The Owl and the Nightingale: An Early English Poem Attributed to Nicholas de Guildford, with Some Shorter Poems from the Same Manuscript, Tom 11

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Thomas Wright
Percy Society, 1844 - 84
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Strona 36 - said the Doctor, 'do you pretend to be paid for such a piece of work ? Why, you have spoiled my pavement, and then covered it over with earth, to hide your bad work ! ' ' Doctor ! ' said the paviour, ' mine is not the only bad work the earth hides.
Strona 50 - Twango. And thus the first scene is acted. The cup being newly replenished to the breadth of an haire, he that is the pledger must now beginne his part, and thus it goes round throughout the whole company, provided...
Strona 84 - ... now mentioned, because no man more thoroughly redeemed his lost time, nor more sincerely regretted the extravagances of his youthful days, than did Sir Alexander Croke in afterlife. Having, during his residence in the university, entered at the Inner Temple, he took up his residence there in 1780; and it would seem that during the time passed in London, he improved, by a more diligent study of ancient as well as modern writers, the learning he had previously gained at school and in the university....
Strona 8 - He is him ripe and fastrede, Ne lust him nu to none un-rede ; Nu him ne lust na more pleie, He wil gon a rijte weie." The ni3tingale was al 3are Ho had i-lorned wel aiware :
Strona viii - ... their death, whether it were by the grievousness of their wounds, or by the lack of knowledge of the surgeons ; and we, according to our commandment, made search through all the camp, and found many of the same good fellows, which took upon them the name of surgeons, — not only the names, but the wages also.
Strona 10 - Shops, they are (almost) never without company, that from morning till night are still taking of Tobacco, what a number are there besides, that doe keepe houses, set open shoppes, that have no other trade to live by, but by the selling of Tobacco.
Strona 42 - Wei sori-mod and worth ich sitte, Wan ich i-seo that sum wrechede Is manne neh, innoh ich grede, Ich bidde that men beon i-warte, An habbe gode reades 3arte. 122° For Alfred seide a wis word, Euch mon hit schulde legge on hord, ' 3ef thu i-sihst [him er] he beo i-cume, His strncthe is him wel neh bi-nume.
Strona 39 - I remember a pretty iest of Tobacco, that was this. A certain Welchman comming newly to London, and beholding one to take tobacco, neuer seeing the like before, and not knowing the manner of it, but perceiuing him vent smoake so fast, and supposing his inward parts to be on fire ; cried out O Jhesu, Jhesu man, for the passion of Cod hold, for by Cods splud ty snowts on fire, and hauing a bowle of beere in his hand, threw it at the others face to quench his smoking nose.
Strona 8 - Idole-maker, then to the Idole it selfe ; now, (vnder the correction of diuinitie), I would but demaund what are these puppet-making Taylers that are euery day inuenting of newe fashions ? and what are these that they doe call Attyre-makers ? the first inuenters of these monstrous periwygs ? and the finders out of many other like immodest attyres? what are these and all the rest of these fashion mongers? the inuenters of vanities that are euery day whetting their wits to finde out those gaudes that...

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