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also, the providence of God, in the disappointment of their hopes, and the overthrow of their fondest expectations, most urgently calls them to consider ; but, too often alas !- they are still left to the execution of the fearful sentence, “Because I have called, and ye refused, I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded, I also will laugh at your calamity, I will mock when your fear cometh.”. We may, indeed, seem to “ break his bands asunder, and cast away his cords from us," but God holdeth us, my hearers, by a tie we know not, and there is no escaping his judgment. Impenitent, his wrath will overtake us ; unpardoned, his fear will ultimately take hold upon us; and better, far better will it be to exercise that fear of him now, which " is the beginning of wisdom,” than tremble before him then, when “there shall be no room for repentance, though we should seek it carefully with tears."


They will I love, my Strength and Tower,
Thee will I love, my Joy and Crown;
Thee will I love with all my power,
In all my works, and Thee alone!
Thee will I love, till that


Fill my whole soul with chaste desire.

In darkness willingly I stray'd ;
I sought Thee, yet from Thee I roved;
For wide my wandering thoughts were spread,
Thy creatures more than Thee I loved :
And now, if more at length I see,
'Tis through thy light, and comes from Thee.

I thank Thee, uncreated Sun,
That thy bright beams on me have shined :

I thank Thee, who hast overthrown
My foes, and heal'd my wounded mind;
I thank Thee, whose enlivening voice
Bids my freed heart in Thee rejoice.

Give to my eyes refreshing tears,
Give to my heart chaste, hallow'd fires;
Give to my soul, with filial fears,
The love that all heaven's host inspires ;
That all my powers, with all their might,
In thy sole glory may unite.
Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown!
Thee will I love, my LORD, my God!
Thee will I love, though all may frown,
And thorns and briers perlex my road;
Yea, when my flesh and heart decay,
Thee shall I love in endless day.


Now to thine altar, LORD,

A broken heart I bring;
And wilt thou graciously accept

Of such a worthless thing?

To CHRIST, the bleeding Lamb,

My faith directs her eyes :
All other offerings are vain,

But not his sacrifice.

That moment He expired,

The law was satisfied;
And now to its severest claims

I answer, “ Jesus died.”




JUNE, 1833.

(NO. VI.



A Sermon, In behalf of the New York Protestant Episcopal City.Mission, preached to the friends of the institution, in the Mission-Church of the Holy Evangelists, March 31, 1833,


2 Cor. v. 14.-" The love of Christ constraineth us."

The motive and power of the Gospel, are the particulars included in these words. They present an interesting subject, not unsuitable to the occasion which has brought us hither. It is our professed object, my mission friends, to advance God's kingdom upon earth, and his eternal glory in the highest. We feel, that he alone is able to implant the motive, and display the power, by means of which this work may be achieved. 0 touch, then, our hearts, Eternal Spirit, with thy quickening influence ! O enliven our energies ! And in all that is connected with our mission, may our inspired motto ever be, “ The Love OF CHRIST CONSTRAINETH us !"

I. In the discoveries which are made, throughout the inspired volume of God's revelation, there is no doctrine to be compared with that which tells us of Christ's boundless love. The radiant heaven of divine truth exhibits indeed many stars, but only this one sun of righteousness.

The plan of our salvation through the love of Jesus, is an affecting picture, that appeals to the tenderest sympathies of our hearts.

For our sake, the only begotten of the Father leaves his throne on high. For our sake, he becomes incarnate, and is

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heralded at his birth by choirs of angels, proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward

From Bethlehem to Calvary, from the manger even to the cross, in every step of his most holy life there is a winning pathos. As he grows in wisdom and in stature, we see him do thy will, O God. Baptized in Jordan, - baptized of water and of the Spirit, he enters on his great mission to save souls. Amid signs and wonders, he is God manifest in the flesh. He appoints his ministry; he opens on the world a new era of divine grace. But he is despised and rejected; he is a man of sorrows; in Gethsemane, he tastes his cup of anguish; he is betrayed, condemned, and numbered with transgressors; he is mocked, and smitten, and afflicted. Yet he opens not bis mouth. He is led forth out of Jerusalem, as a lamb to the slaughter. There, on Calvary, behold him crucified, - his blood spilled, his body writhing in great torture, and his soul sorrowful even unto death. The accumulated sufferings which had awaited untold myriads, are at once laid on him, and he is wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities.

The throne of the Most Holy had long been intercepted by a dark, angry cloud, that hid God's face from us ; a cloud, charged with mighty thunders and fierce lightnings, – the thunders of judicial wrath, and the lightnings of incensed indignation. Now all that wrath and indignation, concentrated in one bolt of vengeance, falls upon this suBSTITUTE FOR SINNERS. Upon him is laid, at once, the iniquity of us all. The terrors of the cloud of wrath are all poured forth; and the fierce lightning flashes on the victim. All the weeping and the wailing in reversion for the whole race of man, is then borne, at once, by Jesus, in his own body on the cross. O was there ever sorrow like unto his sorrow! The sins of the whole world ! Overwhelmed by the aMictive hiding of his Father's face, he utters a loud cry of bitterness, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaker me !" It was a pang which he alone could bear. But he endures it for our sake, my brethren ; and, when it was finished, in a convulsion of the elements he bows his head, and gives up the ghost.

Then all things in heaven at once wear a new aspect. The black cloud is dissipated. We may discern the throne of mercy, and, there seated, our reconciled Father in Christ Jesus, with his angelic throng of great and precious promises, all beckoning, and pointing, and entreating us, to look upon the “Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world.”

Jesus, my dear brethren, died for you. He expiated your guilt, by the precious blood of his atonement. God was thus reconciled to you as sinners; and he is now waiting, that you as sinners may become reconciled to him, through Christ. The pardon of sin, brethren, has been obtained, and may be appropriated by each one of you, through FAITH IN THE GREAT SACRIFICE. As sinners, you have but to accept the offered pardon, and to be justified and sanctified. Atonement has been made for the sins of the whole world, and of each one of you. God is propitiated, — reconciled unto us, through the death of his Son; and Jesus has become, to every one of you who will flee to him, a Saviour from the wrath to come, opening the kingdom of heaven to all believers.

Whatever spiritual blessings God can give, or man can ask, are to be found here. Of the vast circle of divine truth, the central point from which all its rays of glory emanate, is RECONCILIATION THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

Christ redeemed us to God, when we were yet sinners. He found out a way of salvation for us; and now we may come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. He has identified our salvation with his glory. Yes, brethren, his mediatorial work, , the wonder of the bigher orders of intelligences, is involved in the redemption of us sinners. And as he has procured your pardon, at so great a price, O how earnestly does he direet you to his cross, appealing to you, by his bitter agony and death, to come to him that you inay obtain salvation ! Well might an inspired servant of the Holy One exclaim, Such love passeth knowledge ; for no seraph's wing can ever reach its elevation, and no cherub's voice can tell its deep counsels, — they are, unsearchable.

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