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Pf elders,



widows, fc. hings ; give thyself wholly to have diligently followed every them ; that thy profiting may good work. appear to all.

11 But the younger widows 16 Take heed unto thyself, refuse: for when they have and unto the doctrine; con- begun to wax wanton against tinue in them: for in doing Christ, they will marry; this thou shalt both save thy- 12 Having damnation, because self, and them that hear thee. they have cast off their first

faith. CHAPTER 5.

13 And withal they learn to EBUKE not an elder, but be idle, wandering about from

intreat him as a father; house to house; and not only und the younger men as bre- idle, but tattlers also and busythren;

bodies, speaking things which 2 The elder women as mo- they ought not. thers; the younger as sisters, 14 I will therefore that the with all purity.

younger women marry, bear 3 Honour widows that are children, guide the house, give widows indeed.

none occasion to the adversary 4 But if any widow have chil- to speak reproachfully: dren or nephews, let them learn 15 For some are already turned first to shew piety at home, aside after Sā'-tăn. and to requite their parents: 16 If any man or woman that for that is good and acceptable believeth have widows, let them before God.

relieve them, and let not the 5 Now she that is a widow church be charged ; that it indeed, and desolate, trusteth may relieve them that are in God, and continueth in sup- widows indeed. plications and prayers night 17 Let the elders that rule and day.

well be counted worthy of 6 But she that liveth in double honour, especially they pleasure is dead while she who labour in the word and liveth.

doctrine. 7 And these things give in 18 For the scripture saith, charge, that they may be blame- Thou shalt not muzzle the ox less.

that treadeth out the corn. 8 But if any provide not for And, The labourer is worthy his own, and specially for those of his reward. of his own house, he hath de- 19 Against an elder receive nied the faith, and is worse not an accusation, but before than an infidel.

two or three witnesses. 9 Let not a widow be taken 20 Them that sin rebuke beinto the number under three-fore all, that others also may score years old, having been fear. the wife of one man,

21 I charge thee before God, 10 Well reported of for good and the Lord. Jē'-sús Christ, works ; if she have brought up and the elect angels, that thou children, if she have lodged observe these things without strangers, if she have washed preferring one before another, the saints' feet, if she have doing nothing by partiality. relieved the afflicted, if she 22 Lay hands suddenly on no


The duty of servants. I. TIMOTHY, 6. The gain of godliness. man, neither be partaker of into this world, and it is cerother men's sins: keep thyself tain we can carry nothing out. pure.

8 And having food and raiment 23 Drink no longer water, let us be therewith content. but use a little wine for thy 9 But they that will be rich stomach's sake and thine often fall into temptation and a snare, infirmities.

and into many foolish and hurt24 Some men's sins are open ful lusts, which drown men in beforehand, going before to destruction and perdition. judgment; and some men they 10 For the love of money is follow after.

the root of all evil : which while 25 Likewise also the good some coveted after, they have works of some are manifest erred from the faith, and pierced beforehand; and they that are themselves through with many otherwise cannot be hid.

11 But thou, O man of God, CHAPTER 6.

flee these things; and follow

after righteousness, godliness, L Finder

way of events to the refaith liones patience, molimessa

the yoke count 12 Fight good fight of own masters worthy of all faith, lay hold on eternal life, honour, that the name of God whereunto thou art also called, and his doctrine be not blas- and hast professed a good prophemed.

fession before many witnesses. 2 And they that have believ- 13 I give thee charge in the ing masters, let them not de- sight of God, who quickeneth spise them, because they are all things, and before Chrīst brethren; but rather do them Jē'-sús, who before Pon-tiús service, because they are faith- Pi'-lăte witnessed a good conful and beloved, partakers of fession; the benefit. These things teach 14 That thou keep this comand exhort.

mandment without spot, unre3 If any man teach otherwise, bukeable, until the appearing and consent not to wholesome of our Lord Jē'-sús Christ : words, even the words of our 15 Which in his times he shall Lord Jē'-šūs Chrīst, and to the shew, who is the blessed and doctrine which is according to only Potentate, the King of godliness ;

kings, and Lord of lords; 4 He is proud, knowing no- 16 Who only hath immorthing, but doting about ques- tality, dwelling in the light tions and strifes of words, which no man can approach whereof cometh envy, strife, unto ; whom no man hath seen, railings, evil surmisings, nor can see: to whom be honour

5 Perverse disputings of men and power everlasting. A'-měn. of corrupt minds, and destitute 17 Charge them that are rich of the truth, supposing that in this world, that they be not gain is godliness : from such highminded, nor trust in unwithdraw thyself.

certain riches, but in the living 6 But godliness with content- God, who giveth us richly all ment is great gain.

things to enjoy ; 7 For we brought nothing 18 That they do good, that

The apostle's

II. TIMOTHY, 1. love to Timothy. they be rich in good works, avoiding profane and vain babready to distribute, willing to blings, and oppositions of communicate;

science falsely so called : 19 Laying up in store for 21 Which some professing themselves a good foundation have erred concerning the against the time to come, that fạith. Grace be with thee. they may lay hold on eternal Ä'-měn. life

1 The first to Tim'-8-thỹ was written 20 0 Tìm’-8-th%, keep that from Lā-8d-1-cē' ->, which is the chiefwhich is committed to thy trust, est city of Phròg'-1-ă Pā-cā-ti-ā'-nă.


8 Be not thou therefore aCHAPTER 1.

shamed of the testimony of our AUL, an apostle of Jē'-sús Lord, nor of me his prisoner: according to the promise of afflictions of the gospel accordlife which is in Christ Jē'-sús, ing to the power of God; 2 To TTm-8-thỹ, my dearly be- 9 Who hath saved us, and loved son: Grace, mercy, and called us with an holy calling, peace, from God the Father not according to our works, and Christ Jē-šūs our Lord. but according to his own pur3 I thank God, whom I serve pose and grace, which was given from my forefathers with pure us in Christ Jē'-šūs before the conscience, that without ceas- world began, ing I have remembrance of 10 But is now made manifest thee in my prayers night and by the appearing of our Saviour

Jē-sús Christ, who hath abolish4 Greatly desiring to see thee, ed death, and hath brought life being mindful of thy tears, that and immortality to light through I may be filled with joy; the gospel :

5 When I call to remem- 11 Whereunto I am appointed brance the unfeigned faith that a preacher, and an apostle, and is in thee, which dwelt first in a teacher of the Gěn’-tīles. thy grandmother Lo’-Is, and 12 For the which cause I thy mother Ell-ni-çõ; and I also suffer these things : neveram persuaded that in thee theless I am not ashamed : for also.

I know whom I have believed, 6 Wherefore I put thee in and am persuaded that he is remembrance that thou stir up able to keep that which I have the gift of God, which is in committed unto him against thee by the putting on of my that day, hands.

13 Hold fast the form of 7 For God hath not given sound words, which thou hast us the spirit of fear; but of heard of me, in faith and love power, and of love, and of a which is in Christ Jē'-sús. sound mind.

14 That good thing which was


in us.

very well.

Exhortations II. TIMOTHY, 2. to constancy, fc committed unto thee keep by | was raised from the dead acthe Holy Ghost which dwelleth cording to my gospel :

9 Wherein I suffer trouble, as 15 This thou knoweșt, that an evil doer, even unto bonds; all they which are in A'-sıă be but the word of God is not turned away from me; of whom bound. are Phy-gel-lis and Her-mög- 10 Therefore I endure all things ě-nēs.

for the elect's sakes, that they 16 The Lord give mercy unto may also obtain the salvation the house of O-něs-iph'->-rús ; which is in Chrīst Jē'-šūs with for he oft refreshed me, and eternal glory. was not ashamed of


chain : 11 It is a faithful saying: For 17 But, when he was in Rome, if we be dead with him, we shall he sought me out very diligent- also live with him: ly, and found me.

12 If we suffer, we shall also 18 The Lord grant unto him reign with him: if we deny him, that he may find mercy of the he also will deny us: Lord in that day: and in how 13 If we believe not, yet he many things he ministered unto abideth faithful: he cannot me at Eph’--sús, thou knowest deny himself.

14 Of these things put them

in remembrance, charging them CHAPTER 2.

before the Lord that they strive

not about words to no profit, NHOU therefore, my son, be but to the subverting of the in Christ Jē'-šūs.

15 Study to shew thyself ap2 And the things that thou proved unto God, a workman hast heard of me among many that needeth not to be ashamwitnesses, the same commit thou ed, rightly dividing the word to faithful men, who shall be of truth. able to teach others also.

16 But shun profane and vain 3 Thou therefore endure hard babblings: forthey will increase ness, as a good soldier of Jē-šūs unto more ungodliness. Chrīst.

17 And their word will eat as 4 No man that warreth en- doth a canker: of whom is Hjtangleth himself with the af- mě-nă'-ŭs and Phi-lē'-tůs; fairs of this life; that he may 18 Who concerning the truth please him who hath chosen have erred, saying that the rehim to be a soldier.

surrection is past already; and 5 And if a man also strive for overthrow the faith of some. masteries, yet is he not crown- 19 Nevertheless the foundaed, except he strive lawfully. tion of God standeth sure, hav

6 The husbandman that la- ing this seal, The Lord knoweth boureth must be first partaker them that are his. And, Let of the fruits.

every one that nameth the 7 Consider what I say; and name of Christ depart from the Lord give thee understand- iniquity. ing in all things.

20 But in a great house there 8 Remember that Jē'-šūs are not only vessels of gold and Christ of the seed of Dā’-vid of silver, but also of wood and



Enemies of the II. TIMOTHY, 3. truth described. of earth; and some to honour, which creep into houses, and and some to dishonour.

lead captive silly women laden 21 If a man therefore purge with sins, led away with divers himself from these, he shall be lusts, a vessel unto honour, sanctified, 7 Ever learning, and never and meet for the master's use, able to come to the knowledge and prepared unto every good of the truth. work.

8 Now as Jăn'-nēs and Jăm'22 Flee also youthful lusts : brēs withstood Mõ’-sěs, so do but follow righteousness, faith, these also resist the truth : charity, peace, with them that men of corrupt minds, reprocall on the Lord out of a pure bate concerning the faith. heart.

9 But they shall proceed no 23 But foolish and unlearned further: for their folly shall questions avoid, knowing that be manifest unto all men, as they do gender strifes.

their's also was. 24 And the servant of the 10 But thou hast fully known Lord must not strive; but be my doctrine, manner of life, gentle unto all men, apt to purpose, faith, longsuffering, teach, patient,

charity, patience, 25 Ín meekness instructing 11 Persecutions, afflictions, those that oppose themselves; which came unto me at Ăn'if God peradventure will give ti-och, at I-co’-ni-om, at Lýs'them repentance to the acknow- tră; what persecutions I enledging of the truth ;

dured: but out of them all the 26 And that they may recover Lord delivered me. themselves out of the snare of 12 Yea, and all that will live the devil, who are taken cap- godly in Chrīst Jē'-šūs shall tive by him at his will. suffer persecution.

13 But evil men and seducers CHAPTER 3.

shall wax worse and worse, de

ceiving, and being deceived. THIS know also, that in the 14 But continue thou in the

and hast been assured of, know2 For men shall be lovers ing of whom thou hast learnof their own selves, covetous, ed them; boasters, proud, blasphemers, 15 And that from a child thou disobedient to parents, un- hast known the holy scripthankful, unholy,

tures, which are able to make 3 Without natural affection, thee wise unto salvation through trucebreakers, false accusers, faith which is in Chrīst Jē'incontinent, fierce, despisers sūs. of those that are good,

16 All scripture is given by L 4 Traitors, heady, highmind- inspiration of God, and is promed, lovers of pleasures more fitable for doctrine, for reproof, Love than lovers of God;

for correction, for instruction in 5 Having a form of godliness, righteousness : but denying the power there- 17 That the man of God may of: from such turn away. be perfect, throughly furnished 6 For of this sort are they unto all good works.

shall come.

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