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THE twelfth number of this work, which completes the second volume, is this day offered to the publick.

The editors beg permission to present their thanks for the patronage which they have received. They have endeavoured to merit it by using all the means which occurred to them for gratifying the various tastes of their readers. The increasing list of subscribers, while it shows that their exertions have not been wholly unsuccessful, will incite them to new labours.

The first number of the third volume will be published on the first of January 1810, on a new type, cast expressly for the work.

Subscribers and agents will please, as heretofore, to address their orders upon any point relative to the pecuniary concerns of the establishment, to the publishers, Messrs. Hopkins and Earle, who have renewed their engagement to manage the sale of the work for the proprietors.

Philad. Dec. 1, 1809.

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