Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay, Tom 1

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Carey and Hart, 1842
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Strona 361 - nor write to her. I drive her quite from my mind. If I meet with one of her letters, I burn it instantly. I have burnt all I can find. I never speak of her, and I desire never to hear of her more. I drive her, as I said, wholly from my mind.
Strona 28 - I despise nothing that is good of its sort ; but I am too proud now to eat of it. Sitting by Miss Burney makes me very proud to-day !' ' Miss Burney,' said Mrs. Thrale, laughing, ' you must take great care of your heart if Dr. Johnson attacks it ; for I assure you he is not often successless.
Strona 421 - ... if Mrs. Schwellenberg is alone, I never quit her for a minute, till I come to my little supper at near eleven. Between eleven and twelve my last summons usually takes place, earlier and later occasionally. Twenty minutes is the customary time then spent with the queen: half an hour, I believe, is seldom exceeded. I then come back, and after doing whatever I can to forward my dress for the next morning, I go to bed — and to sleep, too, believe me: the early rising, and a long day's attention...
Strona 27 - She then received me, taking both my hands, and with mixed politeness and cordiality welcoming me to Streatham. She led me into the house, and addressed herself almost wholly for a few minutes to my father, as if to give me an assurance she did not mean to regard me as a show, or to distress or frighten me by drawing me out. Afterwards she took me...
Strona 88 - Linley was with her ; she is very handsome, but nothing near her sister : the elegance of Mrs. Sheridan's beauty is unequalled by any I ever saw, except Mrs. Crewe.* I was pleased with her in all respects. She is much more lively and agreeable than I had any idea of finding her : she was very gay, and very unaffected, and totally free from airs of any kind.
Strona 37 - is fond of his ' Vicar of Wakefield : ' and so am I ; — don't you like it, sir? " " No, madam, it is very faulty ; there is nothing of real life in it, and very little of nature. It is a mere fanciful performance.
Strona 151 - This was their brother, a most lovely boy of ten years of age, who seems to be not merely the wonder of their family, but of the times, for his astonishing skill in drawing.* They protest he has never had any instruction, yet showed us some of his productions that were really beautiful.
Strona 384 - I believe not, sir," answered Mrs. Delany ; " at least, she does not tell ?" " Oh !" cried he, laughing, " that's nothing ! she is not apt to tell ; she never does tell, you know ! — Her father told me that himself. He told me the whole history of her Evelina. And I shall never forget his face when he spoke of his feelings at first taking up the book ! — he looked quite frightened, just as if he was doing it that moment ! I never can forget his face while I live !" Then coming up close to me,...
Strona 53 - Levat, madam, is a brutal fellow, but I have a good regard for him ; for his brutality is in his manners, not his mind.
Strona 89 - ... and fashionable, without the smallest tincture of foppery or modish graces. In short, I like him vastly, and think him every way worthy his beautiful companion. And let me tell you what I know will give you as much pleasure as it gave...

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