The history of the French revolution, tr. with notes by F. Shoberl

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Strona 506 - I had ordered him not to sail or to engage the English, — determined to destroy himself, and accordingly took his plates of the heart and compared them with his breast. Exactly in the centre of the plate he made a mark with a large pin, then fixed the pin as near as he could judge in the same spot in his own breast, shoved it in to the head, penetrated his heart, and expired. When the room was opened, he was found dead ; the pin in his breast and a mark in the plate corresponding with the wound...
Strona 347 - ... officer, though a very brave man, as Bonaparte himself assured us, felt a presentiment of his approaching death. He turned pale and trembled. He •was stationed beside the general, and during an interval when the firing from the town was very strong, Bonaparte called out to him, " Take care, there is a bomb-shell coming !" The officer, instead of moving to one side, stooped down, and was literally severed in two.
Strona 13 - Carnot invented new tactics, and showed how to fight and conquer with them. While he was engaged in making the giant-plans for the five armies, he wrote a mathematical work of the highest character, and composed at the same time some very agreeable little poems. He was a mighty genius indeed !
Strona 460 - What a strange being is man ! and how mysterious are his impressions ! I had, without emotion, ordered battles which were to decide the fate of the army ; I had beheld, with tearless eyes, the execution of those operations...
Strona 261 - I saw him presented to Madame de Stael at Mackintosh's ; — It was the grand confluence between the Rhone and the Saone, and and they were both so d — d ugly, that I could not help wondering how the best Intellects of France and Ireland could have taken up respectively such residences.
Strona 392 - Soldiers, you have rushed like a torrent from the top of the Apennines ; you have overthrown and scattered all that opposed your march. Piedmont, delivered from Austrian tyranny, indulges her natural sentiments of peace and friendship towards France.
Strona 98 - General Vandamme : When made prisoner by the Russians, he was brought before the Emperor Alexander, who reproached him in bitter terms with being a robber, a plunderer, and a murderer ; adding that no favour could be granted to such an execrable character. This was followed by an order that hs should be sent to Siberia, while the other prisoners were sent to a much less northern destination.
Strona 488 - Tears, and groans of sorrow and shame, answered this harangue — the rules of discipline could not stifle their sense of mortification, and several of the grenadiers, who had deserved and wore marks of distinction, called out from the ranks — " General, we have been misrepresented — Place us in the advance, and you may then judge whether we do not belong to the Army of Italy.
Strona 393 - Soldiers, you have done much ; but much still remains for you to do. Shall it be said of us that we knew how to conquer, but not how to profit by victory? Shall posterity reproach us with having found a Capua in Lombardy ? Nay, fellow-soldiers ! I see you already eager to cry, " To arms ! " Inaction fatigues you ; and days lost to glory are to you days lost to happiness.
Strona 393 - Lombardy. The Dukes of Parma and Modena owe their political existence to your generosity alone. The army which so proudly...

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