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August, indeed, rests wholly on the flowed from her nose; and about half testimony of the father, which there is a Scotch pint of blood was perceived not the smallest reason to doubt. I on the floor, at her bed-side. All atam sensible that many of the circum- tempts to awaken her were utterly stances which I have mentioned may ineffectual: and she was conveyed in appear to be unnecessarily minute, or a cart to her father's house, about half even altogether unimportant; but, in a mile distant from Budden. Dr Gibdetailing so remarkable a case, I did son, physician in Montrose, having not think myself qualified or entitled been called, a pound of blood was to select according to my own judg- taken from her arm; but she still rement; and considered it to be my mained in the same lethargic state, business as a reporter, merely to re without making the slightest motion, late, as clearly and correctly as possi- or taking any nourishment, or having ble, whatever was observable in the any kind of evacuation, till the aftersituation of the patient. I have noted, noon of Friday, the 30th day of June, also, her previous employment, the when she awoke of her own accord, places where she resided, and some of and asked for food. At this period the individuals who attended to her she possessed all her mental and bow case, partly to render the account dily faculties; mentioned distinctly, more intelligible, and partly to enable that she recollected her having been others to make further inquiries for awakened on Tuesday morning at two themselves. I may mention farther, o'clock, by a bleeding at her nose, in case you may not be aware of the which flowed very rapidly; said, that circumstance, that there is a similar she held her head over the bed-side case recorded in the Transactions of till the bleeding stopped ; but de. the Royal Society of London for 1705, clared, that from that moment she vol. xxiv. p. 2177. Yours, &c. had no feeling or remembrance of any

Jas. BREWSTER. thing, and felt only as if she had taken To Dr. Brewster.

a very long sleep. An injection was

administered with good effect, and she MARGARET LYALL, a young woman went to sleep as usual; but, next about twenty-one years of age, daugh- morning, (Saturday July 1,) she was ter of John Lyall, shoemaker in the found in the same state of profound parish of Marytown, served, during the sleep as before. Her breathing was so winter half-year preceding Whitsun- gentle as to be scarcely perceptible, day 1815, in the family of Peter Ark- her countenance remarkably placid, ley, Esq. of Dunninald, in the parish and free from any expression of disof Craig. At the last mentioned term, tress; but her jaws were so firmly she went as servant to the Rev. Mr locked, that no kind of food or liquid Foote of Logie ; but, in a few days could be introduced into her mouth. after entering her place, was seized In this situation she continued for the with a slow fever, which confined her space of seven days, without any moto bed rather more than a fortnight. tion, food, or evacuation either of urine During the latter part of her illness or fæces. At the end of seven days she was conveyed to her father's house; she began to move her left hand; and, and, on the 23d of June, about eight by pointing it to her mouth, signified days after she had been able to leave a wish for food. She took readily her bed, she resumed her situation whatever was given to her, and shewed with Mrs Foote, who had, in the mean an inclination to eat more than was time, removed to Budden, in the pa- thought advisable by the medical atrish of Craig, for the benefit of sea- tendants. Still, however, she discobathing. She was observed, after her vered no symptoms of hearing, and return, to do her work rather in a made no other kind of bodily movehurried manner; and, when sent upon ment than that of her left hand. Her any errand, to run or walk very quick- right hand and arm, particularly, aply, as if impatient to finish whatever peared completely dead and devoid of she had in hand. Her health, howe feeling, and even when pricked with a ever, appeared to be perfectly restored, pin, so as to draw blood, never shrunk except that her menses were obstructed. in the smallest degree, or indicated the On Tuesday morning, June 27th, about slightest sense of pain. At the same four days after her return to service, time, she instantly drew back the left she was found in bed in a deep sleep, arm, whenever it was touched by the with the appearance of blood having point of the pin. She continued to take

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food, whenever it was offered to her; ring the third and fourth week, about and when the bread was put into her 60; and, on the day before her res left hand, and the hand raised by an- covery, at 70 or 72; whether its in other person to her mouth, she imme- crease was gradual, was not ascertained. diately began to eat slowly, but unre- She continued, during the whole pe mittingly, munching like a rabbit, till riod, to breathe in the same soft and it was finished. It was remarked, that almost imperceptible manner as at if it happened to be a slice of loaf which first; but was observed occasionally, she was eating, she turned the crust during the night time, to draw her. when she came to it, so as to introduce breath more strongly, like a person it more easily into her mouth, as if who had fallen asleep. She discovershe had been fully sensible of what ed no symptoms of hearing, till about she was doing. But when she had four days before her recovery; when, ceased to eat, her hand dropped upon upon being requested (as she had of her chin or under lip, and rested there, ten been before, without effect) to till it was replaced by her side, or upon give a sign if she heard what was said her breast. She took medicine, when to her, she made a slight motion with it was administered, as readily as food, her left hand, but soon ceased again without any indication of disgust; and, to shew any sense of hearing. On in this way, by means of castor oil and Tuesday forenoon, the day of her realoetic pills, her bowels were kept covery, she shewed evident signs of open; but no evacuation ever took hearing, and by moving her left hand, place without the use of a laxative. intimated her assent or dissent in a It was observed, that she always gave tolerably intelligent manner ; yet, in a signal, by pushing down the bed the afternoon of the same day, she clothes, when she had occasion to make seemed to have again entirely lost all any evacuation. The eye-lids were sense

of hearing. About eight o'clock uniformly shut, and, when forced on Tuesday evening, her father, a open, the ball of the eye appeared shrewd intelligent man, and of a most turned upwards, so as to shew only respectable character, anxious to avail the white part of it. Her friends himself of her recovered sense of hearshewed considerable reluctance to al- ing, and hoping to rouse her faculties low any medical means to be used for by alarming her fears,* sat down at her recovery; but, about the middle of her bed-side, and told her that he had July, her head was shaved, and a large now given consent, (as was in fact blister applied, which remained nine- the case,) that she should be removed teen hours, and produced an abundant to the Montrose Infirmary,; that, as issue, yet without exciting the small. her case was remarkable, the doctors est symptom of uneasiness in the pa- would naturally try every kind of extient. Sinapisms were also applied to periment for her recovery; that he her feet, and her legs were moved was very much distressed, by being from hot water into cold, and vice obliged to put her entirely into their versa, without any appearance of sen- hands; and would “ fain' hope” that sation. In this state she remained, this measure might still be rendered without any apparent alteration, till unnecessary, by her getting better beTuesday the 8th day of August, pre- fore the time fixed for her removal. cisely six weeks from the time when she gave evident signs of hearing him, she was first seized with her lethargy, and assented to his proposal of having and without ever appearing to be the usual family-worship in her bed awake, except, as mentioned, on the After this was over, she was afternoon of Friday the 30th of June. lifted into a chair till her bed should be During the whole of this period, her colour was generally that of health ; * Lest it might be supposed, that this but her complexion rather more de procedure of the father implied a suspicion licate than (usual, and occasionally on his part of some deception being practischanging, sometimes to paleness, and ed by the young woman, it may


proper at other times to a feverish flush. to state, that it was suggested by his own The heat of her body was natural ; experience in the case of another daughter, but, when lifted out of bed, she ge

who had been affected many years before in nerally became remarkably cold. The dance, or, as it is termed in this country,

a very extraordinary degree with St Vitus's state of her pulse was not regularly “ The louping ague;" and who was almost marked ; but, during the first two instantaneously cured by the application of weeks, it was generally at 50; due



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made; and her father, taking hold of took her breakfast, and resumed her her right hand, urged her to make an work as usual at Dunninald. On the exertion to move it. She began to move 11th of October, she was again found first the thumb, then the rest of the in the morning, in the same lethargic fingers in succession, and next her state ; was removed to the house of toes in like manner. He then opened her father, where she awoke as before, her eye-lids, and presenting a candle, after the same period of fifty hours desired her to look at it, and asked, sleep; and returned to her service, whether she saw it. She answered, without seeming to have experienced “ Yes," in a low and feeble voice. any inconvenience. At both of these She now proceeded gradually, and in times her menses were obstructed. Dr a very few minutes, to regain all her Henderson, physician in Dundee, who faculties ; but was so weak as scarcely happened to be on a visit to his friends to be able to move. Upon being in- at Dunninald, prescribed some medi. terrogated respecting her extraordina- cines suited to that complaint; and ry state, she mentioned, that she had she has ever since been in good health, no knowledge of any thing that had and able to continue in service. happened ; that she remembered, in- (Signed) Jas. BREWSTER, deed, having conversed with her

Minister of Craig friends at her former awakening, (Friday afternoon, 30th of June) but felt I hereby certify the preceding acit a great exertion then to speak to count of my daughter Margaret's illthem; that she recollected also have ness and recovery to be correct in every ing heard the voice of Mr Cowie, circumstance, according to the best of minister of Montrose, (the person who my recollection. spoke to her on the forenoon of Tues

(Signed) Join LYAL.
day the sth of August,) but did not
hear the persons who spoke to her on We hereby attest, That the above-
the afternoon of the same day; that mentioned particulars in the extraor-
she had never been conscious of hav- dinary case of Margaret Lyall, are
ing either needed or received food, of either consistent with our personal
having been lifted to make evacua- knowledge, or agreeable to all that we

tions, or of any other circumstance in have heard from the most creditable
her case. She had no idea of her testimony.
having been blistered ; and expressed PETER ARKLEY of Dunninald.
great surprise, upon discovering that A. FERGUSON, Minister, Maryton.
her head was shaved. She continued Wm. Gibson, Physician, Montrose.
in a very feeble state for a few days,
but took her food nearly as usual, and
improved in strength so rapidly, that 1916, Margaret Lyail

, whose case is des

* On the morning of September 21, on the last day of August she began cribed above, was found in an out-house to work as a reaper in the service of at Dunninald, hanged by her own hands. Mr Arkley of Dunninald ; and con- No cause could be assigned for this unhaptinued to perform the regular labour

Her health had been good since of the harvest for three weeks, with the month of October 1815; and she had out any inconvenience, except being been comfortable in her situation. It was extremely fatigued the first day.

thought by the family, that a day or two After the conclusion of the harvest, preceding her death, her eyes had the apshe went into Mr Arkley's family, as

pearance of rolling rather wildly ; but she

had assisted the day before in serving the a servant; and on the 27th day of table, and been in good spirits that evening. September, was found in the morning On the following morning she was seen to by her fellow-servants in her former bring in the milk as usual, and was heard state of profound sleep, from which to say, in passing rather hurriedly through they were unable to rouse her. She a room, where the other maids were at was conveyed immediately to her fa- work, that something had gone wrong ather's house, (little more than a quar- bout her dairy; but was not seen again till ter of a mile distant), and remained she was found dead about half an hour afexactly fifty hours in a gentle, but abhorrence of the idea of her former distress

ter. She is known to have had a strong deep sleep, without making any kind recurring; and to have occasionally mani. of evacuation, or taking any kind of fested, especially before her first long sleep, nourishment. Upon awakening, she the greatest depression of spirits, and even arose apparently in perfect health, disgust of life.

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To the Culdees of Lochleven, by Mac- In favour of 'Johnne Faw, Lord and

beth son of Finlach, and Gruoch Erle of Litill Egypt,' granted by daughter of Bodhe, King and Queen King James the fifth, Feb. 15th of Scotland.

1540. (Referred to at page 45.) (This ancient document, which we have JAMES be the grace of God, King extracted from the chartulary of St An

of Scottis : To oure Sheriffis of Edindrews, may be regarded as a curiosity not only as relating to the history of the

Culdees burgh principall and within the conand the far-famed Macbeth, but also on ac

stabularie of Hadingtoun, Berwick, count of the savage story of the “ Saxum Roxburgh, &c. &c. provestis, alderHiberniensium."

men, and baillies of our burrowis and cieteis of Edinburgh, &c. &c. greting:

- Forsamekill as it is humilie menit Qualiter Machbet filius Finlach et and schewin to Ws, be our louit

Gruoch dederunt Sancto Servano Johnne Faw, Lord and Erle of Litill Kyrkenes.

Egipt, That quhair he obtenit oure

lettres vnder our grete seile, direct to Machbet filius Finlach contulit pro yow all and sindry oure saidis shereffis, suffragiis orationum, et Gruoch filia stewartis, baillies, provestis, aldermen, Bodhe, Rex et Regina Scotorum, Kyr- and baillies of burrois; and to all and kenes, Deo Omnipotenti et Keledeis sindry vthiris havand autoirite within prefate insule Lochleune, cum suis

our realme, to assist to him in execufinibus et terminis. Hii enim sunt tioun of justice vpon his cumpany and fines et termini de Kyrkenes, et uillu- folkis conforme to the lawis of Egipt, le que dicitur Porthmokanne : de loco and in punissing of all them that reMoneloccodhan usque ad amnem. qui bellis aganis him : Neuirtheles, as we dicitur Leuine; et hoc in latitudine: Item, a publica strata que ducit apud tiane; ane of the said Johnis cumpany,

ar informyt, Sebastiane Lalow, EgipHinhirkethy, usque ad Saxum Hiber- with his complices and part takaris niensium ; et hoc in longitudine. n

vndir written, that is to say, Anteane Et dicitur Saxum Hiberniensium, Donea, Satona Fingo, Nona Finco, quia Malcolmus Rex, filius Duncani, Phillip Hatseyggaw, Towla Bailyow, concessit eis salinagium quod scotice Grasta Neyn,

Geleyr Baillyow, Berdicitur Chonnane. Et venerunt Hiber- nard Beige, Demeo Matskalla (or niensis ad Kyrkenes, ad domum cu. Macskalla), Notfaw Lawlowr, Martyn jusdam vire nomine Mochian, qui tunc Femine, * rebellis and conspiris aganis fuit absens, et solummodo mulieres the said Johnne Faw, and hes removit erant in domo, quas oppresserunt vio- thame alluterly out of his company, lenter Hiberniensis ; non tamen sine and takin fra him diuerss soumes of rubore et verecundia : rei etiam even

money, jowellis, claithis, and vtheris tu ad aures prefati Mochan pervento, gudis, to the quantite of ane grete, iter quam citius domi festinauit, et

soume of money; and on na wise will inuenit ibi Hibernienses in eadem do

pass hame with him, howbeit he hes

Exhortatione biddin and remanit of lang tyme vpoun etenim matri sue sepius facta ut extra domum ueniret (que nullatenus uoluit, sed Hibernienses uoluit protegere, et * The names of the thirteen Egyptians eis pacem dare) ; quos omnes prefatus referred to at page 46, who obtained a remisuir, in ultione tanti facinoris, ut op- sion for the slaughter of Ninian Smaill, in pressores mulierum et barbaros et sa- 1553–4, are as follows :" Andro Faw, crilegos, in medio flamme ignis, vna capitane of the Egiptianis, George Faw,

Robert Paw, and Anthony Faw, his sonis" cum matre sua, uiriliter combussit; et ex hac causa dicitur locus ille Saxum George Sebastiane Colyne, George Colyne,

"Johnne Faw, Andro George Nichoah, Hiberniensium.

Julie Colyne, Johnne Colyne, James Haw, (Ex Registro Prioratus Sancti Andreæ, Johnne Browne, and George Browne, Egip, fol. 51, a.)

tianis." Vol. I.


mo cum matre sua.


fol. 59.)


thame, and is bundin and oblist to and his company, in doing of thair bring hame with him all thame of his lefull besynes, or utherwayes, within cumpany that ar on live, and ane tes- our realme, and in their passing, retimoniale of thame that ar deid ; And manyng, or away-ganging furth of the als the said Johnne hes the said Se- samyn, under the pane abone written; bastianis obligatioun, maid in Dun- And siclike, that ye command and fermling befor oure Maister Houssald, charge all skipparis, maisteris, and that he and his cumpany suld remane marinaris, of all schippis within our with him, and on na wyse depart fra realme, at all portis and havynnis him, as the samyn beris; In contrar quhair the said Johnne and his cumthe tenor of the quhilk, the said Se- pany sall happen to resort and cum, to bastiane, be sinister and wrang infor- ressave him and thame thairin, upoun matioun, fals relatioun, and circumven- thair expensis, for furing of thame tioun of ws, hes purchest our writingis, furth of our realme to the partis bedischargeing him, and the remanent of yon sey; as yow, and ilk ane of thame the personis, abone written, his com- siclike, will ansuer to ws thairupoun, plicis and part takeris of the said and under the pane forsaid. "SubJohnis cumpany, and with his gudis scruit with oure hand, and under oure takin be chame fra him, causis certane privie seile, at Falkland, the fivetene our liegis assist to thame and thair day of Februar, and of oure regne the opinionis, and to fortify and tak thair xxviii yeir. Subscript. per Regem. part aganis the said Johnne, thair lord ( Ex Registro Secreti Sigilli, vol. xiv. and maister ; Sua that he on na wyse can apprehend nor get thame, to haue thame hame agane within thair awin cuntre, eftir the

tenour of his said band, to his hevy dampnage and skaith, and Anent some Egyptianis.' in grete perrell of tynsell of his here

(Referred to at page 48.) tage, and expres aganis justice : OURE will is heirfor, and wecharge yow strait

Apud Ed!. 10 Novembris 1636. lie, and commandis, that incontynent, FORSAMEIKLE as Sir Arthure Dougthir our lettres sene, ye, and ilkane of las of Quhittinghame haveing latelie yow, within the boundis of your offi- tane and apprehendit some of the vaces, command and charge all our liegis, gabound and counterfut thieves and that nane of thame tak upon hand to limmars, callit the Egyptians, he preresett, assist, fortify, supplie, man- sentit and deliverit thame to the Shi. teine, defend, or tak part with the said reft principall of the shirefdome of Sebastiane and his complices abone Edinburgh, within the constabularie written, for na buddis, nor uthir way, of Hadinton, quhair they have remainaganis the said Johnne Faw, thair lord ed this month or thereby; And quhairand maister ; Bot that thai, and ye, in as the keeping of thame longer, within likewyse, tak and lay handis upoun the said tolbuith, is troublesome, and thame quhaireuir thay may be appre- burdenable to the toune of Hadinton, hendit, and bring thaim to him, to be and fosters the saids theives in ane opis punist for thair demeritis, conforme to nion of impunitie, to the incourageing his lawis ; and help and fortify him to of the rest of that infamous byke of puniss and do justice upoun thame for lawles limmars to continow in thair thair trespasses; and to that effect theivish trade; Thairfore the Lords of len to him youre presonis stokis, fet- Secret Counsell ordans the Sheriff of teris, and all uther things necessar Hadinton, or his deputs, to pronunce thereto, as ye and ilk ane of yow, and doome and sentence of death aganis so all utheris owre liegis, will ansuer to manie of thir counterfoot theives as ws thairupon, and under all hieast are men, and aganis so manie of the pane and charge that efter may follow; weomen as wants children ; Ordaning Sua that the said Johnne haue na caus the men to be hangit, and the weomen of complaynt heirupoun in tyme cum- to be drowned ; and that suche of the ing, nor to resort agane to us to that weomen as hes children to be scourgit effect, notwithstanding ony our writ- throw the burgh of Hadinton, and ingis, sinisterly purchest, or to be brunt in the cheeke; and ordans and purchest, be the said Sebastiane in the commands the provest and baillies of contrar ; And als charge all our liegis, Hadinton to caus this doome be execute that nane of thaim molest, vex, in- vpon the saids persons accordinglie. quiet, or trouble the said Johnne Faw (Ex Registro Secreti Concilii.)

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