The Life of Edward Irving, Minister of the National Scotch Church, London: Illustrated by His Journals and Correspondence, Tom 1

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Hurst and Blackett, 1862
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Strona 34 - was in his native town of Annan. He was fresh from Edinburgh, with college prizes, high character and promise : he had come to see our schoolmaster, who had also been his. We heard of famed professors, of high matters classical, mathematical, a whole wonderland of knowledge ; nothing but joy, health, hopefulness without end looked out from the blooming young man.
Strona 110 - I will preach to them if you think fit," he is reported to have said ; " but if they bear with my preaching, they will be the first people who have borne with it!" In this spirit, with the unconscious humility of a child, sorry not to satisfy his judges, but confessing the failure which he
Strona 163 - Therefore came I unto you without gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for. I ask you, therefore, for what intent you have sent for me
Strona 148 - because alone together; and therefore doubly dutiful to Him who is the husband of the widow, and the Father of the fatherless. I have sent this under cover to my friend
Strona 177 - from more than ten years' meditation upon the subject, that the chief obstacle to the progress of divine truth over the minds of men, is the want of its being sufficiently presented to them. In this Christian country there are perhaps nine-tenths of every class who know nothing at all about the
Strona 257 - He took my son to His own more fatherly bosom, and revealed in my bosom the sure expectation and faith of His own eternal Son ! Dear season of my life, ever to be remembered, when I knew the sweetness and fruitfulness of such joy and sorrow.
Strona 72 - it up in his great hand, thrust it into a pocket, and went on as fluently as before. There does not exist a congregation in Scotland which that act would not have taken by storm. His success was triumphant. To criticise a man so visibly independent of " the paper " would have been presumption indeed.
Strona 96 - all I have my health to recover. And then once more I shall venture my bark upon the waters of this wide realm, and if she cannot weather it, I shall steer west, and try the waters of another world.' So he reasons and resolves ; but surely a worthier destiny awaits him than voluntary exile. And for myself, here I am to remain until further
Strona 183 - Fourth. For being a common brawler. Fifth. For being a common swearer. Sixth, For being of very common understanding. And, Seventh. For following divisive courses, subversive of the discipline of the order to which he belongs, and contrary to the principles of Christian fellowship and charity.
Strona 140 - shall I find another man of transcendent genius whom I can love as much as I admire—into whose house I can go in and out like a son — whom I can revere as a father, and serve with the devotion of a child — never shall I find another hundred consociated

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