An Historical, Political, and Statistical Account of Ceylon and Its Dependencies, Tom 1

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T. and W. Boone, 1849 - 887

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Strona 249 - Her chest should be capacious; her breasts, firm and conical, like the yellow cocoa-nut, and her waist small—almost small enough to be clasped by the hand. Her hips should be wide; her limbs tapering; the soles of her feet, without any hollow, and the surface of her body in general soft, delicate, smooth, and rounded, without the asperities of projecting bones and sinews.
Strona 412 - When he is ready to ascend, he gives a jerk to the rope, and the munduc, who holds the other end of it, hauls it up as speedily as possible. The diver, at the same time, free of every incumbrance, warps up by the rope, and always gets above water a considerable time before the basket.
Strona 187 - British nation, which has cut off the most ancient and noble families in his kingdom, deluged the land with the blood of his subjects, and, by the violation of every religious and moral law, become an object of abhorrence to mankind.
Strona 363 - ... of making. In bringing water to his fields and insuring them a constant supply, the judgment and skill of the cultivator are most exercised. Sometimes it is conducted two or three miles along the side of a hill, and occasionally it is even carried from one side of a mountain to another by means of wooden pipes.
Strona 412 - The rope passes through a hole in the top of the stone, above which a strong loop is formed resembling a stirrup-iron, to receive the foot of the diver. The diver wears no clothes, except a slip of calico about his loins; swimming in the water, he takes hold of the rope, and puts one foot into the loop or stirrup on the top of the stone. He remains in this perpendicular position for a little time, supporting himself by the motion of one arm.
Strona 216 - Laws. but the Will of the King, and whatsoever proceeds out of his mouth is an immutable Law. Nevertheless they have certain antient usages and Customes that do prevail and are observed as Laws ; and Pleading them in their Courts and before their Governors will go a great way.
Strona 186 - By one blow of a sword, the head of this noble child was severed from his body; streaming with blood and hardly inanimate, it was thrown into a rice mortar; the pestle was put into the mother's hands, and she was ordered to pound it, or be disgracefully tortured. To avoid the disgrace, the wretched woman did lift up the pestle and let it fall.
Strona 293 - Boodhists, the followers of this system, do not believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, self-existent and eternal, the creator and preserver of the universe: indeed, it is doubtful if they believe in the existence and operation of any cause besides fate and necessity, to which...
Strona 249 - Her hair should be voluminous, like the tail of the peacock,; long, reaching to the knees, and terminating in graceful curls; her eyebrows should resemble the rainbow; her eyes, the blue sapphire and the petals of the blue manillaflower. Her nose should be like the bill of the hawk; her lips should be bright and red, like coral on the young leaf of the iron-tree. Her teeth should be small, regular, and closely set, and like jessamine buds.
Strona 205 - ... and of an unwholesome climate, producing disease. The sufferings of the natives were of a more severe kind and complicated nature.

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