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tinued among us till brother Thomas was, has been established for ages, is not imprego enabled to renew his labours, which, we are nable. Many natives of India are living thankful to say, be has done with a greater witnesses of this. Great success has pot, portion of strength than might bave been indeed, been granted to us, yet we rejoice expected.

that others are not destitute of it: we are In directing your attention to our several thankful to report, that, independent of the spheres of labour, we regret exceedingly, gracious outpouring of the spirit in Ceylon, that, with respect to native work, there is even in Bengal the missionaries of the church much that is calculated to discourage, and and London societies have recently met with occasion the severest grief to our minds. great success, the particulars of which you Our great anxiety has been, to witness the will, doubtless, soon learn from their reconversion of multitudes to the Son of God, spective publications. If others, therefore, but, hitherto, the pleasure has been denied prevail, why should not we? The time is

Thousands of persons have heard the not far distant, we trust, when India will, Gospel every week in our chapels ; bat, for with one voice and soal, stretch forth her a long time (with the exception of a female, hands unto God. with whose piety we are well satisfied, and In directing your attention to the English who was baptised in January last), no serious department of labour, we feel happy that we inquirers have appeared. Added to this, the are able to present more encouraging details. conduct of several who have professed Christ To the church in the Circular-road several bas, particularly of late, given us much sor. additions have been recently made, beyond row, and constrained us to separate them what we stated in our last letter, and several from the church, or sospend them, for a others are shortly expected. The chapel at time, from partaking of the Lord's Sapper. Howrah, since the departure of Mr. Statham, Four others also, out of a very small gamber continues to be well attended, and there are of native members, have been removed, in some hopeful appearances in the congregathe allotments of Providence, to a distance tion. We are thankful to state, that the up the country, but, we hope, not out of the ladies of the Circular-road chapel bave lately reach of Christian privileges. These things, tormed among themselves an Auxiliary Mistberefore, bave contributed greatly to lessen sionary society, and, from the spirit and zeal the numbers of the native church. Tbe with which they have entered upon this good causes of these afflictive events lie partly in work, we are led to believe that they will the want of European superintendance ; lor, render essential service to the missionary before the arrival of our brethren Thomas cause. Our young friends of the Juvenile and Pearce, several of the native Christians Society are proceeding in their exertions were necessarily left almost without control. with unabated zeal. Of late, their place of Imperfect as their knowledge of Christianity meeting bas been so well attended, as to must be surrounded, as they are, with the render it necessary to seek a larger place, most iniquitous examples—it could scarcely wbich, not being able to procure, with the be expected that their conduct should remain advice of their friends, they have commenced unimpeachable. Nor do our discouragements a subscription, in order to build a packha or end here : of late, the enemies of missions brick chapel, and bave met with consider. seem to have received a fresh impulse of able encouragement. It was peculiarly graenmity and zeal against the promulgation of tifying to witness their last annual meeting, the Gospel : every false report, every discre- held in the beginning of February: the rooin pancy of character, whether in European or was completely filled ; and several of our native Christians, that can be found, and young friends on that occasion delivered abundance of unkind and base insinua- addresses, the seriousness, good sense, and tions are, by means of the public journals, scriptural sentiment of which, forcibly evinced laid before the public ; so that we can the beneficial effects of the society. The scarcely take up a newspaper in which we Benevolent Institution continues to prosper, do not find something designed to injure the under the care of brother and sister Penney, missionary cause. Notwithstanding, how- scarcely a month passing away without soine ever, we are thus constrained to sow in tears, pleasing evidence being given of the power it is not witbout hope that we or our succes- of religion among the elder boys of the school. sors shall reap in joy. We are indeed | Among other incidents that we might menpressed on every side, yet not distressed; tion, the conduct of some Hindoo youths perplexed, but not in despair ; persecuted, gives us unfeigned pleasure. Two or three yet not forsaken; cast down, but not de- of these lads, who have acquired a tolerable stroyed. Our bope and confidence rest on knowledge of English, are in the habit of the power and promise of Christ; he must meeting every Lord's day, with brother Penreign, till he hatli put all his enemies under ney, for the purpose of reading the scriphis feet. India, of all countries, is the tures, and three of them frequently attend strong hold of Satan ; and yet, at the present to hear the word, at the Circular-road period, we have abundant and satisfactory chapel. evidence that this mighty bulwark, which The press, under the superintendance of

brother W. H. Pearce, continues to be in- , to the Garrow mountains, inhabited by a race creasingly active, either in sending forth of people the most abject that can be conworks, which contribute to augment the ceived. This gentleman assures us that the fands of the mission, or in preparing books Government will wbolly support bim, and for its immediate use. Among the new pabo allow him to prosecute his own measares for lications which have been printed since the the improvement of their civil and spiritual commencement of the year, we notice with condition. Mr. F. has written to us, regreat satisfaction a work ou the comparative questing counsel ; and we, upon the assarexcellency of the Christian and Hindoo sys- ance that he will derive his support wholly tems, as it regards their nature, tendency, from Government, have rather encouraged and evidence, by Mr. Mundy, of Chinsurah. him to comply, especially as his present si. It was at first intended to print it only in the taation is by no means a propitious one for dative language ; but it has since been preaching the Gospel. Brother Carapiet thought that a work of this kind, for the C. Aratoon has bis time fully occupied in European youth and others in this country, supplying the native chapels in the city, and is greatly needed; an edition, therefore, has in visiting the native Christians. Brother been printed in Euglish. With a design to c. has had with him lately a promising inrender the press a useful auxiliary in mis- quirer from the upper provinces, who is of sionary work, 500 copies of a sheet tract, a respectable family, and appears desirous of designed particularly for distribution after instruction. Some time, however, must addresses to the natives, have also been elapse, before we can be satisfied respecting printed every month since the beginning of his sincerity. the year, and will be regularly continued. Brother George Pearce is now residing This mode of circulating information is cal- at Chitpore, where he is engaged in prosecalated to excite attention, from its novelty ; cating the acquisition of the Bengalee lanand, from its comparative cheapness, can be guage, and occasionally in accompanying the more extensively distributed, while the sheet native brøther stationed there in bis excurcontains a sufficient quantity of matter fully sions among the surrounding villages, to to occupy the attention of a Hindoo at one preach the Gospel of Christ. He preaches tiine.

twice ot Howrah on the Sabbath, when broDuring the annual association of mission ther Carapiet and W. H. Pearce alternately aries in Calcutta and vicinity, in February visit Chitpore, as before, to carry on worship last, we'were indulged with the gratifying for the benefit of the native Christians residsight of the designation of a missionary. ing there. The church in the Circular-road having We have now taken a review of the secalled Mr. Kirkpatrick to the work of the veral parts of our united labour. Much there ministry, it was thought desirable, on many was, we said at the commencement, that is accounts, that he should be publicly set apart calculated to discourage, and much there is to the work in which he had been encouraged, to balance this feeling. Our discouragements, by the committee. In this service two of you perceive, arise not a little from the want our Serampore brethren kindly engaged (Dr. of labourers; work is multiplying upon us, Carey and Mr. Swan), the latter of whom while we are not sufficiently strong to do delivered the introductory address, and the wbat already engages our hands. We have former gave the charge; the designation had additions, it is true ; but our reductions prayer, with the imposition of bands, was

more than balance them : and our strength offered by Mr. Boardman, American mis- is now less than it was twelve months ago. sionary. The great interest excited on this Since, four missionaries bave departed, inoccasion was evinced by the nombers as- cluding the American brethren, who greatly sembled to witness it, composed of mission- helped us, while two only have arrived. aries and all denominations of Christians in You will therefore feel, dear brethren, Calcutta. Some who were present remarked the necessity of sending us help as soon as that they felt as though they had been sud- possible. We hope that the discouraging denly transported to their native land, so circumstances which fidelity induces us to inuch did the scene resemble those delightful disclose, will not cause your hands to hang services in Britain which you are permitted down, although we have to contend with so often to enjoy. Mr. Kirkpatrick, from them every day, and many others, which are the commencement of the year, has been only known to ourselves; yet we by no wholly employed at Howrah, and has occa

means d'espair of the final success of these sionally assisted brother George Pearce in exertions, and would on no account leave the English preaching, with acceptance to his field of labour, so long as we have health and congregation.

strength to work therein. Mr. Fenwick, who formerly resided at

We remain, dear Brethren, Howrah, bas recently removed to Silhet, by

Yours, affectionately, an appointment of Governmeut. Since his residence there, he has been requested, by a

JAMES PENNEY. J. THOMAS. person in authority, to undertake a mission



persous, who were all I could find giving

evidence of their attachinept to Cbrist. IN our last Number, we inti- | Yesterday I administered the Lord's Supper mated the probability that the to about 400 communicants, most of whom Consolidated Slave Act, passed in the world, and who evinced the interest they

have, since that period, been collected from December 1826, would not receive felt by their tears and seriousness, whilst the sanction of government at home. commemorating the dying love of their ReWe have now the pleasure to state deemer. Indeed the conduct of the memthat these anticipations were well

bers is truly pleasing and satisfactory, and

such as awakens in my heart the liveliest founded; and that, soon after our gratitude to God. A circumstance recently December Herald left the press, occurred, which, though painful in itself, the Secretary received an official elicited much that was gratifying: One of communication from the Colonial our members, in an unwatchful hour was office, apprizing him that his Ma- on its

overcome by temptation, and fell into sin :

on its becoming known), the effect produced jesty in Council had been pleased on the rest of the members was striking to to disallow of the act in question.

a degree ; for several days I scarcely saw a Our readers will see, in this grati- pensive gloom told the sad news to all

smile upon the countenance of one, but a fying termination of our anxieties

that a brother was fallen. Several came on this subject, new reason to ac- to me in tears, and asked me if I knew what knowledge the watchful superin- had happened ; and after a few days enquired tending care of the Supreme Ruler how they must act towards him." I recom

mended to them the advice of the Apostle : of the world ; nor will they fail to

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, appreciate the wisdom and libe- restore such an one in the spirit of meekrality of the British government, ness. Upon this they acted, and the fallen to whom, on behalf of the Society, affectionate warnings of his brethren made it has been necessary on several bim feel ten times more than as though occasions to appeal; and, hitherto, they bad all forsaken and shunned him : ibis, never in vain.

he said, he had deserved, but he could not

bear their kindness and certainly the poor We redeem the pledge, given man shews in his countenance that Christian last month, to insert extracts from love can break the heart, when severity

I am more than ever various letters lately received from would not affect it. this island.

impressed, the more closely we follow the

maxims and precepts of Scripture, the From Montego Bay, Mr. Bur- greater will be our peace and success : inchell writes thus, under date of finite wisdom must assuredly be most capaJune 4th ;

ble of dictating the best instructions.

“ How to act respecting the enlargement Last week I took down every partition of our chapel I am utterly at a loss to dein our chapel, and enlarged it as much as it cide. The purchase, new shingling of the is capable of, — so that it now measures roof, and necessary repairs of the premises, 65 feet by 37. But this place, which is will require nearly the whole sum raised in filled with benches as thickly as they can be England ; and to enlarge, would require a placed, was crowded yesterday morning at sum full as much, especially since all comour six o'clock prayer meeting,

,- so that it munication is prohibited between the Colois easy for you to conceive bow we were cir- nies and tie United States, fromı which we cumstanced at our 10 o'clock service : not were formerly supplied with lumber, &c. ;a spot of ground unoccupied, and it was dis so that I now am purchasing piteh pine tressing to see so many go away for want of boards at 301. per 1000 feet, which I could

The spirit for hearing manilested by procure before for 181.' To venture, therethe poor people really astonishes me, and fore, upon an enlargemeut at .such an exwere it not for the excessive fatigue I ex- pence, with my present very limited means, perience, ny Sabbaths would be a perfect and the illegality of receiving any subscrip

I often wish I could but transport tions from the people, rather staggers methe sight of our crowded prayer meetings and yet enlarge I must, for it is suffocating and public services to our Christian friends to preach under present circumstances, in England ; I ain sure they would all unite whilst hundreds are unable to gain admitin pleasing astonishment to exclaim, “What tance at all. has God wrought!' Three years ago I

“ At Falmouth our prospects are highly. formed a small church, consisting of twelve encouraging and flattering; our chapel mea




saring about 40 feet by 37, is crowded on then scattered, though for a time apparently the Lord's day morning and afternoon. We lost, has been silently and inperceptihly have formed a church, consisting of about springing up, though under many disadvanfifty members, chiefly dismissed from Crooked tages, and we trust that it will bring forth Spring, and we might increase the number fruit unto eternal giory. at once to 200, or more, but we are disposed “ Last week I visited Westmoreland, and rather to see their conduct first. Above 500 obtained licence to preach at Ridgeland, are received on our list as enquirers, and which I purpose visiting occasionally. Conmany others exbibit a pleasing concern to siderable difficulty, however, lies ir our way be instructed in the things pertaining to in the supply of this station. The distance God. Every sermon seems to be attended from Falmouth is sixty miles, and it is forty with the divine blessing, and it is affecting miles from Montego Bay. Under such cirto witness the feelings of the poor negroes, cumstances, and with three other stations on wbilst listening to the tidiugs of mercy : 1 our hands, the supply which we can afford trust a glorious harvest of immortal souls must be scanty, and that at considerable awaits us in that town and parish. The labour.” people have long been beseecbing us to come A spirit of bitter opposition to the and help them, and now a door being open spread of the gospel exists here, as in other before us, may the Lord accompany and parishes of the island. One of our members bless our efforts for bis glory.”'

is to stand his trial at the quarter sessions :

last week two other persons connected with Mr. Mann, the coadjutor of Mr. us bad their houses levelled with the ground, Burchell, communicates the follow- their feet made fast in the stocks, and are

now sert to the work house in chains-and ing information respecting Fal

all for the enormous crime of praying to the mouth, &c. His Letter is dated God of Heaven. However, greater is he July 20th :

who is with us than all they who can be

against us : the gospel shall finally be vic“ Since I last wrote you I have been torious, and all • enemies shall be put under visited by a slight attack of fever, but am feet.' •Lo I am with you,' furnishes every. happy to inform you that the Lord was mer- thing, and ought to cheer us when the clouds cifully pleased to bless the means which blacken around, and threaten to were used for recovery, so that the fever whelm." was overcome in a few hours, I have much cause for gratitude to the Father of Mercies, for continued health and strength since I came

In a subsequent letter from the bitber: my health bas been equally as good same friend, dated August 28th, as ever it was when in England. This, how- after referring to the vexatious ever affords but little security for the con

enactments' now repealed, he protinuance of these blessings, particularly in a tropical climate, where the stoutest are fre- ceeds to remark : quently the first persons who fall. May I be enabled to be found watching unto “ Though we have been at times a little prayer !

cast down, we are not altogether discou“ Shortly after I last wrote you, we com- raged, but would desire to look to the God menced our operations at Falmouth, under of all grace that these things may have the encouraging prospects of success. The sup- effect of leading us to greater zeal, and ply of that station bas, to a considerable ex- more vigilant watchfulness over every detent, devolved upon me, in which I have felt partment of our conduct, that we may give moch pleasure, and have had much to en- no occasion for the mipistry to be blamed, courage me.. The congregations continue nor for the enemies of the cross to triumph. numerous and attentive, and we have reason At present the poor people are suffering to believe that, since we commenced preach- many trials and discouragements. The long ing there, we bave not run in vain, neither drought which we experienced this season laboured in vain.

has been much felt by the provision grounds, It will be gratifying to you to learn, so that scarcity prevailed to such an extent that, after the pomber of years which have that many of the poor negroes bad almost elapsed since this station was partially com- nothing to eat; and, to complete their mismenced by our lamented brother Mr. Rowe, fortunes, about ten days ago we were visited we were still able to trace the ellects of his by a severe storm, which has made areaufal instructions.

havoc among what was coming forward, and Some we found whom we have good on which they were looking with earnest reason to believe are subjects of divine expectation for a plentiful-supply. Besides, grace, and who have since been baptised, many of them are oalled to sustain much who dated their first serious impressions to opposition and trouble, for their attachment Mr. Rowe's teaching. The seed which was to the cause of Jesus. It is, however,

pleasing to witness the patience and fortitade, 100; Readers in the Testament 150 ; the which they display under their trials. remainder in a state of forwardness. One

“ Since Mr. Burchell baptised I have ad- of the scholars died a few weeks ago - I 'ministered that ordinance to sixty-four per- hope in the assurance of enjoying the happisons, who, as far as we could judge, bad ness of heaven. I visited her, but the disreceived the truth in the love of it. The order was so rapid, that she was not able to experience of many of them was truly pleas- say much. A little before she died, she ing, and the manifest change which, as far said, “ Lord have mercy upon me, Christ as our observation has extended, has taken have mercy upon me.' Seeing her mother place upon their conduct, gives us reason to weeping, she said, "Do not cry, my mother, hope that the truth is working effectually in for me, but pray to God, and he will bless them. May they be enabled to hold fast you; you do not know but this sickness is unto the end. I was happy to learn that for my soul's salvation ; but I know that several missionaries had been accepted of Christ will not turn his back upon a child for this quarter. Surely no part of the world that calls upon him : Lord have mercy upon is more worthy of your attention. The ge- me! Since five o'clock I have been going neral desire for hearing which prevails, and to heaven, and I cannot reach yet. Do Lord, the success which the Lord of the harvest do Christ, come unto me: why do you stay bas been pleased already to grant you, may so long ?' She then wished to see me again, encourage us to hope for better things to but I could not visit her, as I was from come.'

Kingston. Finding I could not come, she

said, "Well I have my Christ, my Christ; In the letter from Mr. Coultart, Amen, Amen, and expired.' This is exactly (Oct. 5.) which announced his safe the account I received from her mother, who arrival at Kingston, after a remark- is connected with the church. The little ably fine passage of thirty-one days, Cross. O that she may be enjoying that

girl was about 13 years of age, named Amelia he bears the following pleasing tes. Jesus of whom she spake! o that I may timony to the usefulness of Religi- meet her in glory! ous Tracts:

“ I noticed in one of the Heralds, that

some kind individual bad given 17 s. 6d. for “ The desire for reading is far beyond the education of one child in the school : any thing witnessed in this colony hitherto. will you let me know who the person is, Several, I think five or six, persons of colour, could not others be procured who would do and very respectable in their appearance, thus ? I would cheerfully send such indihave joined the class here under the minis. viduals an account of such as were instructed ter's care through reading of tracts. There through their liberality, and I do think is a pious soldier at the camp, who reads that good might be thereby effected. I bave tracts to one or two and twenty of the same frequently seen in the Heralds that articles regiment, and Mr. Knibb has been informed of fancy work have been given to the East that two or three of them have become very India Schools. I wish some kind ladies thoughtful about the things of eternity. If would send the little girls in our school a you can speak to the society about a grant few, as it would please them much. I reof three or four thousand, I think I could ceived a kind present of pincushions, &c. &c. dispose of them to great advantage tracts from a few ladies in Liverpool; perhaps you against drunkenness, swearing, lying, quar- are acquainted with some who would feel relling, uncleanness, stealing, &c. written pleasure in sending a few also. Will you, in a very plain style. I could get persons in some corner of your Herald, thank the to go from house to house, and read them, Bristol friends for a supply of books, &c. who could also explain now and then.” for the school, received since my last to Mr. Knibb has furnished, under

I have lately baptized twenty at Port date of Oct. 3d, the following in- Royal, who had given evidence that they teresting particulars respecting the were new creatures in Christ Jesus. The serschool under his charge:

vice was interesting, and I hope profitable,

but I have not time to state particulars. I “ The school is still full, and I think the would just state, that three of the candidates improvement is such as would highly gra- were from the Sabbath School. Brethren tify the committee, could they witness it Tinson, Phillipo, Mann, and Burchell were - Number, 314. Writers ou books about with us at the time.”

you ?

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