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Christ's agony



St. MATTHEW, 26. in the garden. 18 And he said, Go into the when I drink it new with you city to such a man, and say in my Father's kingdom. unto him, The Master saith, 30 And when they had sung My time is at hand; I will an hymn, they went out into keep the passover at thy house the mount of Olives. with my disciples.

31 Then saith Jē'-šūs unto 19 And the disciples did as them, All ye shall be offended Jē'-sús had appointed them ; because of me this night: for and they made ready the pass- it is written, I will smite the

shepherd, and the sheep of the 20 Now when the even was flock shall be scattered abroad. come, he sat down with the 32 But after I am risen again, twelve.

I will go before you into Găl'-121 And as they did eat, he lée. said, Verily I say unto you, 33 Pē'-těr answered and said that one of you shall betray unto him, Though all men shall

be offended because of thee, yet 22 And they were exceeding will I never be offended. sorrowful, and began every one 34 Jē'-šūs said unto him, Veof them to say unto him, Lord, rily I say unto thee, That this is it I ?

night, before the cock crow, 23 And he answered and said, thou shalt deny me thrice. He that dippeth his hand with 35 Pē'-těr said unto him, me in the dish, the same shall hough I should die with thee, betray me.

yet will I not deny thee. Like24 The Son of man goeth as wise also said all the disciples. it is written of him : but woe 36 | Then cometh Jē'-sús unto that man by whom the with them unto a place called Son of man is betrayed ! it Gěth-sěm'-ă-nē, and saith unto had been good for that man the disciples, Sit ye here, while if he had not been born.


pray yonder. 25 Then Jû-dås, which betray- 37 And he took with him Pē'ed him, answered and said, Mas- těr and the two sons of Zěb'-ěter, is it I? He said unto him, déè, and began to be sorrowful Thou hast said.

and very heavy. 26 | And as they were eating, 38 Then saith he unto them, Jē'-šūs took bread, and blessed My soul is exceeding sorrowit, and brake it, and gave it to ful, even unto death : tarry ye the disciples, and said, Take, here, and watch with me. eat; this is my body.

39 And he went a little far27 And he took the cup, and ther, and fell on his face, and gave thanks, and gave it to prayed, saying, O my Father, them, saying, Drink ye all of if it be possible, let this cup

pass from me: nevertheless 28 For this is my blood of not as I will, but as thou wilt. the new testament, which is 40 And he cometh unto the shed for many for the remis- disciples, and findeth them asion of sins.

sleep, and saith unto Pē'-těr, 29 But I say unto you, I will What, could ye not watch with not drink henceforth of this me one hour? fruit of the vine, until that day 41 Watch and pray, that ye

I go


Christ is betrayed, Sr. MATTHEW, 26. and falsely accused. enter not into temptation: the Put up again thy sword into spirit indeed is willing, but the his place: for all they that take flesh is weak.

the sword shall perish with the 42 He went away again the sword. second time, and prayed, say- 53 Thinkest thou that I caning, O my Father, if this cup not now pray to my Father, may not pass away from me, and he shall presently give me except I drink it, thy will be more than twelve legions of done.

angels ? 43 And he came and found 54 But how then shall the them asleep again : for their scriptures be fulfilled, that thus eyes were heavy.

it must be ? 44 And he left them, and 55 In that same hour said went away again, and prayed Jē’-šūs to the multitudes, Are the third time, saying the same ye come out as against a thief words.

with swords and staves for to 45 Then cometh he to his dis- take me ? I sat daily with you ciples, and saith unto them, teaching in the temple, and ye Sleep on now, and take your laid no hold on me. rest: behold, the hour is at 56 But all this was done, that hand, and the Son of man is the scriptures of the prophets betrayed into the hands of might be fulfilled. Then all the sinners.

disciples forsook him, and fled. 46 Rise, let us be going : be- 57 T And they that had laid hold, he is at hand that doth hold on Jē'-sús led him away betray me,

to Cái -a-phas the high priest, 47 1 And while he yet spake, where the scribes and the ello, Jû’-dăs, one of the twelve, ders were assembled. came, and with him a great 58 But Pē'-těr followed him multitude with swords and afar off unto the high priest's staves, from the chief priests palace, and went in, and sat and elders of the people. with the servants, to see the .48 Now he that betrayed him end. gave them a sign, saying, Whom- 59 Now the chief priests, and soever I shall kiss, that same elders, and all the council, sought is he: hold him fast.

false witness against Jē'-šūs, to 49 And forthwith he came to put hi to death; Jē'-sús, and said, Hail, master; 60 But found none : yea, and kissed him.

though many false witnesses 50 And Jē'-šūs said unto him, came, yet found they none. At Friend, wherefore art thou the last came two false witcome? Then came they, and nesses, laid hands on Jē'-šūs, and took 61 And said, This fellow said, him.

I am able to destroy the tem51 And, behold, one of them ple of God, and to build it in which were with Jē'-sús stretch-three days. ed out his hand, and drew his 62 And the high priest arose; sword, and struck a servant of and said unto him, Answerest the high priest's, and smote off thou nothing? what is it which his ear.

these witness against thee? 52 Then said Jē'-sús unto him, 63 But Jē'-šūs held his peace.

Peter thrice ST. MATTHEW, 27. denieth Christ. And the high priest answered | and to swear, saying, I know and said unto him, I adjure not the man. And immediately thee by the living God, that the cock crew. thou tell us whether thou be 75 And Pē’-těr remembered the Chrīst, the Son of God. the word of Jē'-šūs, which said

64 Jē'-sús saith unto him, unto him, Before the cock crow, Thou hast said : nevertheless thou shalt deny me thrice. And I say unto you, Hereafter shall he went out, and wept bitterly. ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power,

CHAPTER 27. and coming in the clouds of W come, an the chief priests heaven.

65 Then the high priest rent and elders of the people took his clothes, saying, He hath counsel against Jē’-šūs to put spoken blasphemy; what fur- him to death: ther need have we of witnesses ? 2 And when they had bound behold, now ye have heard his him, they led him away, and blasphemy.

delivered him to Põn'-fiús Pi'. 66 What think ye? They an- lăte the governor. swered and said, He is guilty 3 | Then Jù'-dăs, which had of death.

betrayed him, when he saw 67 Then did they spit in his that he was condemned, reface, and buffeted him; and pented himself, and brought others smote him with the again the thirty pieces of silpalms of their hands,

ver to the chief priests and 68 Saying, Prophesy unto us, elders, thou Chrīst, Who is he that 4 Saying, I have sinned in smote thee?

that I have betrayed the in69 I Now Pē'-těr sat without nocent blood. And they said, in the palace: and a damsel What is that to us? see thou came unto him, saying, Thou to that. also wast with Jē'-šūs of Găl'- 5 And he cast down the pieces 1-lée.

of silver in the temple, and 70 But he denied before them departed, and went and hanged all, saying, I know not what himself. thou sayest.

6 And the chief priests took 71 And when he was gone out the silver pieces, and said, It is into the porch, another maid not lawful for to put them into saw him, and said unto them the treasury, because it is the that were there, This fellow price of blood. was also with Jé'-sús of Năz'- 7 And they took counsel, and à-rěth.

bought with them the potter's 72 And again he denied with field, to bury strangers in. an oath, I do not know the 8 Wherefore that field was

called, The field of blood, unto 73 And after a while came this day. unto him they that stood by, 9 Then was fulfilled that which and said to Pē’-těr, Surely thou was spoken by Jěr'-ě-mỹ the also art one of them ; for thy prophet, saying, And they took speech bewrayeth thee. the thirty pieces of silver, the 74 Then began he to curse price of him that was valued,





St. MATTHEW, 27. is released. whom they of the children of 22 Pi'-lăte saith unto them, İs'-rā-ěl did value;

What shall I do then with Jē10 And gave them_for the sŭs which is called Christ? They potter's field, as the Lord ap- all say unto him, Let him be pointed me.

crucified. 11 And Jē'-sús stood before 23 And the governor said, the governor: and the gover- Why, what evil hath he done? nor asked him, saying, Art But they cried out the more, thou the King of the Jews? saying, Let him be crucified. And Jē'-sús said unto him, 24 When Pi'-lăte saw that Thou sayest.

he could prevail nothing, but 12 And when he was accused that rather a tumult was made, of the chief priests and elders, he took water, and washed his he answered nothing;

hands before the multitude, say, 13 Then said Pī -lăte unto ing, I am innocent of the blood him, Hearest thou not how of this just person: see ye to many things they witness a- it. gainst thee?

25 Then answered all the peo14 And he answered him to ple, and said, His blood be on never a word ; insomuch that us, and on our children. the governor marvelled greatly. 26 | Then released he Bärăb'15 Now at that feast the go- bəs unto them:and when he had

was wont to release scourged Jē'-sús, he delivered unto the people a prisoner, him to be crucified. whom they would.

27 Then the soldiers of the 16 And they had then a governor took Jē'-sús into the notable prisoner, called Bär-common hall, and gathered ăb'-băs.

unto him the whole band of 17 Therefore when they were soldiers. gathered together, Pi'-lăte said 28 And they stripped him, and unto them, Whom will ye that put on him a scarlet robe. I release unto you? Bär-ăb-băs, 29 TAnd when they had plator Jē'-sús which is called ted a crown of thorns, they put Christ?

it upon his head, and a reed in 18 For he knew that for envy his right hand : and they bowed they had delivered him. the knee before him, and mock

19 T When he was set down ed him, saying, Hail, King of on the judgment seat, his wife the Jews! sent unto him, saying, Have 30 And they spit upon him, thou nothing to do with that and took the reed, and smote just man: for I have suffered him on the head. many things this day in a dream 31 And after that they had because of him.

mocked him, they took the robe 20 But the chief priests and off from him, and put his own elders persuaded the multitude raiment ,on him, and led him that they should ask Bär-ăb'- away to crucify him. băs, and destroy Jē'-šūs. 32 And as they came out, they

21 The governor answered and found a man of Çỹ-rē’-né, Si'said unto them, Whether of the mon by name : him they comtwain will ye that I release unto pelled to bear his cross. you? They said, Bär-åb'-bås. 1 33 And when they were come




Christ is

St. MATTHEW, 27. crucified. unto a place called Gòl'-go-thă, | Jē'-šūs cried with a loud voice, that is to say, a place of a saying, Ē'-lī

, Ē'-li

, lä'-mä să

băch-thă-nī? that is to say, My 34 T They gave him vinegar to God, my God, why hast thou drink mingled with gall : and forsaken me? when he had tasted thereof, he 47 Some of them that stood would not drink.

there, when they heard that, 35 And they crucified him, said, This man calleth for Eand parted his garments, cast- 11'-as. ing lots : that it might be ful- 48 And straightway one of filled which was spoken by the them ran, and took a spunge, prophet, They parted my gar- and filled it with vinegar, and ments among them, and upon put it on a reed, and gave him my vesture did they cast lots. to drink.

36 And sitting down they 49 The rest said, Let be, let watched him there ;

us see whether Ē-li'-:s will come 37 And set up over his head to save him. his accusation written, THIS 50 | Jē'-šūs, when he had IS JĒ-SÚS THE KING OF cried again with a loud voice, THE JEWS.

yielded up the ghost. 38 Then were there two thieves 51 And, behold, the veil of the crucified with him, one on the temple was rent in twain from right hand, and another on the the top to the bottom; and the left.

earth did quake, and the rocks 39 | And they that passed rent; by reviled him, wagging their 52 And the graves were openheads,

ed; and many bodies of the 40 And saying, Thou that de- saints which slept arose, stroyest the temple, and build- 53 And came out of the graves est it in three days, save thyself. after his resurrection, and went If thou be the Son of God, come into the holy city, and appeared down from the cross.

unto many 41 Likewise also the chief 54 Now when the centurion, priests mocking him, with the and they that were with him, scribes and elders, said, watching Jē'-sús, saw the earth

42 He saved others; himself quake, and those things that he cannot save. If he be the were done, they feared greatly, King of İs’-rā-ěl, let him now saying, Truly this was the Son come down from the cross, and of God. we will believe him.

55 And many women were 43 He trusted in God ; let him there beholding afar off, which deliver him now, if he will have followed Jē'-šūs from Găl'-1-léè, him: for he said, I am the Son ministering unto him: of God.

56 Among which was Mâr'-ý 44 The thieves also, which Măg'-dă-lēne, and Măr'-ý the were crucified with him, cast mother of Jāmes and Jo'-sěs, the same in his teeth.

and the mother of Zěb'-ě-dee's 45 Now from the sixth hour children. there was darkness over all the 57 When the even was come, land unto the ninth hour. there came a rioh man of Ar46 And about the ninth hour | im-ă-thē’-ă, named Jo'-séph,

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