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Printed for R. and J. DO DSLEY; in Pall-Mall.

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HE Editor having, for above Thirty

Years, amufed himself, at different Times, by tranflating now and then an Ode of Horace, as it happened to ftrike his Fancy, at last entertained the Thought of completing the Four Books of Odes, and the Secular Ode, partly from his own Tranflations, and partly from adopting fuch Verfions and Imitations, as he defpaired to equal. But he would scarce have had Spirits to accomplish this Scheme, imperfect as it is, if a young Gentleman of Cambridge had not offered his Affiftance; which was accepted. To him he gladly refigned many Odes.

That the Work may not fwell to an unreafonable Bulk, no more than one Tranílation and one Imitation

A 3

Imitation of the fame Ode are admitted. By this Rule we are obliged to exclude many excellent Pieces.

Thofe Odes which have never been printed are marked with an Afterifk *.

It seemed neceffary to add Notes to explain the ancient Hiftories and Customs, to which Horace fo frequently alludes, that without fome Knowledge of these, he can scarce be understood but by Scholars. For the Notes the Reader is indebted chiefly to Dacier and Sanadon. Most of these were written many Years before Mr. Francis's Tranflation of our Author appeared: As they were drawn from the fame Source, it will not be thought strange, if the fame Things fhould fometimes occur in both. However, Care has been taken to avoid this as much as poffible: And feveral Paffages have been struck


In the new Tranflations we have attempted to trace the Original as clofely as was consistent with the Genius and Elegance of the English Tongue.


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