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shall say.)

purpose to be more careful for the future, Christ; to whom, with the Father and the and to persevere in that holy profession Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, world which thou hast now made ?

without end. Ainen. Answer. I am truly grieved for my


[Then the Bishop or priest, standing op (if unstedfastness, and am fully determined, by

there be no communion at that time), God's grace, to walk more circumspectly for

shall turn himself to the person newly time to come, and to continue in this my

admitted, and say :] profession to my life's end. [Then the Bishop or priest, standing up,

Dear brother (or sister) — seeing that

you have, by the goodness of God, proAlmighty God, who bath given you a sense

ceeded thus far, I must put you in mind that of your errors, and a will to do all these you take care to go on in the good way into things, grant you also strength and power to

which you are entered; and for your estaperform the same, that he may accomplish

blishment and furtherance therein, that if his work which he hath begun in you, you have not been confirmed, you endeavour through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

so to be the next opportunity, and receive

tbe holy sacrament of the Lord's Supper. THE ABSOLUTION.

And may God's Holy Spirit be with you. Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who Amen. of bis great mercy hast promised forgive- The peace of God, which passeth all unness of sins to all them that with hearty derstanding, keep your heart and mind hy repentance and true saith turn unto him, Jesus Christ. Amen. have mercy upon yon, pardon and deliver you from all your sins, confirm and strength

POPISH RELICS. en you in all goodness, and bring you to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our from a paper printed, by authority, in French

The following list has been translated Lord. Amen.

and German, illustrated with engravings of [Then the Bishop or priest, taking the con- the golden and silver gilt cases in which the

vert by the right hand, shall say unto relics are contained. The paper is headed him.]

Description of the Holy Relics which are I, N. bishop of (or I, A. B.) do preserved in the Cathedral Church of Aixupon this thy solemn profession and earnestla-Chapelle, and which are shewn to the request, receive thee into the holy commu- public every seventh year, from the 10th to nion of the Church of England (and Ire- the 24th of July :" land), in the name of the Father, and of 1. The Chemise of the Holy Virgin, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

cotton staff, in which she was clothed when People. Amen.

she gave birth to our Saviour Jesus Christ. [Then the Bishop or priest shall

2. The Swaddling Clothes of our Saviour say the

Jesus Christ. They are of very coarse cloth, Lord's Prayer, with that which follows, all kneelivg.]

of yellowish hue. Let us pray.

3. The Cloth in which the body of St.

John, after decapitation, was wrapped up [Here follows the Lord's Prayer.] Then, and carried away.

O God of truth and love, we bless and 4. The Linen with which our Saviour magnify thy holy name, for thy great mercy Jesus Christ was covered on the holy cross, and goodness in bringing this thy servant on which is still to be seen the marks of his into the communion of this church. Give precious blood. bim, we beseech thee, the stability and 5. A Link of the Chain with which the perseverance in that faith of which he hath, Apostle St. Peter was chained. in the presence of God and of this congre- 6. An Image of the Holy Virgin, of sil. gation, witnessed a good confession. Suffer ver gilt, with several relics. him not to be moved from it by any tempta- 7. A portion of the Holy Cross, encased tion of Satan, enticements of the world, the in gold, which Charlemagne always wore. scoffs of irreligious men, or the revilings of 8. Hair of the Holy Virgin. those who are still in error, but guard him 9. The Girdle of our Lord Jesus Christ, by thy grace against all these snares. And of leather, of which the two ends are sealed make him instrumental in turning others with the seal of Constantine the Great. from the errors of their ways, to the saving 10. The Cord with which our Saviour of their souls from death, and the covering was bound to the post at the scoarging. a multitude of sins; and in thy good time, 11. The entire Girdle of the Holy VirO Lord, bring, we pray thee, into the way gin. of trath, all such as bave erred and are 12. Part of the sponge with which they deceived; and so fetch them home, blessed gave our Saviour to drink on the cross, and Lord, to thy flock, that they may be one a thorn of the crown of thorns. fold under one shepherd, the Lord Jesus 13. The arm of St. Simeon the Just.

14. An Agous Dei, consecrated by Pope 16. A Drop of the Sweat of our Lord Eugene IV. in 1434, and a portion of the Jesus Christ, and a morsel of the reed title of the Holy Cross.

which was given into his hand to mock 15. The point of a nail by which our him. Saviour Jesus Christ was fastened to the 17. The Skull of St. Anastasius, and se

veral other relics.





which were those of the Rev. R. Hill, the It is with extreme regret we announce the Rev. G. Clayton, Alex. Hankey, Esq., &c. death of that eminent Minister of the Gos- The mournful procession extended nearly pel, the Rev. Alexander Waagh, D.D. The half a mile. It arrived at the place of ininterment of this venerable servant of Christ terment about two o'clock, when the Rev. took place in Banhill Fields on Saturday, Dr. Winter delivered an eloquent and imthe 22d ult. As the house in which he had pressive oration at the grave, and the Rev. resided, in Salisbury.place, New-road, was W. Broadfoot concluded the solemn service too small for the reception of the immense by prayer. The following inscription was number of his friends who were desirous of engraved on a brass plate, and fixed on the attending as mourners, refreshment was pro- lid of the coffin : vided for them at the Rev. T. Stratton's “ The Rev. ALEXANDER WAUGH, D.D., chapel ; previous to leaving which, the Rev. (born at East Gordon, in Berwickshire, AuR. Hill, M.A., and the Rev. E. Irving, A.M., gust 16, 1754 ; ordained Minister of the severally engaged in prayer. A few minutes Scots' Church, Wells-street, Oxford-street, after twelve the body was deposited in a London, on the 9th of May, 1782, of which hearse drawn by four horses, and was pre- he continued a Minister until his death, on ceded by thirty-three of the juvenile mem- the 14th of December, 1827, in the 74th bers of the congregation on foot, and a year of his age.” mourning coach, in which were the Rev. The funeral sermon was preached the folDr. Winter and the Rev. W. Broadfoot.lowing Sabbath, December 23, by the Rev. The corpse was followed by thirty-eight W. Broadfoot, at Wells-street chapel, from mourning coaches, each drawn by two Job v. 26. “ Thou shalt come to thy grave horses, containing the surviving members of in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh the deceased minister's family, several clergy-in, in bis season.” At the same time a just men and ministers of the metropolis and tribute was paid to the memory of this much neighbouring villages, of various denomina-esteemed and truly useful Minister of the tions; the elders and deacons of Wells- Gospel, by many other Ministers of various street, Oxendon-street, aud Albion chapels ; denoninations. the directors of the London Missionary So- A correspondent bas promised to furnish ciety, and a great number of private friends. a Memoir of this excellent Minister, for Ten private carriages also attended, among some early number of our Work.

Richard Rowlands.

Of the Particular Baptist Churches in Wales, and their Ministers. Those marked in

Italics are not ordained Ministers, but local Preachers.

Llangefni*. 2

John Owen.

Belen-ddn. Aberffraw

Capel Gwyn

Llanddausant. John Michael
Hugh Williams, jan.


John Morgan.
Capel Newydd

Llangefni, or Ebenezer, bas been the
John Davies.

residence of tbe Rev. Christmas Evans, for Fedw.... William Terar. thirty-six years ;

she also is the niother Holyhead

church : all the rest in the island sprang Wm. Morgab. Bont-rhyp pont

from her. (See Bap. Mag. vol.ix. p. 55.)

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Bangor Cenfaes Carnarvon Llaniolen Llan-ael-hen-arn Nevin Pont-y-cim Garn-dôl-ben-maen Capel-y-beirdd Pwllhelly Tyddyn-sion Llangian Rbos-ir-wen Tyndonen Galldraeth'. Llanllyfin Roe-wen Llandndno. Llanwydden

Evan Evans. Griffydd Jones. Jobn Pritchards. William Williams.

[blocks in formation]


Ben, Owen,
John Kely.
Samuel Richards.

Ellis Evans.

Samuel Edwards.


Timothy Thomas. Carmarthen :

1. Priory-street.. Josuah Watkins.

2. Tabernacle David D. Evans. Cwmifor Cwymdu

David Griffiths.

Timothy Jones.

Thomas Thomas. Pwll-priddog Cwm-sarn-ddn David Jones. Careg-saw-dde Evan Davies. Cydwelly Bwlch-gwynt..

William Williams. Bwlch-newydd Thomas Williams. Dre-fach

Richard Owen. Ebenezer

Thomas Williams. Ffynnonhenry Llan-ged-earn James Davies. Rhyd-ar-gaean Felin-foel

Daniel Davies. Llanelli,

David Bowen. Llandyferi.

John Jones. Llandasal

Daniel Davies. New Castle-Emlyn Timothy Thomas. Porth-y-rhyd

Josuah Watkins. Pen-yr-heal

D. D. Evans.
Pen-rhyw-goch ?

John Davies.

Jobn Davies.

David Woolcock. Rbeboboth....

S Griffith Jones.

John Jones, Rhyd-wilim

Thomas Jones.

Wrexham ,

[blocks in formation]


John Evans. Ben. Price.

Do. English church


John Edwards.

Thomas Williams.


Thomas Daniel.
John Jones.
Gregry Jones.


R. Williams. John B. Roberts.



William Lewis.

David Philipps.



Soar ....
New Chapel
New Chapel



David Thomas.

David Evans.

David Thomas. Cardiff': 1. Church

Rhobert Prichards. 2. Church English William Jones. Blaenan-glyn-tawe Caerflilly

Christmas Evans. Dowlais..

David Saunders, Gerazim.

Daniel Williams. Hengoed

John Jenkins.
Llan-ell-tyd-fawr ?

Jabes Lawrence.
Llancarfan... S
Llan-tri-saint George Griffiths.
Merthyr-tyd-fil :

1. Ebenezer Maurice Jones, sen.
2. Sion Chapel David Sandures.

3. English church Thomas Harris. Neath

John Thomas, Paran

William Williams. Pen-y-fai

Ben, Davies.
Pen-y-bont-ar-ogwr John James.

David Thomas.
Mount Hermon

Richard Howell.

Daniel Davies.
Swansea :
1. Backlane and

Daniel Davies.
Dinas noddfa
2. English Church Robert Oxlad.
Croes-y-parc, .

James Edmonds.

David Nanton.

John Morgan.
John Lewis.
David Rees.

Ben, Davies.
Joseph James.
John Llewelyn.

John Herring Ben. Davies, Nathaniel Milse.

Ben Davies.
William R. Davies.
James Richard.

James James.
s William Owen.

William Havard.
Henry Davies.
Ben. Owens.
David Thomas.
Ben. Davies.

James H. Thomas.

Llangloffan Groes-goch Llanrhyd Moleston Marlas Middle Mill...... Solfach Narbeth.. Pembrock-dock Sandyhaven

[blocks in formation]

Thomas Thomas.






David Evans.

Thomas Thomas.

David Jarman, N. B. Monmouthshire Churches have been placed in the Magazine already, which are all Welsh except three or four.

David Richards.

John Prichard,

[blocks in formation]

PUBLIC MEETING OF THE JEWS. A public meeting of the London Jews was held on Wednesday evening, Dec. 5. at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street.

Mr. Levy of Florida was called to the chair. He stated that the object of the meeting was to take into consideration the extraordinary Ukase published by the Russian Government. It had appeared in nearly all the Papers, and there was no doubt of its authenticity.

He remarked, that if it were not authentic, the Russian ambassador would doubt have contradicted it; and the source

John Jones.

Thomas Thomas.


} William Evans.

whence it had originated had been explained | pensable advantage to the community at to him by a Russian gentleman well ac- large. And in every such case the opinion quainted with the subject; who had also of the corporation must be decisive. The detailed to him some of the sufferings it said Jews shall be allowed to remain in the bad entailed on the Russian Jews. The town for a specified time, whilst the matter restrictions it imposed on the unfortunate is brought to a termination, agreeably to the Jews were calculated to rouse their feelings tenor of this law. and fully justified the friends of humanity V. Jews thus obtaining the privilege of in instituting an inquiry respecting it. commencing business, may not settle any

For the sake of those of our readers who where without having, besides their certifimay not have seen the Ukase, we sub-cate, a regular government passport. join a copy :

VI. Even the Police master, bimself, Ukase issued by Imperial mandate for regu- cumstances, to remain in the town more

may not suffer a Jew, under the above cirlating the existing laws concerning the residence of Jews, for a limited time, in any depend on the corporation, who are not to

than six weeks; but his further stay must of the cities of Russia. ***

allow it without weighty reasons for so I. Those Jews who have liberty to trade doing. A license for a longer period than and to carry on handicrafts in the provinces six months, cannot be given without still exclusively appointed for their settlement, higher authority. by the enactments of the year 1804,are not VII. Jews having no government passpermitted to traflic in the interior govern-port, or who having such a passport, have, ment of Russia, that is to say, they are not nevertheless, no license to enter any town to offer for sale any articles, either in shops in the interior, shall be sent back by the or at their lodgings; still less are they to police to the places of their abode, after hawk about any wares or atensils, whether ihe expiration of the time specified in the belonging to themselves or others, Nei- 28th section. ther may they open workshops, still less VIII. If, after an order to that effect, employ foremen, apprentices, or labourers, they either refuse to go, or return agaiu, whether Christians or otherwise, in any de- they shall be regarded as vagrants; and by partment whatsoever.

virtue of the Ukases of 15th Nov. 1797, II. They may remain for commercial | 25th Feb. 1823, and Sth June 1826, they, purposes, such as bill business, contracts, together with those who allow them to reor supplies, provided they have an express maiu, or wiio harbour them in their houses, permission from government to that effect. sball be amenable to the law as vagrants, or

III. Professed artizans may settle, in abettors of vagrants. order to perfect themselves in connection IX. Jews condemned to banishment mast with some Guild, or for the purpose of com- not be detained for debtor or creditor acmunicating instruction in any particular counts, but satisfaction must be sought in branch of the art in which they may possess the usual way agreeably to the commercial distinguished ability.

relations subsisting between the different IV. Every Jew desirous of learning a countries to whom the parties belong. craft, or of imparting the knowledge of his X. The execution of an order of banishpeculiar art, must present himself before ment is only to be delayed by the police the city corporation, and give an account officer. of himself, what kind of artizan be is, or 1. When the Jew is in one of the town what he wishes to learn. When the cor- hospitals; or, poration, together with the officer of the

2. When he shews a proper certificate Guild, have examined the certificates of the from a medical man, stating that he could individual, let it then be ascertained who not be sent away without injury to his in his particular line might be called on to bealth. judge of his ability; also, whether the art

XI. Rabbins, or other religious funche professes is known in the town, and whe- tionaries, are to be sent away by the police ther the knowledge of it will be of indis- officer, immediately on the discovery that

they are such. * The friend wbo brought over this edict XII. Jews are not allowed to change their from Russia, was himself witness to respect- passports. And the expiration of their able Jews and Jewesses domiciliated in the allotted time for remaining any where, shall Russian towns for sixteen, and even twenty furnish an imperative ground for dismissing years, craving a respite for a few days, and them. for leave to depart by sea, compelled to XIII. Foreign Jews who enjoy the pribreak up their establishments (at what loss vilege of other foreigners, in those governmay easily be supposed), and driven to the ments only that are appointed for the resifrontiers by the route prescribed.

dence of Jews, are required to be subject + Lithuania, &c. &c.

in every other respect to the laws and re

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