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terrify'd them from withdraming from the Communion of the Christian Priesthood, and thereby have" prevented, at least, many of those final Separations from the only Salutary Communion, which abundance of poor Wretches have fallen into, meerly thro' the false notion of better Edification, and a vaip belief of being sure to find true Christian Sacraments in Communion with their New set up Layo Teachers. And 'tis justly to be fear'd, that the continual separations from the Church in all Ages, and particularly in ours, have chiefly {prung from this wretched Opinion of the meer Opus Operatum of Sacraments being real Sacraments,

whether Administer'd by a Priest or a Lay-Man; as if Christ's appointing the Order of Priesthood in the Christian Church, fignify'd nothing at all, notwithstanding twas the result of the most consummate Wisdom of our Great Lawgiver. Instances, that Cases of Necessity and Extre mity, have taken place of Divine Instituti ons, and that therefore Baptism, in Cases of extream Necessity, may be Validly AdminiIter'd by a Lay-man, notwithstanding the In{titution requires it to be Administer'd. by a Priest: And foråsinuch, as many Lay-bap, tiżd Persons encourage themselves by luppo sing theirs to be a Cale of Necessity, and con: sequently that they have receiv?d true. Chri

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ftian Baptism, I shall therefore, in Answer to the next Objection fhew, that those Instances produc'd from Scripture are not parallel to Christian Baptism, and that there is nothing in them that can favour Lay-Baptism, even in Cases of the greatest Extremity.

Obj. XII. IN the Institution of the Passoyer, it was appointed that the Jews. should eat the Paschal Lamb“ with their Lains gird"ed; their Shoes on their Feet, and their Staff in their Hand, Exod. 12. IT. which lignifies a standing Posture; The Church of the

Jews afterwards chang'd this Posture into that of Leaning or Lying along; and our Saviour finding this Custom prevaild in his Days, comply'd with it when he celebrated the Pasi {over, (Mat. 26. 20.). Which plainly shews, that we may many times comply with the Churches changing even a Divine Institution for a Human one; and why not therefore with the Churches allowingof Lay-Baptism in Cases of Necessity ?. Again, our Saviour reproving the Jews for their over Rigid Niceness in obser ying the Divine Institution of the Sabbath, tells them, “That David when he had need did W take and Eat the Shew-Bread, and gave to them

that were with him ; which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them that were with him, but for the Priests alone (St. Mat. 12, 4: St. Mark 2. 25. 26.) making David's Neçeflity a sufficient Reafon, for dispepsing at that time with God's own Positive Institutii

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on about the Shew-Bread. And further, out Bleffed Lord upon the same occafion reproving the Jews, fays, that God will have Mercj and pot Sacrifice, (St. Mat. 12. 7.) Which is sufficient to inftruct us, that in Cafes of Necessity, the Positive Institutions of God himfelf murt be sometimes dispens’d with, for the supply of bur Wants, and consequently that Baptism in Cafes of Necessity, where a Priest cannot be had, may be Validly Administer'd by a Layman, to fupply the Spiritual Wants of those who are Unbaptiz'd. * Answ. THIS Objection consists of fo maay Particulars, that 'twill be necessary for me to confider it, in the same order wherein it Iyes. And, 1

ift. THE Pofturé of standing to Eat the Paschal Lamb, was no morethan a Temporary Institution, peculiar to the Celebration of the Fift Paflover in Egypt, the very Night the Jero's were to depart out of that Country. This is plain, from the Reason of God's apo pointing them to Eat in fuch a Pofture of Travellers, in haste, viz. because he would "pass through the Land of Egypt that Night, ke and Smite all the Firft-born * Egypt bort of "Man and Beat, (ver: 120) which would have such an Effed upon the Egyptians, that theyswould be very pressing and Urgent upon the Children of Ifrael to depart out of them Country rob betrid of their Company, for whose sake i they had suffered ifo many and



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great Plagues, and were now depriv'd of their First-born, throughout all their Houses and Families : See Exod. 12. from ver. 29. to ver. 34. And, if the Children of Israel had not been that Night in fuch a Travelling Posture, they would not have been prepar'd for fo sudden and hasty a Departure, as the distracted and terrify'd Egyptians oblig'd them to, whereby they might have been expos’d to abundance of Inconveniencies, both from the Fury of the Egyptians, and their own Unpreparedness for a Midnight Journey: And therefore that they might not be thus incommoded, God requir'd them to eat the Pafchal Lamb “ IN HASTE,

with their Loins girded, and tbeir Shoes on their ic

Feet, and their Staff in their Hand, to be ready for their journey at any Warning that should be given them that Night; but after their Departure, the Reason of this Appointment ceasd, and therefore fo did the Appointa ment it felf, and consequently was no longer binding and obliging; and we never find this Travelling Posture repeated in any of the after Celebrations of the Paffoyer: but that it was only a Temporary Institution, peculiar to that first Celebration, appeal to the Learned Jeroes both Ancient and Modern, and also to our best Commentators upon the Place, (see Bishop Patrick, Grotius, Diodati, Pools Synop. fes, &c.) to whom I refer the Reader, that I may not be more prolix upon this Subject.


THE Posture of Standing then, being not enjoyn’d to be constantly usd, was no Essential Part of the Institution of the Passover, and therefore 'twas afterwards indifferent what Pofture the Jews should Eat the Paschal Lamb in ; for which Reason, their Church certainly had Power to appoint any innocent Posture she should think fic; and since Leaning or Lying along was determin’d by her, and prevail'd in our Saviour's 'Days, and he was pleas'd to conform to it, we ought to follow his Example in complying with such Institutions of the Church as are not contrary to the Law of God. But this Instance do's not allow us to comply with the Church's CHANGING a Divine In. ftitution for a Humanone; because, the Church of the Jews did not herein CHANGE a Divine into a Human Institution; for the Posture of Standing was then no Divine, Appointment i because not Essential to the Passover, and therefore the Church of the Jews did not CHANGE this into another Ceremony, but APPOINT the indifferent Ceremany of Lying or Leaning, when there was: no Divine Institution at that time, obliging them to any other Posture. LAND thereföre, we ought not, from the Authority of this LInstance, to comply with the Church's allowing of Lay-Baptifm

in Cafes of Necessity, becaule, Baptifin by a PRIEST is Eftential to Christian Baptism, and as much obliging as the Institution of WATER it felf, during the utmost term of the Christian Dil


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