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Dr. Chalmers’s Helper - Condition of Glasgow - Irving's political

Sentiments—State of the Country in general — Irving's Confidence
in the Radicals The Calton Weavers Chalmers and Irving –
Incessant Labours - The Parish of St. John-Its Autocrat - The
Shoemaker—“He kens about Leather"-Apostolic Benediction –
Intercourse with the Poor A Legacy – The Help of a Brother
—“It's no himsel”—Two Presbyters— The Pedlar—“A man on
Horse” — The Howies — Holiday Adventures — Simplicity of
Heart — Solemnity of Deportment - Convicts in Glasgow Jail —
Irving patronised by the Office-bearers — In the Shade -- His
Loyalty and Admiration The bright Side — The dark Side -
Missionary Projects renewed – The Caledonian Chapel, Hatton
Garden — Letter of Recommendation — Favourable Prognostica-
tions - Irving desires to go to London His Pleasure in his Re-

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Failure of Health – Determination to do his work thoroughly -

Proposes to write a Missionary Sermon For Missionaries
after the Apostolical School — The wandering Apostle — Con-
sternation of the Audience — Wrath of the religious World
- A Martyr-Missionary - Publication of the Oration - An
Exeter Hall Meeting - Protest against the Machinery of Evan-
gelism - Dedication to Coleridge - Lavish Acknowledgments -

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Wanderings among the Hills – An Apostolical Journey - Annan -

Incidents of a Stage-coach Journey - Arrival at Home - Com-
mencement of Journal-letters - Morning Worship — Historical
Reading — Bishop Overall’s Convocation Book ---"Idolatry of the
Memory” – Devotion and Study — Visions of the Night -
Breakfast Party - A Day in the City - Book-stalls - Christian
Counsel - In Faintness and Fervour “For the Consolation of
Edward's Mother"— The Secret of Fellowship — Influence of the
Landscape - Wisdom and Power - Prayers for the Absent -
Interceding for the people — A Sunday's Services — Exposition

Sermon — Evening Service His Responsibility as Head of
the Household At Home- Scottish Adventurers The Priest
and his Catechumens—Two Sisters-A Companion for his Isabella
- A Son from the Lord — Weariness - A Spirit full of In-
spirations Returns to the Convocation Book Study - A Re-

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union of Young Christians - Self-denial in Religious Conver-
sation — “A very rich Harvest” – Temptations of Satan
Pastoral Visits A Sick-Bed — Correggio's “St. John"
Prayers — Ecclesiasticus — Deteriorating Effect of a Great City
— Two London Boys - A logical Companion — Sunday Ser-
vices — Want of Faith – Little Edward's Ministry — An Intel-
lectualist — Influence of Custom Remonstrance about Length
of Services - The Peace-Offering - Philanthropy - The Mys-
tery of the Trinity - Missionaries - Readings in Hebrew -
Letters of Introduction - The Church as a House - Simple and
un provided Faith — Funeral Services — The Twelfth Day of
the Month Sunday Morning — Presentiments — True Brother-
hood The prodigal Widow - Undirected Letters - A London
Sponging-house — Joseph in Prison -- From House to House –

Christian Intercourse Domestic Worship — A Death-bed —A
Good Voyage — The Theology of Medicine — The Glory of God

- Huskiness about the Heart — The Spirit of a Man — Different

Forms of the worldly Spirit — Try the Spirits — A Benediction to

the Absent – Visions of the Night - Sunday - The Ministry of

Women · Morning Visitors A Dream - Sceptics — The Four

Spirits - Religious Belles - Best Manner of contending with

Infidelity — A subtle Cantab — A Circle of Kinsfolk - Pleasures

of the Table : Pea-soup and Potatoes The Spirit of a former

Age The lost Sheep — The Influence of the Holy Spirit —

New Testament History of the Church — The Sons of God and

the Daughters of Men Wisdom Farewell Counsels — A

Funeral The Joy of Grief — Management — Deterioration

The New Church Ministerial Liberty — Dreams of Edward

The Spirit of Prayer — "My Dumfriesshire" – Paralytic in

Soul - Under-current of Thought during Prayer — Money, the

universal Falsehood - Lessons in Spanish — The Wings of Love

- Parables — Tokens of God's Blessing — Irving's Anxiety about

his Wife's Journey - A young

Visitor · A “Benedict” – Evils

of Formality — Benediction — Irving's only Journal Page 249

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1826 - 1827.

The Headship of Christ - A Baptized Christendom — Expansion -

Ben-Ezra The Spanish Jesuit Irving's Consistency – A
Christian Nation — Political Opinions — Rest and Relaxation
Beckenham His “ Helper meet for him ” - The Hibernian
Bible Society - Albury – Henry Drummond – Conference for
the Study of Prophecy — Concerning the Second Advent – A

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