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burial groudl at Worstead, attended by bis, Cornwall Auxiliary to the Baptist Missionnumerous family, friends, and a large con- ary Society, held at Falmouth, Sept. 23, course of spectators, who came to pay their 1828, the following resolutions were passed last token of esteem ; when the Rev. R. unanimously :Clark addressed the congregation from Ps. 1. That having felt an anxious interest in xxxix. 9, 10. The following Lord's day he the painful discussions in wbich the Papreached (by request of the deceased) a rent Society has long been occupied with funeral sermon, from 2 Cor. xiii. 11. “Fi. the Serampore Missionaries, and several wally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of pamphlets on both sides of the controversy good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace, having been for some time submitted to the and the God of love and peace shall be with pablic; the Committee of the Cornwall you.”_ Blessed are the dead who die in Auxiliary Society, consider themselves callthe Lord.”

ed upon by their relation to the Parent SoWorstead, Norfolk, Oct. 9.

ciety, to express with bumility, and as ir the sight of God, their opinion on the prin. cipal points of the case before them.

2. That while all who engage in promotLIGIOUS WORSHIP.

ing the kingdom of Christ by means of MisAt a public meeting of the principal mem

sionary Societies, mnst regard the revealed bers of the congregation of Protestant Dis will of their Lord and master as the prisenters of the Baptist Denomination at mary rule of their proseedings, the members Abingdon, Backs, it was unavimously re- subordinate regulations in the constitution of

of such Societies have a right to agree on solved

1. That we account it a privilege, as well their union, and in the prosecution of their the propagation of the Gospel, by affording contributors, and Missionaries to Commitas a duty, to aid, according to our

ability, in designs ; that, in the execution of such re

gulations, Committees are responsible to pecuniary assistance to those congregations tees ; that love to Christ, to each other, and of Protestant dissenters wbo are small, to defray the whole expence of erecting or of to their fellow men, is the bond of this enlarging meeting houses for religious wor

anion and responsibility; and that it is veship.

cessary to the success and even the exist2. That having been convinced, by long agents engaged in them should thus submit

ence of such institutions, that the various experience, that numerous inconveniences, and some absolute evils, arise from minis”, themselves ons to another in the fed


God. ters leaving their respective charges, and travelling far from home, in order to present which occur at pages 34, 88, 90, 97, 302,

3. That it appears evident from passages their cases personally; and considering also that more efficient help may be rendered to 517. and 518 of the first volume of the the cause of Christianity by acting

on a dif- Periodical Accounts, that the senior Misferent plan ; it is our full

determination not sionaries of the Baptist Missionary Society, to grant any further assistance, except to

were sent out under its “ patronage” and

• instructions” in the same manner as those such cases as are sent us by letter. 3. That a fund shall be raised by sab- who have subsequently been sent forth into

the field of labour ; and that the Society scriptions and congregational collections, the amount of which shall from time to time

not only engaged to afford them pecuniary be divided among the cases presented, ac

supplies at the commencement of their Mis

sionary oareer, and whenever afterwards cording to their respective merits. 4. T'hat all subscribers of £1 ls, and they might be required, but did actually

contribute large sums to their sopport. upwards per annum, shall constitute a Committee, to whose examination the cases shall of the Serampore Missionaries, in after

4. That greatly as they venerate the zeal be submitted, and by whom the pecuniary wards supporting themselves and otherwise grants to each shall be fixed. Signed by, on bebalf of the rest,

promoting the objects of the Society by the J. KERSHAW, Pastor,

product of their industry and learning, this W. TOMKINS,

Committee cannot consider them, on that


ground, warranted in abandoning their ori-
ginal relation to the Society at home; a

measure which there is abundant reason for THE COMMITTEE

believing they themselves for many years THE AUXILIARY, RELA

never contemplated from that or any other

cause.See Periodical Accounts, Vol. I. MISSIONARIES AND THE BAPTIST MIS. (p. 88, 90, 302, and vol. II. p. 286.

5. That the Serampore Missionaries hav.

ing been sent out in the manner expressed At a Meeting of the Committee of the in the third resolution, and having volun





tarily and disiuterestedly devoted the pro- rampore Missionaries, so far from having doct of their labour as “a contribution to been domineering and oppressive, bas been the Society," and having afterwards by the uniformly characterized by esteem, affecmemorable - Form of Agreement” of 1805 tion, tenderness, concession, forbearance and solemnly renewed this consecration " to conciliation. God and his cause" in connexion with the 10. That the course adopted by the PaSociety, it was incumbent on them, in the rent Committee on the application for peevent of their considering any arrangement cuniary assistance for the Missionary stanecessary which should involve a departure tions connected with Serampore, has the from the literal and obvious meaning of entire and cordial approbation of this Comtheir previous acts, to confer with the So- mittee; and at the same time it is the conciety at home ; especially as they could not viction of this Committee that the Parent be ignorant that their “ Form of Agree- Committee could not with propriety surrenment” bad been widely promulgated, and, der any portion of their income for the without information to the contrary, would support of stations from the direction or be still considered, as the rule of their bene management of which they were excluded; volent exertions: but that it now appears, and which were to remain under the governthat without any communication with the ment of a self-elected and irresponsible Society, the Serampore Missionaries have council of a semi-missionary college ; espein some important particulars departed from cially while that body avowed an intention their “ Form of Agreement;" whereby the to make a further and separate appeal for operations of the Society bave been per- the same object to those by whom the plexed, and the disinterestedness of the Society itself is supported; and that conseMissionaries, bas received the admiration quently, aš the subject embraced in this of the Christian world to a degree wbicb, resolution became the immediate occasion for many years, has not been really merited. of the dissolution of the connexion between

6. That if the Serampore Missionaries the Serampore Missionaries and the Parent saw reason to constitute themselves inde- Institution, the blame of that event must be pendent of the Society in England, it be- ascribed to the measures and demands of boved them to consult with that Society, the former, to which the Committee of the and promptly avow the alteration of their latter could not possibly accede without plan; a proceeding by wbich unhappy and betraying the trust confided to them by protracted misunderstandings would have their constituents, and violating the princibeen effectually prevented.

ples on wbich the Society is founded. 7. That it is the decided opinion of this 11. That for missionaries to be under Committee, from the express language of the necessity of engaging in secular pursuits the deeds of conveyance, the correspondence in order partly or wholly to maintain themof the Missionaries and numerous passages selves, through the deficiency of pecuniary in the Periodical Accounts, that the mission supplies from home, being in the opinion of premises at Serampore are the property of this Committee a matter of sincere regret, the Society ; that funds were furnished by this Committee earnestly hope that the inthe Society for the payment of the parchase creased liberality of the Christian public money of such premises; and that the will render the continuance of this evil no “ Explanatory Declaration" of 1817 and longer necessary; and that consequently other kindred acts of the Missionaries, even the valuable lives of Christian Missionaries if designed only to exclude the right of ad- may be exclusively devoted to their allministration, form a most unjustifiable in- important work. vasion of the proprietorship of the Society. 12. That this Committee renew, with

8. That this committee perceive in the great pleasure, the expression of their warm present constitution of the Serampore es- attachment to the excellent, and now long tablishment, not only a departure from the and severely tried principles of the Baptist original system of the Missionaries, but an Missionary Society, and of their cordial opening to all the evils and abuses of an affection for the conductors of its affairs :irrespousible and self-perpetuating corpora- and while they rejoice in the cheering suction, whose members are elected for life ; cess which God has granted to its operations, against which the Society's ultimate right they unfeignedly trust that all its trials will of interference referred to in Dr. Marsh- be rendered conducive to its prosperity ; man’s Brief Memoir, p. 66, could form but and that henceforth there will be, on the a very precarious and ineffectual remedy. part of its friends, a cautious abstinence

9. That judging from the resolutions and from all glorying in men, and a more entire correspondence of the managing Committee dependence on dirine aid ; so that while of the Society, and notwithstanding any al- Missionaries are esteemed very highly in love legations to the contrary, it is the full con- for their work's sake, the exhortation may viction of this Committee that the conduct never be forgotten, he that glorieth, let him of the Parent Committee towards the Se- glory in the Lord.

13. That a copy of these resolations the Rev. Mr. Holloway, of Cardington, be transmitted to the Parent Committee for concluded the services. publication in the Missionary Herald or In the evening, the Rev. N. M. Harr, of otherwise, as they may consider expedient. Banbury, preached from Ezek. xxxiii. 11 ; Signed on behalf of the Committee, and the preceding evening the Rev. J. W. EJMUND CLARKE, Secretary. Wayne, llitchin, preached from 2 Cor.

iv, 7.


On Wednesday, September 10, Mr. John

Spooner, student of Bradford Academy, was MIDLAND.

ordained over the newly-formed Baptist

church at Heaton, near Bradford, Yorksbire. The Midlaud Association, including thirty. The interesting services of the day were four churches, held their annual meeting at

commenced with reading and prayer, by the Kington, Herefordshire, May 27 and 28. Rev. Moses Saunders, of Haworth;

after Tuesday, four o'clock, brother Blakemore which the Rev. B. Godwin, Classical Tator, was chosen Moderator, and commenced the stated the nature of a gospel charch, proservice by prayer. The letters from the churches were read, and the Circular Letter posed the usual questions, and received Mr. “ On Spirituality of Mind," by brother Spooner's confession of faith; the Rev.

Dr. Steadınan offered up the ordination Ham, was approved and ordered to be printed.

prayer, accompanied with the imposition of

hands; the Rev. F. Franklin, from CovenEvening, seren o'clock, brother Claypole try, (Mr. Spooner's late pastor) delivered preached.

a most solemn and affectionate charge, from Wednesday morning, at six, the ministers 1 Tim. iv. middle clause of the 6th verse, and messengers met for prayer; the distribution of the fund money, and other Steadman delivered an affectionate charge

A good minister of Jesus Christ;" Dr. business of the Association.

to the church, from Phil. iv. 1 ; and the Eleven o'clock, brethren Fry and Waters Rev. Jonas Forster, of Farsley, closed with preached.

prayer. Evening, at six, brother Curson preached. State of the churches.--Added by bap- Horsforth, read and prayed; the Rev. J.

In the evening, the Rev. J. Yeadon, of tism 112, hy letter 60, restored 3.- De. Edwards, of Shipley, preached; and the crease, by death 44, dismissed 44, excluded

newly ordained pastor closed the solemn 37. Clear increase 50.

and impressive services of the day with The next annual meeting to be held at Ross, in Whitsun week, 1829. Brethren prayer. The Rev, B. Wheeler read appro

priate hymos. Morgan and Blakemore to preach ; in case of failure, brethren Davies of Evesham and Trotman of Tewkesbury. Brother Wil

STOKE GREEN, IPSWICA. liams of Ryeford to write the Circular Letter.

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, the Rev. James Sprigg, M.A. late of Dublin, was publicly

recognized as the pastor of the Particular ORDINATIONS, &c.

Baptist church meeting at Stoke Green, Ipswich. Tbe Rev. L. Ellington, of Westrow, commenced the services of the day by reading the Scriptures and prayer; the

Rev. Samuel Hatch, of Salem Chapel (BapOn Wednesday, Sept. 3, the Rev. George tist) stated the nature of a gospel church ; Bull Phillips, student of the Newport Pag- the Rev. James Cole, of Otley, asked the nel Evangelical Institution, was set apart usual questions; the Rev. Isaiah Birt, of to the pastoral office over the congregational Hackney, gave the charge ; and the Rev. church at Harrold, Beds. The Rev. James A. K. Cowell, of Walton, preached to the Simmons, of Olney, commenced the service; people. The hymns were read, and the dethe Rev. James Slye, of Potter's Pury, votional services conducted by respectable stated the nature of a gospel church and ministers of different denominations, of whom received the confession of faith ; the Rev. upwards of twenty were present. James Pinkerton, of Weedon, preferred the The church and congregation were much ordination prayer; the Rev. T. P. Bull, gratified to see, that diversity of sentiment Mr. P.'s tutor, gave an affectionate and did not at all prevent the ininisters of vaappropriate charge, from 1 Peter iv. 11; rious denominations in the town from manithe Rev. William Chapman, of Greenwich, festing, by their interest in the services of addressed the church, from 1 Thes. v. 20 ; the day, the lively concern they felt in evory



thing tending to the advancement of the port, in the county of Monmouth, consisting kingdom of Christ.

of fifteen members, and Mr. Davies recog. In the evening, the Rev. Isaiah Birt nised its pastor. The services connecteil preached a most eloquent and impressive with the interesting occasion were thas consermon, from Isaiah li. 6.


At half-past ten, Mr. J. Evans read the Scriptures and prayed, Mr. D. Phillips,

Caerleon), delivered the introductory disOn the 8th of October, Mr. J. Waight course, asked the usual questions, first to was set apart as pastor of the Baptist church the brethren about to constitute the new at Swanbourne, Bucks. Brother Tyler de- church, then to the church and pastor relivered the introductory address, asked the specting his settlement among them; and usual questions, and received the confession offered up a prayer, for the blessing and of faith; brother Barrows prayed the ordi- sanction of Heaven npon the union which nation prayer; brother Walker (in the un- had been recognized ; after which Mr. D. avoidable absence of brother Ivimey) gave Evans, Pontrhydyryn delivered an impresthe charge, from 1 Tim. iv. 16; brother sive sermon from 1 Cor. xiv. 33. and conTyler preached to the church from Heb. cluded in prayer. xiij. part of 18th verse, “Pray for us. At 3, Mr. T. Harris of Merthyr engaged Brother Brooks preached in the evening, in the devotional exercise, and Mr. D. from 1 Cor. xiii. 10; and Messrs. Harris, Jones, Abersycban, late of Chesterfield, Turner, and Field, engaged in the other preached from Amos vii. 2. services of the day.

At 7, Mr. J. Lewis, Hope Chapel (Independant) commenced by reading and prayer,

Mr. T. Harries preached from Isaiah ii. 2. PONTESBURY.

and closed the interesting services of the On the 11th of October, a church of the day in prayer. Particular Baptist denomination was formed at Pontesbury, Salop, and the following Tuesday, Oct. 14, Mr. John Francis, late of

NOTICES. Caerleon, South Wales, was solemnly ordained to the pastoral office over the said Baptist Missionary Society.-On Lord's churoh. The service commenced at ten, day, Nov. 2, the Rev. J. Dyer will preach A.M. with singing the 122d psalm; Mr. two sermons on behalf of this Institution, Ashford, of Welsh Pool, read the 110th at Keynsham, near Bristol, morping and psalm, and prayed; Mr. Jones, of Newtown, evening. Two sermons also will be preached described the nature of a Christian church, at the same time at Paulton; and on the asked the questions, and received Mr. Fran- following day a Public Meeting will be held cis's confession of faith; Mr. Lakelin, of at the latter place, for the establishment of Snailbeach, prayed the ordination prayer; an Auxiliary Society. The Secretary of the Mr. Keay, of Wellington, delivered a truly Parent Society, and ministers from Bristol affectionate and impressive charge to Mr. F. and the neighbourhood are expected to be from Rev. ii. 10 ; Mr. Kent, of Salop, ad- present. dressed the church from Heb. xiii. 22 ; and On Tuesday Evening, Nov. 4th, the Rer. Mr. James (Independent), of Minsterley, Isaiah Birt, of Hackney, will preach at concluded in prayer.

Broadmead, Bristol. In the afternoon, Mr. Price, of Newtown, On Wednesday Evening, the Rev. J.P. read Psalm xxiii. and prayed; Mr. Kent Mursell of Leicester, will preach at King preached from Romans v. 11; and con- Street. cluded in prayer.

On Thursday Morning, the Public MeetIn the evening, Mr. James (Independent) ing will be beld at Broadmead. And in read Ezek. xxxiii. and prayed ; Mr. Jones the evening, the Rev. T. Swan, late of Se. preached from 2 Cor. iv. 2 ; and Mr. John rampore College, will preach at CounterFrancis concluded in prayer.


On the following Lord's day, the Rev. Eustace Carey is expected to preach, in the

morning at Broadmead, and in the evening October 1, a church was formed at New- at Counterslip.



NOTWITHSTANDING the popular commotions, of which so much has been lately said, in the county of Clare, it will be seen that the Readers and Expounders of the Irish Scriptures are listened to with profound attention, and treated with marked respect, by the Roman Catholics. That they have “ feared God and the king, and have not meddled with those who are given to change,” is to the honour of those plain-hearted and intrepid men; and that they have been preserved from harm, and, excepting in a few instances, even from interruption, in their public readings, is indeed great cause for thankfulness for the protecting care of God our Saviour, who hath said to his disciples, in reference to such dangerous posts of labour-" In your patience possess ye your souls :” and who hath graciously promised—“For not a hair of your head shall perish."

The Committee feel encouraged by the success of their appeal in the Chronicle of the last month, and again take the liberty of reminding the friends of the Society that it is very desirable applications should be made to persons beyond the limits of the Baptist Denomination, as they consider the objects of the Society, viz. the Readers of the Irish Scriptures, and the Schools, as being general objects which protestants of every description may be requested to support.

For the purpose of making applications to the friends of education in Ireland, who are zealous for maintaining and extending the doctrines of the Reformation in that country, the Rev. S. Davies of Clonmel and the Rev. J. Wilson of Sligo, have been requested to visit England in the month of November, and the Committee will feel obliged to their brethren, the Ministers in the respective towns which they may be directed to visit, if they will afford them all the assistance within their power: they say of them in the language of Paul, “ They work the work of God."

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From an Irish Reader.

able young man, ran out from the above

priest's house barebeaded, and swore that Moynoe Scariff, Sept. 6, 1828.

he would take me and throw me into the REV. SIR,

sea ; whereon the priest called the multitude I arrived at Moynoe on the evening of to witness that he was not desiring them to Tuesday last, after an absence of seven cast me into the sea, but to take me by the weeks and upwards, during which time my shoulder whenever I should come amongst labours were chiefly confined to that great them, and turn me away from them, and have watering place Kilkee, and the two adjacent nothing to say or do with me, &c.; and then parishes, and am happy to say that I have took the piper by the arm, and brought him been well received, notwithstanding the ex- into his house again. The young men who traordinary opposition manifested against are training for the priesthood went further : me by ten or twelve priests, and by fonr or they endeavoured to persuade the people to tive half-priests, or young fellows who are murder me, and throw me into the sea. “ No," training for the priestood, who daily infested said the poor people,

he did us no harm, that place. One of the former, the cele- but gave us very good advice, if we take brated priest C. vehemently abused a crowd it; he told us that we are in duty bound to of my hearers for listening to me. He said love thy neigbbour as thyself, and if that they were a set of ignorant, poor peo- (said the poor people to the students) loved ple, that they were not versed in the Scrip- him as he loves ye and the whole world, ye tures, and that ey should not listen to me; would not give us sach a bad advice.” that I was continually going about preaching During these rencontres, several female to them, and endeavouring to proselyte voices have been raised in my behalf.them; that I was bred a Roman Catholic, Surely the corroptions of popery, the basethat I became a renegade, and that I a was less fabric of idolatry and superstition, have most dangerous person to bave any thing to sustained severe attacks, and are beginning say or do witb, &c. At this time a piper, an in many instances to give way to the glori

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