The Works Of Horace

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Double9 Books Llp, 2023 - 172
"The Works of Horace" is a collection of translations and commentary on the works of the ancient Roman poet Horace, written by Christopher Smart, an English poet, and scholar. The book includes translations of Horace's odes, epistles, and satires, as well as commentary on the context and meaning of the original Latin texts. Smart's translations are known for their fidelity to the original text and for their use of poetic language and imagery that captures the spirit of Horace's poetry. Smart's commentary provides readers with insight into the historical and cultural context in which Horace was writing, as well as the literary traditions that influenced his work. He also discusses the themes and motifs that recur throughout Horace's poetry, such as the importance of friendship, the pleasures of country life, and the fleeting nature of youth and beauty. "The Works of Horace" is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the poetry and culture of ancient Rome, as well as for those interested in the history of translation and the development of English poetry.

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