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TAE system of signs used in this book to indicate the pronunciation of certain words, does not profess to be strictly scientific or logical, but it aims at being as simple and practical as it can be made, and is based so far as is possible upon the use of signs which have been, many of them, familiar in America from the days of Webster's Dictionary. The vowel, or vowels, of every separate, syllable are all marked as they are to be pronounced ; and where a consonant, or consonants, are capable of more than one pronunciation, the right mode of pronouncing the consonant is also indicated. It is claimed for this book that it goes further in these directions than any previous book, and that it also indicates the pronunciation of certain words, such as 'leviathan,' 'homer,' ' cherub,' &c., which cannot be called proper names, but which might present difficulties to an unskilled reader. The pronunciation adopted in every case is not intended to be that of the Hebrew and Greek forms of the names, but that which is generally used in the public reading of the Bible. In consequence of this the same syllables which occur so often in different words are not always marked to be pronounced in the same way.

An endeavour has been made, in one respect, to simplify matters by assigning no separate notation to what are called intermediate sounds. It seems to be quite possible, by the use of the long (o) and short () marks, to indicate with sufficient accuracy how the proper names containing these sounds are to be pronounced.


August, 1897.



12 And after they were brought CHAPTER 1.

to Băb-y-lon, Jěch-o-ni'-as begat THE THE book of the generationSa-lão-thi-ễl; and Sa-lão-th-bl

of Jē -sús Christ, the son of begat 28-rõb'-à-běl ; Dã -vid, the son of <<bra-hăm. 13 And Zo-rõb'-=-běl begat 2 A-bra-hăm begat 7-saac ; A-bi-id; and X-bi-md begat and I'-saac begat Ja'-cob; and Ē-li-à-kìm; and Ē-li--kỉm beJā'-cob begat Ja'-dås and his gat Ā-zôr ; brethren;

14 And A'-zôr begat Sā’-doc; 3 And Ja'-dås begat Phâr'-ěs and Sā’-dóc begat A”-chịm; and and Zar-b of Tha-mär; and | A-chim begat E-li-md; Phâr'-ěš bogat. Es’-rðm; and 15 And E-li-ūd begat Ěl-z-ā'Es-răm begat Ân -ăm; zär; and Æl-7-ā'-zär begat Măt'

4 And Âăm begai X-min- thăn; and Mát-thăn begat Ja”. à-dăb; and A-min'-s-dăb begat cob; -as'-son; and Nā-as'-son be- 16 And Jā'-cob begat Jo'-seph gat Săl'-mon;

the husband of Mâr-ý, of whom 5 And Săl'-mon begat Boʻ-oz was born Jē’-šňs, who is called of Rā'-chăb; and Bö’-dz_begat Chrīst. O'-běd of Rûth; and -běd 17 So all the generations from begat Jěs'-së;

Ao-bra-hăm to Dã -vid are four6 And Jěs'-sě begat Dā’-vid teen generations; and from the king; and Dā’-vīd the king Dā'-vid until the carrying away begat Sốl'--mon of her that into Băb'-ý-lon are fourteen had been the wife of U-ri-Ós ; generations; and from the

7 And Sól’-o-mon begat Ro- carrying away into Băb'-y-lon bo'-ăm ; and Ro-boʻ-ăm þegat unto Chrīst are fourteen geneX-bi-ă; and X-bi-ă begat A'-să; rations.

8 And A’-să begat Jos'-à-phăt; 18 Now the birth of Jē'-sús and Jos'-š-phăt begat Jôr’-ăm; Chrīst was on this wise: When and Jor-ăm begat O-zi-as ; as his mother Mâr'-ỹ was es9 And O-zī-as begat Jõ’-ặ- poused to Jõʻ-sèph, before they

and Jõ'--thăm begat A came together, she was found chăz; and A-chăz begat Ez- with child of the Holy Ghost. ē-ki'-as;

19 Then Jõ’-seph her husband, 10 And Ěz-e-ki'-:s begat Mă- being a just man, and not wilnăs'-sēs; and Mă-năs'-sēs begat ling to make her a publick A'-mon; and A'-mon begat example, was minded to put Jõ-si'-as;

her away privily. 11 And Jõ-si-as begat Jěch-o- 20 But while he thought on ni’-as and his brethren, about these things, behold, the angel the time they were carried away of the Lord appeared unto him to Bab--lon:

in a dream, saying, Jõ'-sèph,



The wise men are St. MATTHEW, 2. directed by a star. thou son of Da'-vyd, fear not! 5 And they said unto him, In to take unto thee Mâr'-ý thy Běth'-le-hěm of Jû-dâ'-ă : for wife: for that which is con- thus it is written by the proceived in her is of the Holy phet, Ghost.

6 And thou Běth'-lě-hěm, in 21 And she shall bring forth the land of Ja'-dă, art not the a son, and thou shalt call his least among the princes of name JĒ”-ŠŮS: for he shall Jû'-dă : for out of thee shall save his people from their come a Governor, that shall sins.

rule my people İs'-rā-ěl. 22 Now all this was done, 7 Then Hěr'-od, when he had that it might be fulfilled which privily called the wise men, was spoken of the Lord by the enquired of them diligently prophet, saying,

what time the star appeared. 23 Behold, a virgin shall be 8 And he sent them to Běth'with child, and shall bring forth lè-hěm, and said, Go and search a son, and they shall call his diligently for the young child; name Em-măn'-ā-ěl, which be- and when ye have found him, ing interpreted is, God with bring me word again, that I

may come and worship him 24 Then Jo'-sěph being raised also. from sleep did as the angel of 9 When they had heard the the Lord had bidden him, and king, they departed; and, lo, took unto him his wife :

the star, which they saw in the 25 And knew her not till she east, went before them, till it had brought forth her firstborn came and stood over where the son:. and he called his name young child was. JĒ-SÚS.

10 When they saw the star,

they rejoiced with exceeding CHAPTER 2.

great joy.

11 † And when they were when Jē'-sås was born come into the house, they saw

in Běth'-le-hěm of Jū- the young child with Mâr'-ý dæ'-ă in the days of Hěr'-od his mother, and fell down, and the king, behold, there came worshipped him: and when wise men from the east to Jě-rû' | they had opened their treasă-lěm,

sures, they presented unto him 2 Saying, Where is he that is gifts ; gold, and frankincense, born King of the Jews? for and myrrh. we have seen his star in the 12 And being warned of God east, and are come to worship in a dream that they should him.

not return to Hěr'-od, they 3 When Hěr'-od the king had departed into their own counheard these things, he was trou- try another way. bled, and all Je-rû'-să-lěm with 13 And when they were dehim.

parted, behold, the angel of the 4 And when he had gathered Lord appeareth to Jõ'-sèph in all the chief priests and scribes a dream, saying, Arise, and of the people together, he de- take the young child and his manded of them where Chrīst mother, and flee into Ēr-ġýpt, should be born.

and be thou there until I bring

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Heroď s massacre.

St. MATTHEW, 3. John's preaching. thee word : for Hěr'-od will he turned aside into the parts seek the young child to destroy of Găl'-1-lée : him.

23 And he came and dwelt in 14 When he arose, he took a city called Năz-ð-rěth : that the young child and his mother it might be fulfilled which was by night, and departed into spoken by the prophets, He E-ġýpt:

shall be called a Náz --rēne. 15 And was there until the death of Hěr'-od: that it might

CHAPTER 3. fulfilled was

those saying, Out of Ē'-ġýpt have I wilderness of Ju-da-, called my son.

2 And saying, Repent ye: for 16 | Then Hěr'-od, when he the kingdom of heaven is at saw that he was mocked of the hand. wise men, was exceeding wroth, 3 For this is he that was and sent forth, and slew all spoken of by the prophet Ethe children that were in Běth'- sai’-as, saying, The voice of le-hěm, and in all the coasts one crying in the wilderness, thereof, from two years old Prepare ye the way of the Lord, and under, according to the make his paths straight. time which he had diligently 4 And the same John had his enquired of the wise men. raiment of camel's hair, and a

17 Then was fulfilled that leathern girdle about his loins; which was spoken by Jěr'-ě-mỹ and his meat was locusts and the prophet, saying,

wild honey. 18 In Rā'mă was there a voice 5 Then went out to him heard, lamentation, and weep- Jě-rû'-să-lěm, and all Ju-dā -ă, ing, and great mourning, Rā'- and all the region round about chěl weeping for her children, Jôr'-dăn, and would not be comforted, 6 And were baptized of him because they are not.

in Jôr'-dăn, confessing their 19 T But when Hěr'-od was sins. dead, behold, an angel of the 7 | But when he saw many Lord appeareth in a dream to of the Phăr'-1-sées and Săd'. Jõ’-séph in E'-gypt,

dū-çées come to his baptism, 20 Saying, Arise, and take the he said unto them, Ogeneyoung child and his mother, ration of vipers, who hath and go into the land of Ís®- warned you to flee from the rā-ěl: for they are dead which wrath to come ? sought the young child's life. 8 Bring forth therefore fruits

21 And he arose, and took the meet for repentance : young child and his mother, 9 And think not to say within and came into the land of yourselves, We have A-bră-hăm Is'-rā-ěl.

to our father: for I say unto 22 But when he heard that you, that God is able of these Är-cho-lā'-ús did reign in Jû- stones to raise up children unto dâ'-ă in the room of his father A'-bră-hăm. Hěr'-od, he was afraid to go 10 And now also the ax is thither : notwithstanding, be- laid unto the root of the trees: ing warned of God in a dream, I therefore every tree which


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Christ's fasting

St. MATTHEW, 4. and temptation. bringeth not forth good fruit is | It is written, Man shall not hewn down, and cast into the live by bread alone, but by fire.

every word that proceedeth 11 I indeed baptize you with out of the mouth of God. water unto repentance : but 5 Then the devil taketh him he that cometh after me is up into the holy city, and mightier than I, whose shoes setteth him on a pinnacle of I am not worthy to bear: he the temple, shall baptize you with the Holy 6 And saith unto him, If thou Ghost, and with fire :

be the Son of God, cast thyself 12 Whose fan is in his hand, down: for it is written, He and he will throughly purge shall give his angels charge his floor, and gather his wheat concerning thee : and in their into the garner; but he will hands they shall bear thee up, burn up the chaff with un- lest at any time thou dash thy quenchable fire.

foot against a stone. 13 | Then cometh Jē'-sús 7 Jē -šūs said unto him, It is from Găl'-1-léè to Jôr'-dăn unto written again, Thou shalt not Jõhn, to be

baptized of him. tempt the Lord thy God. 14 But John forbad him, 8 Again, the devil taketh saying, I have need to be bap- him up into an exceeding high tized of thee, and comest thou mountain, and sheweth him all to me?

the kingdoms of the world; and 15 And Jē'-šūs answering said the glory of them ; unto him, Suffer it to be 9 And saith unto him, All now: for thus it becometh us these things will I give thee, to fulfil all righteousness. Then if thou wilt fall down and he suffered him.

worship me. 16 And Jē'-šūs, when he was 10 Then saith Jē'-sús unto baptized, went up straightway him, Get thee hence, Sā’-tăn: out of the water: and, lo, the for it is written, Thou shalt heavens were opened unto him, worship the Lord thy God, and and he saw the Spirit of God him only shalt thou serve. descending like a dove, and 11 Then the devil leaveth lighting upon him :

him, and, behold, angels came 17 And to a voice from hea- and ministered unto him. ven, saying, This is my beloved 12 | Now when Jē'-sús had Son, in whom I am well pleased. heard that John was cast into

prison, he departed into Găl'. CHAPTER 4. NHEN was Jē'-sús led up of 13 And leaving. Năz'-ā-reth, ness to be tempted of the devil. nă-ắm, which is upon the sea

2 And when he had fasted coast, in the borders of Ză-bū'-
forty days and forty nights, he lon and Něph'-thă-lịm :
was afterward an hungred. 14 That it might be fulfilled

3 And when the tempter came which was spoken by E-sáì'-ăs
to him, he said, If thou be the the prophet, saying,
Son of God, command that 15 The land of Za-bū’-lon,
these stones be made bread. and the land of Něph'-thă-lím,
4 But he answered and said, by the way of the sea, beyond

I-lée ;


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