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Taus, through the smiles and favor of a good and gracious Providence, has terminated the second volume of Protestant Episcopal Pulpit, of America ;” and we most respectfully forward an acknowledgment to those Right Reverend Fathers of our Church, and those Professors, and Clergy, who have, in so kind and generous a manner, extended to us the right hand of friendship, and thus far in safety, and favor, conducted this infant of our Church—and we trust that all those of our Clergy, who have not, as yet, come forward to its aid and its support, will do so at the commencement of the ensuing year, bearing in mind that this is the only child of our Zion that has been "baptised by this name"-remembering also, that by its receiving the guardian influence, and protecting care of our Bishops and Clergy, it will, in proper time, gain its due stature of usefulness; and, as it takes its course through distant lands, will redound to the credit of our ministry, and prove an honor to our American Church.

Arrangements have been entered into with the “ Protestant Episcopal Press” of this city, to carry on the work in future; and, under its present guidance, the first number of the next year will be printed at that establishment; and which regulation, we are fully convinced, will meet the satisfaction of Episcopalians generally, and the decided approbation of the Church at large.

We are happy to find that our labors have met the patronage of many a pious and generous heart; and that the merits of the work have passed, with honor, the ordeal of a year's scrutinythat a just tribute of commendation has been awarded to those of our ministry who have generously contributed their discourses, enriched its pages, and thus enhanced the Pulpit's valae--that our untiring, but humble labors, for the respectable appearance it has maintained, have not been in vain--that Fame's expanded wings have wafted a due meed of friendly eulogy from distant lands to ours, and thus rendered the Pulpit a credit to our Church, and bestowed “honor upon those to whom honor was due.”.

Our friends of the Press will please accept our acknowledg

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