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JANUARY, 1828.

The Baptist Irish Society has received from the Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society a grant of Bibles and Testaments, both in the Irish and English languages, amounting to the sum of 2851. 18. 3d. The Committee take this opportunity of publicly returning thanks for this and many former instances of prompt and liberal assistance which they have experienced from the Society.

The Edinburgh Bible Society has also granted its kind assistance, in sending Testaments to the amount of 1001., for which the Committee feel truly grateful. The following letter, addressed to the Rev. John West, Dublin, contains information on this subject :

poverty, and dirt. Al the entrance of their Edinburgh, 19th November, 1827. miserable hovels there are pools of stagnated REVEREND SIR,

water, into which they gather their pigs' By the Erin steam-vessel you will receive dung from year to year, and which frefoar bales, containing three thousand brevier quently breeds fever in their wretched dwelNew Testaments, 12mo, quires, being the lings : it is sufficient to communicate conamount of two votes of our committee, in tagion through the country, were it not that favour of the Baptist School Society for it is greatly counteracted by the purity of Ireland, to enable that institution to supply our atmosphere. schools with New Testaments for the use of You are not at a loss to ascertain the the children while attending scbool, with cause of all this ignorance and misery. I liberty to take them home to learn from, and am sure bad our society been established to read for the instruction of their parents years before it was, these grievous miseries and others who may be willing to listen. would have been prevented. I am, Reverend Sir,

Cammass is the estate and residence of Your most obedient servant, our worthy friends Mr. and Mrs. B., the

W. Arnott. only Protestants, except Mr. B.'s sister, in

the parish. It is two miles west from Bruff. Letter from the Rev. Mr. Thom..s. Nothing can exceed their exertions in the

cause of truth, since Mrs. B.'s conversion Limerick, Nov. 16th, 1827.

from infidelity to the saving knowledge and To the Secretaries of the Baptist Irish Society. service of the Saviour. They collect the MY DEAP. FRIENDS,

poor people morning and evening, to instruct Since my last letter I have been at Bruff and to read the Scriptures for them. In fact, and Cammass, in the county of Limerick, they never cease to proclaim the truth, dark, dangerous, and dreadful places. The though they have received notices to prepare former is a small town twelve miles south of for death, and their relatives repeatedly inLimerick, on the Cork road, involved in ig- treated them to give up, fearing the threats norance and wretchedness, though in the should have been executed ; but they are centre of the county of Limerick, and, I be determined to persevere, though they should lieve, the richest land in Ireland. There fall victims to Popish persecution. She is are but three or four Protestants in this quite willing, and said she would wish to die place, browbeaten and carnalized by the in-like a soldier in the cause of the great CapAgence of priestcraft, where no person was tain of her salvation.

0, what a mighty ever encouraged, nor dared to stand to pro- change !

What is it that divine grace canclaim the Gospel. On the north entrance not accomplish? She who was once a ridiculing there is a filthy village of the most wretched scoffing infidel, employing her bighly cultihuts, called Palatine Lane, where there was, vated mind and great abilities in the service in the time of Queen Anne, a colony of Ger- of Satan, making proselytes for hell, is now man Protestants. Their descendants have the subject of the Redeemer's spiritual all become Papists except one individual, kingdom, and the devoted servant of the and are immersed in indescribable ignorance, Lord.

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ensure success.

I was for four days, about a fortnight ago, ployed for the last three or four weeks, in at Cammass. From the time I arose in the the fields, I have nothing particular to say morning until a late hour at night, I scarcely respecting the schools. ceased to speak the truth, which was shown With respect to myself, I have been prinfrom the Scriptures, and contrasted with the cipally engaged, since my last, in preaching doctrines of Popery.

in the Independent place of worship in this Some opposed and were sileoced; some town, and to the sailors on board the vessels acknowledged the truth ; all, except one, at the quay, where there has been a very most willingly wished to bear. But the fear good attendance. of scandal, abuse, excommunication, destruc- I was yesterday fally occupied, baving, tion, and terror of the priests, greatly pre- early in the morning, baptized two persons vailed, while they seemed convinced of the in the neighbourhood of Boyle, preached at truth and importance of the matter, This is ten o'clock, after which I received the newly a new thing with them, and I hope they will baptized persons into the church, adminisget strength. When I retired to bed cach tered the ordinance of the Lord's Supper, night it was with little expectation of seeing and then travelled fourteen miles to preach another day. We were not protected by at Ballinacarrow, where I had an avasually any civil or military power ; our confidence large and very attentive congregation. was in the Shepherd of Israel, who never

J. WILSON. slumbers nor sleeps. Some persons came from Broff to hear

To the Secretaries. they received a great reprimand. One Ro. man Catholio said he would not give up his

Ballina, November 15, 1827. Bible, and desired the priest to come and MY DEAR BRETHREN, show bim if there was any thing bad in it;

Though nothing extraordinary has occurred until then he was determined to keep it. since my last, yet I bave the pleasure to in'There was a meeting of priests to suppress form you that the plans of the Society are the business, if possible ; but it must pre still in successful operation. The schools vail. He who has all power in heaven and are well attended, the readers are actively on earth said it should, and that is enough to employed, and I am fully occupied in preach

ing, as opportanity offers, with pleasure to I have just returned from Nenagh, myself, and (permit me to add) with acceptClough-jordan, Palas, and other places in ance to my hearers. Our meeting-house the county of Tipperary, but neither paper here is now literally crowded, so much so, uor time will allow me to enter into particu- indeed, as to occasion considerable difficulty Jars. I am industriously circulating the ex- and exhaustion to myself in conducting the cellent and suitable tracts sent me by the services. But all these inconveniences are Society. You will see by Bushe's Journal, nothing, compared with the bare possibility which I send with the other itinerant of being instrumental in the couversion of Irish reader's journals, what a demand there one soul to Christ. One other individual, is for them, particularly for the Scriptural Tully Haran, has been added to our little Reasons for separating from the Church of church since its formation, and I expect, ou Rome. Another box of suitable and beau- next Lord's day week to baptize his brother tiful Bibles and Testaments, also sent me by Pat in the river Moy, which runs through the Committee, bas come safe to hand, which this town. I have not been anxious either I am very glad of, and they will make to keep the matter secret or to make it others glad also. I was teazed for them: I pablic, and yet the report of it has obtained shall soon want more, as they will last but circulation far beyond my expectatious or my a short time.

wishes, so ibat I suppose a great multitude WILLIAM THOMAS.

will be assembled ; and if they behave with decorum (of which I have no doubt, unless

they are excited to do otherwise) I shall To the Secretaries.

endeavour to preach unto them Jesus.

1 forward you the journals of the readers, Sligo, November 19th, 1827.

which, I think, are, upon the whole, satisMY DEAR BRETAREN,

factory. I herewith forward to you the journals I also forward you a letter addressed to of the readers in my district, which corre- me by Richard Murray, teacher of the school spond very much in their statements with lately established in Carrapadan. He put those of the last two or three months, as to it into my hand last Lord's day evening, the opposition that is given to our opera- after preaching, and it afforded me some entions in general, and yet confirming the fact couragement, as I trust it will you and the that the people are determined to hear and Comunittee. I believe he is thoroughly conread the Scriptures for themselves.

vinced of the errors of Popery, and I have As the children lave been so fully em- frequently observed him, when he bas. ats

tevded preaching, affected even to tears. | fully followed up, their system will soon be Who can tell what tbe Lord has to do with shaken from centre to circumference. I bim? and if he shall prove a really converted think the reformation meetings lately insti- character, we shall all be amply rewarded toted will be a great means of accomplishing for our labour.

it; and, besides this, ministers of all deno J. P. BRISCOE. minations are now preaching the gospel in

the cabins of the poor. Ireland is beginning to see the dawn of a more glorious day than

ever she before witnessed. Respectable To the Secretaries.

persons, who would, some time ago, have

deemed it a sin or shame to hear the gospel From Rev. J. M.Carthy.

out of what are called consecrated walls, may

be seen in some places, with their servants Eder Cottage, Kilbeggan, Nov. 9, 1827. in livery, driving to hear it in a smoky but, DEAR BR ETHREN,

and inviting ministers to preach it at their

own houses. Is not this the work of God ? I have much cause to be thankful for the I know not of any place in my circuit whicb goodness of God, as experienced since the is not in general well attended. To excite 3d of September last, when I despatched and keep up the spirit of hearing amongst my last journal, as there is an increasing them, I mostly announce the subject to be desire excited in the minds of the people delivered next, so it not only attracts their throughout my circuit to bear the word of attention, but, in the interim, leads to relife. I have travelled 390 miles since that

search. The distribution of well-selected time, and continued, as nsual, distributing tracts has been made a blessing to some, the bread of life to my countrymen every Lately I travelled about twenty miles through day. My pious and indefatigable young a very destitute countrynot of people, for brother, Huicbinson, bas been exceedingly it is numerously populated—but destitute active in helping to facilitate the great ob- nearly of all means of religious instruction. ject of extending the Saviour's kingdom, by I folded up sheet-tracts in the form of letters, proclaiming with me the same glorious gos- and all the way I dropped them where I pel. This has not relaxed my feeble efforts, believed they would be taken up. Last nor kept me from preaching one sermon Lord's day but one I preached at Mullingar, less, nor, at the usual times, from visiting

for the Rev. Mr. Gibson, who is in afflic. any one of my places; yet in my absence he tion. A person who was then there, and has been made useful, in giving the people lives within the precincts of a village where more constant preaching, and by that means many of the tracts were picked up, and not keeping them together. I inclose his modest knowing that I was the person who dropped journal, which will give you but a very faint them, related the circumstance, and said, idea of what be bas been doing since I ad

• they were so esteemed by some who dressed you last. A weekly prayer meeting found them, that they would not lend them has been set on foot lately at Athlone, and is to their neighbours, lest they could not get in general very well attended, and brother them again, and that they were comparing Merry expounds a portion of the word of the different kinds, and boasting each bad. God to them twice in each week; and, from

got the best.” A contrary effect was prowhat I bave been told by persons who bave duced on others, through not giving them heard bim, he is not only generally approved selves time to examine whether the subject of, but has been also made useful. I am

was good or bad ; they said " they had a endeavoaring to collect all the intellect and mind to follow me, and pelt me with stones.' talent I can find amongst any brethren, and As to the schools, I mean to give you a deset it in motion. Within the bounds of my tailed account of them in my next letter ; circuit, which extends from Keanagh in the suffice it to say, as usual they are going on county Longford to Donnacleggan in the well. At Ballycumber the master has instiQueen's county, &c. you may be assared of it, tuted a night school for several adult Capreaching, travelling, and inspecting the tholics ; some of them are learning their letschools, forms but a moderate part of what ters, others are reading the word of God. constitutes my labours at the present event

At Keanagh, after using every other means fal period; keeping out of sight, also, my to induce a Catholic boy to commit the words morning and evening duty of praying with of God to memory, without effect, I publicly the families where I visit, and expounding dismissed him from the school. A few days to them the Scriptures. Controverting the after his father brought him back, humbly numerous heterodox principles, which like so soliciting his readmission, which was done. many locusts, surround me day by day, ab- In general I find this to be the most efficient sorbs almost every moment..

means of maintaining the constitution of the The opinions of the Roman Catholics are schools.

J. MCARTHY. attacked from every quarter, and, if man

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From a Scripture Reader.

Teasoned out of the Scriptures in three houses

in Scariff, Tomgrany, and Carhumou. Met Moyno. Scariff, Oct. 12, 1827. with a very bigoted Romanist in the latter

place, who entered into a warm argument on REVÉREND SIR,

the mass, purgatory, praying to saints,&c. &c. I have been out every day during the

Several present were much interested, and month ending yesterday, and have visited

paid the greatest attention. various places in the counties of Clare and

Monday, 14th. Took my way to Scariff, Galway, and in the city and suburbs of Li- accompanied by Stephen Ryan. Carled into merick, and have had various interesting the next house to the chapel, and after we meetings, opening, and expounding the gave the family and a few others a short blessed gospels of the grace of God on every cellent religious tract, for which he seemed

gave the man of the house an exopportunity, and directing poor deluded and perishing siuners to Him who is the way, and thankful : 1 frequently read and lectured in

this house. the truth, and the life, and upon whom who

From thence to Fletchers.

I asked soever believeth shall not perish, bat have James M‘Namara followed us in. everlasting life. There is evidently an in-bim if he read the Testament that I was a

means of getting for him ?

“ I do not,” creasing desire for scriptural kuowledge;

said he. numbers of the Romanists rising above the

“ Is it true that you bartered it authority of their priests, and now actively for a stick or wattle with a man in M‘Shaninquiring the way to Zion: and, indeed,

non?” said I. “ It is,” said he. “ What such is the desire to receive and read reli- induced you to do so, after being so exgious tracts, that I disseminated the whole tremely desiroos for getting it as you were ?” of what tracts you gave me the two last

said I. Why, man, they were then as

“but since the times I visited Limerick. I have been fre- honeycombs to us,” said he, quently pursued and overtaken whilst going thorns, and briars, and commanded us not

priest told us that they were fall of poison, along the way, and crossed by other who ran from their work in the fields, ber- to read them, I would have nothing to do ging these silent little preachers of righteous

with them.” Stephen asked him what harm If I had one thousand of iny own fa. they had done. Ile would not listen to any vourite tract (" Scriptural Reasons for

sort of reasoning, but ran away, declaring separating from the Church of Rome"), 1 that his priest eondemned it. Thus, you see could find persons who would be thankful that the priests are the chief stumblingfor them all. I think you ought to send for

blocks in all parts. a large supply, the people are so desi rous for

THOMAS Bushe. them,

On looking over my journal I scarcely know where to begin ; hut, bowever, I will

CONTRIBUTIONS. begin near where I ended my last.

£ s. d. 13th ult. A few persons came into my Mr. Thomas Torr, Lyon.... 1 cottage : & religious discussion commenced,

10 13 8 on the mass, extreme unction, church, &c. &c. Per Mr. Elliott, Portsmouth .. which lasted for some hours; and, towards Per George Lister, Esq...... 10 0 0 the elose of the debate, I asked the principal | On accourt of Collections in of them," if the church of Rome be built

Scotland, per Mr. Davis.... 210 0 0 upón a rock against which the gates of hell

A Friend, Edmonton cannot prevail, why are the priests so much against the indiscriminate reading of the Scrip

Mr.J. Kennerley, per Mr. Prittures, or letting the poor children too cme


10 the schools where the Scriptures are read ?” | Paisley, for Readers, by the Rev. “ A clear case,” said a man named G

Mr. Fisher.....

2 0 0 u that their church is built on sand, and Collected at Sheffield ........ 0.0 that their doctrines are not to be found in the Bible.” " You are a rotten member,

A Lady in the country, by Mr. you are a bad Catholic,” &c. &c., said the

Ash, Bristol..

1 0 principal advocate ; " and when they agreed Mr. Thomas Rose, Haddenham

0 not among themselves, they departed.” 1 Mr.W. Phipps, Westbury Leigh 0 10

a Testament two or three years ago; I trust he is benefitted by it. The priest threw out some darts from his altar against him for finding him in conversation

Subscriptions received by W. Burls, Esq. with me, which did not dismay him.' 56, Luthbury; Rev. J. Ivimey, 51, Devon

Lord's day, 14th. Spoke on the word to shire Street, Queen Square ; and Rev. G. neveral Romanists at a funeral, and read aud Pritchard, 16, Thornhaugh Street.


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Proceedings and Operations







Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Ferchurch Street, London : or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. to their native land, a measure wbich seemed

absolutely necessary, in consequence of the

impaired state of their healųh, particularly FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. in the case of brother Yates. The latter,

who sailed early in Jaritzary, in the Mars, is

gone by way of America ; and the former, CALCUTTA.

at the close of the same month, in the

Robarts, direct for England. In addition to We have just received the quar- these losses, we have to regret the departure terly account from our missionaries of Mr. Boardman, American Missionary, to

the Barman country. Io consequence of its at this important station, which we

long disturbed state, he was detained in Cal. hasten to lay before our readers.

cutta eighteen months, during which time he To the Committee of the Baptist Missionary endeared himself to all classes of Christians Society.

here by his pioas, zealous, and affectionate

conduct, and particularly to ús, by the reaCalcutta, April 21, 1827. diness with which he assisted us at the CirBy the will of a gracious Providence we cular-road chapel, in English preaching, are again permitted to address you, respect which God has blessed to many in a striking ing our united labours in the kingdom of our mavner. Lord Jesus Christ. Since our last commu- Sickness also has been permitted to visit nication, at the close of the past year, we our little circle, and increase, for a time, the have had occasion to sing both of mercy and weight of our respective burtbers of labonr.. judgment; as our course has been marked Mr. Thomas has experienced a very severe with prosperity and adversity-with hope attack of bilious fever, which laid him aside and disappointment. At the beginning of from his work for nearly a month ; and we the year our ranks were thinned, by the de- cannot but consider it a kind interposition of partare of our brethren, Yates and Statham, Providence, tbat brother Boardman was con

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