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of greeting, and assure you we will be pleased to have you remain for any or all of our sessions.

The next item on the program is the presentation of a service flag on behalf of the citizens of Chicago, by Frederick A. Brown, Esq., who will need no further introduction.

MR. BROWN.—Mr. President, Members of this Association, Ladies and Gentlemen: The war is no longer 3000 miles away; it is now being carried on in the very shadow of the Goddess of Liberty in New York Harbor. I think the German Government has misunderstood the psychology-shall I say—of its enemies. One of the things that has done so much to unite the people of the world against her was the Zeppelin raids over London; it united England; it encouraged the men to enlist and it gathered together that grand and splendid army with a will and determination to conquer that could hardly have existed under any other circumstances. And this U-boat raid off New York has appealed to the American people and has put down forever the idea that the war is 3000 miles away. I had an experience before the war that proved the absolute inability of the German mind to understand the American people. I was dining with a gentleman who had been a colonel in the German Army; at the same table was my friend, Colonel Robert L. Henry, of this city, who had served in our Civil War. The German colonel said: “My German regiment could land at New Orleans and march to New York City." Colonel Henry shook his head and said: “No, they couldn't do that; our police would arrest them.” It has been said recently by Lloyd George that the American people have never been beaten. That is true. This reminds me of the story they tell of Napoleon in one of his great battles; he thought all was lost and turned to a little drummer boy who had served one of Napoleon's splendid generals, and said: “Boy, beat a retreat." The fellow raised his hand and said: "Sire, I never learned how to beat a retreat, General Desaix never taught me, but I can beat a charge that will wake the dead.” And so with the American people, they know not defeat nor how to retreat. There can be but one outcome of this war that is now at our doors, and that is victory.

The people of the city of Chicago-and, notwithstanding the utterances of some of her citizens-a more loyal city in heart and soul does not exist on the American continent—have done me the honor to present to your organization a service flag in commemoration of nearly 100 of your members who have gone into this war. The taking part in this war by men trained as you are and educated as you are is almost an epoch in itself. Never before in any war has there been a body of men with but one purpose and that was to “minister to the mind diseased.” Gentlemen, in the name of the people of the city of Chicago, I present to you this service flag. May the blue stars be many and the golden stars few. I thank you.

THE PRESIDENT.-Mr. Brown is Vice-President of the Illinois Bar Association, but he has a still greater honor-his only son is at the front. (Applause.)

To acknowledge this handsome gift Colonel Raymond had prepared an address. Unfortunately he is not here, neither is his address, so I will do the best I can as a substitute.

On your behalf, ladies and gentlemen, mine is the honor to accept this service flag from the generous citizens of Chicago, and assure these thoughtful patriots that this is the proudest hour in the history of our Association, when it is put in possession of tangible evidence of the number of men who have responded to the call of their country and will represent us on the battle line in the struggle between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and servitude, between honor and shame. Through you, sir, we would express our gratitude to the loyal people of this metropolis for the most appropriate souvenir of our stay amongst you. You may depend it will be hoarded as our most sacred treasure, and handled only when other stars are to be added to its folds.

All honor to the 93, a goodly number when we remember how many of our members are naturally beyond the age for active service in the field. There are banners, and banners; adorning these stately walls we have Old Glory with its stars from which liberty glows, and embosoming it the older interwoven crosses of St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick. While the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack are here side by side, or futter in the breeze together, as they are doing to-day in England, freedom will surely be safe.

They are now united against the eagle of Prussianism—the foe of all that we count dear in life, whose banner represents barbaric force and has for inscription, “Our glory is to slay.” The banner which to-day comes into our proud possession, emblem of the advance of science, bears but the single line: “Our duty is to save.” The men whom these stars indicate know the possible price and are ready to pay it, counting it worth while. If in the fortunes of war some of these stars shall change from blue to golden, there will be spots in a foreign land that shall be forever American. Their sacrifice will be no vain thing. Freedom has often cost a heavy price and once again it is doing so.

Gentlemen, if you approve of the Association's accepting this unique gift of a service flag, please indicate it by rising to your feet. (The entire audience rose at this point and applauded.) Mr. Brown, you have our expression of gratitude to the citizens of Chicago.

The PRESIDENT.—The next in order is the report of the Committee of Arrangements, Dr. Sanger Brown, chairman.

REPORT OF COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. In deference to the strong nation-wide sentiment for conservation of resources and retrenchment, your committee has presumed to omit this year the excursions which have formed such delightful features of our meetings in years past, but we hope and trust that the efforts which our country is putting forth may largely and speedily contribute to the reestablishment and creation of conditions favorable to all sorts of legitimate recreation.

After the Annual Address on Wednesday evening there will be a reception in the red room, with light refreshments and dancing.

The society is invited by the commandant, Colonel Moffatt, to visit the Naval Training Station at Lake Bluff. We will be afforded an opportunity to see in vogue recent methods of classifying on a psychological basis recruits for various departments of naval and military service. This work is being done by Dr. Hulbert, who holds his clinic at 12.30 p. m. The Henry Flavill School, formerly the Illinois Society for Mental Hygiene, has invited our members to luncheon on Thursday. This institution is next door to the celebrated Hull House, so ably presided over for many years by Miss Jane Addams, and you will have an opportunity of visiting Hull House and probably meeting Miss Addams.

SANGER BROWN, Chairman. THE PRESIDENT.—I will call on the Secretary for the report of the Council.



CHICAGO, ILL., June 4, 1918. The Council met on the evening of June 3, 1918, at the Hotel LaSalle, Chicago, Ill.

The Council recommends for election to active membership the following named physicians. This list was presented to the Association a year ago, and these names are now submitted for final consideration:

G. E. Charlton, M. D., Norfolk, Neb.; Harvey Clare, M. D., Toronto, Ont.; Albert H. Dollear, M. D., Jacksonville, Ill. ; Winfield S. Farmer, M. D., Nashville, Tenn.; William S. Fast, M. D., Ingleside, Neb.; William Healy, M. D., Boston, Mass.; C. C. Kirk, M. D., Little Rock, Ark.; William T. Kradwell, M. D., Wauwatosa, Wis.; Lesser Kauffman, M. D.,

Buffalo, N. Y.; F. G. Larue, M. D., Hopkinsville, Ky.; Arthur P. Noyes, M. D., Boston, Mass.; W. Reid Putney, M. D., Amelia, Va.; Ralph Reed, M.D., Cincinnati, O.; Arthur H. Ring, M. D., Arlington Heights, Mass.; Delparde W. Roberts, M. D., Milwaukee, Wis.; Rock Sleysler, M. D., Waupun, Wis.; William J. Steward, M. D., Pennhurst, Pa.; Beverly R. Tucker, M.D., Richmond, Va.; Fulton S. Vrooman, M. D., Coburg, Ont.; Samuel B. Woodward, M. D., Worcester, Mass.; A. R. T. Wylie, M. D., Grafton, N. D.

The Council recommends for election to honorary membership in the Association:

Noboru Ishida, M. D., of Nagasaki, Japan, Professor of Phychiatry in the Nagasaki Medical College and Chief Psychiatrist to the Prefectural Hospital.

The Council recommends the transfer of the following named associate members to the active class :

Amos T. Baker, M. D., East View, N. Y.; E. S. Brodsky, M. D., Bridgeport, Conn.; J. F. Leigh Brown, M. D., Woodstock, N. B.; Chester Lee Carlisle, M. D., Albany, N. Y.; Alan D. Finlayson, M. D., Warren, Pa.;

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P. T. Haskell, M. D., Bangor, Me.; Harlan P. Mills, M. D., Phoenix, Ariz.; E. A. North, M. D., Cincinnati, O.; E. Palmer, M. D., Ann Arbor, Mich.; Leigh F. Robinson, M. D., Hartford, Conn.; William J. Tiffany, M.D., Binghamton, N. Y.; Pearl S. Waters, M. D., Fergus Falls, Minn.; Lorne W. Yule, M. D., Logansport, Ind.; R. G. Barry, M. D., Trenton, N. J.

The Council recommends that the following named physicians be elected to associate membership:

Harry B. Ballou, M. D., Westborough, Mass.; H. A. Bolton, M. D., Warm Springs, Mont.; Clarence A. Bonner, M.D., Worcester, Mass.; J. W. Brophy, M. D., Warm Springs, Mont.; Nathaniel H. Brush, M. D., Baltimore, Md.; Homer L. Day, M. D., New York; Flora Parker Easton, M. D., Norristown, Pa.; Mary L. Evans, M. D., Middletown, Conn.; K. M. Ferguson, M. D., Massillon, O.; James J. Gable, M. D., Norman, Okla.; Ada F. Harris, M. D., Worcester, Mass.; F. Ross Haviland, M. D., New York; Elizabeth S. Helberg, M. D., New York; Herbert E. Herrin, M. D., Concord, N. H.; Bertrand L. Jones, M. D., Ann Arbor, Mich.; James P. Kelleher, M. D., New York; Howard M. Kenyon, M. D., Binghamton, N. Y.; Marie S. Lindsay, M.D., Worcester, Mass.; Mary MacLachlnn, M. D., Middletown, Conn.; Alexander R. MacKenzie, M. D., Huntington, W. Va.: George W. Melvin, M. D., Middletown, Conn.; George W. T. Mills, M.D., Central Islip, N. Y.; Cora B. Palmer, M. D., Logansport, Ind.; Oscar J. Raeder, M. D., Boston, Mass.; Jonathan H. Ranney, M. D., Brattleboro, Vt.; Charles E. Rowe, M. D., Binghamton, N. Y.; Joseph Slattery, M. D., Massillon, O.; Arthur E. Soper, M.D., New York; Dwight S. Spellman, M. D., New York; Francis Albert Taylor, M. D., Middletown, Conn.; L. E. Trent, M. D., Nashville, Tenn.; Chester A. VanCor, M. D., Middletown, Conn.; Rodney R. Williams, M. D., Binghamton, N. Y.

The Council has received the following applications for active membership. In accordance with the constitution, final consideration of these will be deferred until next year:

James A. Belyea, M. D., Toledo, O.; Louis E. Bisch, M.D., New York; Frank H. Carlisle, M. D., Bridgewater, Mass.; Clarence J. D’Alton, M.D., New York City; Spencer L. Dawes, M. D., Garden City, N. Y.; Frank I. Drake, M. D., Mendota, Wis.; R. A. Kidd, M. D., Shepherd, O.; Lawrence Kolb, M. D., New York; Lawson G. Lowrey, M. D., Boston, Mass.; J. C. Michael, M. D., St. Paul, Minn.; Fred P. Moersch, M.D., Minneapolis, Minn.; G. C. Robertson, M. D., Spencer, W Va.; Thomas A. Rutherford, M. D., Clark's Summit, Pa.; John W. Stevens, M. D., Nashville, Tenn.; John R. Walls, M. D., Phoenix, Ariz.; C. E. White, M. D., Weston, W. Va.; Otto G. Wiedman, M.D., Hartford, Conn.; Porter E. Williams, M. D., St. Joseph, Mo.; Henry W. Woltmann, M.D., Minneapolis, Minn.

The Council has received the resignations of the following members, and recommends that they be accepted in so far as their dues are paid to date :

E. Mabel Thompson, M. D., Somyea, N. Y.; Donald Campbell Meyers, M. D., Toronto, Ont.; William L. Robins, M. D., Washington, D. C.; C. Ross Miller, M. D., Colorado Springs, Colo.; George T. Faris, M. D., Phila

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delphia, Pa.; Edward B. Shellenberger, M. D., Danville, Pa.; Philip C. Washburn, M. D., Kings Park, N. Y.; John J. Harrington, M. D., Osawa. tomie, Kans.; John C. Felty, M. D., Gettysburg, Pa.; Herbert B. Howard, M. D., Boston, Mass.

The Council recommends that memorial notices, or abstracts of the same, be read when the writers are present.

The Council recommends that the following resolution be adopted by the Association:

Whereas, Many of the members of the American Medico-Psychological Association have answered the call to colors; and

Whereas, By their patriotic love for their country and their belief in human freedom, they have sacrificed their positions, have broken their family ties and have placed their lives upon the altar of devotion; therefore, be it

Resolved, That, as a slight token of esteem for these patriots, we the American Medico-Psychological Association do hereby authorize the Treasurer of this Association to remit dues of such members during their terms of active service.

The Council makes the following further recommendations :

That no reprints from the JOURNAL or Transactions be furnished to writers of papers until further action, except at the expense of the authors.

That the Treasurer be authorized to reimburse Dr. Hoisholt for the expense of the moving picture film in connection with his paper, but that this action shall not be considered as establishing a precedent.

That the resignations of Dr. Henry M. Hurd and Dr. G. Alder Blumer as members of the editorial board of The AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INSANITY be accepted, and the name of each be carried on the title page of the Journal as editor emeritus; that Dr. Charles Macfie Campbell, of Baltimore, Md., and Dr. Albert M. Barrett, of Ann Arbor, Mich., be added to the editorial board of the JOURNAL to fill the vacancies.

That the annual meeting of the Association be held in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1919, the date to be determined by the President and the Secretary.

Respectfully submitted,

H. C. EYMAN, Secretary. DR. S. E. SMITH.-I move that the report of the Council be accepted and adopted, and that the resolution in regard to the remission of dues be adopted by the Association.

The motion was duly seconded and carried.

At the suggestion of the President, Dr. E. N. Brush escorted Professor Ishida, the newly-elected honorary member, to the platform and presented him to the Association.

THE PRESIDENT. We will now have the report of the Treasurer.

The following is a statement of membership of the American MedicoPsychological Association to date :

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