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spirit of the vows and promises which were made in our names at our baptism, and thus evidence our new birth, by walking before God in newness of life.

In a spirit of Christian love, the Author of these Meditations has dwelt on the evil of self-deception; on our proneness to confound the sacramental sign with the thing signified; on the danger of our professing to know God, while in works we deny him; and, of resting in the form of godliness, while we deny the power thereof. Surely these subjects cannot be too frequently, nor too earnestly, enforced. If we diligently study our Bible, that only rule of faith and practice, we shall be preserved from those abounding errors which darken and pervert the truth. "The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple."*

May the Saviour, who is love, impart his blessing to these Meditations on his Grace and Power, that he who writes, and they who read, may finally rejoice together in his kingdom of glory.

*Psa. cxix. 130.

Leeds, Jan. 1841.

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