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October, 1817.] to the Convention of New-Jersey.

317 important office, on any terms, short this labour of love, and their reward of this, I take the occasion, there will be certain. fore, to urge upon you, my brethren, The Episcopal Society, for the proboth of the clergy and laity, a due motion of Christian Knowledge and attention to this subject. We have Piety, in this Diocess, has not relax

, · already under the smiles of Divine ed in its exertions to promote the ob. Providence, done much. A continu- jects of its institution. It has approance of the same zeal, of the same priated, for the present year, $163 affectionate concern for the spiritual for purchasing Bibles, Prayer-Books, interests of the scattered sheep of our and Tracts, to be gratuitously distriFlock, destitute of shepherds; and an buted, &c. and its permanent fund, increased punctuality in making the amounts now to nearly $600. It collections, will, with the blessings of adds not a little to the satisfaction the same beneficent Providence, in a derived from its prosperity, that seveshort time, enable us not only to ral of the female members of Christ preserve, and finally render perma- Church, Shrewsbury, and Christ nent, the churches still vacant; but Church, Middletown, have lately as

, to increase the number, by the or- sociated, under the name of The Fe. ganization of new congregations. male Episcopal Society of Shrewsbury Some good examples, on this subject, and Middletown, for the promotion I am happy to say, have lately been of Christian Knowledge and Piety, given. The congregation of Trinity as auxiliary to the Parent Society. Church, Newark, and a new Church, There is, at present, but one Canrecently organized, at Paterson, have didate for Holy Orders in the Dioestablished Missionary Societies, in cess, though others are preparing for aid of the Fund.

admission. Among the causes of mutual con- Since the meeting of the last annual gratulation, on account of the improve Convention, the Rev. George Y. ing state of our church, it is not one Morehouse has been instituted Recof the least, that Sunday Schools have tor of St. Andrew's Church, Mountmuch increased, in this Diocess, dur Holly. ing the past year; and, what adds The Rev. Edmund D. Barry, late to their value, is, that the time spent of the Diocess of New York, who ofin them is devoted to religious in- ficiated in St. Matthew's Church, Jerstruction, as well as to instruction in sey, has, in consequence of his removreading, &c. It is desirable, on this ing to the Diocess of Maryland, reaccount, that they should be, as they signed his charge of that Church. generally are, confined to our own The Rev. James Montgomery, Society. Sunday Schools, composed lately a Deacon in the Diocess of of different religious denominations, Pennsylvania, has removed into this preclude, in a considerable degree, Diocess; and, it is with great satisreligious instruction, or occasion jea- faction, I communicate it, has acceptlousies and discontents.

ed of an invitation to be their minisAmong the number established, ter, from the long vacant congregaone, at least, perhaps more, has been tion of St. Michael's Church at Tren organized in a vacant church, May ton. the laudable example be followed. The Rev. Samuel C. Stratton,

It cannot have escaped the notice lately ordained a Deacon, has been of any one ; nor ought I to omit men- appointed a Missionary to the vacant tioning it, to their praise, that the Churches in this Diocess, and has Church is principally indebted, under already commenced his labours. God, for these excellent nuseries of A new church has been instituted our communion, and of candidates in the town of Paterson. for heaven, to her pious and benevo- The number of persons confirmed, lent female members. They have since the last Convention, is one huncertainly, in this Diocess, taken the dred and forty-nine. lead in this praise-worthy institution, I cannot close this address, without


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recalling to your recollection, and par- tion of sceing him in his usual ticipating with you, in the pleasạre health, and enjoying the pleasure of it affords, the flourishing and progres- his society. Let it admonish us of sive state of our Church, at large, as the uncertainty of life, and of the newas manifested at the late interesting cessity of being always ready to renGeneral Convention, not only by the der an account of our stewardship. favourable reports presented from

JOHN CROES. every quarter; but also, by the num- Burlington, August 20, 1817. hers, zeal, and respectability, both of the clergy and laity, who assembled

From the Evening Post. on that occasion. In addition to these circumstances, so propitious, Theological School.-It must be gratifyprovision was made, by that respecta- ing to all who cherish an interest in the ble body, for carrying into effect two improvement of the character and condi. objects of vital importance to the fur- tion of society in this country, to find

that measures have been taken, in the ther prosperity and extension of our

Protestant Episcopal Church, for the escommunion: the establishment of a tablishment of a school of divinity, on General Theological Seminary for the most respectable scale; that contributhe due instruction of Candidates for tions to be solicited of its members, in the ministry, and the extension of the all parts of the United States, will admit. benefits of the Episcopal office, to the have a tendency to strengthen and elevate

Institutions of this nature, while they States and Territories, west of the the character of the Churches, whose inAlleghany Mountains. These, under terests (and in them the best interests of the Divine Auspices, cannot fail to men) they are intended more immediately

to subserve, must, at the same time, promote the cause of our Blessed Lord and Master; and not only bring society, which consists in the advance

greatly conduce to the obvious good of into the great Fold, the now scatter- ment among us of good scholarship, and ed and wandering sheep of our Flock; the increase of the number of enlightenbut also increase their number. Leted and accomplished professional men. us; my brethren, further these great Episcopalians, who from other circum

It is most devoutly to be hoped, that objects, by all the means in our pow.

stances than such as imply any fault of er, remembering, at the same time, character, have hitherto not been on a that, if we hope to succeed, we must footing with some other denominations, constantly look up to the Fountain of in advantages of education for the minisall good, for a blessing upon our en

try, will not be found wanting in the lia deavours. Thus doing, and conforme of this most important design. We should

berality necessary to the accomplishment ing ourselves to the Divine Will in deprecate its failure, as indicative of a other respects, the issue will not be lamentable deficiency among them-of a doubtful.

proper sensibility to the honour and interBut while we are thus felicitating

est of their denomination. The ability ourselves on this

adequate to its happiest success, they unprosperous, this doubtedly have; and though there may flattering condition of our Church, not be among them those who, like indican I omit noticing the deeply afflict- vidual benefactors to a similar institution ing event, which has just reached our in New-England, could give to it 100,000 cars; an event that cannot fail to re

dollars, 30,000 or 15,000, yet, if the spipress the joy which this bright pros- tively, to do much. May they do it! must

rit be not wanting, they are able, collecpect had so recently enkindled. God, be the hearty wish of every friend of remy brethren, has been pleased, in ligion and of society. kis infinite wisdom, to remove from

It is understood that the prospect of the Churchi in South-Carolina, her the subscription recently begun, is hy no respectable and worthy Head. Bishop subscribers have been found, and in some

means discouraging. In this city liberal Dehon has ceased to be an inhabit- places of the interior; and particularly ant of this vale of tears. It adds not at the city of Troy, the subject has been a little to the grief, which many of us

treated in a manner which, while it does feel, on this mournful occasion, that bonour to individuals, gives evidence of

a sound and healthy state of religious soso short a space has elapsed since

clety, we had the opportunity and satisfac


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819 October, 1817.

the blessed work, afford us the most pleas To the Editor of the Christian Journal.

ing examples, the managers deem it need Tae honourable mention made in a

less to say any thing to a body of Chriscommunication which appeared in the tians who have every opportunity to“ take Evening Post, of the liberal attention gi. the good word of God," to stimulate them ven by the members of our Church at to zeal in so high and laudable an underTroy, to the claims of the Theological taking. Seminary, is certainly justified by the They trust that the members of their fact. It is at the same time proper that Society, praying for the success of every it should be understood, that in other establishment which has for its object the places where the congregations are small distribution of the Bible, will endeavour te er, and the persons fewer who might be make their institution respectable, by expected to contribute to such an object, making it useful to their fellow men. there has been no deficiency of a becom The first object of the Society is to suping interest in it. Much, in proportion Ply, as far as practicable, every person to ability, has been done at Utica and

within the county, who cannot conveniGeneva; and there is no reason yet to ently supply himself, with at least a copy apprehend that, in any place where ap. of the Scriptures, and all such as shall plication has been made in behalf of this wish it, with a copy of the Common Pray,great and excellent design, it will not er. This, although a local, is by no meani's meet with an equally worthy attention. a limited object. When it is considered

hów great the population of this county is, how important it is that every indivi.

dual should have a Bible of his own, and The Annual Election for the choice of how many families there are who can ill officers of the Dutchess County Auxiliary afford to purchase one copy of the Holy Bible and Common Prayer Book Society; their members, the object is magnified in

Scriptures, much less one for each of was recently holden in the Episcopal Church, in the village of Poughkeepsie, already done, is but a beginning of the

our view, and shows us that what has been when the following gentlemen were

good work; and that to complete the bed chosen, viz.

nevolent design, will require the industry, Doctor Samuel Bard, President; Hon.

the liberality, and united exertions of all James Emott, Hon. Daniel C. Verplank, Vice Pesidents ; David Brooks, John John: the members of the Society. In our unston, Paraclete Potter, Daniel Hebard, dertaking we are secure of at least the Philo Ruggles, Thomas Brownjohn, good wishes, of all good men. For no

one who has the honour of Religion, and Thomas L. Davies, Managers; William Davies, Treasurer'; Thomas J. Oakley, bear saying to a body of men, who have

the greatest good of man in view, can forSecretary

associated, for the gratuitous distribution The following is an extract from the re

of the uncommented Scriptures, port of the Board of Managers to the

speed." Society.

The principles on which our Society is “The managers of the Dutchess County organized, cannot be exceptionable to any Auxiliary Bible and Common Prayer individual, in as much as there must be Book Society, rejoice in being able to state to the Society, that their success has surely a system of operations adopted by

some plan in every such institution, and surpassed their most sanguine expecta- Episcopalians may be presumed to be contions-That although their number be

sistant with and according to the distincsmall, consisting almost exclusively of tive principles and characteristics of their Episcopalians in the village of Poughkeep- church. Since our labours have been sie, they have been able to distribute gra, crowned with success, relying on the God tuitously in 18 months, about one hundred of all goodness, let us persevere, under the copies of the Holy Bible, and as many

full assurance, that he will bless the meamore of their excellent manual of devo.

sures adopted for the distribution of his tion, the Common Prayer. A view of the word, and the word itself to the salvation situation and prospects of the Society, in- of the souls of men." duce the hope that they may do something more for the future. The funds are gradually accumulating, and the managers In conformity with the 38th Canon of fondly cherish the hope, that they will ere

the General Convention of the Protestant long be such as to enable the Society to extend its benefits beyond the district to

Episcopal Church in the United States of which they have heretofore been confin- America, empowering the Bishop of each ed. While Christians in every quarter diocess to “ compose forms of Prayer or of the world are emulous in carrying to

Thanksgiving for extraordinary occasions, the destitute, the “word of life," and while Societies in almost every district of and to transmit them to each Clergyman eur country, by vieing with each other in within his diocess or district, whose duty

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of New York,

it shall be to use such forms in his Church may be so ordered and settled by their on such occasions ;" I do hereby set forth endeavours, upon the best and surest the following Form of Prayer and Thanks. foundations, that peace and happiness, giving, to be used in the Congregations truth and justice, religion and piety, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the may be established among us for all State of New York, on the second Thurs- generations. O Lord, continue to prosday in this month, being the day appoint- per our literary institutions, and shed, ed by the Governor of the State of New

we beseech thee, the quickening inYork, as a day of public Thanksgiving fluences of thy Holy Spirit on all the and Praise to Almighty God.

people of this land. Save us from the

guilt of abusing the blessings of prosJOHN HENRY HOBART, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in she state

perity to luxury and licentiousness, to irreligion and vice ; lest we provoke thee, in just judgment, to visit our offen

ces with a rod, and our sins with scourA FORM OF

ges. And while thy unmerited goodness

to us, O God of our salvation, leads us Prayer and Thanksgiving.

to repentance, may we offer ourselves, 1 The service shall be the same as that prescribed by our souls and bodies, a living sacrifice the Church, in the “ Form of Prayer and Thanks.

to thee, who hast preserved and regiving to Almighty God, for the fruits of the Earth, and all tlie other blessings of his merciful Provi- deemed us, through Jesus Christ our denee, to be used yearly, on the first Thursday in November, or on such other day as shall be appointed Lord; on whose merits and mediation by the civil authorityexcept that the eighth Se- alone we humbly rely for the forgivelection of Psalms shall be used at Morning Prayer; and in addition to the Thanksgiving appointed in ness of our sins and the acceptance of said service, to be used after the General Thanksgiving, shall be said, at Morniug and Evening Prayer, our services; and who liveth and ibe following:

reigneth with the Father and the God, who art the blessed and Holy Ghost, ever one God, 'world

only Potentate, the King of without end. Amen. Kings, and Lord of Lords, the Al

After the Collect for the Day, in the Communioni mighty Ruler of nations, we adore

Service, the following: and magnify thy glorious name for

Alinighty God, who hast never

failed those who put their trust for the goodly heritage which thou in thee, and dost honour the people hast given us; for the civil and reli. gious privileges which we enjoy ; and hearts, we beseech thee, a deep and for the multiplied manifestations of habitual sense of this great truth, thy favour towards us. Grant that

that the only security for the conwe may show forth our thankfulness

tinuance of the blessings which we for these thy mercies, by living in enjoy, consists in our acknowledgereverence of thy almighty: power providence, and in humble and holy and dominion, in humble reliance on thy goodness and mercy, and in holy Jesus Christ ; to whom all power is

submission to the gospel of thy Son obedience to thy righteous laws. Preserve, we beseech thee, to our coun

given in heaven and in earth, and try, and to all the nations of the earth, Holy Ghost

, in the eternal Godhead,

who is one with the Father and the the blessings of peace.

May the

our Mediator and Redeemer. Amen. Kingdom of the Prince of Peace, come; and reigning in the hearts and 1 at Evening Prayer, the tenth Selection of Psalms

shall be used, and the first Lesson shall be Deut. X. lives of men, unite them in holy fel. 12 and the second Lesson, Romans xii. and the Col.

lect for the Day, as in the Morning. lowship; that so their only strife may be, who shall show forth with most humble and holy fervour, the praises Printed and published by T. & J. Swords, of him who hath loved them, and No. 160 Pearl-street, New-York; where made thern Kings and Priests unto Subscriptions for this Work will be received God. We inplore thy blessing on

at one dollar per annum, or 24 numbers.

All Letters relative to this Journal must all in authority over us; that all things come free of Poetage.

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all the great things which thou hast O

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Remarks on the last Hours of Dr. with the Divine standard and test of SAMUEL JOHNSON.

truth, he felt himself both defective (From Wilks's Christian Essays.)

and disobedient. A Few practical remarks upon

the Together with this conscientious subject of the last hours of this illus- feeling he had adopted certain incortrious man will tend to show that rect, not to say superstitious, ideas what Dr. Johnson's best friends and respecting the method of placating the biographers have been almost asham- Diety. He seems, for example, to ed to confess, and have industriously have believed that penance, in its exerted themselves to palliate, con- confined and popish sense as distinstituted, in truth, the most auspicious guished from simple penitence, is of circumstance of his life, and was the great avail in procuring the Divine best proof of his increase in religious favour and forgiveness. Thus when knowledge and holiness of mind. his conscience distressed him on aca

Whoever considers with a Chris- count of an act of disobedience to his tian eye the death of Dr. Johnson will parent, we find him many years afreadily perceive that, according to terwards remaining a considerable the usual order of Providence, it time bare-headed in the rain, exposed could not have been free from agita- in the public streets to the ridicule tion and anxiety. Johnson was a man and the conjectures of every spectaof tender conscience, and one who tor. As far as filial affection and from his very infancy had been in-. true amiableness of mind are con structed in Christian principles. But cerned, the actor in such a scene des he was also, in the strict judgment of serves and ensures universal venerarevealed religion, an inconsistent man. tion and esteem. Even while we Neither his habits nor his companions smile at the somewhat ludicrous nahad been such as his own conscience ture of the action, we instinctively approved; and even a short time be- feel a sympathy and respect which perfore his end we find one of his biogra- haps a wiser but less remarkable mode phers lamenting that “the visits of of exhibiting his feelings might not idle and some worthless persons were have procured. But Johnson seems never welcome to him, on the ex- to have performed this humiliation press ground that these things drove from higher eonsiderations than mere on time." His ideas of morality sorrow for the past ; for hej emphatibeing of the highest order, many cally adds, “in contrition I stood, things which are considered by men and I hope the penonce was expiato. at large as but veniel offences ap. ry." peared to him as positive crimes. If these words really mean any Even his constitutional indolence and thing and when did Dr. Johnson ut. irritability of mind were sufficient of ter words without meaning i-he must themselves to keep him constantly have intended by them to express his humbled and self-abased ; and though hope that the previous fault was really among his gay or literary companions atoned for, in a religious sense, by he usually appears upon the compara- the subsequent act of self-denial; or, üvely high ground of a Christian in other words, that God accepts humoralist, and

the strenuous defender man penance as an expiation for huof revealed religion, yet compared man sins; a doctrine to which revealVol. I


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