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8.) From the Classis of Clarion. Ministers.-David B. Ernst, L. D. Leberman. 9.) From the Northern German Classis. Ministers.-J. G. Zahner, J.W. Hamm, George Rettig. Elder.-Henry Sliffe.

10.) From the Classis of Indiana.

11.) From the Synod of the United States. Minister.-Samuel R. Fisher.


From the "Deutsch Evangelische Kirchenverein in

Rev. Frederick W. Weiskotten.


From the Classis of Miami.
Ministers.-Peter C. Prugh, Frederick P. Beidler.

From the Classis of Columbiana.

Minister.-N. E. Gilds.

From the Classis of Sandusky.

Ministers.—Jesse Richards, Adam Stump, Jesse Hines
From the Classis of Tiffin.

Ministers.-J. H. Good, H. K. Baines.

From the Classis of St. Josephs.

Minister.-William M. Reed.

From the Northern German Classis.
Ministers.-J. D. Gackenheimer, John Ackeret.
Elder.-J. Sliffe.


H. Augustus Winter, and J. C. Klar.



REV. DAVID WINTERS was chosen President.
REV. JESSE STEINER was chosen Corresponding Sect'y-
WILLIAM HOFF, Esq., was chosen Treasurer.

REV. J. H. GOOD is Stated Clerk.



The following were appointed by the President:

On Synodical Minutes.-D. B. Ernst, G. W. Williard, T. H. Winters, D. Kiehl Esqr., P. Loose and Dr. J. Coblentz.

On Minutes of Classes.-J. Steiner, D. B. Ernst, J. G. Zahner, S. H. Giesy, Jos. Coblentz, J. Jinkins, and J. Prugh.

On Examination, Licensure, &c.-H. Shaull, R. R. Salters, J. G. Zahner, J. W. Hamm, A. Wanner, J. T. Blain, and T. Miller.

On the Theological Seminary.-F. Wahl, P. C. Prugh, A. Wanner, J. T. Blain, H. Sliffe, and Jos. Coblentz.

On Missions.-H. Rust, A. J. Rutan, L. D. Leberman, G. Rettig, Dr. J. Coblentz, J. Prugh and J. Jinkins.

On Finance.-J.W. Hamm, H. K. Baines, N. E Gilds, J. Ohl, and T. Miller.

On Publication.-I. S. Weisz, R. R. Salters, F. P. Beidler, J. Kroh, P. Loose, and D. Kiehl.

On Religious Exercises.-A. Wanner, N. E. Gilds, J. Richards, J. Prugh and J. Ohl.

On Nominations.-T. H. Winters, J. II. Good, D. B. Ernst, Jos. Coblentz, J. Kroh, and J. T. Blain.

On Heidelberg College.-R. R. Salters, J. H. Good, T. H. Winters, J. Kroh, J. Ohl, and Dr. J. Coblentz.

On Correspondence.-L. D. Leberman, W. M. Reed, A. Stump, H. Sliffe, J. T. Blain and J. Jinkins.

On the State of Religion.-G. W. Williard, I. S. Weisz, H. Rust, J. Ohl, T. Miller and J. Kroh.



The Standing Committee on Correspondence reported. Their report was received, and acted upon item by item, as follows:

1. A letter from Prof. E. V. Gerhart, expressing his regret at his inability to meet the brethren of this Synod, stating the object and success of his journey to the East.

Resolved, That this Synod has heard with great pleasure of the success that has thus far attended the effort of Prof. Gerhart in obtaining a Library for our Seminary and College, and that we tender him our sincere thanks, for his labors in this respect.

2. A report from Prof. Gerhart, Chairman of the Committee to draft a Constitution for the Thelogical Seminary, reporting progress and requesting the continuance of the committee.

The report was read and adopted, and will be found under the head of "Theological Seminary."

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3. A bill of expenses of Prof. E. V. Gerhart, chairman of the Committee on "Columbiana Difficulties, requesting an order on the Treasurer for the amount.

Resolved, That an order be drawn on the Treasury for $15,60, in favor of Prof. Gerhart.

4. A letter from Samuel Frantz, in behalf of Frantz's congregation in Armstrong Co., Pa., requesting Synod to supply them with a pastor.

Resolved, That this letter be referred to the Classis of Clarion, within whose bounds said congregation lies.

5. A communication from the "Deutsch Evangelische Kirchenverein von Ohio," requesting Synod to open a correspondence with them, and to receive the Rev. F. W. Weiskotten as a corresponding delegate to this body.

6. A statistical report of the same body.

These two items, were referred to a special committee, consisting of G. W. Williard, J. G. Zahner, S. H. Giesy, H. Sliffe and Dr. J. Coblentz.

This Committee subsequently made the following report, which was received and adopted:

The Committee appointed to draft a minute in reference

to the request of the German Evangelical Church Association would respectfully report:

That they have carefully examined the documents placed in their hands, and would respectfully recommend the propriety of this Synod entering into correspondence with said body; and that there be a regular interchange of one delegates annually from each body, upon the following conditions:

1st. That the two bodies shall mutually recognize and respect each other's ecclesiastical acts.

2nd. That the delegates shall be recognized by the two bodies as advisory members.

The Rev. Mr. Weiskotten is the regularly deputed delegates from this association, and he is hereby recommended for the recognition of this Synod as an advisory member. GEO. W. WILLIARD, Chairman. 7. A call from congregations composing the Mansfield Charge to Mr. J. C. Klar, to become their pastor. Resolved, That the call be confirmed. Respectfully submitted,

L. D. LEBERMAN, Chairman.



The Standing Committee on Nominations reported.-Their report was received and adopted.

Synod in due

time proceeded to ballot for the respective offices, with the following result:


Rev. G. W. Williard, Primarius.

Rev. S. H. Giesy, Secundus.

2. DELEGATE TO THE "EVANGELISCHE KIRCHENVEREIN." Rev. J. G. Zahner, Primarius, Rev. D. Kemmerer, Secundus.


Wm. H. Gibson, Esq., Rev. G. D. Wolff,

Hon. H. St. John,

Wm. Barrick,

Rev. H. Shaull.

[blocks in formation]

The Board of Missions organized by the election of the following officers:

Rev. J. Steiner, Springfield, O., President.

Rev. T. H. Winters, Xenia, O., Vice President.
Rev. D. Winters, Dayton, O., Rec. Secretary.
Wm. Hoff, Esqr., Miamisburg, O., Treasurer.



The Committee appointed to make arrangements for religious exercises, reported the following order, which was adopted:

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