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ta, and the other three will embark at Leg. He had not been long returned from his horn with the archduchess. M. Schreiber, tour in Egypt, Syria, and other southern director of the Imperial Cabinet of Natural regions. He has left many very curious anHistory, is appointed to write the account tiquities and interesting manuscripts His of the voyage. Messrs Spix and Martens, death was occasioned by a putrid fever, members of the Academy of Sciences at caught while examining the environs of anMunich, have joined the expedition. cient Ephesus.

By an agreement concluded by the courts At the end of May, the Bible Society of of Weimar and Gotha, the clear revenues St Petersburg held its fourth general meetof the university of Jena have been ang- ing at the palace of Tauride, under the mented to more than £3,500 Sterling-so presidency of Prince Gallitzin. From the that, with the other resources which it pos- report read on the occasion, it appears that sesses, it will in future enjoy an income ex. there are already more than a thousand so ceeding £5,500.

cieties engaged in distributing the Holy On the 3d of July, the Royal Academy of Scriptures among the lower classes of socie Berlin celebrated, by a public meeting, the ty; of these there are upwards of 100 in anniversary of Leibnitz, its founder. The Europe, and more than 200 in the other class of history and philology resolved to parts of the world. America contains about offer a prize of 100 ducats for the best his. 150, thirteen of which were founded by fe. torical and juridical account of the proceed- males. ings of the Athenian courts of justice, both The university of Dorpat in Livonja Dow in public and private causes. M. Bode numbers 300 students, some of whom come read a memoir on the newly discovered plan. from very remote parts of the empire, as ets, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, and well as from the provinces bordering on the produced a brass model, shewing the true Baltic. The buildings for the university position of their orbits in the solar system;

are finished. One is occupied by a philos and M. Uhden communicated some obser. phical cabinet, and another by the library, vations on the mortuary lists of the ancient containing nearly 30,000 volumes. In Etruscans.

these buildings have also been provided 5. The Journal of Augsberg, of the Sth ult. halls for public orations and other solemn

has published the following observations acts of the university. The professors hoid made in the observatory of that city : their lectures in a fine and spacious editioe ** On the 7th inst, at 42 minutes past eight situated on the Dornberg ; the anatomical in the evening, Professor Stark observed, theatre is arranged with taste. From amidst 'in a serene sky, a luminous band, of a the ruins of the ancient cathedral rises ano colour similar to the Milky Way, in the di- ther superb structure, one part of which con, rection of the head of Serpentarius, in the tains the museum, and the other serves for constellation Hercules ; and which, passing the university church. Professors Jäsche below the Northern Crown, and then be and Morgenstern are distinguished by their tween the tail of the Great Bear and the worth and erudition. In the Lounge, a head of the Little Bear, ended in the star reading-room, a stranger meets with all the Alpha of the Dragon. Its length was 71 scholars of Dorpat, and also the foreign degrees, and its breadth, almost every where literary, political, and philosophical jour, uniform, was two apparent diameters of the nals. moon. This phenomenon, which had a great resemblance to the prolongation which rapidly took place on the 13th of September M. Fontani, librarian at Florence, an1811, in the tail of the great comet, disap- nounces the speedy publication of the inpeared at 58 minutes past eight. From this edited Letters of Poggio, in two or thres moment until one o'clock in the morning, Svo volumes. He also purposes publishing the Professor observed that the nebulous the catalogue of the MSS. of the Riccardian part No 8 of the constellation of the Buck. library. This catalogue will occupy three ler of Sobiesky, when the luminous band or four folio volumes, each of which will had commenced, seemed to be surrounded cost the subscribers a ducat and a half. with an aurcola greater, more lively, and A letter from Rome, dated the 15th more sparkling, than usual.

May last, gives the following interesting The great spot or crevice, which appeared particulars relative to the antiquities lately on the 23 of July last on the sun's disk, discovered in that city : “ You have prodisappeared on the 4th of August. There bably heard of the discovery near Albano, were afterwards formed a great number of of an ancient burial-place, covered with the small spots, arranged in several groups, lava of the volcano which afterwards prowbich Professor Stark intends to describe duced the lakes of Albano and Nemi. At in a work which he proposes to publish very this place were found a great quantity of cases soon.

of terra cotta, containing others of a peculiar

form of the same material, also utensils, RUSSIA.

fibula of bronze, small wheels, and ashes of Letters from Constantinople of the 13th the dead. M. Alexander Visconti, in September 1816, announce the death of the dissertation read before the Archæological celebrated Russian traveller, Mr J. Richter. Academy, attributes them to the Aborigines.



It is certain, that as these vases were co known by that name; but the most likely vered with the lava they must be anterior opinion is, that it was the Comitium, or to the foundation of Alba Longa, which place to which the people resorted to vote was built after the extinction of the vol- for the acceptation of the senatus consulta,

-The excavations are continued at and the election of priests ; and this opinion, the Forum, as also on the declivity of the first advanced by Nardini, is daily rendered Capitol facing it. The Portuguese ambas more probable. There is every appearance sador, the Count de Funchal, a very in that the Forum will be entirely cleared--a telligent man and zealous antiquary, has work of very great interest for the topogracaused the ancient Clivus Capitolinus, or phy of Rome.Without the gate of St Sestreet which ascended from the Forum to bastian, near the Via Ardeatina, in a farm the Capitol, to be cleared at his own ex- belonging to the Duchess of Chablais, called pense. "The ancient pavement was found Tor Marancio, have been found a considerconstructed in the usual manner of Roman able number of ancient Mosaic pavements, pavements, of basaltine lava, which they antique paintings, and fragments of sculpcalled silex. The street ran from the arch ture. Inscriptions on the leaden pipes of Septimus, between the temples common which conveyed the water thither, seem to ly called those of Jupiter Tonans and of indicate that this was the villa of the Manu. 'Concord ; and in the distance of 140 feet tia Family. The pavements represent nobetween those two temples and the arch, thing but trellises or compartments, only there is a difference in the level of 13 feet, one of which displays different colours ; the which must have rendered the ascent very others generally are white or black. One inconvenient.--By the side of the temple of of these pavements is very remarkable : upJupiter Tonans, towards the Mamertine on it are seen the ship of Ulysses and the Syprison, the government has just cleared the rens, one of whom, with birds' feet, is playremains of an edifice hitherto totally un- ing on a lyre. In another part of it is repreknown, and highly decorated. It seems to sented Scylla, half woman, and half fish, have been destroyed by fire; but there is enfolding two men with her two tails, and still an ancient pavement formed of slabs of striking the water with a ship's rudder. Numidian, Phrygian, and African marble; The paintings decorate a small chamber, and many fragments and blocks of marble and are remarkable for the subject alone; which formed the decorations. They are of they represent three females of infamous the most exquisite workmanship, very deli. celebrity, but in the most decorous attitude. cate and very rich, which leads me to be. They are inscribed beneath: Pasiphae, lieve that the building was of the age of the Myrrha, and Canace. A fourth, whose Vespasians; and, since it is known that name is effaced, appears to be Scylla,” near the arch of Septimus stood the temple M. Michele Leoni has lately translated of Vespasian, I am inclined to attribute Goldsmith's Traveller into Italian verse. these relics to that edifice, especially as the In the preface to this version, which was trunks of two colossal statues have been published at Florence, the translator enfound there, one of an emperor, and the deavours to vindicate Italy against what he other of a female having the air of a Juno, terms the prejudices of the British poet. but who might possibly be an empress under that form. This, however, is but conjecture. Among these relics have been An American journal states, that Mr found fragments of columns of Numidian David Heath, jun. of New Jersey, has and Phrygian marble, which decorated the made a very important improvement in the interior of the cella. The walls were also steam engine, by which all accidents may faced with Phrygian and Carystian marble. in future be prevented. It consists in a new It is to be hoped that some inscription will contrivance of the boiler, by which a high remove all doubts on the subject, and de- temperature of the steam is obtained withtermine the use of the edifice. The column out the use of the condenser. The balance of Phocas is almost entirely cleared, at the wheel and the beain are rendered unnecesexpense of the Duchess of Devonshire, and sary, so that a whole engine of four horse under the direction of our mutual friend, power is reduced to the small space of 60 M. Akerblad. Two sepulchral inscriptions cubit feet. have been found here. They do not belong A remedy for the stone is stated to have to the column, and must have been brought been discovered in America by the following hither in the middle ages. A very interest. circumstance: A physician, who for twenty ing discovery has however been made re years had been afflicted with this painful specting this column, namely, that it was disorder, repaired two years ago to the meerected on a pyramid of steps, one of the dical springs at Bedford, in Pennsylvania, four sides of which is in good preservation. to make use of the waters. After taking It has been erroneously stated, that the them some time to no purpose, an African discoveries made near the edifice commonly negro offered to cure him for a few pounds. called the temple of Jupiter Stator, or the This offer he treated with contempt ; till at temple of Castor and Pollux, corroborate length finding that he could not long sùrthe idea, that these are the remains of the vive without relief, he sent for the negro, Museum. There was no edifice at Rome who disclosed the secret as the price of his VOL. I.

4 N


freedom, and the patient was cured in four thin slices, salt and bruise them between weeks. A quarter of a pint of the expressed two pewter plates. The horse-mint, howjuice of horse-mint, and a quarter of a pint ever, possesses the chief virtue, and a strong of red onion juice, are to be taken evening decoction of that alone will in general effect and morning till the cure is perfected. a cure, but the dose must of course be conWhite onions will not have the same effect siderably larger. as red. To obtain the juice, cut them in


LONDON. Messrs Cadell and Davies will shortly gress of the British Embassy through China, publish The History of the City of Dublin, and on its Voyage to and from that CounEcclesiastical, Civil, and Military, from the try in the years 1816 and 1817. The work earliest accounts to the present period ; its will be published in one volume 4to, illusCharters, Grants, Privileges, Extent, Popu- trated by maps and other engravings. lation, Public Buildings, Societies, Chari The Transactions of the Literary Society ties, &c. &c. extracted from the National of Bombay; Vol. I. in 4to. illustrated by Records, approved Historians, many curi. numerous engravings, will shortly appear. ous and valuable Manuscripts, and other We have again to announce the comauthentic materials ; by the late John mencement another of those useful colWarburton, Esq. Deputy-keeper of the Re- lections which are honourable testimonies of cords in Birmingham Tower ; the late Rev. the present general thirst of knowledge, by James Whitelaw; and the Rev. R. Walsh, the title of the Oxford Encyclopædia, or M. R. I. A. In 2 vols 4to, illustrated by Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General numerous views of the principal Buildings, Literature. It will be published in 25 parts, ancient and modern, maps of the City, &c. forming, when complete, five 4to. volumes.

Dr Robertson, who has resided some years One of the most important undertakings in the Ionian Islands, is printing a Concise in literature, which has for many years Grammar of the Romaic or Modern Greek claimed public attention, is on the point of Language, with Phrases and Dialogues on being completed : we allude to the twenty familiar subjects.

years' labours of Mr John Bellamy, on the The Official Journal of the late Captain Hebrew Scriptures. That gentleman has Tuckey, on a voyage of discovery in the now so far proceeded in this great work, Interior of Africa, to explore the source of that the first portion is about to be printed, the Zaira or Congo, with a complete survey and will be delivered to the subscribers at of the river beyond the cataracts, is in the one guinea per copy, before the conclusion press, and will speedily be published, in one volume 4to, printed uniformly with Park's, The Dramatic Works of the late Mr Barrow's, Adam's, and Riley's Travels in Sheridan, prefaced by a correct Life of the Africa ; with a large map, and other plates Author, derived from authentic materials, and wood cuts. This work will consist of are preparing for publication. an Introduction, stating the motives and ob Miss Lucy Aikin is preparing for the jects of the Expedition, the preparations for press, Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizait, the persons employed, some account of beth; comprising a minute view of her their literary biography, their unfortunate domestic life, and notes of the manners, death, and a summary deduction from the amusements, arts, and literature of her facts obtained on the voyage. This will be reign. The present work is composed upon followed by Captain Tuckey's Journal, which the plan of uniting with the personal history is complete as far as the cataracts of the of a celebrated female sovereign, and a con. Congo, and his Notes are carried on to the nected narration of the domestic events of farthest point of his progress. The Journal her reign, a large portion of biographical of Professor Smith will next be given ; and anecdote, private memoir, and tracts illusthe work will conclude with some General trative of an interesting period of English Observations on the Society, Manners, Lan- history. Original letters, speeches, and ocguage, &c. of the people of the Congo casional poems, are largely interspersed. Regions, and a General Account of the Nat. An Essay on the Chemical History and ural History

Medical treatment of Calculous Disorders, Lord Amherst's Mission to China. In with plates, by A. Marcet, M.D. F.R.S. is the press, A Journal of the Proceedings of in the press, and may be expected shortly. the Embassy to China ; by H. Ellis, Esq. Mr Richard Hand, glass-painter, proThird Commissioner of the Embassy. In poses to publish by subscription, a Practical 4to. with plates, maps, &c.

Treatise on the Art of Painting on Glass, Mr Clark Abel, Physician and Naturalist compiled and arranged from the original to the Embassy to China, has in the press, manuscripts of his late father, Richard Personal Observations made during the pro- Hand, historical glass-painter to his Majes.

of this year.

ty. The discoveries of modern chemistry, ready for publication, a Sequel to his Essay which have brought to our knowledge vari. on Yellow Fever. ous new metals and oxydes, which produce Zapolya, a dramatic poem, from the proby vitrification many beautiful colours ne lific pen of Mr Coleridge, is now in the cessary for painting on glass, and which press, and will appear in a few days. were unknown to the ancients, will be duly In October will appear, a Universal Hisnoticed, to correct an erroneous idea that tory, translated from the German of John they excelled in the art ; and, in opposition Müller, in 3 vols 8vo. It contains a philoto the mistaken notion, that the art has sophical inquiry into the moral, and more been lost, it will be clearly shewn that it especially the political causes which have has been continued to the present day, and given rise to the most important revolutions. that in former times it was never brought A History of St Domingo, from the earto the perfection it has now attained. The liest period to the present time, from the mistaken grounds on which the ancients are best authorities, is in preparation. supposed to have excelled in the art will be Miss Lefanu, the authoress of Strathallan, pointed out, and such positive proofs of their has in the press, a new Novel, entitled inferiority adduced, as will leave no fur- Helen Montergle. ther room for misconception on the subject. The Theological Works of Dr Isaac Bar

Dr Bancroft has in the press, and nearly row are printing at Oxford, in six 8vo vols.

EDINBURGH. The Poems of Ossian, in Gaelic, are in Church, Edinburgh. By Sir Henry Monthe press. They are reprinted from the crieff Wellwood, Bart. is in the press, in splendid Edition, in three volumes Svo; but one volume 8vo. without either the English or Latin Ver Letters of William, First Duke of Queenssions.

berry, Lord High-Treasurer of Scotland : The Lovers of Scottish Melody and Vocal with an Appendix, containing CorresponPoetry will be pleased to learn, that the dence of the Duke and Duchess of Laudersecond volume of Albyn's Anthology is in dale, Frances Stewart Duchess of Richthe press, and will be ready for delivery mond, the Earl of Perth, and other distinearly in the ensuing winter.

guished Individuals of the Scottish Nobili. Dr Buchanan will immediately put to ty, during the reigns of Charles the Second press an Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul. and his Brother. Published from the Ori. Dr Buchanan resided for several years in ginal, in the Editor's possession, and illusthat interesting country, during which time trated with portraits and fac-similes, in one he was indefatigably employed in collecting volume 4to. information relative to its Natural, Civil, History of Great Britain, from the Revoand Political Condition. The value and lution in 1688 to the French Revolution accuracy, as well as vast extent of Dr in 1789; by Sir James Mackintosh, M. P. Buchanan's Researches concerning India, L.L.D. F.R.S. are too well known not to make this work a Biographical Memoirs of Dr Matthew welcome present to the public.

Stewart, Dr James Hutton, and Professor The Rev. C. Maturin, author of the Tra- John Robison, read before the Royal Sogedy of Bertram, has in the press a Tale, ciety of Edinburgh, now collected into one in 3 vols.

volume, with some additional Notes; by An account of the Life and Writings of John Playfair F.R.S.L. & E. 8vo, with the late John Erskine of Carnock, D.D. three portraits. one of the Ministers of the Greyfriars'




styles ; by Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke, British Monachism, or Manners and Cus M.A. F.S.A. £3, 3$. toms of the Monks and Nuns of England ;

BIOGRAPHY to which are added-Peregrinatiorium Reli Dr Watkins' Memoirs of the Right Hon. giosum, or Manners and Customs of An- Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the second and cient Pilgrims; 2. Consuetudinal of Ancho- concluding part, 4to. £1, 118 6d. » rets and Hermits ; 3. Account of the Con

CHEMISTRY tinentes, or Women who had made vows of Chemical Amusement ; comprising a Chastity ; 4. Four select Poems, in various Series of curious and instructive Experi





ments in Chemistry; by Fred. Accum, Construction of a gay Flower Garden : operative chemist, 12mo. Śs.

with observations on the best method of

preventing the depredations of insects, &c. Considerations on British Commerce, with As. 6d. reference particularly to British India, the United States of America, and the Slave Reasons for a further Amendment of the Trade. 1s.

Act 54 Geo. III. c. 156, being an act to

amend the Copyright Act of Queen Anne; The Persian Hunters, or the Rose of by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. M.P. 2s.6d. Gurgestan : an Opera, in three acts, per A Treatise on the Law of Arbitration ; forming at the English Opera-house ; the with an Appendix of Precedents ; by Jas words by Tho. Noble, the music by Mr Stamford Caldwell of Lincoln's Inn, barHorn. 2s. 6d.

rister-at-law. 18s. The Bohemian ; a Tragedy, in five acts ; Supplement to a Treatise on Pleading ; by G. Soane, A. B. 45. Gd.

by J. Chitty, Esq. of the Middle Temple, EDUCATION.

barrister-at-law. *£1, 11s. 6d. The Schoolmaster's Assistant; or, the First Introduction to Geography, 4to. 7s. The Lunarian, or Seaman's Guide ; being containing twelve half-sheet copperplates. a practical introduction to the method of

Chrestomathia : Part I. Explanatory of ascertaining the longitude at sea by celesa school for the extension of the new sys- tial observations and marine chronometers ; tem of instruction to the higher branches, by E. Ward, teacher of Navigation, the for the use of the middling and higher Lunar Observations, &c. 6s, ranks: 1816, 8vo. Part II. Essay on No An unlimited Daily Calendar, serving menclature and Classification ; including for every year, both before and after the critical examination of Bacon's Encyclope. Christian era, and for the old and new dical Table, as improved by D'Alembert; Style; by J. Garnett. 6d. 1817: by Jeremy Bentham, Esq.

MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. A Key to Dr Noehden's Exercises for Experimental Inquiry into the Nature, writing German ; by J. R. Schultz. 3s. 6d. Cause, and Varieties of the Arterial Pulse,

Eight Familiar Lectures on Astronomy, and into certain other properties of the intended as an introduction to the Science, larger Arteries in Animals with warm Blood. for the use of young persons and others By C. H. Parry, M.D. F.R.S. 8s. not conversant with the mathematics : ac Medico Chirurgical Transactions, publishcompanied by plates, numerous diagrams, ed by the Medical and Chirurgical Society of and a copious index ; by Wm Phillips, London, Vol. VIII. Part I., 8vo. 10s. 6a. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

The Principles of Diagnosis. Part Se. Cornelius Nepos, with English Notes, and cond. The Diagnosis of the more general Questions, by the Rev. C. Bradley, M. A. Diseases of Adults; by Marshall Hall, for the use of schools, 12mo, on the plan of M.D., 8vo. 12s. his Phædus, Ovid, and Eutropius. 3s. 6d.

Anecdotes of remarkable Insects ; selec Quarterly Review, No XXXIII. 6s. ted from Natural History, and interspersed The Official Navy List for September. with Poetry ; by Joseph Taylor. 18mo. 1s. 6d. 3s. 68.

Mr Pope's Practical Abridgment of the

Custom and Excise Laws, relative to the The Genuine Works of William Ho Import, Export, and Coasting Trade of Great garth ; with biographical anecdotes, by Britain and her Dependencies ; including John Nicols, F. S. A. and the late George Tables of the Duties, Drawbacks, Bounties, Steevens, F.R.S. and F.S.A: containing and Premiums ; various other Matters, and Clavis Hogarthiana, and other illustrative an Index. The Third Edition, corrected to essays; with 50 additional Plates, Vol. III. Augrist 18, 1817, 8vo. £1, 11s. 6d...The 4to. £4, 4s.

possessors of Copies, dated November 1,

1816, may have the new matter separately. The Ægis of England, or the Triumphs Report from the Committee of the House of the late War, as they appear in the Thanks of Commons, on the employment of Boys of Parliament progressively voted to the in the Sweeping of Chimneys; together Navy and Army, with Notices, Biographical with the Minutes of Evidence, and an Apand Military. By Maurice Evans, 8vo. 14s. pendix. Published under the direction of large påper, £1, 8s.

the Society for superseding the necessity for Ăn Abridgment of Universal History to Climbing Boys. With Notes and Obserthe peace of Paris in 1763. By the Rev. vations; a complete List of Persons using E. W. Whitaker, 2 vols 4to. £8, 8s. the Machine, and a descriptive engraving of

Historical Account of the Battle of Wa. it, 8vo. 3s. 6d. terloo, drawn up from the first authorities by The Classical Journal, No XXXI. for William Mudford, Esq. Part IV. (and last) June 1817. Containing a variety of ClassiAto. £1, 11s. 6d.

cal, Biblical, and Oriental Literature, PubHORTICULTURAL.

lished Quarterly ; price 6s." In The Florist's Manual, or Hints for the "The Truth respecting England, or an Im




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