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day. Selected by the Rev. G. B. Mitchell, Lord Chancellor Somers, &c. By Henry from the Works of Archbishop Secker; with Madelock, Esq. of Lincoln's Sun, Barrister. a Life of the Author, by Beilby Porteus, at-Law. 410. 11. 11s 6d. D. D. late Bishop of London. 2 vols. 8vo. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Cene 11. 1s. buards

tury, &c. By John Nicholls, f S.A. In six A brief Description of all the different large volumes 8vo., illustrated with fifteen Professions of Religion, from the Beginning portraits. 61. 6s. boards. of the Antediluvian Churches to the present An Explanation of the Causes why Vacci. Day. By Johu Bellamy. 5s. 60. large nation has sometimes failed to prevent Small paper 9s. 6d.

Pox; and also the Description of a Method, Observations, designed as a Reply to the confirmed by Experience, of obriating such “Thoughts" of Dr. Maliby, on the Dangers Causes. By Edward Leese. 8vo. 2s. 6d. of circulating the Whole of the Scriptures Observations on the Disturbances in the among the Lower Orders. By J. W.Cun- Madras Army. By D. Malcolm. Two Parts. ningham, A. M. Vicar of Harrow on the 8vo. 6s. Hill, and late Fellow of St. John's College, Fables for the Fire-side. By Dr. Lettice. Cambridge.

Crown 8ro. 55.-- fine paper 7s. The Death of Believers precious in the Poems and Translations. By Reginald Sight of Jehovah: A Discourse, occasioned. Heber, A. M. Small 8vo. 6s, boards. by the Death of Maxwell Garthshore, M. D. Substance of a Conversation with J. Bele Physician to the British Lying-in Hospital, lingham, the Assassin of the late Right Ho&c. To which are added, Notes, biogra- nourable S. Perceval. By the Rev. J. Witphical, devotional, and miscellaneous. By 28. George Greig. 2s.

Account of the Island of Madeira. By D.

Pitta. 8vo. An Account of the Life and Writings of




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ciety in London will assist and support them BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.

in such a measure. I gave them great hopes We bave already given to our readers, in of this, having myself seen what the British our Nunuber for day, an abstract of the and Foreign Bible Society has done, and is eighth annual Report of this Society. It now willing to do. Remember, and proclaim it remains to lay before our readers, as we as loud as you can, that there are upwards of have been accustomed to do, such extracis a million and a half of Protes/ants in Hungary, from the Appendix to the Report, as way and but a few Bibles anong them !” serve to convey to them some idea, though From a pious Roman Catholic Parish Priest, a very inadequate one, of the extent and

in Bavaria, dated March 20, 1811. benefit of the operations of this Society. We

“ Your love to Christ, and your impartial and will begin with its foreigu operations.

comprehensive love to all Christians, who From a German Correspondent at Paris, sincerely profess our Lord Jesus, are known dated August 2, 1811.

to me and to many in Germany. I there“I am confident, that the German Bibles fore embrace this opportunity of saluting and Testaments, wbich I received in Halle, you (though the least of your brethren), and have proved a great blessing, both in Austria of thanking you for the lively interest you and Hungary. I never was, in all my life, have taken in our Ratisbon Bible Institution. received with such real delight, as wlien I Our New Testament goes off rapidly. Inmade my appearance at Presburg, with the deed, there still exists a hunger in the land Bible in my hand. The Bibles and Testa- after the heavenly manna; and the Lord has ments which I could spare for them at that promised to satisfy this hunger. The Scriptime, were all sold the next day, with the ture is also a bond of union in Christ : for exception of a few which were furnished to who bath the words of eternal life,' but the very poorest gratuitously. All who Christ alone? To whom else, therefore, could, would pay. The Hungarians wish to shall we go?' Whether the translation of establish a Bible Society, and an office of the Bible be in Latin, German, or English, their own, for printing Bibles, both in the is immaterial : the great point is, whether we Hungarian language, and in other similar become better; that is, new creatures in dialects. They will begin a subscription Christ, through faith in bim, which worketh among themselves, provided the Parent Só. by love. This is not etfected by the Greek

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Latin, German, or English letter, but by the From the Rev.

in Berlin, dated Spirit of God, which we receive freely by

April 9, 1811. faith, that we may work the works of grace " As 10 the Bohemian Scriptures, we have and love. Surely the hand of the Lord is

received the pleasing intelligence from seve1100 shortened. In these times of general ral quarters,' that both in Bohemia and fermentation, when all is shaking, and the Moravia, there is still a great desire for the vessel of Christ's church appears sinking, he word of God. We are told, that we might rises with power, cheers bis frightened dis- immediately dispose of 2000 copies ; but, ciples, and commands the winds and waves

alas! we have none left; and it is impossible to be still. Let us shew a noble courage :

for us, with our own means, to commence the confiding in Christ, we may risk every thing.

printing of another edition." " With us matters seem to proceed to

“ To-day I received a letter from a Prosuch ler.gths, that we must expect a persecu- testant clergyman in Prague, urging us to tion for our faith's sake: but God will give print another edition of the Bohemian Bible; us all need ful grace. We encourage each and stating, that there were whole Boleother in faith, prayer, patience, confidence. mian congregations who had not received a Assist us with your prayers. We have to single copy from the former edition, and that fight the same fight of faith; and have one

he alone could dispose of 500 copies in and the same Lord, even our Lord Jesus ' Prague and its vicinity. Another clergy. Christ. United to him, we are united to

man in Moravia writes us also word, that each other: neither continents, nor seas;

he had twenty reformed (or Calvinistic) various forms of government, nor different parishes under his inspection, for which he outward confessions of religion, can separate wanted at least one thousand copies;' but us: all these things pass away; but love adding, that the people of his charge were abideth. Help us, therefore, to pray, to extremely poor."" believe, to suffer, to love; and all will go well: for it is a faithful saying, “that all From Stockliolm, dated July 9, 1811. things work together for good, to them that

" No Bible or New Testament in the Finnish love God.""

language bas been printed since 1776,

when the Finnish Bible in quarto, and New Another Catholic clergyman writes, " The Testament in octavo, were printed in Abo. Ratisbon Bible Institution, the design of In 1774, Mr. Carl om, in Stockholm, printwhich is to circulate the New Testament in ed an cdition of the Finnish New Testament, the German language, among the Catholic For twenty years, there have been no copies people, goes on very prosperously. The de- of the Bible for sale; and, according to cermand for it is very great, even beyond our tain information frou Finland, there is not, most sanguine expectation, so that we can

at present, a copy to be found at any price. not but wonder and adore. We can hardly When the numbers who speak the Finnish print fast enough. Considerable orders for language (about 1,300,000) are compared it are received from every quarter, I miglit will the few editions of the Finnish Bible almost say, from every corner of Catholic and New Testament, which have hitherto Germany. The fifth edition is begun; and

been printed, none of which exceeded 5 or were il completed, it would immediately 6000, it appears evident that a vast many have been sold. I have received 1000 thousand copies of the Scriptures must be copies of this Testament (paid for by the printed and circulated at a low price, befora private contributions of some benevolent the land can, in any incasurc, be provided British Christians) from Ratisbon, and dise with the sacred volume." tributed them all either personally or by the hand of friends. They are most gratefully

From a Correspondent at Malta, dated.

October 2, 1811. received, and eagerly read, by old and young, by the children in the school, and by "I have now the pleasure of confirming my their teachers; nor can I doubt, for a mo- friend's report relative to the favourable rement, but ihey will be attended with a bless. ception which the modern Greek translation ing. Only let us constantly and fervently has had, both umongst the Greeks resident pray, that the Spirit of Christ, which he here, and those of the Levant; and it is with promised to the children of men, may en. inuch satisfaction I inclose a bill for 561.1s. 44 lighten the minds of all those who read this being the amount of suws received by the blessed book, and kindle in their hearts that Docior, for the various copies of which he sired fire, which our Lord so much wished bas disposed in a manner bighly creditable ló sec Lindled."

to his zeal and judgment. Various copies bave been confided to respectable individuals country, and their distribution. The Rus. proceeding to the Levant, and the most sian government in Finland have also issued pleasing accounts have been communicated a proclamation in bis Majesty's name, aurelative to their reception.

thorising their free importation into that

country. These circumstances are particu. The same correspondent afterwards writes, larly gratifying, as they manifest the readidated March 26, 1812: “ Agreeably to my ness of the governments of both countries promise, I now hasten to acquaint the Com- to encourage the circulation of the Scripmittee of the British and Foreign Bible So- tures: and in regard to Russia I entertain ciety with some of the particulars respecting sanguine hopes that they may ultimately lead the execution of the important trust conimit- to some extensive plan for the general distriied to my charge the circulation of the in- bution of the word of life through that vast spired Volume in these benighted parts of empire.” the earth ; which has exceeded my expecta. From the Rev. B. Kohlmeister, one of the tions; having only about 200 remaining out

Moravian Missionaries in Labrador, dated of the 950 Italian Testaments. Tlie distri

June 20, 1811. bution of these inestimable books was conti. nued by me, without the least opposition,

“ I should have addressed the worthy till my departure from Sicily. I have re- Bible Society in a letter, had not the needceived applications for them from various ful preparations for my voyage of discovery parts of the island, and have had the plea- to the north taken up much of my time. sure of forwarding them for distribution to

Present those excellent men with my most Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Syracuse, Cata- respectful and affectionate salutations. Many nia, Jaci Reale, Taormina, &c.; to Corsica, affecting scenes took place when the Gospel Sardinia, Zante, Pattrass, Constantinople, of St. John was distributed among our Es&c. &c.; as also to a number of French and quimaux, and their English bene factors were Neapolitan Officers, &c.; prisoners of war

mentioned to them. Tears of gratitude ran on their return to Naples in June last.”

down many a cheek: and they expressed "Since my arrival here, on the 25th of their wonder and astonislıment that there Angust last, I have forwarded to Zante, 66

were friends in England who, though enGreek, and 58 Italian Testaments; and I am tirely unknown to them, yet wished to pro. bappy to say, that the whole of the Testa. mote their eternal peace and bappiness, by ments and Bibles, with the exception of a sending them the precious gist of the word few Italian, have been disposed of, by sale, of God. Some pressed the little book 10 and that I have applications for more in the their bosom, and looked as happy as if they different languages, particularly Greek. In

enjoyed a foretaste of heaven. Oihers at. short, I have received the most pleasing in. tempted to express their gratitude in letters foridation from Zante, respecting their dis- which they addressed 10 me. Another adposal in the Ionian islands; and have no

vantage has been gained thereby : as the doubt, from the favourable accounts I have Gospel of St. John was given only to sucks received, that there is a large field open in

as could read, an uncommon eagerness has these islands for the sale of these inestima- been excited among such as could not, 10 ble books.

learn to read, that they might obtain similar “I have witnessed with equal pleasure the presents. I have also begun to instruct fifzeal and activity of our friend Capt.

teen adult Esquimaux in writing, and I am in the distribution of the Scriptures, &c. at delighted with the progress they are making. this place, on float, &c.; and are happy to

Some have written me very affecting letters. inform you of our success in supplying the

With the translation of the Gospel of St. prisoners of war (1500) at this place and at

Luke I have advanced to the 20th chapter." Gozo with French and Italian Scriptures,with the consent and approbation of the Agent.”

• From Bishop Tengström, at Abo, in

Finland, From Stockholm, dated Oct. 24, 1811.

“Since writing to you last, I have received “ It will give you pleasure to hear that the a letter from lois Excellency Speransky, con2500 copies have been sent off to Swedish cerning our proposed edition of the Finnish Lapland; and we daily expect to hear of Bible with standing types; and have now the their having arived at the several places of hearttelt pleasure to inform you, that his Imtheir destination. The Consistory in Here perial Majesty has not only graciously apnosand have issued out a printed circular proved of our accepting the British and Fo. letter, in regard to their transport into the reign Bible Society's generously-offered gift (To be continued.) consider them as designed to usher in the glorious day, in which the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the

of 5001. for that purpose, but has also, from till all shall be brought to a saving knowhis own private purse, given 5000 rubles for ledge of the truth as it is in Jesus.” the same good and Christian purpose. Thus, Extract from the Third Report of the Philain the Lord's name, a foundation is laid to a

delphia Bible Society, May 1, 1811. work, from which religion, and our Finnislı church in particular, will, by the help of

“ The Managers would not do justice to Gud, derive a certain and lasting advantage." their own feelings

, nor, they are persuaded,

to the expectations of the Society, should From the Bible Society of Maine (North Ame. they close their Report without communirica), Aug. 22, 1811.

cating some information relative to the Bri“ I rejoice to have it in my power to in- tish and Foreign Bible Society, to which the form your honourable Committee, that we numerous institutions of a similar nature, have reason to hope their donation has which seem to be spreading over the face of not been bestowed in vain. It has already Christendom, look up as to a common parent." called the atiention of many among us 10 -" In a word, the inighty efforts of this our infant institution, and excited a spirit of Society appear to be employed in no less an zeal and liberality, which promises to pro- enterprise than that of presenting the holy duce the most happy effects. Most of the. Scriptures, in their native tongue, to every towns in the district of Maine, in conse- people under heaven; and the fairest prosquence of circular letters addressed to them pect exists, not only of their ultimate, but of by the trustees, bave consented to have an their speedy, success. The annual meeting annual contribution in aid of our funds. of this parent Society is held on this day, The sums thus collected, with the assistauce and it is a pleasing and animating considerafforded us by your Committee, will proba- ation that, in our bunible sphere, our exer. bly enable us 10 supply, at least, this part tions are united with theirs to extend the of our country with the sacred volume. empire of our Redeemer; an empire infinite

" It is scarcely possible, my dear Sir, for ly more glorious and durable than any which any one but an eye-witness to conceive of is acquired by arms and cemented by blond; the deep interest which is here felt by many an empire which the knowledge and influence in the success of your Society; or of the of the precious truth contained in the holy strong emotions which the unprecedented Scriptures is eventually to extend, till it enexertions now making in Great Britain for brace in its peaceful bosom all the empires the spread of the Gospel, excite in the breasts of the world, and Jesus Christ become King of all in this country, who are the friends of of nations as he is King of saints." our blessed Redeemer. They cannot but

An Auxiliary Bible Society was formed Warers cover the seas.""

for the city of Bath, on the 10th March

last, at a niost numerous and respectable Fron the Connecticut Bible Society, Sept. 8, meeting of the inhabitants; Sir Horace Manil, 1811.

Bart. in the chair. The vice-presidents are, the " It is an agrecable circumstance satisfac. Earls of Leven and Melville, and of Cork torily ascertained, that many more Bibles are and Orrery; Sirs H. Mann, R. Wilmor, and sold annually to individuals, since the insti. H. Bateman, Barts.; W. G. Langton, Esq.; tution of these societies through the country and the Mayor of Bath for the time being. The countenance received from your Society Charles Puillot, Esq. was chosen treasurer ; has been of great benefit to us: it has encou- and the Rev. James Oliver, and T. Blake, raged exertions, the effects of which may be Esq., secretaries. We shall be anxious, scen in our being enabled, since the public when we can find room for it, to extract a cation of the Second Report, to purchase few passages from the eloquent speeches of 2,000 more Bibles, making the whole nuin- Mr. Owen and Mr. Hughes, delivered on ber upwards of 5,200, of which short of 1,000 this occasiou ; the fornier establishing the now remuin on hand.

lawfulness, practicability, and even necessity, " What abundant reason to rejoice has of such an union as the Bible Society ex. each member of your Society, in reflecting hibits; and the latter bearing his testimony not only on its unparalleled success, but also to the excellence and utility of the Society on the effects produced by its influence and for promoting Christian Knowledge, and deexample! May He, in whose hands are the claring that "the consideration of what its liearts of all men, continue his blessings on principles, exercised with Christian courtesy your labouci, and enable you to extend them and zeal, might effect, induced him to wish


tliat its constitution did not preclude him, M. P.; Sir David Wedderburne, Bart. M. P. as a Protestant Dissenter, from being pum- Admiral Eliab Harvey, M. P.; John Maitbered among its members."

land, Esq. M. P.; Rev. T. Layton, M. A.;

Rev. E. N. Walter, B. A.; Philip Sansom, UXBRIDGE AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. Esq. ; Abel Chapman, Esq; Charles Wel

A meeting of the members of this Society stead, Esq.; Joseph Cockfield, Esq.; and was lately held at Uxbridge, and a report of James Gascoigne, Esq. vice-presidents: the year's proceedings was made hy the com- Wm. Masterman, Esq. treasurer: 'and the mittee. It states, that 233 Bibles and 1251 Rev. J. Bunyeats, Rev. H. Lacey, and Henry Testaments had been distributed during the Cockfield, Esq. secretaries. year, and that there were yet many deficien- The gallant Admiral, who filled the chair, cies to be supplied. Besides the usual pa- observed, in the course of his speech, that rochial distribution, the committee had as a seaman, he was not much used to public passed a vote, by which a Bible of a large speaking, and his profession was not the type is allotted to each of the barges navi- most likely to lead bin to speak on religious gating the Grand Junction Canal between subjects; but he was convinced that the Brentford and Rickmansworth, and is at- distribution of the Bible must be attended tached to the barge itself by a printed label, with the happiest effects; and he could add, specifying its name, and inviting the crew from his own observation in the navy, that to read it. This example is strongly recom- there was the highest state of discipline on mended to all other societies within whose board those ships in which the Bible was districts canals have heen cut.

most read. The committee state the following im

A considerable sum of money was subportant fact. It might have been ex. scribed, and the proceedings of the day appected," they say, " that in consequence of peared to create a great interest in the minds the recent circulation of the Scriptures in the of those who were present. This is the neighbourhood, eitber gratuitously given or fourth Auxiliary Bible Society that has been disposed of at reduced prices, the sale of established in the county of Essex. Bibles and Testaments, on the usual terms, would be considerably diminished, if not al.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. together precluded; but this, it appears, is We alluded, in our last, to the bill for es. 50 far from being the case, that, since the tending the liberty of religious worship, institution of the Uxbridge Society, the de- which had obtained the concurrent sanction mand on the trade, for the purchase of of both Houses of Parliament. It received Bibles, has been increased in a threefold the royal assent on the 29th of July. The proportion; a circumstance which indicates following is an abstract of its principal provi. a growing spirit of religious inquiry, and sions. It wholly repeals the acts of 13 and both rewards and stimulates exertious to 14 Car. II. chap. i.*; of 17 Car. II. chap. spread the word of God.”

ii.t; and of 22 Car. II. chap. i. $ It enacts, The sum remitted to the parent Society that all places, where assemblies for religious has been 6234

worship of Protestants shall be beld, al which more than twenty persons are present be. sides the family and servants of the per.

son in whose l:ouse or precises the meet, A respectable meeting was held on Tues- ing shall be held, shall be registered, as day, the 28th of July, at the Wbite Hart Ina, Woodford, for the purpose of forming * This act respected the Quakers. a South-West Essex Auxiliary Bible Society; + This act, the Five-Mile Act, forbad, Admiral Harvey, member for the county, in under a penalty of 401., any person who the chair; who opened the business of the should preach iu a conventicle from coming day in a neat and appropriate speech. The within five miles of any corporate luwn seadother speakers, on the occasion, were the ing members to Parliament, uuless in passing Rev. Mr. Owen and Rev. Mr. Hughes, two on the road, without taking a certain oath. of the secretaries of the parent institution; | The well-known Conventicle Act; an the Rev. Dr. Schwabe, minister of the Ger- act founded on the most intolerant princiman Chapel, Goodmau's Fields, who at- ples, and full of harsh and revolting protended for the Rev. Mr. Steinkopff, the visions; but which had, in a considerable foreign secretary ; and various other gentle. degree, been disarmed of its severity by the men. The Right Hon. Lord Henniker was Toleration Act (1 William and Mary, c. 18), chosen president: Sir Robert Wigram, Bart. and some subsequent acts.



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