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ming to do the like without the Divine Coma miffion; because, he is equally destitute of a Spiritual Power, and in fact is as little in Holy Orders as she.

VIII. The last Objection that I shall mention is, what some Great Men have made use of, to Establish the Validity of Lay-Baptism; aņd that is, That tho’ it was a Sin for the Two Hundred And Fifty Princes to offer Incense ; yet by even that Sinful Offering; the Cenfers, wherewith they offer’d, were hallow'd; and God himself declared them to be so, Numb. 16. In like manner, tho' it be a Sin for Lay-men to Baptize, yet the Person so Baptiz?d is thereby Hallow'd and Sanctify'd; and consequently such a Baptism is Valid. - Answ. This Objection has no manner of Force for the purpose design’d, because 'tis not in the least parallel to Christian Baptism; for the Censers (mere senseless things) were capable of no Supernatural Spiritual Graces and Privileges to be enjoyed by them, by virtue of that Offering; but the Objects of Baptism, Sensible, Rational, and Immortal Souls, are to be possess’d of, and to be made happy by, such unfpeakable Benefits and Advantages as are annex'd to Baptism. The Censers were wholly Passive-; but the Baptiz'd Perfon iş not so, for even in Infancy he is Active by his Sponsors; and when he comes to Years, must be fo in his own person. The Censers; tho? they were hallow'd, yet they were not hal


low'd to the same purpose, as the Censers wherewith Aaron offer'd Incense; for God did not order those Two Hundred and Fifty Cenfers to be continu’d, for the same use to which thufe Sinners put them, but requir’d them to be made broad Plates for a Covering of th: Altar: To be # Memorial unto the Children of Ilrael, that no Stranger which is not of the Seed of Aaron come near to offer Incense before the Lord, (Numb. 16. 39, 40.) So that, if these Genfers are à Parallel Instance for Persons Baptiz'd by uncommilion'd Pretenders, then, the use that God order'd them to be put to, should

teach us to make a like use of such Sinfully: Baptiz'd Persons, viz. To make them Me

morials to all Christians, that none who are not Commissioned by Christ, Should dare to come near to Baptize in the Christian Church: But how shall such Sinfully, ba prizd Persons become fuch Memorials so effectually, as by renouncing their false, and receiving true Christian Baptism from Christ's Authoriz'd Ministers, and thereby frustrate as much as they can, the presumptuous Usurpations of those who have no Divine Mission for so great a Ministration? This is the most proper Inference that can be drawn from these Censers, with respect to such as are unlawfully Baptiż’d: Tho? after all, they have nothing in them that can with any Coherence; be justly adapted to the Institucion of Christian Bap: tism, or any one Efential Part thereof: The is



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Two Hundred and Fifty Princes, indeed, it compar'd to the Unauthoriz'd Administrators of Baptism, may be something to the purpose; and lo may the Incense, if compard to the Water in Baptism: Because, as this, when rightly Administer'd, is the means of Spiritual Benefits ; fo Incense, when rightly offerd, i.e. by a Divinely Commission'd Perfon, was a means likewife of procuring the Favour of God, by making an Atonement, for the Sins of the People. But as for the Censers, they were only the Vessels wherein this Incense, the Outward Means of the Atonement, was contain'd ; fo that they have not the least re ference, either to the Person Administring, of the Water of Baptism, or to the Person Bap tized; and therefore, if the Objector will have them to be Parallel to any thing at all in this matter, they must be fo to the Vessel, which contains the Baptifm-Water: And he may make as much use as he pleases of that Parallelisits

, which'is nothing at all to oui present purpose. 11 1 UPON the Whole; the Grand Defign of these Princes was (in oppofition to the Eftablish'd Priesthood) to offer Incense before the Lord, contrary to a Divine Positive Institution, which confind that Attion to Aaron and his Sons only. This Offering being thus unlawful, for Want of the Divine

Authority of the Persons Administring, was so far from being accepted, that it was a crying Abomination and instead




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of procuring a Blessing, either for themselves or their Abertors, drew down upon them swift Destruction; the Princes being immediately consum'd by a Fire from the Lord, and Fourteen Thousand Seven Hundred of their Partizans destroy'd by a Plague. Even so, if any thing about Baptism may be hence inferrd, we may justly fear, that the Administration of fuppos'd Baptism by Non-commission'd' Persons, in Opposition to the Divinely establist'd Priest. hood of the Christian Church, instead of being, a Means of conveying Spiritual Graces and Benefits, to those who knowingly receive, or acquiesce in it, will rather exclude both such Giver and Receiver, (thio' they escape God's Judgments here) from the infinite Pri. vileges of his Children hereafter, without a fincere and speedy Repentance.

-1 Some other Objections I have endeavour'd to obviate in the Progress of this Essay, and therefore shall only further declare, that I sincerely believe the Subject of this Discourse to be a Substantial Truth'; nay, even a first Principle of Christianity, and that without the couragious Afferting and Vindication thereof, the whole Christian Priesthood and the Divine Authority of it, must be call'd in question (as we see it has sately been in Puba hck Print) and consequently in time fo far denyd, as to encourage every bold intruder to usurp that Sacred Office and Ministry, even in opposition to that Divine Commilion,

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which has been constantly handed down from
Christ and his Apostles, to this very Day.

I hope therefore that None who are 'vested
with this Divine Authority, will fight against
it by appearing publickly in opposition to the
Subject of this Ellay: As for my manner of
arguing to defend it, there may be some unde-
fignid Faults therein, which I humbly submit
to their juft Correction, and prudent Censure;
hoping they will execute both, with so much
Wisdom and Conduct, as (to make me see my
own Errors, and at the same time, not to pre-
judice, but add Strength and Cogency to the
Cause I have pleaded, which ought by no
means to luffer for my Weakness in its Defence.

AS for the mere Pretenders to this Divine Authority, I have nothing to say to them or their Followers, but only to desire 'em to take care not to deceive themselves, but seriously to enquire whether there is any Legality in that pretended Commission, by which they Ad; which till they can folidly prove, I shall always esteem to be utterly Invalid for the Administration of Christian Sacraments. I shall not trouble my self to enter the Lists with them, tho' they quarrel never so much with what I have said ; they have Work enouglı already cut out to their Hands, in tlose excellent Books which I have mention'd in my Answer to the Third Objection; and to their Arguments I refer them for the DI. VINE RIGHT OF EPISCOPACY, that,


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