ; she bad previously obtained sermons for the peasantry assembled at one for herself, and by committing fifteen these bofires, in which he used to exhort chapters last quarter to memory, she comthem to be like their predecessors, the ancient pleted the one hundred chapters. But in Romans, those valiant sons were never known consequence of being detained a considerto yield, bt fight for their rights until death. able time from school, she did not repeat Not long sice, this man was sent by the the chapters correctly, and the bible was priest at Biff to give a sermon to the work- pot adjudged to her. But the family being men who atended the reading of the Scrip- large, all were anxious for a second bible, tures in M. B.'s house, in order to turn and though till within the last two or three them from te reading ;. but in an argument years one was more than they wanted, yet that I had vth bim, and from his ignorance now it is not enough, for all the family have of Scriptur, and inability to prove any ceased going to mass, and all are anxious to thing, I sc cleanly upset bim, before a read the whole of the word of God. great crowcof spectators, that he now re- After such a statement, of course I felt ceives the rersion and hatred of the people. pecnliar pleasure in bestowing a second

J. F. bible, having good reason to believe the

statement to be correct.

You will learn from Wm. Moore's Journal, that one of your Sabbath Readers of this district has been removed by death. He was one of the earliest employed by

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the Society, and a well condueted man ever | And ignorance, with all its dreadful traio, since I knew him, and I believe also a use- Have bere enjoy’d an unmolested reign. ful man in his employment, though not able No wonder, then, that crime should to express himself to advantage on paper ; hence he was one of the number of that

abound, class of your agents from whom you have And Erin's sons with infamy he crown'd. never received any direct communication. But, God be prais'd, the remedy is near, I trust he is now among the grate

Spread wide the book, and cri

will disapwho are singing " salvation to God and the

pear; Lamb.” May the Society be instrumental in adding abundautly to the number of those

Iustruct the population in God's word,

Aud tales of borror will no more be heard ; happy and glorified spirits !

J. WILSON. But in proportion as the Bible's knovn,

The people will be happy, and the throne. Hibernia's Petition for the Instruction of


S.D. her Children and Adult Population in the Holy Scriptures.


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Oft has the page of history told misdeeds

Of Erin's sons, for which their parent

Received by Mr. Burls.
Such discords, such barbarities, and orimes,
As scarce could be supposed in modern Langham Association, by the
times ;

Bev. John Dyer.....

7 3 0 And still each day produces something new, A.U. X. by the Rev. John Dyer, T'occasion gries, and apprehension too. a Donation....

65 )

For Lyme School, by Mrs. Flight 8 0 Nor is the cause impervious to the sight,

Mrs. Davies, Reading

1 1 Where care is used to be inform'd aright; J. W. a token of gratitude 0 2 By such it will be surely understood,

Miss Howard, Edmonton, a Sub“ For souls to have no knowledge is not

scription to Mary's Philanthrogood.”

pio School, by Mrs. Fernie.. 0 0 The Bible, by its Author, was design’d

A Friend to Ireland at Liverpool 5 0 0 For the regeneration of mankind; And where its precepts enter to the heart,

Received by Mr. Ivimey. They uniformly holiness impart;

Mr. Manning, Norton Falgate.. 10 And make the individual kind and true,

A Friend, by Rev. G. Pritcbard 0 0 Blest, and a blessing to his neighbourhood

A Female Friend

0 too ;

Children of the Mary-le-bone And Ireland, notwithstanding all her woe,

Sunday School, by Mr. Ralfs Has still her thousands who this truth will

of Portsea ...

2 2 0 know.


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But, ah! for ages here, adults and youth,
Have mostly been without the word of truth : Subscriptions received by W. 'urls, Esq.
The book of God, the precious boon from 56, Lothbury, Treasurer; Rev. Jlvimey, 51,

Devonshire Street, Queen Squar; and Rev. Has from our houses and our hearts been G. Pritchard, 10, Thornhaugh itreet, grodriven;

tuitous Secretaries.


Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London: or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. In conformity with this resolution, the

Committee who now present this Report, FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.

bave assumed for their institution the name

of the Calcutta Baptist Female School SoCALCUTTA.

ciety. Under its patronage are the schools

mentioned in the late Reports of the BenThe Seventh Annual Report of gal Christian School Society, as included in

the Northern Division. the Female School Society con- Feeling that any lengthened introductory ducted by our Missionary friends remarks are unnecessary, the Committee at this station having lately ar- proceed at ouce to the detail of their exerrived, we insert it entire for the tions during the past year, trusting that the information of that portion of our lating to all who are interested in this work.

Report will prove both gratifying and stimureaders who feel particularly in- The number of schools at present under terested in this good work. the care of the Society is seventeen, in

clnding two at Cutwa, superiotended by Ere commencing the Report of the Cal- Mrs. W. Carey. For the superintendence cutta Baptist Female Schools, it is proper of those sitaated in Calcutta and its vicito extract, for ihe information of sabscri- nity, Chitpore, the Committee are indebted bers, the following resolution of the Com- to the kind and diligent labours of Mrs. mittee of the Bengal Christian School So- W. H. Pearce and Mrs. Yates. The total ciety.

number of children in these schools receiv“At a Committee meeting of the Female ing instruction, is, according to the last Department of the Bengal Christian School inspection of the lists, about 350. During Society, held at the Circular Road Chapel, the past year, the following books have Jan. 25th 1928, it was resolved unanimo occupied the attention of the children. Pearously

son's and Jetter's Spelling Books ; Pear« That the union formed some time since son's and Keith's Catechisms of Christian between the friends of the Baptist and In- Knowledge ; Second and third parts of a dependent denominations in Calcutta, for Book of Fables and Tales ; the Gospel of the promotion of Native Female Education, Mark; and Pearce's Geography. Writing, under the name of the Female Department Arithmetic, and Needlework bave also been of the Bevgal Christian School Society, attended to by many of the cbildren. The having been found necessarily to involve following brief abstract will afford a tolersome pecuniary and other difficulties, be able just idea of the present state of each from this day dissolved ; and that two dis- school, under the patronage of the Society. tinct Societies be constituted, one under The Salem School contains twenty-one the management of each denomination re- scholars, three of whom are women. In spectively. That the Committee, now about the beginning of the year, this school sufto resign their trust, beg to record on their fered much from the ravages of the smallminutes, that this measure has been adopted pox, which reduced its numbers, and greatly in the exercise of the kindest feelings on retarded the progress of the children. In both sides, and with affectionate wishes that her last report, the superintendent writes : the most abundant success may attend the “ This school has for some time past affordlabours of each denomination in its future ed me much pleasure. The children are exertions in this benevolent work.

very attentive to their lessons. This is (Signed) « E. RAY. chiefly owing to the diligence and influence

os C, PEAKCE." of an old Gooroo, who takes great pains with them. The two elder scholars can superintendent. Needlework is not a faread with facility any book used in the vourite employment with the children of school. They bave committed to memory this school : their answer generally has been a considerable part of the work on Geo- when desired to do a litle, “ Ma'am, we graphy, and of Jetter's Spelling Exercises. prefer our books." Within the last few months, the attendance The Monmouthshire School contains fifof scholars has much increased, and it now teen pupils. The master is attentive, but contains more than twenty.”

infirm and slow ; for which reason the proThe New York School was yielded, gress of the children is also tardy. The throughout the year, much satisfaction. The pupils of this school, in company with those attention of the master, and attendance and of two or three others, have attended daily progress of the children have been pleas- at the Mission premises at Chitpore, where ing. Four girls in this school have parti- instruction has been communicated under cularly distinguished themselves, baving in the immediate care of the superintendent. a short time gone through Pearson's Spel. This measure has been attended with adling Book, and made considerable advance vantage. The Leeds School affords little into Jetter’s. It may be proper to add, to report that is of a gratifying nature. In that the last-mentioned book, being on the consequence of the extreme degligence of plan of a Vocabulary, requires much appli- the former master, it was found necessary cation in order to prepare the lessons, as to discharge binn ; wbich measure, as is not only the correct spelling, but the mean- generally the case, was followed by the ing of the words are given by the child. breaking up of the school. Another, how. The children of this school are very fond of ever, was shortly afterwards obtained, who needlework. It is affecting to add, that has collected together about twenty chiltwo promising little girls were taken off dren : these he brings regularly to the hy the small-pos in the early part of the Mission Bungalow for instruction ; bat as year.

they are a different set altogether, little at The Newcastle and Potteries School, men- present can be said of their progress. tioned in the last Report as having been The Broadmead School, situated near the relinquisbed, was established again a few Nabob of Chitpore's garden, contains about months afterwards. For some time, owing thirty children. The master's conduct is to causes which could not be controlled, it generally satisfactory, and bis pupils make had in the course of two or three months progress equal to that of most in the schools. as many different situations, wbich of course Two or three of the scholars are of four and proved detrimental to its prosperity. It is five years' standing : one of them has chilnow at length apparently permanently estab- dren, whom she has begun to instruct. This lished, as a lady and gentleman, in whose is a pleasing circumstance, as it evinces a compound a schoolhouse bas been erected, different feeling as to the value of female have kindly undertaken the superintendence instruction from that generally prevalent of the children, This is an advantage with among the natives ; and it becomes more which few schools are favoured ; and it is gratifying, when considered as the effect of hoped that it will henceforward flourish, the labours of this Society. This school and make amends for its past auprofitable soffered much in the commencement of the ness. There are attached to it twenty year from the lamentable spread of the children.

malady already mentioned. The following schools are situated for the The Nailsworth School, situated on the most part at or near Chitpore.

Barrackpore Road, has not of late yielded The Juvenile School, situated midway mach satisfaction. A few mouths ago, the between Calcutta and Chitpore, being the superintendent was obligated to dismiss the oldest established, contains about sixteen master for his negligence. Since then, anochildren, which is somewbat less than the ther has been obtained; but bis behaviour number stated in the last report. This is scarcely better than bis predecessor's. decrease is owing to the increasing age and If a decided improvement does not take infirmities of the schoolmistress, who finds place, the Committee will not feel themberself unable to attend to a greater num- selves justified in supporting it. ber. The progress of the children, however, The Philadelphia School, situated on the evinces that she is diligent, and concerned south side of the Barrackpore Road, near to bring them forward. Three or four of Doorgapore, contains eighteen children. This the girls can read, in a manner that would school has a female teacher, an advantage by no means disparage the taleuts and ap- seldom to be obtained in this country. She plication of European children of the same is a person of good capacity, and of credit age. They often manifest a considerable able acquirements. Much illness of late, degree of emulation to outdo each other in has prevented her very regular attention to their lessons, and are much ashamed if not her pupils. Of these one is an adult, who able to repeat them when visited by the has made such progress, that should the

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