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in the word of God committed to memory), 1 a large school, jäst bailt and furnished by I have every sanguine expectation of great me, under their auspices. As I am become good being done in this sadly benighted a subscriber to your Society, though a native neighbourhood, as not only the children, and resident of this unfortunate land, I but many of their parents, though Roman- never could believe, till I became a little ists, are, notwithstanding the ibreats of more thoughtful on the one thing needful, of their pastors, constant in their attendance, the melancholy state of my poor suffering whenever Mr. Thomas or other ministers countryinen; they are sunk in the very proclaim the glad tidings of the glorious lowest degree of ignorance and superstition, Gospel of our Divine Redeemer, which is and the tyranny of the priests is quite dreadfrequently done at my house, the congrega- ful. I have been frequently told, that they tion sometimes amounting to nearly one thought it a greater sin to eat meat on a hundred persons; and what makes it more Friday, than to kill twenty people. In fact, hopeful is, that the attendance of the chil- the power of the priests is quite absolute, dren is quite voluntary, as no compulsion is they think themselves bound implicitly to used, notwithstanding the unfounded asser- obey any orders, without daring to question tions of their pastors.

their authority. The number of children in this school are Patrick Guuning has passed two days between eighty and ninety. When I found here: he appears very zealous in the cause, the school increasing, imagining my old and in general the poor people listen to the school house would be too small, 1 built a readers with attention. I will conclude with neat commodious one at my own expence, thanks for sending those spiritually-minded contrived so as to have the boys and girls men to me. separate, and they bave a very respectable

A. BEVAN. female residing constantly at the school, who acts as matron and schoolmistress, as they are taught domestic employments out from the Rev. Stephen Davis to the Secreta. of school hours, to fit them for service, &c.

ries. I think the readers that occasionally visit us, and bave regular stationary appointments,

Haverfordwest, July 15, 1828. have done, and will still do much more good MY DEAR SIRS, in increasing that spirit of inquiry that is I bave transmitted herewith my last reso much increasing among the lower classes, mittance from Wales to our respected Treaand I trust in God will still continue, to the surer, and hope to be on the water to-morsalvation of many of the poor deluded mul- row on my returu to Clonmel. The following titude by whom this spot is sarrounded. is the amount obtained at the respective I am, Sir,

places (including Watersord),* and partiYour obedient humble servant, culars shall be forwarded for the Report as


soon as the list can be prepared.

My labour and fatigue during this tour From the Rev. W. Young. have certainly been considerable. I bave

also met with various disappointments and Clare, Ennis, June 14, 1828.

antoward circumstances, and my unaoquaintMy Dear SIR,

edness with the Welsh language has been a As you wish my opinion as to the system great disadvantage ; but the kindness of the pursued by the Baptist Society in Ireland, I minister and people wherever I have been have great pleasure in being enabled to bas been very great, and demands my parti. state, that as far as I am acquainted with cular acknowledgment, and has endeared its operations, it has my hearty approba- the land of my fa:bers more than ever to my tion.


I have seen manifestations of zeal for the From A. Bevan, Esq. to Rev. W. Thomas. conversion and spiritual edifigation of man

kind, in various places in England, Scotland, Comus, June 6, 1828.

and Ireland, but I never saw them to such an Rev. SIR,

extent as in this country. The vumber of Stephen Ryan, one of your


our ministers, and their devotion to their Scripture Readers, has just left me, after work is surprising ; and the manner in wbicb bis third visit to this neighbourhood. He is the people crowd to hear the word of God, undoubtedly a bigbly-gifted poor man, and and dwell upon the words of the preacher, "mighty in the Scriptures;” the facility is most delightful. Never did I see such an with wbich he refers from one part of the assembly as at the Association at Merthyr, holy bible to prove another, is quite aston assembled to hear the Gospel in the open nisbing. He is a great credit to you, and I bope will bring many souls into his Master's vineyard. I have been so pleased with the * For the account, see the List of Conexertions of your Society, that I have placed | tributions on the next page.

8. d.

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field upon a week day, (though, alas ! I may more than the beginnings of the latter day see an equal, or an increased number every glory.

S. DAVIS. Lord's day iu Clonmel, attending the Roman Catholic chapels.) 1 feared I should scarcely be able to make them hear, but I

CONTRIBUTIONS. have reason to believe the greatest part did 80, and understood what I said ; but the

Received by Mr. Burls. effect of an English sermon bears do com

£ parison to one in the Welsh language, deli- J. B. Gurney, Esq. from the provered in their own peculiar energetic manner; fits of the Youth's Magazine.. 25 0 and I have no doubt there is a blessed work

Mr. Phillips

0 10 progressing among the people, though it is part of a Collection at Wild-st 2 0 attended with circumstances, in some places, Collected per Rev. M. Fislier of which I consider very equivocal, and which


55 0 ought not by any ineans to be encouraged. It afforded ine much pleasure to be per

Received by Mr. Ivimey. mitted to declare the glad tidings of salvation A Friend, by the Rev. T. Griffio 2 0 0 and to plead for Ireland, in the place at Ditto, by the Rev. Mr. Glanville, Carmarthen where my venerated grandfather Wantage

0 used to dispense the word of life. My son Collection at Saffron Walden, by preached there also, in my hearing and that of Rev.J.Wilkinson..

7 5 10 several of our relations, on his way to Ire- For the Ryo and Sass School, Jand.* One worthy old minister, and several by Mrs. Jarrett...

5 0 0 old members of churches in different places, Collections at Cotton End, Bedintroduced themselves to me, who had been

ford, and Sharnbrook, by Rev. baptized by my grandfather; and some who Wm. Grey of Northampton.. 11 also remembered to see him baptize my A Friend at Chesham, by Rev. father and one of my uncles, above fifty Mr. Tomlin

0: 10 years ago ; and many to whom the name of Collected at Lewes, after sermons my venerated uncle, Benjamin Francis, of

by G. Pritchard

7 0 Horsley, is peculiarly dear. Indeed, my Rev. Mr. Jackson....

1 0 visit has produced a sort of resurrection of Two Friends.....

0 10 these endeared names, and the ministers have evidently felt a pleasure in telling their

Collected by the Rev. S. Davies. congregations to whom I was related; so Haverfordwest

08 true is it that “the memory of the just is Pembroke Dock

1 1 blessed.” Christian affection is not de- Tenby pendent upon the life of the individaal. Nor Narberth

1 1 can it be questinoed that their memory has Carmarthen

9 9 been profitable to the Society also, for I Carleon should not have obtained what I did in some Caerphilly.

1 places but for their sakes. O that the spirit Merthyr Tydvil

11 10 of the Elijalis may rest upon the Elishas of Brecon

0 03 the family!


1 4 I should have visited several other places, Comsarnthe

10 1 31 but was afraid the collections would not Abersychan

1 14 35 justify the unavoidable expence, and various Pontypool domestic circumstances make it particularly Newport (Monmouthshire) desirable for me now to return home. I re- Cardiff

12 joice that with what I collected in London Cowbridge

1 10 I have obtained for the Society Llanelly..

3 about 9001. ; I hope, however, to continue Cardigan

10. 5 with my family for a longer season at a time Liangloffan

4 10 than has been usual of late. I much wish Solva....

1 1 22 oar brethren through the country would take Newport (Carmarthenshire).

2 11 up the cause of Ireland, and wbén the Lord's Newcastle Emlyn

0 13 cause prospers in that interesting, but long Tabor deglęcied and priest-ridden country, as it And at Waterford

4 13 does in Wales, we niay in all probability cease our exertions entirely, and consider it

Subscriptions received by W. Burls, Esq.

56, Lothbury, Treasurer; Rev. J. Ivimey, 51, * Mr. L. Davis, Jun. is a student at Devonshire Street, Queen Square ; and Rov. Bristol : he supplied Clonmel while his fa- G. Pritchard, 16, Tkornhaugh Street, grather was in Wales.

tuitous Secretaries.



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last year,

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Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London : or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. East and in the West Indies. We


which refers to the FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. latter portion of the great field;

persuaded that our readers will be JAMAICA. .

gratified at the thought that this

opportunity was afforded of statBy recentintelligence from Kings- ing such facts and making such a ton, we learn that our friends in direct and manly appeal as to the that island have formed an Auxi- tendency of Missionary operations, liary Society, with the design of in the presence of several respectaiding as far as possible, the ope-able members of the most influenrations of the Parent Institution, tial body in Jamaica. The meeting, which was most nu

“ In the West Indies, to which we now nerously and respectably attended, direct your attention, the Baptist Missiontook place in the chapel occupied ary Society bas but recently commenced its by Mr. Coultart and his congrega- operations. Though on this island there tion, in East Queen Street, Kings- themselves of the Baptist persuasion for the

have been very many persons professing ton. Several magistrates and mem- last thirty years, and greatly needing as well bers of the House of Assembly as earnestly soliciting the instruction which were present, and great interest it is the object of the Society to afford, we appeared to be felt in the proceed- friends the Wesleyans, who are laudably

were long preceded by our liighly esteemed ings of the evening. This interest forward in every good work, and also by was not a little heightened by the the Moravians, whose praise is justly in alí kind and friendly part taken by the churches : and we now rejoice to see our Wesleyan brethren, one of

coming into this wide and interesting field

Missionaries from the General Baptist Sowhom, the Rev. James Barry, oc- ciety, and from the Scotch Society for Procupied the chair, and several others, pagating Christian Kuowledge; and to hear in connexion with the Missionaries that the Church 'Missionary Society has refrom our own Society, addressed cognized some of its zealous members on

this island as a corresponding committee, the large assembly, in moving and to advance that noble cause in wbich it is seconding the various resolutions. the privilege of the whole Christian world The Report read on

to unite. sion, was drawn up by our senior

“ The object of the Society in establish

ing a Mission here, is in every respect the Missionary, Mr. Coultart. It com- same as that which first induced it to send prehends a brief, but judicious and its Missionaries to the East—10 disseminate faithful account of the origin and the knowledge of the true God, and of the objects of the Parent Society, and sacred duties he enjoins, among all who

sbould become the hearers of the agents it of the success which has been

miglit employ. granted to its labours, both in the In 1814, the Rev. Joho Rowe was sent

this occa

out to occupy an important station on the Mrs. Phillips settled at the Bay, and were north-west end of this island ; but a wise highly respected and useful during their very and mysterious Providence removed bim in short career. A church of forty or fifty a short space of time from the sphere of bis members, chiefly from Kingston, was formed Jabour, to that state where the good receive then, and to that number was added about the reward of their toil.

fifty more during Mr. P.'s ministry. Mr. “ Mr. Henry Tripp next visited that part Flood is now stationed there, and has alof the colony, and was supported by a re ready met with many kind friends among spectable pre tor in that quarter, wbo the respectable and liberal inbabitants of had earnestly solicited bis labours for the the parish of St. George. We earnestly benefit of bis negroes. Mr. Tripp gave the hope that by bis prudence and piety he may highest satisfaction to that gentleman until retain the respect be has already acquired, his removal, occasioned by relative and per- and at the same time promote with due dilisonal affliction. The society there greatly gence the objects of bis important mission. increased in nombers, and in knowledge, The church there consists of 300 members. and piety, during his faithful exertions. There is also a Sabbath school, in which

“Mr. Burchell has now the superintend- Mrs. Flood is suitably engaged ; and the ence of that, society which Mr. Tripp left, attendance is pleasing and encouraging. and has been the instrument of collecting a “ At Port Maria, there have been for six Jarge congregation at Montego Bay also, or seven years many poor people in need of from which a church bas been formed of a judicious and faithful instructor. The 780 members. He has also commenced a Society has lately sent Mr. J. Burton to new interest at Ridgeland, where the So- that part, wbo has taken a house there and ciety has lately purchased eligible premises commenced his labours, looking to the Lord for a Missionary station.

of the harvest for the success be desires. At Falmouth, Mr. Mann has a church Your attention is now directed to Port of nearly a hundred members, and is labour- Royal, where preaching was commenced in ing zealously with the cheering prospect of a private house, in 1822. The numbers atconsiderable success.

tending in that ancient and wretchedly de“ Within the last few years, Mr. Godden, moralized place, induced the Society in pow deceased, collected a very attentive England to purchase a bouse on an eligible congregation in Spanish Town, and formed site, and fit it up for the accommodation of a society of some hundred members. That the increasing and attentive congregation. society is now favoured with the affectionate That has recently been enlarged; and, care of Mr. J. M. Phillippo, by whose dili- through the divine blessing on the labours gence a chapel has been erected to accom- of Mr. Knibb, there is every prospect of a modate the increasing numbers who flock to crowded and attentive congregation, even hear. The premises were purchased and after the considerable enlargement, though paid for by the Society in England ; but to the town is very small. There is a Sunday ihe erection of the present chapel the re- school now established there, which would spectable inhabitants and the members of no doubt be very prosperous, would Mr. K.'s his society have liberally contributed. At other duties permit bim to give it constant Old Harboor there is a promising society attendance. rising up under Mr. P.'s superintendence. “ 'There are now two churches in KingsIn Spanish Town and there, the members ton; Mr. Tinson baving removed from the amount to five or six hundred. The Sab. vicinity into the centre of the city, where be bath schools at Spanish Town contain 140 bas a neat place of worship, and an increase children.

ing congregation. Mr. T.'s flock, the ob“ At Mount Charles, in St. Andrew's, aject of bis arduous Jabours and constant house and land have been obtained for the solicitude, will now be more prosperous, we purposes of this Society. Tliere a numerous have reason to bope, since it is separated congregation meets on the Sabbath, and he- from the noxious ard multiform material tween one and two hundred members sit wbich formerly marred it. In his new place down at the Lord's Supper. Mr. Baylis, be bas re-commenced his Sabbath school, the resident Missionary there, is very laud- which at present answers bis inost sanguine ably extending the sphere of bis toil, and hopes. visiting other destitutc places in the neigh- “ It is interesting to take a retrospect of bourhood.

the church wbich meets statedly within these “ With Annalto Bay, very melancholy walls. Eleven years ago, it was composed thoughts associate themselves in our minds. of a small number, compared with the preOn the Society's premises there, its first sent; that number being in appearance and valuable missionaries sleep the long and practice a great contrast to the now large, unbroken sleep, which is not to be dis- attentive, and orderly body. We began in torbed until the last congregating of the a very small and inconvenient place, erected creatures to be judged. In 1824, Mr. and for a place of worstrip, but by those who

our race.


had scarcely an architectural idea beyond of the Society, for its care, and toil, and laying one brick upon another. This place expenditure ? The only reward received or was enlarged during the brief days of Mr. looked for is the saccess which follows the Kitcbing, whose name, as a faithful and use- preaching of the gospel and the instruction ful missionary, is still cherished with Chris- of the poor. God has condescended to own tian affection. In 1822, we came to this and succeed with bis blessing the labours of more eligible building, where we bave, this Society's agents: be bas deigned, through through tbe kivdness of Providence, enjoy them, to impart to handreds of the varied ed without intermission our Christian privi- classes addressed those moral perceptions leges, and advanced some little in the at- and spiritual energies which have led them tainments and enjoyments of a Christian to despise and shon the vices so predomichurch. We were the only church of this nant in these parts of the world—vices, the denomination for years : now we see four most hateful to God and most degrading to others that have been formed with its mem

These are the only rewards which bers. When we review these churches Christian societies seek : in the enjoyment formed from this, and think of the numbers of these all have already participated, and removed by death, and other circumstances confidently anticipate still greater success, peculiar to this country, (say 500 at a very on the ground of that infallible revelation, moderate computation,) and when we reflect which declares that “the kingdoms of this on the numbers still in attendance and in world' shall become the kingdoms of our communion, we are compelled to say, "What Lord and of his Christ."" bath God wrought !- The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.' By the returns made on this oc

" The school belonging to the church casion, it appeared that the total meeting bere is in its present prosperous number of persons in connexion

à source of considerable pleasure. with our Mission in Jamaica was Nearly 300 boys and girls are in constant attendance, and the first classes are in pos- 9895 : viz. Communicants, 5742, session of such useful and scriptural know- Catechumens, 4143. ledge as will, with the divine blessing, he of immense benefit to them through their future days. The Sabbath school is toler- The following extract will afably well condacted by two or three of the ford more particular intelligence members, who are truly to be commended for the interest they feel in its continuance. respecting our station at Kingston. Both adults and youth are reaping the bene

From Mr. Tinson, dated Kingsfit of their zealous labours.

ton, March 3:“ We have thus hastily glanced at the different stations which the Society occupies “ Brother Coultart's chapel is still nuin Jamaica, and at the success which has merously attended, and many, we bope, are attended its labours in this island, as well earnestly enquiring what they mast do to be as at the object it has in view in such an saved. Respecting our other church in occupation of the stations as has been named; Kingston, I trust we are not left without and we now close this report with asking witness that God is with ns. We bave the enlightened and liberal part of the com- added about ninety to our number during munity what cause it bas to deprecate the the last twelve months, and there are others existence of such a society ?-what cause to who appear mach concerned for the alvaallege against it or its Missionaries covert tion of their souls. We have for some time designs and base practices, which the lowest past had prayer meetings, to pray more es of mankind would sparn, (unless we may pecially for the effusion of the spirit opon except sach as condescend to employ them- oar churches, and I do think the Lord is selves in the groundless aspersions now cir- giving us some intimation of our prayers culating.)

being heard. The Society and its Missionaries bare “Since writing to you last, we have had given proof sufficient, we presume, to rea- an interesting day at the re-opening of our sonable and unprejudiced minds, that they chapel, which had been shut up for some have had no other object in view, during weeks to erect galleries. It was re-opened their fourteen years' continuance in this the 24th ult. Brother Coultart preached sphere of labour, than the instruction and in the morning a very instructive and intersalvation of men, which God has commanded esting discourse from Gen. xxviii. 16, 17. all Christians to promote. It has already After which, he gave a short but clear acexpended many thousand pounds in sending count of the economy and government of Missionaries to ibis island, in their support our churches, and shewed from the Scriphere, and in the purchase of premises and tures, the duty of all united in chorch felthe erection of suitable places for the wor- lowship to contribute as far as they were slip of God--and what has been the reward | able, towards the support of the ministry

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