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at may properly be remarked, that it is dubitable, but also many of his followers, lamentable to find that this pious father had the root of the matter in them. We could so strangely have lost sight of the are certain, that not a few of them, as well simplicity of the Gospel. And, indeed, as himself, possessed that noble charachad not religion awfully declined in Alex- teristic of Christianity, the loving not andria from its only proper standard, the their lives unto the death,' and manifested plain and simple truth as it is in Jesus, a

a readiness to be bound or suffer death for man, who had thus woven so unnatural a the name of the Lord Jesus." union into his theology, could never have CYPRIAN was in every view a great been allowed to give lectures from the character; and, were it not for the chair, or disfigure the pure word of God

blemish of some controversial aspeby his extravagant rhapsodies.

“Whilst, however, the reader laments rity, must excite unmitigated venerathat the religious sentiments of Origen, tion. To us he appears to have been and those of others in his day, were so the brightest star among the Fathers unhappily deteriorated by the inventions

of the first three centuries, shining and conceits of human philosophy, let him not hastily infer that sound learning and with a clearer, more benignant, and rational inquiry cannot be employed about

more extensive radiance of Christian religion without certain detriment to the purity than any of his illustrious preinterests of real godliness. When men of decessors. Inferior to Origen in the enlarged minds and extensive knowledge extent of his learning, he was incomgive themselves to the study of the Scrip. tures, and apply their talents and learning parably superior to him in wisdom. in a legitimate manner, the best results So remarkable was his benevolence may be expected. Learning cannot be that he sold whole estates to assist otherwise than beneficial to religion when the poor and needy, evidently not used in its proper department; that is from motives of ostentation, but from when used to ascertain the true text of the Sacred Volume, by collating the ear: genuine disinterestedness. He was liest and best manuscripts ;-when used to

Bo less distinguished for his reluctance establish its divine authority by compar. to accept the honour of his election as ing its contents with the principles of na. Bishop of Carthage, than for his indetural religion, and its evidences with those fatigable assiduity in the discharge of alleged in support of other pretended oracles, and such as might reasonably be

all the duties devolving upon him in

presumed would be given in support of a real such a situation. During the Decian revelation from God ;-when used to illus- persecution, he acted a part which, in trate and explain its history by that of our judgment, exhibits his character contemporaneous human writings, and to elucidate its various doctrines, promises,

in advantageous contrast with that of and precepts, by a serious, candid, and the otherwise excellent Ignatius, inasdispassionate consideration of its import much as, instead of needlessly exposin all its different books. Human reason. ing his life to the ferocious persecutor, ing may also be usefully employed in he withdrew from Carthage to an obtracing analogies between the subjects of revelation and those which are discovered

scure retreat, in which he effectually by the light of nature, for the purpose of concealed himself

from his enemies. showing that the truths of Scripture are

This proceeding afforded him the twonot contrary to probability, although they fold advantage of becoming serviceare to be received simply on the testimony able to his friends by epistolary comof God in his Word.' But learning and munications while the tempest raged, philosophy are alike productive of mischief and of returning after its abatement to religion, when, instead of performing to his beloved charge and eminently station of a mistress ; when they hold forth useful sphere of labour. After being the conjectures and speculations of the banished, and again restored to his human mind, as of the same weight and church, he at length suffered martyrimportance with the truths of God; or so expound his revealed will as to render it dom, in the year 258, by decapitation. coincident with the principles and doc- “ Thus terminated the earthly career of trines most congenial with the natural this eminent father. From the gentle and depraved inclinations of men.

manner of his martyrdom, and the respect. “ How much wood, hay, and stubble, ful treatment that was showed him during may be built on the true foundation, the , his preceding trial, we may infer that he great, the fiery day of judgment must de. ' possessed virtues that commanded the vecide. Christian charity may hope that neration of his enemies. Amongst the 110t only Origen, whose piety is indeed in Christians, both in Europe and Africa, he

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August, 1817.) Bishop Moore's Address to the Convention of Virginia. 253 was eininently revered and loved: and in wheat by the malignant adversary of after ages, as Augustine informs us, the mankind, yet it is with considerable anniversary of his martyrdom was every reluctance, and not till after inost where observed. Called to the knowledge of Christ, as he himself remarks, on the careful, serious, and scrutinizing inborders of old age,' he made an astonish- vestigation, that a wise man would ing progress in divine things; and the reject what an Ignatius and a Polysubsequent years of his life were most zealously and indefatigably employed in with respect to the book before us

carp were known to have believed. promoting the cause of Christian piety, not only among bis own people, but also the author has our thanks for the poin distant countries. Agitated by labours pular and pleasing form in which he and afflictions, living amongst open ene- has presented us with the memoirs of mies and heretical professors, his spirit men, which show to us, not what some was at times embittered, and his language might be apt to call the dignity of our harsh and intolerant; yet he was always an affectionate pastor to his people, a li- nature, but what fallen and corrupt beral benefactor to the indigent, and a nature may aspire to with the assist wise and tender counsellor to the confes.

ance of divine

grace. As a bishop, his zeal and activity have never been exceeded ; at the same time his attention to discipline was equally removed from the extremes of negligent ADDRESS to the Convention of the Prou remissness and impracticable severity.

testant Episcopal Church in the 'In fine,' to adopt the language of one of his celebrated admirers and biographers,

Diocess of Virginia, holden at Fre. if he had not been a Christian, one might dericksburg, on Tuesday, the 6th of have held him forth to the world as a great May, 1817, by the Right Reverend man; if it be the part of a great man to RICHARD CHANNING MOORE, D. D. unite, in a large and capacious mind, many virtues, and each of them in a high de- The peculiar duties, Brethren, gree of perfection; virtues, too, which are which are attached to the Episcopal opposite in their nature, and which rarely office, I have endeavoured faithfully meet in firm consistence in the same sub. ject; for example, vigour and mildness,

to discharge. Nearly three months magnanimity and mercy, fortitude and of the last year have been devoted to prudence, warmth of temper and accuracy Episcopal visitations, during which of judgment; and, above all, zeal and dis time I have traversed an extensive

district of country, and have attendOur readers, we trust, are suffi- ed to the concerns of as many paciently grounded in the great Pro- rishes as the duties due my own testant principle of the sufficiency of parochial charge would admit of. the sacred Scriptures, and in a firm

My labours commenced in the belief in the legislative authority of county of Orange, at which place I Jesus Christ in the Church,

preached to a large and attentive At the same time it would be highly auditory, celebrated the Lord's Supa discreditable to our humility and per, and administered the rite of Christian character, not to pay parti- confirmation to a goodly number. cular attention to the sentiments of From thence I proceeded to Althose men who were privileged to be bemarle, and officiated in two the contemporaries or immediate suc- churches, and also in the courtcessors of the apostles, and who de- house in Charlottesville. Crossing rived at least all the great articles of the Blue-Ridge, I passed a Sabbath their faith, not only from their writ- in Staunton, and preached twice to ings newly issued, unmutilated, and a multitude of respectable and atten

, baptized in celestial inspirations, but tive hearers. Returning from thence,

, some of them from familiar inter- I visited the county of Nelson, and course and conversation. Admitting preached in two different places. I that they cannot deserve our implicit then passed into Amherst, and offiassent, and allowing that the tares of ciated in New-Glasgow and Gaines ? error were very early sown among the church. I then visited Lynchburg,


at which place I preached twice on "Milner's History of the Church of Christ.”

the Sabbath to very large congrega



tions, and lectured the day following Rev. Mr. Hawley, and Mr. at the house of Mr. Ward, a zealous M'Guire, who attended me to Portand worthy member of the Church. Royal, and on my route through the The county of Buckingham then be. Northern Neck of Virginia. At came the object of my attention, in Port-Royal, Mr. H. and myself which part of the Diocess I preach- preached to a large assembly, whose ed at the court-house. Passing from attachment to the Church of their thence to Cumberland, I officiated fathers was evinced, not only by in one church on the Sabbath, and in their devout behaviour, but also by another on the Tuesday following. their perfect acquaintance with the Leaving Cumberland, I passed in- Liturgy. The responses were auto Lunenburg, and preached in two dibly made, and excited in my mind churches to a multitude of religious the most pleasing sensations. I then worshippers, some of whom had crossed the Rappahannock, and travelled between thirty and forty preached in the court-house in Kingmiles to receive the Holy Eucha- George, to a large and respectable rist. Having performed my duties congregation. Leaving that place, in that county, I visited Mecklen- I visited and preached at Mattos burg, and preached three times to Church. The next day Mr. very large auditories. In these two M'Guire officiated at the courtlast places, it is my duty to observe, house in Westmoreland county. that the efficiency of the labours of We then passed on to Northumberthe Reverend Mr. Ravenscroft was land ; but, as the notice of our inevidenced by the crowds who at- tentions had not reached the neightended upon my services, and the bourhool of the church, the congredeep sensation which they exhibited gation was small. I, however, lecduring the time of our devotional tured for them. We then visited

The Superior Court, Richmond county, at which place I which was sitting, adjourned ; and preached to an assembly much alive the worthy Judge, and the gentle to the subject to which I called their men of the bar, with but one excep- attention, and delighted with the tion, attended the services of the prospect of a revival of the Church sanctuary.


them. From thence we went Having discharged my duties in to Lancaster, and I preached upon those counties, I visited Halifax, a week day in the church in that and preached at the court-house to county. The congregation listened a very numerous and attentive as- to the tidings of salvation with great sembly. I then.crossed the Roanoke, attention, and the sensibility they and passed one Sabbath in North- manifested gave me reason to hope Carolina ; and preached to a small that my labour in the Lord was not but devout congregation. Upon my in vain. return to Richmond, I stopped in Having thus performed the duties Charlotte county, and preached to a I had marked out in that district, respectable congregation.

I returned to Port-Royal, preached After remaining in my own pa- again in that place, and administered rish a few weeks, I visited this city, the rite of confirmation to a large (Fredericksburg,) in which place I number of persons. The sensation officiated, as usual, to a numerous which they had evinced during my and devout people. (Here I think first visit, again manifested itself, it my duty to remark, that from all and deeply affected my heart. the observations I have made, the In the course of the winter I have labours of Mr. M'Guire have re. preached in Fluvanna, Buckingham, ceived the sanction of his God. He Cumberland, and Chesterfield counlives in the hearts of the pious peo- ties. ple of his charge, and merits this In every section of the state which expression of my pastoral approba- I have visited, and these visits have tion.) Here I was joined by the been very general,) I have observed


August, 1817.] The Holy-Days of the Churck. the most sincere and ardent attach- cess. The Rev. Mr. Hawley has ment to the Church. From the removed into the Diocese of Marytemper of the people, I draw the land. most pleasing conclusions; and my Accept, Brethren, my sincere mind is perfectly convinced, that wishes for your present and eternal

, were it possible to procure a greater happiness. number of faithful ministers, those

R. C. MOORE.. ministers would be received with joy by the vacant parishes, and provision made for their support.

The Holy-Days of the CAURCH. Brethren, we have much to do; and

An Ertract. while any thing remains to be done, The antiquity of the Christian I trust that no languor will be exhi- holy-days, and their strict observbited by either ministers or people, ance in early times, are indisputable: : but that every nerve will be exerted it is also known, that superstitious to carry into effect the hallowed celebrations, founded on doubtful cause in which we have engaged. legends, or lying pretensions to sanc

Brethren, it is the Church of God, tity, so crowded the calendar of the and of our fathers! It is true she has Romish Church during the dark been prostrate in the dust; but from

ages, that not a day was left free her ruins she implores our united from the routine of rigorous abstiaid, and supplicates our assistance. nence, wearisome watchings, or the The progress we have already made

monotonous repetition of idolatrous revives our hopes. The blessings litanies. Our reformers, aiming at we have already received, encou- moderation in every point, preservrage us to look for greater mercies. ed a sufficient number of anniverOur exertions, I firmly believe, will sary commemorations, to withdraw be crowned with success; our Zion the mind occasionally from secular

; will raise her dejected head, be dis- pursuits; but not so many, nor so robed by an omnipotent arm of her loaded with services, as to render weeds, and clothed in the attire of their observance burdensome, to joy. Her harp will be taken from inconvenience our secular concerns, the willows, and the voice of joy and or to allow indolence an excuse for salvation fill her happy courts. neglecting the active duties of life.

Brethren of the Clergy-We Our Church aims, by an annual rehave sworn fidelity to her interest collection, at impressing on the at the altar of the living God. Aid- minds of her members the leading ed by you, I will proceed in the glo- articles of the Christian faith, the rious work with all the ardour with principal incidents in the Saviour's which heaven in mercy shall inspire life, and the examples of the first my mind. In your zeal I have a promulgators of his religion, who perfect confidence. Our number, preached a crucified Master, and it is true, is yet but small; but, with were baptized with the same bloody Jehovah on our side, we may be baptism. The number of days confident of success. Unborn gene- which are devoted to the Christian rations will enjoy the benefit of our mysteries, and the actions of our labours, and embalm our memory Redeemer, are thirteen; namely, with the tear of gratitude and affec- his Incarnation, Nativity, Circumtion.

cision, Manifestation to the GenSince the last Convention, I have tiles, Presentation in the Temple, admitted to the order of Deacons, Temptation in

Temptation in the Wilderness, the Rev. Mr. Low, Mr. Steel, Mr. Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection, Allen, Mr, Ravenscroft, and Mr. Ascension, the Descent of the Holy Bryan; and to the order of the Ghost, a day appropriated to a Priesthood, the Rev. Samuel Low, special acknowledgment of the eterand John S. Ravenscroft. The Rev. nal Trinity, and the season which Mr. Qrrill has settled in this Dio. directs our attention to our Lord's



second' Advent, when he shall re. Died-At Charleston, (S. C.) on the turn to judge the world. Four of evening of the 6th of August, 1817, the these observances, being fixed on Right Reverend THEODORE DEHON, days appropriated to Sabbatical rest, 1. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal give no interruption to worldly con- Church in the Diocess of South-Carolina, cerns. Nineteen holy-days include aged 41. The Charleston City Gazette the eleven apostles chosen by Christ, notices the demise of this accomplished and Matthias elected to supply the divine and scholar, in language that will vacancy occasioned by the crime of be sympathetically felt by all. Judas; Paul and Barnabas, the great

From the Charleston Gazette. instructors of the Gentile world ;

Bring the rath primrose and the neglected violet, the two evangelists who were not of " And all the flowers that sad embroidery wears." the sacred college, John, the pre- “ Our community is in tears ; dicted forerunner of Christ, and Churches are clad in mourning: woman's Stephen, the first martyr ; a recol- eye is wet, and man's cheek is pale. The lection of the infant sufferers whom Christian, the Divine, the Scholar, and Herod sacrificed at Bethlehem to the Philanthropist, has left our circle for his hope of destroving the Messiah; Dark and intricate are the ways of a day consecrated to meditation on

Providence, puzzled with mazes, and per. the glorious hierarchy of Heaven; plexed with errors. The unhappy occur. and, lastly, a general remembrance

rence, which has shrouded our counteof all who have departed this life in

nances with grief, has deprived a nume. the faith and fear of God.* Imitation of distinguished excel

rous congregation of their father and

their friend, the wretched of their suplence, encouragement in distress, warning from error, and support in porter, the afflicted of their consoler, our

community of one of its ornaments, the temptation, are the benefits which these stated observances are de- Gospel of a faithful and sedulous disciple, signed to communicate ; for they youth of its example, infancy of its proare improving and affectionate re- tector, and conjugal love of its partner collections, not idolatrous deifica- and helpmate.—All that was earthly of tons of those fellow-servants who the Right Rev. Bishop Dehon, was yes. have preceded us in the road to im- terday morning interred in the chancel mortality. The observance of par- of St. Michael's Church, beneath the altar ticular days devoted to such uses where he has so often administered the cannot be deemed superstitious; most sacred rites of the Church, where he and an advantage results from their has distributed the bread of life to hungry returning in regular routine; for souls. May this bereavement be sanctiwhen no stated time is appointed, fied to a weeping community; and as his an inconsiderate person will pass life was spent in the exercise of religion, over every day with procrastinating

piety, and benevolence, may his example levity or total inattention : and who

and his presence assist us in the performis there that reflects on the treache

ance of our devotional duties; and may he, ry of his owo serious resolves, but may apply to himself the prophet's by his intercessions at the Throne of enunciation, and say, I am that in- Grace, increase the number of those who considerate man.

shall be blessed.”

* To tliis list might be added, the ap. On Tuesday, the 24th of June, the corpointment of partial services ; for four ner stone of the First Episcopal Church in Gays in Passion Week; two days followFayetteville, (N. C.) was lai with reli. ing Easter-Sunday, to enlarge our medita gious solemnities. tions on the glorious consequences that result from Christ's resurrection; and two

Printed and published by 1. & J. Swords, more attached to Whitsunday, wherein

No. 160 Pearl-street, New-York; where we should exercise our devotional grati.

Subscriptions for this Work will be recejved, tude to God for the promulgation of the at one dollar per annum, or 24 numbers. Gospel, and the perpetual induenee of All Letters relative to this Journal must the Holy Spirit

come free of Poetage.

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