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to them on the altar, are, nevertheless, attached in affection to some worldly object: Videte, Sacerdotes, are the saint's words, dignitatem vestram, et sicut super omnes propter hoc mysterium honoravit vos Dominus ; ita et vos diligite eum et honorate. Magna infirmitas, quando Jesum sic prcesentem habetis, et aliud in toto mundo curatis.

AFFECTIONS. I am unworthy, O Lord, to appear before thee, but relying on thy goodness, by which, notwithstanding my unworthiness, thou hast chosen me for one of thy Priests, I come this morning to offer thee thine only Son. I offer him to thee; I offer him as the Lamb without spot, in satisfaction for my sins, and for those of all mankind. Ecce Agnus Dei. Behold the Lamb that was once sacrificed for thy glory, and for our salvation, on the altar of the cross. For the love of a Victim so dear to thee, apply his merits to my soul, and pardon me all the great and venial offences that I have hitherto committed against thee. I am sorry for them with my whole heart, because they have offended thine infinite goodness.

And do thou, my Jesus, come and wash away all my stains with thy precious blood, before I receive thee this morning : Domine,

non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum ; sed tantum dic verbo, et sanabitur anima mea. I am not worthy to receive thee, but, О heavenly physician, with one word thou canst heal all my wounds. Come and heal me.

Erravi, sicut ovis quce periit. I am the un. happy sheep that would wilfully ruin myself by flying from thee, my Redeemer; but thou art that good Pastor who hast given thy life to save me. Qucere servum tuum, quia mandata tua non sum oblitus. Seek after me, O Jesus, and do not abandon me. Seek after me, and lay me on thy shoulders ; for I desire to serve and love thee to the utmost of my power. · Thou hast said : Oves meve vocem meam audiunt.........et non rapiet eas quisquam de manu mea. Thou callest me to thy love; behold, I leave all and come to thee, my life. I desire to obey thee in all things. I renounce all worldly pleasures, since thou art pleased this morning to give me thy sacred flesh to be my food.

I love thee, O my Jesus, above every good, and I desire to receive thée, that I may love thee more and more. Thou givest thyself entirely to me; behold I give myself entirely to thee. Thou shalt be for ever my all, my only good, my only love.

O Mary, my mother, obtain for me a share

of the humility and fervour with which thou didst receive Jesus in the holy communion.



near la than by figures Go

Hic est filius meus dilectus, in quo mihi bene complacui. Matth. xvii. 5. In the old law God was honoured by many sacrifices; but in the new law he is more honoured by one single Mass than by all the ancient sacrifices, which were but figures and shadows of our sacrifice of the altar. God is honoured by the holy Mass as he deserves to be honoured, because by it is renewed the same infinite honour which Jesus Christ rendered to him by offering himself in sacrifice on the cross. A single Mass gives more honour to God than can ever be given to him by all the prayers and austerities of the saints, all the labours and fatigues of the apostles, all the torments of the martyrs, and all the adorations of the seraphim, and of the Mother of God. My soul, God desires to receive this honour at thy hands this morning.

It is also just that God should receive thanks for the immense benefits which in his goodness he has bestowed upon us. But how can we, miserable creatures, make him a

return of thanks? If the Lord had but only once given us a single token of his affection, he would have deserved for it an infinite acknowledgment, as being a favour, a gift from an infinite God. But, behold he has provided us with the means by which we may discharge our obligations to him, and make him a suitable return of thanksgiving. By what means? By offering to him Jesus Christ in the Mass; for by this will God be fully requited and satisfied.

This great victim which is offered to him is his only Son, in whom he is always well pleased. It is the Sacrifice of the life of a God, who, in the Consecration and Communion is, by a mystical death, sacrificed to him. Thus did David return thanks to God for all his favours: Quid retribuam Domino pro omnibus quæ retribuit mihi ? Calicem salutaris accipiam. Ps. cxv. 12. And thus did Jesus himself give thanks to his heavenly Father for the benefits bestowed on all mankind: Et accepto calice gratias egit et dixit : Accipite et dividete inter vos. Luc. xxii. 17.

AFFECTIONS. O my Creator and my God, how couldst thou ever choose me to honour thee by the Sacrifice of thy Son-me who have hitherto so often dishonoured thee by the offences

which I have committed against thee? In lieu of punishing me in hell, thou hast honoured me with the Priesthood, and made me a minister of thy glory.

Since then thou deignest and art pleased to receive this great Sacrifice at my hands, I unite my poor heart with the heart of Jesus Christ, and in his name I offer him to thee in acknowledgment of thy supreme dominion. I desire to see thy infinite majesty adored and loved by all mankind. May the honour which I this morning offer thee by the sacri. fice of thy Son, make amends for all the dishonour which men have offered thee, and still offer thee by their sins.

I intend also by this Mass to return thee thanks for all the benefits bestowed upon the whole world; and especially upon me, a miserable sinner, who, by my ingratitude, have deserved to be abandoned by thee. I have added to my sins, and thou hast increased the number of thy favours upon me. I thank thee, O infinite goodness; rather will I say, may Jesus Christ thank thee for


Alas, O Lord, through the merits of Jesus Christ, enlighten me this morning, inflame me with thy love, and detach me from the earth; suffer me not any longer to withstand the many allurements of thy love. I love

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