M'Culloch's Universal Gazetteer: A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World, Tom 1

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Harper and Brothers, 1843

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Strona 25 - To sum up their character in a few words," concludes the same judicious author, " their vices are, revenge, envy, avarice, rapacity, and obstinacy ; on the other hand, they are fond of liberty, faithful to their friends, kind to their dependants, hospitable, brave, hardy, frugal, laborious, and prudent; and they are less disposed than the nations in their neighbourhood to falsehood, intrigue, and deceit.
Strona 105 - ... accustomed to pass them is admirable. They are sensible of the caution requisite in the descent. On coming to the top of an eminence, they stop ; and having placed their fore feet close together, as if in a posture of stopping themselves, they also put their hind feet together, but a little forwards, as if going to lie down.
Strona 205 - S. lat. and the equator, from the 130th to the 150th meridian. Within these limits are Included the mass of Australian land, generally called New Holland (a term now rapidly and justly falling into disuse), and the islands of New Zealand, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Queen Charlotte's Islands, Solomon's archipelago, New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover, Admiralty isles, and Papua or New Guinea. The continent* of Australia lies between 10° ЗУ and 390 11' S. lat., and extends from 113° 5' to 153°...
Strona 25 - In this, as well as in their regard for hospitality, their customs much resemble those of the Desert Arabs. The pastoral tribes in the west are more addicted to robbery and theft than the agricultural ones ; but, in general, a previous understanding with the chiefs, confirmed by...
Strona 55 - Immediately previous to the discovery of the route to India by the Cape of Good Hope, we find that the price of pepper in the markets of Europe had fallen to 6s.
Strona 110 - The temple and the village were deeply bosomed in a thick grove of laurels and cypresses, which reached as far as a circumference of ten miles, and formed in the most sultry summers a cool and impenetrable shade. A thousand streams of the purest water, issuing from every hill, preserved the verdure of the earth and the temperature of the air...
Strona 36 - in whose prevalent conformation the negro type is discernible in an exaggerated degree, are uniformly in the lowest stage of human society ; they are either ferocious savages, or stupid, sensual, and indolent Such are the...
Strona 232 - ... range and high excellence of the productions of the German authors in the fields of literature and science, render this language peculiarly adapted to be the medium for the diffusion of knowledge ; and this circumstance lends a moral ascendency to the Germans, whose numerical weight is not great in comparison with the other nations of the empire, which they will long continue to hold, if they do not lose sight of the foundations on which it is based. The Magyars, or inhabitants of the Hungarian...
Strona 215 - The forehead rises higher, and the hindhead is not so much cut off. The nose projects more from the face. The upper lip is longer and more prominent. The lower lip projects forward from the lower jaw to such an extent that the chin forms no part of the face, the lower part of which is formed by the mouth. The buttocks...
Strona 81 - It is naturally fitted, by its thick covering of hair, for a cold climate, and is more active and in better health in this country in winter than in •ummer.

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