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The twelve
ST. MARK, 3.

apostles chosen. thine hand. And he stretched Jāmes; and he surnamed them it out: and his hand was re- Bö-ăn-ěr'-ġēs, which is, The stored whole as the other. sons of thụnder:

6 And the Phăr'-1-sées went 18 And An’-drew, and Phyl'forth, and straightway took ip, and _Bär-thol-'0-mew, and counsel with the Hě-ro’-dr-áns Mătth'-ew, and Thom'-ěs, and against him, how they might Jāmes the son of Al-phê'-ús, destroy him.

and Thăd-dæ -ŭs, and Si'-mon 7 But Jē'-sús withdrew him- the Cā'-nă-on-īte, self with his disciples to the 19 And Jû’-dås İs-căr'-1-ot, sea : and a great multitude which also betrayed him: and from Găl'-1-léè followed him, they went into an house. and from Jû-dõ'-ă,

20 And the multitude com8 And from Jē-rú’-să-lēm, and eth together again, so that they from I-dū-mă-ă, and from be- could not so much as eat bread. yond Jôr'-đăn; and they about 21 And when his friends heard Tyre and Si’-don, a great mul- of it, they went out to lay hold titude, when they had heard on him : for they said, He is what great things he did, came beside himself. unto him.

22 | And the scribes which 9 And he spake to his dis- came down from Jě-rû'-să-lēm ciples, that a small ship should said, He hath Bē-ěl'-zě-būb, wait on him because of the inul- and by the prince of the devils titude, lest they should throng casteth he out devils. him.

23 And he called them unto 10 For he had healed many; him, and said unto them in insomuch that they pressed up- parables, How can Sā'-tăn cast on him for to touch him, as out Sā'-tăn? many as had plagues.

24 And if a kingdom be divided 11 And unclean spirits, when against itself, that kingdom they saw him, fell down before cannot stand. him, and cried, saying, Thou 25 And if a house be divided art the Son of God.

against itself, that house can12 And he straitly charged not stand. them that they should not 26 And if Sā'-tăn rise up amake him known.

gainst himself, and be divided, 13 And he goeth up into a he cannot stand, but hath an mountain, and calleth unto him end. whom he would: and they came 27 No man can enter into a unto him.

strong man's house, and spoil 14 And he ordained twelve, his goods, except he will first that they should be with him, bind the strong man; and then and that he might send them he will spoil his house. forth to preach,

28 Verily I say unto you, All 15 And to have power to heal sins shall be forgiven unto the sicknesses, and to cast out de- sons of men, and blasphemies

wherewith soever they shall 16 And Si'-mon he surnamed blaspheme: Pē'-těr;

29 But he that shall blas17 And Jämes the son of Zěb'- pheme against the Holy Ghost ě-dée, and John the brother of hath never forgiveness, but is

vils :

The parable
ST. MARK, 4.

of the sower. in danger of eternal damna- 7 And some fell among thorns, tion :

and the thorns grew up, and 30 Because they said, He hath choked it, and it yielded no an unclean spirit.

fruit. 31 T There came then his 8 And other fell on good brethren and his mother, and, ground, and did yield fruit that standing, without, sent untó sprang up and increased ; and him, calling him.

brought forth, some thirty, and 32 And the multitude sat some sixty, and some an hunabout him, and they said unto dred. him, Behold, thy mother and 9 And he said unto them, He thy brethren without seek for that hath ears to hear, let him thee.

hear. 33 And he answered them, 10 And when he was alone, saying, Who is my mother, or they that were about him with my brethren?

the twelve asked of him the 34 And he looked round about parable. on them which sat about him, 11 And he said unto them, and said, Behold my mother Unto you it is given to know and my brethren !

the mystery of the kingdom of 35 For whosoever shall do God: but unto them that are the will of God, thě same is my without, all these things are brother, and my sister, and done in parables ; mother.

12 That seeing they may see,

and not perceive; and hearing CHAPTER 4.

they may hear, and not underND he began again to teach stand; lest at any time they was gathered unto him a great sins should be forgiven them. multitude, so that he entered 13 And he said unto them, into a ship, and sat in the sea; Know ye not this parable ? and the whole multitude was and how then will ye know all by the sea on the land.

parables ? 2 And he taught them many 14 T The sower soweth the things by parables, and said word. unto them in his doctrine, 15 And these are they by the

3 Hearken; Behold, there way side, where the word is went out a sower to sow : sown; but when they have

4 And it came to pass, as he heard, Sā'-tăn cometh immesowed, some fell by the way diately, and taketh away the side, and the fowls of the air word that was sown in their came and devoured it up. hearts.

5 And some fell on stony 16 And these are they likeground, where it had not wise which are sown on stony much earth; and immediately ground; who, when they have it sprang up, because it had no heard the word, immediately depth of earth :

receive it with gladness; 6 But when the sun was up, 17 And have no root in themit was scorched ; and because selves, and so endure but for it had no root, it withered a- a time : afterward, when afflicway.

tion or persecution ariseth for

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Parable of the ST. MARK, 4. mustard seed, dc. the word's sake, immediately putteth in the sickle, because they are offended.

the harvest is come. 18 And these are they which 30 | And he said, Whereunto are sown among thorns; such shall we liken the kingdom of as hear the word,

God? or with what comparison 19 And the cares of this world, shall we compare it? and the deceitfulness of riches, 31 It is like a grain of musand the lusts of other things tard seed, which, when it is entering in, choke the word, sown in the earth, is less than and it becometh unfruitful. all the seeds that be in the

20 And these are they which earth: are sown on good ground; such 32 But when it is sown, it as hear the word, and receive groweth up, and becometh it, and bring forth fruit, some greater than all herbs, and thirtyfold, some sixty, and some shooteth out great branches ; an hundred.

so that the fowls of the air 21 [ And he said unto them, may lodge under the shadow Is a candle brought to be put of it. under a bushel, or under a 33 And with many such parabed ? and not to be set on a bles spake he the word unto candlestick ?

them, as they were able to 22 For there is nothing hid, hear it. which shall not be manifested; 34 But without a parable

either was any thing kept se- spake he not unto them : and cret, but that it should come when they were alone, he exabroad.

pounded all things to his dis23 If any man have ears to ciples. hear, let him hear.

35 And the same day, when 24 And he said unto them, the even was come, he saith Take heed what ye hear: with unto them, Let us pass over what measure ye mete, it shall unto the other side. be measured to you: and unto 36 And when they had sent you that hear shall more be away the multitude, they took given.

him even as he was in the ship. 25 For he that hath, to him And there were also with him shall be given: and he that other little ships. hath not, from him shall be 37 And there arose a great taken even that which he hath. storm of wind, and the waves

26 T And he said, Soisthe king- beat into the ship, so that it dom of God, as if a man should was now full. cast seed into the ground; 38 And he was in the hinder

27 And should sleep, and rise part of the ship, asleep, on a pil, night and day, and the seed low: and they awake him, and should spring and grow up, he say unto him, Master, .carest knoweth not how.

thou not that we perish? 28For the earth bringeth forth 39 And he arose, and rebuked fruit of herself ; first the blade, the wind, and said unto the then the ear, after that the full sea, Peace, be still. And the corn in the ear.

wind ceased, and there was a 29 But when the fruit is great calm. brought forth, immediately he 40 And he said unto them,

Christ casteth out St. MARK, 5. the legion of devils. Why are ye so fearful ? how is unto the mountains a great it that ye have no faith? herd of swine feeding.

41 And they feared exceed- 12 And all the devils besought ingly, and said one to another, him, saying, Send us into the What manner of man is this, swine, that we may enter into that even the wind and the them. sea obey him?

13 And forthwith Jē'-sús gave

them leave. And the unclean CHAPTER 5.

spirits went out, and entered

into the swine : and the herd ND they came over unto the ran violently down a steep the country of the Găd-a-rēnes. about two thousand ;) and were

2 And when he was come out choked in the sea. of the ship, immediately there 14 And they that fed the swine met him out of the tombs a fled, and told it in the city, and man with an unclean spirit, in the country. And they went

3 Who had his dwelling among out to see what it was that was the tombs; and no man could done. bind him, no, not with chains : 15 And they come to Jē'-sús,

4 Because that he had been and see him that was possessed often bound with fetters and with the devil, and had the lechains, and the chains had been gion, sitting, and clothed, and plucked asunder by him, and in his right mind : and they the fetters broken in pieces : were afraid. neither could any man tame 16 And they that saw it told him.

them how it befell to him that 5 And always, night and day, was possessed with the devil, and he was in the mountains, and also concerning the swine. in the tombs, crying, and cut- 17 And they began to pray ting himself with stones. him to depart out of their

6 But when he saw Jē-sús coasts. afar off, he ran and worshipped 18 And when he was come him,

into the ship, he that had 7 And cried with a loud voice, been possessed with the devil and said, What have I to do prayed him that he might be with thee, Jē'-sūs, thou Son of with him. the most high God? I adjure 19 Howbeit Jē'-sūs suffered thee by God, that thou torment him not, but saith unto him, me not.

Go home to thy friends, and 8 For he said unto him, Come tell them how great things the out of the man, thou unclean Lord hath done for thee, and spirit.

hath had compassion on thee. 9 And he asked him, What 20 And he departed, and began is thy name? And he answered, to publish in Dě-căp'-D-11s how saying, My name is Legion : for great things Jē'-sús had done we are many.

for him: and all men did mar10 And he besought him much vel. that he would not send them 21 And when Jē'-štis was away out of the country. passed over again by ship unto Il Now there was there nigh the other side, much people


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Jairus' daughter ST. MARK, 5. restored to life. gathered unto him: and he 34 And he said unto her, was nigh unto the sea. Daughter, thy faith hath made

22 And, behold, there cometh thee whole; go in peace, and one of the rulers of the syna- be whole of thy plague. gogue, Jā-1'-rús by name ; and 35 While he yet spake, there when he saw him, he fell at came from the ruler of the his feet,

synagogue's house certain which 23 And besought him greatly, said, Thy daughter is dead : saying, My little daughter lieth why troublest thou the Master at the point of death : I pray any further? thee, come and lay thy hands 36 As soon as Jē'-sús heard on her, that she may be healed; the word that was spoken, he and she shall live.

saith unto the ruler of the syna24 And '-šīs went with him; gogue, Be not afraid, only beand much people followed him, lieve. and thronged him.

37 And he suffered no man to 25 And a certain woman, which follow him, save Pē'-těr, and had an issue of blood twelve Jāmes, and John the brother years,

of Jāmes. 26 And had suffered many 38 And he cometh to the things of many physicians, and house of the ruler of the synahad spent all that she had, gogue, and seeth the tumult, and was nothing bettered, but and them that wept and wailed rather grew worse,

greatly. 27 When she had heard of 39 And when he was come in, Jē'-šūs, came in the press be- he saith unto them, Why make hind, and touched his garment. ye this ado, and weep? the

28 For she said, If I may damsel is not dead, but sleeptouch but his clothes, I shall eth. be whole.

40 And they laughed him to 29 And straightway the foun- scorn. But when he had put tain of her blood was dried up; them all out, he taketh the and she felt in her body that father and the mother of the she was healed of that plague. damsel, and them that were

30 And Jē'-šūs, immediately with him, and entereth in where knowing in himself that virtue the damsel was lying. had gone out of him, turned 41 And he took the

damsel by him about in the press, and the hand, and said unto her, said, Who touched my clothes ? Tăl'-1-thă cū'-mī; which is,

31 And his disciples said unto being interpreted, Damsel Í him, Thou seest the multitude say unto thee, arise. thronging thee, and sayest thou, 42 And straightway the damsel Who touched me ?

arose, and walked; for she was 32 And he looked round about of the age of twelve years. And to see her that had done this they were astonished with a thing.

great astonishment. 33 But the woman fearing and 43 And he charged them trembling, knowing what was straitly that no man should done in her, came and fell down know it; and commanded that before him, and told him all something should be given her the truth.

to eat.

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