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October, 1817.] Protestant Episcopal Sunday Schools.

29% Art. XI. All exercises in reading ar memory pursued in Schools in union with

Art. 1. There shall be a meeting (at a this Society, shall be from the Holy time and place appointed by the PresiScriptures, the Book of Common Prayer, dent) of the members of the New-Yor! or other works calculated to import reli- Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Socie. gious instruction on the principles of the ty, belonging to each congregation of Protestant Epişcopal Churclı, All devo- Trinity Church, on the second Monday ina tional exercises used in these Schools April in the present year, and on the first must receive the sanction and approbation Monday in February in

year, of the Bishop of this Diocess; with whom when not less than fifteen, nor more than shall also be lodged a copy of each annual thirty laymen of each congregation (the Report of the Board of Managers. number to be determined by the meeting)

ART. XII. Schools formed for the in- shall be elected by a plurality of the votes struction of females, agreeably to the of those present, taken by ballot. These, provisions of this Constitution, by Ladies together with the Rector of the Parish of contributing the same sums as Members, Trinity Church, as President; the Assistshall be in union with this Society, and ant Rector, as first Vice-President; and entitled to all the privileges of other the Assistant Ministers, as second and Schools.

third Vice-Presidents, shall constitute the Art. XIII. Every proposed alteration Board of Directors of the same ; and one to this Constitution must be presented in third of the whole Board shall be a quor writing to the Board of Managers, when rum for business. & majority of its Members are present, Art. 2. The Board of Directors shail by the Directors of one of the Schools. If meet on the day following the annual a majority of the Managers present ac- election, at a time and place appointed. ccde to the proposition, it shall be carri- by the Chairman of the General Meeting, ed. If not, it may, at the discretion of and elect, by ballot, from among their own the proposers, be referred to the Directors number, a Secretary, and two Delegates of the different Schools ; and if acceded to the General Board of Managers. Vato by a majority of those bodies, it shall cancies in the Board, or its offices, at any be carried.

time occurring, may be immediately sup

plied by the Board. It appears from this constitution that Art. 3. At every general meeting, and any Protestant Episcopal congregation every meeting of the Board of Directors, may attach themselves to the society, for

the President, or, in his absence, the se

nior Vice-President present; or, in the the purpose of establishing a Sunday absence of the President and all the ViceSchool, under its own regulations, sub- Presidents, a chairman appointed by the ject to the provisions of the general con- meeting, shall preside ---determine all stitution. The congregations of Trinity questions of order---giye the casting vote

in equal divisions, wiien questions are Church, of St. Paul's and St. John's Cha- tuken viva ruce---appoint all committees, pels, of Grace Church, of St. Mark's , except when otherwise directed—and sign Church, and of St. James's Church, have

the minutes of the meeting. established Sunday Schools in union with

Art. 4. The Secreiary shall keep mi.

nutes of the proceedings of the Board at the Protestant Episcopal Society. Sunday each meeting, and wlien correct, attest Schools had been previously organized in the same, and all other acts of the Board some of the other congregations of the give tiinely notice to the members of Episcopal Church in the city of New-York, and other property of the Board, and care.

all meetings--preserve the papers, books, and are, it is believed, in union with the fully hand them over to his successorgeneral Sunday School Society. The fol- and conduct such correspondence as the lowing are the leading regulations of the

Board may from time to time direct. In

his absence from any meeting, a Secretary Sunday Schools of Trinity Church and its pro tem. shall be appointed by the presidChapels. And we cannot avoid indulging ing officer. the hope that schools on similar principles,

Art. 5. It shall be the duty of the Board having in view the religious instruction of School, being members of the Protestant

to provide suitable instructors for the the scholars, will be organized in every Episcopal Church, and of correct moral Episcopal congregation in the state. and religious deportment.

Irt. 6. A Committee of Visitation shall By-Laws of the Board of Directors of the be appointed, from time to time, as may Sunday Schools of the Congregations of be necessary, by the presiding officer, from the Parish of Trinity Church, in the City among the members of the Board, or of New-York; and the Rules for the Go. others belonging to the congregation to vernment of the gajd Schools.

which the School is attached; whose duty


it shall be to adopt measures for procuring pedient, exsmine the scholars as to profi. scholars for both branches of this school, ciency, and, when necessary, assist in the and for ascertaining the cause of the ab- business of instruction. They shall insert sence of delinquents. They shall, further, in a book to be styled the School-Register, in such way as they may deem expedient, the names of the Permanent Superinten. endeavour to interest the scholars in some dent, of the persons who attend as Instrucprofitable and honest employment of their tors, of all the scholars added to the time through the week. And in case of school during their attendance, specifying sickness, or peculiar distress among the their age, place of residence, and, in the scholars, it shall be the duty of this com- case of minors, the names of their pamittee to interest themselves, in such way The Superintendents shall make as they may think best, to obtain charit. report at every meeting of the Board of able relief.

Directors, of the state of the School. It Art. 7. The stated meetings of this shall be the duty of the Secretary to furBoard, besides that ordered in the second nish the Permanent Superintendent with law, shall be held on some day (to be ap- a list of the Directors; and he shall give pointed by the President) in the week at least six days notice to every member preceding each stated meeting of the Ge. whose duty in rotation it may be to attend sneral Board of Managers, when, from the the School under this law. And it shall reports of the Superintendents, shall be be the duty of any Director who may be framed the report to be rendered to that unable to attend, to procure some other Board, agreeably to the constitution. Ex. Director to attend in his place. tra meetings shall be called by the Presi.

6. A Permanent Superintendent shall be dent, or either Vice-President, at his dis- appointed, who shall have the particular cretion, or at the request of any three charge of the whole School, and shall be Directors.

responsible for it. It shall be his duty, Art. 3. The Board shall devise, from with the aid of the Superintendents and time to time, such methods of reward and others, to procure Voluntary Instructors punishment as they may think proper. for the School; to assist him in the busi.

Art. 9. There shall be branches of this ness of instruction; to keep good order School for the instruction of females, to in the School; to divide the School into be denominated the Female Sunday School classes; and to see that a class-register of the Congregations of T'rinity Church, be kept for each class ; in the four first consisting of ladies of the congregations, leaves of which the name, age, schoolunder such rules (in subserviency to the register number, and residence of each constitution of the general society) as scholar are to be inserted; the last co. they may deem proper.

lumn being devoted for remarks. On the remaining pages the conduct, proficiency,

&c. of each attending scholar during the 1. The hours of scliool exercises shall month are to be noted, in the following be appointed, from time to time, by the manner at the head of each of the lesser Rector of this parish, provided they do columns the following letters are to be not interfere with the stated hours of inserted; in the first, P, for present; in public worship.



the second, B, for good behaviour; in 2. The first school exercise, every Sun- the third, D, for diligence; and in the day, shall be opened, and the last closed fourth, M, for exercises of memory : with a short religious exercise, to be ap

which four minor columns form one great pointed by the Bishop of the Diocess, and column for the day, the date of which is performed by a Clergyman, if present, if to be inserted at the head. If the scho. not, by a Superintendent

or Teacher. lar perform as above, place a dot in the 3. Scholars may be offered for admit proper column, above the line for the tance at any time during school hours, morning, and beneath it for the afternoon; and shall be accepted, provided a majo- if not, leave it blank. A cross or t in rity of the Superintendents present con

the first column designates present in

good time. And when any Instructor puts 4. The scholars shall first recite the a mark opposite to the name of any scholessons appointed them the preceding lar, he shall inform him thereof; and of week; after which, the different classes the other particulars of this rule, so as shall be employed in reading and spelling. to encourage him if he receives a good

5. Three members of the Board of Di- mark, and to excite him to do better if rectors of the school of each congregation the mark is a bad one. These class-reshall, in rotation, attend the school for gisters shall be submitted to the Superthree Sundays, one of the three being re. intendents previously to the dismission placed every Sunday by another member, of the School, who shall publicly make and, with the Clergyman or Clergymen of such remarks thereon as they may think the parish who may be present, shall take proper; and together with the school-ree the general oversight of the same, as Su- gister, shall be laid before the Directors, perintendents; and, as they may deem ex- at their stated neetings, by the Perma:


October, 1817.] Protestant Episcopal Sunday Schools.

299 nent Superintendent, and for this purpose the consent of one or more Superintensent by him to the Secretary of the Board, dent. or to some one of the Directors who intends to be present. At every stated Female Sunday Schools of the Congregameeting of the Board, premiums shall

tions of Trinity Church, be adjudged as follows: to every scholar who has no bad mark, a premium in mo

1. The Female Sunday Schools of the ney or books, of the value of 121–2 cents; congregations of Trinity Church, shall be and so proportionably to 2 cents, which managed by a gratuitous Superintendent, shall be assigned to those whose good congregation, and who shall be approved

and Instructors, who shall be ladies of the marks barely exceed their bad marks; by the Rector of the Church. The gra.' below which no premium shall be given. 7. It is desirable that the gratuitous by the voluntary Instructors, who shall

tuitous Superintendent shall be chosen Instructors should serve in that capacity be at least sixteen years of age. as long as possible, and should be diligent and punctuat in their attendance; taking

2. The Superintendent shall have the charge of such particular class as may be charge of the School, and, in conjunction

with the Instructors, shall conduct the assigned them by the Permanent Superintendent. It shall be their duty to preserve

same, as far as possible; agreeably to

the rules of the Sunday Schools of the order and stillness among their classes ; and, with the Superintendents and Perma. Congregations of Trinity Church.

3. The Superintendent shall cause a nent Superintendent, to promote the reli. gious and moral improvement of the scho- report of the state of the School to be

laid before tlie Board of Directors of the bars; for which purpose they are to assign them Scripture lessons, and lessons in the Sunday Schools of the Parish, at their

stated meetings. Catechism and other pious and moral books, which they are to commit to me.

The mode of conducting the School in mory during the week. - And the Instruc

St. John's Chapel varies from that detors shall, from time to time, put such

scribed in the above rales. The following questions to the scholars as may make

is a sketch of it. them understand what they read, and

The internal management of the School more forcibly impress it on their minds.

is conducted under the direction of the 8. It is to be hoped that there will not

Superintendent and Teachers, wlio meet, be a deficiency of gratuitous Instructors to assist the Permanent Superintendent, scholars, and adopt such measures as are

as often as occasion requires, to visit their and that they will consider it their duty found expedient for the prosperiety of to serve for at least three months. But if there should be a deficiency, it shall semi-annually from the Teachers; whose

the School. A Superintendent is elected then be the duty of the Permanent Super. duty it is to examine all children offered intendent to appoint as Monitors those of for admission, place them in proper classthe scholars who most excel in learning

es, to assign to the Teachers their reand in good behaviour, who shall instruct

spective duties, and assist them if neces. the lower classes.

sary, receive all visitors, attend to the 9. In case of the absence of any scholar, it shall be the duty of the Instructor of general management of the School, and all

business connected therewith; a Secretathe class, or some person procured for the

ry, also elected semi-annually, whose duty purpose by the Permanent Superintendent,

it is to keep minutes of all meetings of to visit the said scholar, and to report the

the Teachers, the school-register, assist cause of his or her non-attendance at the next school meeting. In case of sickness, his official duties, and, in his absence, to

the Superintendent in the discharge of to administer such good advice as may be attend to all the duties connected with deemed expedient; and in case of wilful

that office : neither of whom are to absent non-attendance, to endeavour, hy mild

themselves from the School without hav., expostulation and persuasion, to induce ing previously secured the attendance of him to attend.

the other. No person is admitted as a 10. It shall be the duty of the Perma

Teacher unless he shall have attained the nent Superintendent, the Superintendents for the time being, and the gratuitous age of sixteen years, be approved by a Instructors, to take charge of the

scho- majority of the Teachers present at any lars during divine service, and to see that meeting, and agree to attend regularly to

the duties of his station for at least they behave themselves with decency and

three months. It is the duty of each 11. In cases of persevering unruly be. Teacher, while in the School, to devote haviour, or inattention to duty, the Per.

* This measure is found expedient from various rexmanent Superintendent and Superinten.

sons. The principal of which is, that from the length dents present, shall proceed according to of time an intimacy and attachment is formed between

the Teachers and their scholars, which has been gene their discretion, except that no scholar shall be dismissed from the school but

by soldes

found so great nas to prevent the Teacher being

of the School.

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his whole attention to the class placed the class-papers. Another benefit derived under his care by the Superintendent, the from thein is, that the children having sole management of which belongs to the the rewards immediately, are more anxi.. Teacher; it is also his duty to keep a ous to deserve it than when they are told regular list of his class, in a book provid- their good behaviour will meet with a reed for the purpose, and therein note the ward a some future period. Another adproficiency, or delinquency, of each scho- vantage resulting from this method is, lar; to visit the absentees, and report, that most parents of the kind of child quarterly, on the state of his class, to the dren who form a Sunday School, would be Superintendent, in such manner as to ena. more likely to make them attend when ble him to make his general report to the they bring liome those little tokens of their Board of Directors. The School is divid. diligence. ed into classes in the following manner : --The first class consists of all those who The first meeting of the General Board cannot spell words of more than one syl- of Managers was held in the month of Jable; the second, of those beyond the July last, when it appeared that Schools in first class, and who can spell words of two union with the Socicly, were established syllables ; the third, of those who read in the congregations of Trinity Church, imperfectly; and the fourth, of those St. Paul's Chapel, St. John's Chapel, Grace who read without hesitation ; which class, Church, St. Mark's Church, and St. James' when too numerous, are divided into as Clrurch, each comprising both a male and many sections as the Superintendent shall female branch. Of these, the School conthink proper. Each Teacher is allowed taining the greatest number of scholars, to make such regulations as he may deema was that attached to the congregation of most expedient in the class or sections St. John's Chapel; in which it appeared entrusted to him, in order to excite dili- that the number of scholars regularly atgence and emulation among his scholars, tending, amounted, on an average, to provided such regulations do not inter 120 males, and 110 females. In the School tere with the rules of the School. No of St. Paul's Chapel, there were reported, scholar is, on any account, to be dismis. as regular attendants, about 100 male, sed without the concurrence of both the and 65 female scholars. In that of St. Teacher and Superintendent. The first Mark's Church, 55 male, and 75 female, School is opened, and the last closed with The part of the city in which Trinity a form of devotion appointed by the Bi- and Grace Churches stand, does not fur. shop of the Diocess. The second School nish a very large portion of those classes is opened with singing.

of the community for whose benefit SunRewards of two kinds-Red and Blue day Schools are principally designed ; Tickets, are distributed in the following and several had been established in that manner : for being present at the open vicinity previously to those in those ing of the School, for committing to me- Churches. For these reasons, although mory any lesson in spelling, in reading, very laudable exertions have been made, or in the catechism, &c. for being head of the number of scholars in those schools the class, or for good behaviour during Di- is but small. At the time of the meeting vine Service, entitles the scholar to a they were reported to contain, each about Blue Ticket for each exercise, 10 of 50 males, and betweep 30 and 40 females. which are to be exchanged for one of From the School of St. James' Church, Red; 10 red ones entitle the holder to a no report was received, Bible, 5 to a Testament, Prayer Books, or Of the above scholars, a portion in each the value thereof in other books.

school, and of cach scx, were coloured There were also many adults (some of

wloin had seen more than half a century) The following is the mode of rewarding who gladly availed themselves of the the scholars in the Female Sunday School proferred airl, to enable them to read the of Trinity Church.

Holy Scriptures, and bear their hum. At a stated bour the roll is called, when ble and grateful part in the animating every scholar present is rewarded with a services of the sanctuary. Great pains ticket; these tickets are of two kinds, hare been taken by the Teachers to inBlue and Red. For learning and recit- struct the scholars in the order of divine ing correctly three verses from the New service, and the use of the Prayer Book. Testament a Blue Ticket, six answers in And the benefit of this is already wit-the Catechism a Blue one, proper beha: nessed, by the correct and interesting viour during Divine Service a Blue one al- manner in which the pupils (many of so; four of those entitle the possessor to a whom were but lately profane violators Red one: ten Red ones to a small premi- of the sanctity of the Holy Day) conform um of a book; twenty and upwards to one to the edifying prescriptions of the Litur: of more value ; forty to a Bible. These gy, in posture, responses, and praises. tickets, by being constantly returned, will It was most gratifying to observe, that 210t, after the first cost, be as expensive as the difference between the schools con


October, 1817.] Protestant Episcopal Sunday Schools.

301 sisted principally in their numbers. All day of sacred rest and divine worship, were distinguished for the zeal, activity, would be rambling in the streets, exposed and perseverance of the Superintendents and Teachers, and the rapid progress of to the temptations of idleness and vice, the scholars; of which latter circumstance and disturbing by their disorderly beha." some very eminent proofs were particu. viour, the repose of that holy day, are fedt larly adduced. In some congregations, to the house of God they are taught to indeed, there did not appear as great a readiness to engage in the care of the

read and to value his holy Word-to know School, or instruction of the children, as and to love their Maker and Redeemer; in others. This is a subject on which, they are instructed in the great princiin most cases, delicacy forbids personal ples of their faith and duty as Christians; solicitation ; but it cannot, for a moment, be imagined that any who have at heart

their memories are stored with instructhe good of the community, the welfare tive and edifying passages of Holy Writ, of the Church, or the immortal interests and of books of piety and devotion; they of their fellow-men, will suffer this great

are trained to decent, correct, and orand good undertaking to decline for want of the aid which it may be in their power derly manners and habits; and all these to extend. The thanks of all are due to important objects are still further adthe gentlemen and ladies who have so

vanced by their regular attendance on faithfully and successfully, and with such honour to themselves, enlisted in the public worship, and their being taught furtherance of this work and labour of to unite, with solemnity and devotion, in love.

the Liturgy of the Church. Thus, then,

the Sunday Schools of our Church' have A meeting of the Superintendents, principally in view the religious and mos Teachers, and scholars of the male and female schools of St. John's Chapel, was

ral improvement of the children--their recently held in the Church, for the pur- present welfare and happiness, and their pose of conferring premiums, at which eternal salvation. All, therefore, who several of the congregation attended, and are engaged in the active duties of these the Right Rev. Bishop HODART delivered the following

Institutions, and by their pecuniary con

tributions, or by other means patronize ADDRESS.

them, are agents in a work of the most The business which we are called at pious and benevolent nature; and which this time to transact, is of a peculiarly entitles them to the gratitude of all the interesting nature. The young children, friends of religion, and of social happi. and others, who have been instructed in ness and order. the Sunday School of this Chapel, are I should do great injustice to my feelassembled with the Superintendents and ings, if I did not, on this occasion, offer Teachers; and premiums are to be as- the tribute of gratitude to those who signed to some of the most deserving hold the stations of the Superintendents among the scholars. Our attention cand and Teachers of the Sunday School of not otherwise than be drawn on the pre- this Chapel. Your duties are not a little sent occasion, to the nature of Sunday laborious. By your exertions, and those Schools. Their design is to convey graof others, a large number of persons, printuitous instruction to the young and to cipally children of both sexes, have been the ignorant. This end alone, however collected; of whom, in reference to their important, would not justify the occu- instruction, their religious improvement, pation of a great part of that sacred their moral habits, and even their perday which is hallowed to religious pur. sonal comfort and happiness, you consiposes, by the laborious, and, in some mea- der yourselves, in some measure, the sure, distracting business of teaching and guardians. In the discharge of this res learning. The principal object, therefore, sponsible trust, you visit them at their of Sunday Schools, to wliich the portion houses; you devote some hours of the of human learning which is taught in day of rest to the arduous duty of teach. them, is but one of the means, is the re- ing many of them the first elements of ligious and moral improvement of the learning, and all of them, their religious children. Many of them who, on the faith and cuties; yo'i endeavour to forn.,

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