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mence, at once, that course which will lead to eternal life by “keeping the commandments.” If your feelings are not in all things what they should be, your conscientious discharge of the duties of life will tend to bring them into frames which will fit you for the happiness of heaven.

Finally, the ordinary duties of life seem to derive a dignity and an importance from the views which have been presented, from being regarded as the means of spiritual improvement. We may rejoice and thank God that the most ignorant and simple-minded Christian, while conscientious in the discharge of all duty, is, in reality, although perhaps himself unconscious of the process, preparing his soul for heaven and for spiritual joy. And then, too, we may rejoice and thank God, that when, in his Providence, the more refined and intellectual are brought to the performance of the dry details of ordinary and seemingly unimportant duties, they may perceive in them a glory and a dignity, made manifest by the light, which shines upon them from the spiritual and eternal world. Are you reduced to poverty and compelled to forego the pleasures of the intellect and the taste, while you engage in wearisome bodily labor ? Remember that the severest drudgery, the most menial service, when performed from a regard to the will of God, and in obedience to the principles of the Gospel, gathers around it a dignity and a glory, far surpassing the splendid deeds of earth's admiration The widowed mother, who toils on, day after day, in the exercise of a mother's love for her children, that she may train them for God, in the exercise of a cheerful trust in the wisdom and goodness of God's overruling Providence, and in a conscientious endeavor to obey the precepts and cherish the spirit of the Gospel, although her employment may be regarded as humble in its character, is invested, in the

eye of reason and of Christianity, with far more true spiritual dignity, than the most splendid of the votaries of fashion, or the slaves of idleness. The wife, who by domestic labors cheers and sustains her husband in his embarrassments, and in his efforts to recover from them, and who cheerfully submits to the deprivations which are required in her straitened circumstances, maintains in the eye of reason and of Christianity, a truly glorious character, when compared with one who is the reverse of all this. And not only so, but the wife and the mother, amidst these trials, deprivations and labors, is acquiring the Christian graces of character, and is training her own soul for heaven, by her conscientious discharge of duty, more effectually and more rapidly than the most devoted attendant upon its repeated religious exercises.

Let us ever bear it in mind, then, that this life is but the preparatory school for another; that the various duties of life are to be regarded as the instruments of spiritual progress; and that a conscientious discharge of all the ordinary duties of life, tends, in its natural influence upon the soul, to fit it for the enjoyment of heavenly happiness; that we live for Heaven, when we live for Duty.

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