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daughter of the late Rear-Admiral Scott of

Springhill, Southampton.-22. Osmond Ri. May 28. At Hale Hall, the lady of John cardo, Esq. eldest son of David Ricardo, Ireland Blackburn, Esq. M. P. a son and Esq. of Gatcombe Park, Gloucester, to Harheir.–31. At Stappleton Park, the Right riet, youngest daughter of Robert H. Mal. Hon. Lady Sophia Witchcote, a son.

lory, Esq. Woodcote, co. Warwick.-24. Lately-At Balgray, parish of Cannobie, Edmund Phelps, Esq. to Anne Catherine, the wife of Edwarů Irving, of twins, mak Countess of Antrim.-29. Captain R. H. ing four children in eleven months.--At

Snead, Bengal cavalry, to Jane, youngest London, the lady of Colonel Carmichael daughter of the late William Dumber, Esq. Smith, R. E. a son. The lady of Robert

LatelyThe Right Hon. Lord George Michaelson,

Esq. of the Isle of Barra, a William Russell, second son of the Duke daughter.- The Right Hon. Lady Rivers, of Bedford, to Miss Elizabeth Anne Rawa daughter.

don, only child of the late Hon. John Raw. June 1. At Parkhouse, the lady of don, and niece to the Marquis of Hastings. Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon, a son. At 24, -Mr Milbank, to Lady Augusta Vane, Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs J. S. Ro

second daughter of the Earl of Darlington. bertson, a son.--2. The lady of James June 2. At Stratforth, near Barnard Ker, Esq. younger of Blackshiels, a son. Castle, Mr C. Addison, to Miss F. Bow. At Pennycuick House, the lady of Sir This lady had been long detained a George Clerk, Bart. a daughter.-3. At prisoner in the seraglio of the Dey of AlKnowel farm, Sussex, the wife of Major- giers, from which she lately made her eGeneral Beatson, a son.-4. At Mussel- scape.-3. At London, Sigismund, Marquis burgh, the lady of Major Dodds, late of the de Nadaillac, son of the Duke d’Escars, Royal Scots, a son. At the Chateau de

to C. Maria, daughter of Mr Mitchell, Neuilly, the Duchess of Orleans, a daughter. Charles' Street, Berkley Square.-4. At

-5. At Whitehouse, Mrs L. Horner, a Edinburgh, Mr Adam Black, bookseller, daughter.—10. At St Omers, the lady of

to Isabella, only daughter of James Tait, Captain Bonnycastle, royal engineers, a Esq.At Warkworth, the Rev. Thomas daughter.-11. At Edinburgh, Mrs Molle Erskine, son of J. F. Erskine, Esq. of Marr, of Mains, a daughter. At London, Lady

to Charlotte, daughter of the late Major Elizabeth Campbell, the lady of the Right Watson, 61st regiment.-5. At Broughton Hon. J. F. Campbell, a son and heir.-16.

Park, Edinburgh, Capt. Robert Clephane, The lady of Sir Robert Dick of Preston

R. N. to Anne, daughter of the late Archifield, Bart. a daughter.-17. At Rosebank

bald Borthwick, Esq.At Pittenweem, House, the lady of Kenneth Macleay, Esq. William Scott, Esq. stockbroker, London, of Newmore, a son.-18. Lady Flint, a son. to Miss Anne E. Nairne, youngest daugh-20. At Brignall Vicarage, near Greta ter of the Rev. Dr Nairne of Clermont. -6. Bridge, the Hon. Mrs Kilvington, a son.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Easton, to Miss 21. At Ruchill, the lady of William Baillie, Margaret Smith.-7. At Drummuie, L.ieut.Esq. of Polkemmet, a son.-26. At Dal.

Col. J. G. Ross, 2d West India regiment, housie Castle, the Right Hon. Lady Robert to Barbara, second daughter of the late Ker, a daughter. At Rotterdam, Mrs Rev. Dr Bethune of Dornock.-9. At William Jay, a son.-27. At Findrack, Mrs

Lisbon, William Traill, Esq. of WoodFraser, a son.-28. In Hanover Street, wick, Orkney, to Miss Sarle, daughter of Edinburgh, the lady of Dr Irving, deputy Charles Sarle, Esq. of Lisbon.-10. At inspector of hospitals, a son.—29. At Craw

Howden, Alexander Cleghorn, Esq. inspectfurdland Castle, the lady of William Howi. or-general of imports and exports for Scotson Crawford, Esq. a daughter.-30. At

land, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Tho. Inverness, the lady of Andrew M.Farlane, Farquharson, Esq. of Howden.--14. At Esq. a son.

Montrose, the Right Hon. the Earl of Kintore, to Miss Juliet Renny, third daughter of the late Robert Renny, Esq. of Borrow

field. 16. At the Manse of Anstruther May 15. Henry Blount, Esq. son of Wester, Lieutenant Charles Gray of the Michael Blount, Esq. of Mapledurham, royal marines, to Jessie, daughter of the Oxon, to Eliza, fourth daughter of the late late Thomas Carstairs, Esq. of King's Lord Petre.-Colonel MacMahon of Tho Barns.—At Largnean, George Whitehorn mond, French consul at Cork, and knight Lawrence, Esq. to Jane Fordyce, eldest of the order of St Louis, to Mary, third daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. Wight of daughter of Thomas Austin, Esq. of Water Chapelearne.--17. At Greenock, Mr Wil. fall, .co. Cork.-19. Francis Whitmarsh, liam Carrick, merchant, Glasgow, to Mary, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Caroline Winston, second daughter of Mr Daniel M‘Lachlan,


merchant, Greenock.-20. At Edinburgh, the restoration of the Pope, his funeral was Count Flahault, to the Hon. Miss Mercer attended by all the Cardinals. His riches Elphinstone of Aldie.—21. At London, are left to a brother, who is in the church, Charles Pasley, Esq. major in the service and resident in France.-14. At London, of the Hon. East India Company, and late Joseph Alder, Esq. of the firm of Hazard, charge-d'affaires at the Court of Persia, on Burne, and Co. Royal Exchange. 16. At the part of the Supreme Government of Barley Wood, Mrs Sarah More, sister of India, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late the celebrated Mrs Hannah More.At Simon M‘Tavish of Montreal, Canada, and Brighton, in her 22d year, Right Hon. Dunadry, N.B.-23. At Lancaster, Captain Lady Frances Browne, sister of the Earl of Wilson, R. N. son of the late Judge Kenmore.-16. Off Cape Finisterre CapWilson of Howe, to Dorothea, daughter of tain Robert Foulis Preston of the Euphrates Charles Gibson, Esq. of Quermore Park, frigate, aged 33. At Bath, the Countess Lancashire.-24. At London, Charles Shaw of Newcommon.--23. At Gort, co. Galway, Lefevre, jun. eldest son of Charles Shaw in his 76th year, the Right Hon. John PenLefevre, Esq. M. P. of Heckfield, South- dergast Smyth, Viscount Gort, governor amptonshire, to Emma Laura, youngest of the county of Galway.-- At Pittodrie, daughter of the Right Hon. Lady Eliza- Aberdeenshire, the wife of Lieut.-Col. beth Whitbread.-30. The Rev. Henry Erskine of Pittodrie.-26. In the 82d year Wastell of Newborough, Northumberland, of his age, Thomas Salt, Esq. of Litchfield, to Anne, second daughter of Thomas Hen- father of Henry Salt, Esq. his Majesty's derson, Esq. chamberlain of Edinburgh. consul-general for Egypt.-28. At Dundee,

aged 60, Ebenezer Anderson, Esq. late

agent for the Bank of Scotland there. DEATHS.

June 2. At the advanced age of 108, CaMarch 13. At Sydney, Mr Walter Lang, therine Prescott of George Leigh Street, merchant, Van Diemen's Land, son of the Manchester. She retained her faculties in deceased Walter Lang, Esq. late one of the a wonderful degree, having learned to read magistrates of Glasgow.

her Bible, without the aid of spectacles, April 10. At Montreal, Lower Canada, partly in the Lancasterian School, and partRev. J. Mountain, D. D. brother of the ly in the St Clement's Sunday School in Bishop of Quebec, rector of Montreal and that town, since she was 100 years of age. of Peldon, Essex.-25. At Paris, W. Au -At Brompton, J. Adams, Esq. late of gustus Miles, Esq. formerly private secre Peterwell, Cardiganshire, and formerly M.P. tary to the late Right Hon. William Pitt. for Carmathen, aged 71.-4. At Brucefield ---26. At Vanceville, Virginia, John Pol- House, Clackmannanshire, Mrs Elizabeth lock, Esq. of Logie Green, W. S.-28. At Johnstone, wife of Lieut.-Col. Dalgleish of the Peace and Unity Hospital, Durham, Dalbeath, aged 44.-5. At Bath, in the 88th aged 101, Mrs Anne Dinsdale, who had year of her age, Lady Riddell, widow of been a widow 66 years. When 99, she the late Sir James Riddell, Bart. of Ardnahad the misfortune to have her thigh bone murchan and Sunart, Argyleshire.--At broken, of which she was cured in the in- Myrehead, Maj.-Gen. George Dyer of the firmary; and about six weeks previous to royal marines.-8. The Rev. Alexander her death, she had her shoulder dislocated, Macadam, minister of Nigg, Ross-shire, in of which she had also recovered.

the 69th year of his age.-9. At Brechin, May 10. In the House of Industry, in the 80th year of his age, Joseph Lowe, Chester; aged 39, Mr James Lewis, late of M. D.-12. At Larkfield, Robert Jamieson, the Chester, Glasgow, Haymarket Theatres, Esq. one of the magistrates of Glasgow.-&c. Improving the characteristic of his At Kilwinning, the Rev. Robert Smith, late profession hastened his death.

He was

minister of the gospel at Auchinleck, in the an actor of considerable reputation. At 84th year of his age, and 57th of his minisAntigua, aged 76, John Otto Bayer, Esq. try.-13. At Edgeworthstown, Ireland, a member of council in that island, and Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq. father of formerly in the 82d regiment.--At Rome, the celebrated Miss Edgeworth.-15. At the celebrated Cardinal Maury, who was Roseneath, in the 83d year of his age, Mr in some measure under Bonaparte, and James M‘Ewan, late one of the magistrates during the captivity of the Pope, the head of of Glasgow.–At Chauteau de la Challiere, the catholic church. He fancied he saw a near Lausanne, Mrs Stratford Canning, change of colour in his lips, that denoted wife of his Majesty's envoy-extraordinary, his having swallowed poison ; and by tak- and minister plenipotentiary to the Swiss ing counterpoisons he killed himself. He cantons.-18. In Buccleuch Place, Edinlived the life of a miser, and persuaded burgh, Mrs Jane Moodie, wife of Mr Chas. himself that he was conspired against by Moodie the Exchequer.--19. At Piersall mankind. He was born at Vaurias, hill Barracks, Edinburgh, the lady of Major near Avignon, 26th June 1746, and had Charles Irvine of the 6th dragoon guards. been created a Cardinal by Pius VI. 21st -20. While the tragedy of Jane Shore was February 1792. Although rather in dis- performing at the Leeds Theatre, in the grace since the downfall of his master and part of Dumont, Mr Cummins, that highly



respected veteran, had just repeated the be teem. Among the many instances of his nedictory words,

well-directed munificence and patriotism, “ Be witness for me, ye celestial hosts, may be mentioned an hospital, which he Such mercy, and such pardon, as my soul founded and liberally endowed some years Accords to thee, and begs of Heaven to shew ago in the county of Durham, for a con

siderable number of aged persons, with a May such befall me,

my latest hour”

school attached for a large establishment of when he fell down on the stage, and in. boys and girls. In 1795, Mr Russel was stantly expired. The performance, of prominently instrumental in raising a large course, immediately closed.

For some body of infantry in the county of Durham, time, Mr Cummins (the circumstances of to the expense of which he mainly contriwhose death so nearly resemble those of Mr buted ; and subsequently, at the cost of Palmer) had laboured under that alarming several thousand pounds, entirely borne by malady designated by the name of ossifica- himself, he raised and equipped a numerous tion of the heart, or a change from the corps of sharp-shooters, esteemed one of the membraneous into a boney substance ; and most complete in the kingdom. During to this circumstance, added to the strength the late distresses, and up to the moment of his feelings in the mimic scene, his death of his death, he received and maintained is to be attributed.-21. George Leith, Esq. the poor, coming from all quarters, in barof Overhall, co. Aberdeen, and Bladud's racks constructed for the purpose, where Buildings, Bath. He was paying a morn every requisite comfort and accommodaing visit at the house of Robert Aberdein, tion was provided for them, while he kept Esq. when he fell from his chair and in alive their habits of industry, by employing stantly expired.-23. At Edinburgh, Pa such as were able in various works upon his trick Orr, Ksq. of Bridgeston.--At London, extensive estates. In short, it appeared the Right Hon. Dowager Viscountess Here that the chief gratification arising to him ford. At London, Mr Samuel Horracks of from the immense possessions which the Bread Street, aged 35.–24. At Edinburgh, honourable application of his talents had Mrs Jean Sommerville, relict of William accumulated, was the power they bestowDonald, Esq. late merchant in Greenock.- ed of more completely discharging the 25. At Ayr, Mrs Campbell, wife of Dugald duties of a good subject and a practical Campbell, Esq. of Skerrington, and daugh. Christian. He has left a widow, the daughter of the late Hon. William Baillie of Pol. ter of the late Admiral Milbanke; one son, kemmet.-26. At West Calder, Mrs Muck, Mat. Russel, Esq. M. P. for Saltash ; and ersy, wife of the Rev. John Muckersy, mi two daughters, one of whom is married to nister of that parish.—27. At Deal, Mr Lieut.-Col. Banbury, and the other to LieutAlexander Henry Hamilton of his Majesty's Gen. Sir Gordon Drummond, G. C. B.-ship Severn, eldest son of Daniel Hamilton, In St Giles's Workhouse, Thomas Wicham Esq. of Gilkerscleugh.-30. At Inveresk Kent, a very interesting old man, whose House, Dame Henrietta Johnstone, wife of hard fate has for several years past excited Sir James Gardiner Baird of Saughtonhall, the commiseration of many persons connectBart.-At Flemington Mill, James Murray, ed with the arts, from believing him to be Esq. of Craigend.

the natural son of a Peer, the grandfather Lately At Clifton, Lady Cosby, wife of of a Duke. He used to say he was born at Lt.-Gen. Sir H. Cosby of Barnesville Park, Bradwell, near Tideswell in Derbyshire, in Gloucestershire, daughter of the late S. El. 1744; had a good education given him ; liot, Esq. of Antigua, and eldest sister of and at a proper age was articled to Mr Josthe late Countess of Errol, the present Lady eph Wilton, a celebrated statuary of the Le Despenser, and Mrs Cambden Cope.- day; and having acquired proficiency in At Brookehill, Woolwich, (at the house this art, went to Rome to complete his studies. of his brother, Captain Napier, R. A.) For many years afterwards he was employVernon Napier, Esq. youngest son of the ed in the shops of several of our first artists ; late J. Napier, Esq. of Tintonhall, Somer. but this employment somewhat failing him, set.- Mary, the wife of Gen. J. Leveson and being a proficient in music, about the Gower, second daughter of the late P. Broke year 1795 he entered into the band of the of Broke's Hall in Nacton, and sister to 101st regiment, in which he remained till Sir P. B. V. Broke, Bart. captain of the about 1800 ; after which, for a short time, Shannon.-In York Place, Baker Street, in he kept a plaster figure shop in Whetstone his 73d year, William Lewis, Esq. former Park, near Holborn. About a year ago he ly of the East India company's civil ser became too infirm to make his accustomed vice, and member of the Council at Bom- calls on the private benefactors, by whom bay.At Brancepath Castle, Durham, in he has for some years been chiefly support. his 83d year, W. Russel, Esq. whose mild ed, and some of whom are believed to have and amiable qualities had not less endear- tried every effort to get him provided for in ed him to his family and friends, than his a more appropriate way than in the comgenuine benevolence and public spirit had mon workhouse ; but at last starvation entitled him to universal respect and es. drove him thereto.

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No V.

AUGUST 1817.


sey Chief


Contents. ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Margaret Barclay, accused of Witch. Observations on “ Macbeth and King



Bond Alliance betwixt the Earls of Richard III., an Essay, in Answer to Remarks on some of the Characters of

Huntly, Marischall, and Errol,1543...

ib. Shakspeare ; by J. P. Kemble.”comma 456 Cursory Remarks on Music, especially

Letters from Montrose, Queensberry, &c. on the Sources of the Pleasure which

to Grahame of Claverhouse.com.499-500 it communicates. (Concluded from

Leith Bath Stove, an old handbillancom ib. page 347.Jo.com


Some Account of Billy Marshall, a Gyp Lines written in a Highland Glencomm.501

The Widowed Mother.com

ib. Fragment of a Literary Romance. (Con

Sonnet on the Spirit of Domestic Haptinued from page 387. Jannonsensom...465


mwib. Account of a Thunder Storm in the

To a Young Lady caressing her neighbourhood of Leadhills, Lanark

Infant Brother

502 shire, by Mr J. Braid, Surgeonmon. 471

To a revered Female Relative... ib. On the Exportation of Cotton Yarn....472

To an Infidel..

ib. On the Education of the Children of the

Friendship Poor 474 Lines on the Grave of a Child.

ib. Reply to the Article “ On Sitting below REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS.

the Salt, and the Stewarts of Allan Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance. ton ;"_Vindication of the Accuracy By Thomas Moore. (Concluded from of the Author of the " Memorie of the

page 285. ). comme

---503 Somervilles ;” with a veritable State Elements of the Natural History of the ment of the Original Ancestry of the Animal Kingdom. By Chas Stewart 510 Family of Allanton...

mm... 476
Modern Greece, a Poem.com

m515 Amber found imbedded in Limestone, Ewing's Geography and Atlas oma....mw519

in the Province of Santander in Spain 483 Harrington, a Tale : Ormond, a Tale. Nugæ Literariæ. (1. The Black Prince. By Maria Edgeworth

II. Spencer. III. Quaintness of Ex LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC pression. IV. Stage Directions. ) ... 484 INTELLIGENCE..

523 Account of Cromlix, or Dunblane Min WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION 527

eral Spring, and a Descriptive Sketch MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICAof the Scenery in the Vicinity, &c.com

485 TION Scommencemarcaramanmanananaw..529 Sketches of Foreign Scenery and Manners, No III.awna



FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE amaranom -531 Maritime Discoveries in Australasia... 493




Promotions and Appointments... 549 Sale of Lands in the Thirteenth Century 496 Commercial Report

-551 • Commissioun for Examinating of Agricultural Reportaan

-554 Witcheis,'--1591 .....

Meteorological Report

-556 Commission for trying John Stewart and Births, Marriages, and Death smaranno -557



To whom Communications (post paid ) may be addressed ;

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The three following articles have been unavoidably delayed; but they are already in types, and will not fail to enrich our next Number : “ Memoir of James Grahame, author of the Sabbath,”—“ The Evils of Inconstancy, illustrated by the History of a Scots Tutor,”—and “ Remarks on the Study of some Branches of Natural History."

In our next will also appear a short notice of Colonel William Cleland, with extracts from his poems printed in 1697 ;-Conclusion of the article concerning the Scottish Gypsies ;-Continuation of the Remarks on Greek Tragedy ;and Reviews of “ Poetical Epistles and Translations,"-of “ Dramatic Tales, by the author of the Poetic Mirror,”—and of Byron's “ Lament of Tasso.”

We have received a very able paper under the signature of P. M., but as the subjects of which it treats appear rather to belong to one particular class of Periodical Works than to a General Miscellany, and as the writer acknowledges that the substance of it has already been given in several other publications, we have some doubts in regard to the propriety of inserting it, and it is for the present postponed.

We ought to have acknowledged in our last the receipt of two papers on the subject of Mr J. P. Kemble's merits as an Actor, one of them drawn up with very considerable fairness and ability. These, and an article “ On Popular Notions,” are now under consideration.

Another paper has been sent us in answer to “ Candidus," on the genealogy of the Stewarts of Allanton; but we are half afraid of enlarging further on such subjects, since a reverend person, under the signature of Haggai M'Briar, seems very much displeased with what papers of this sort we have already published, and exhorts us, in somewhat imperious language, “ rather to insert a few simple recipes, useful in household economy,” such as his “ daughter Martha's improved method of brewing ginger beer," &c.; and, in words of more grave authority, admonishes us “ to avoid foolish questions, fables, and endless genealogies, and contentions and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.”

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