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ADAM EMPIE, Rector of St. James's Resolved, that the next Annual Church, Wilmington.

Convention be holden at Fayetteville. J.CURTIS CLAY,Kector of Christ Church,

Adjourned until 4 o'clock.
JOHN WINSLOW, Lay Delegate from St.
John's Church, Fayetteville.

Met pursuant to adjournment. The
MARSDEN CAMPBELL, Lay Dele- preceding minutes were read and ap-
JOHN R. LONDON, gates from proved.
St. James's Church, Wilmington.

On motion, Resolved, that the SeJOHN STANLEY, Lay Delegates from JOHN S. WEST', '} Christ Church, Kew. cretary cause 200 copies of the Conbern.

stitution to be printed, and that he JOSIAH COLLINS, jun. Representative distribute the same, equally, among from St. Paul's Church, Edenton. the congregations here represented.

Resolved, that it is expedient that The preceding Constitution having the Rectors of the several Churches been unanimously adopted and signed, cause an annual collection, in their the Rev. Mr. Judd was duly elected respective Churches, for the support President, and the Rev. Mr. Empie, of a Missionary in this state; and that Secretary, for the ensuing year. The the same be a fund subject to the orfollowing gentlemen were chosen als der of the Convention. so to compose the Standing Commit

Resolved, that the Rev. Mr. Clay tee-of the Clergy, the Rev. Mr. be a Committee, to select or to draw Judd, Mr. Clay, and Mr. Empie ; up such canons as he may deem most and of the Laity, Messrs. John S. expedient, and to report the same to West, of Newbern; John Winslow, the next Convention. of Fayetteville ; John B. Blount, of (Signed) Edenton; and Marsden Campbell, of

BETHEL JUDD, Wilmington.

President of the Convention. On motion, Resolved, that a copy Attested,

, of the Constitution now adopted, to

ADAM EMPIE, Secretary. gether with the proceedings of this Convention, be, by the Secretary, certified to the General Convention Novelty and Ostentation in Religious of the Protestant Episcopal Church

Institutions. of the United States, with a request, that, agreeably to the fifth article of the Constitution, the Protestant Epis- There is, in the religious fervour copal Church in this state may be re- of the present day, a predisposition to cognized and admitted to representa- favour novelty,-publicity, and what tion.

may be termed congregational sancResolved, that the Right Rev. R. tity, and collective beneficence. Old C. Moore, the Bishop of Virginia, be institutions, whether religious or chainvited to visit and perform the Epis- ritable, have had somewhat of disrecopal offices in this state, agreeably to pute annexed to them, simply because the 20th Canon of the Protestant they are old. They are said, on this Episcopal Church of the United account, to have become inert and suStates.

pine; but the life of associated bodies Resolded, that the President of the depends upon the accession and acti. Convention present this invitation to vity of their members; and do not the the Right Rev. Bishop Moore, toge- Seceders, who utter these accusations, ther with a copy of the Constitution contribute to the supineness which and proceedings of the Convention. they condemn? Our Saviour was not

Resolved, that the Rev. Mr. Judd the patronizer of novelties; he ever and Mr. Moses Jarvis, of Newbern, preferred purifying and re-edifying be appointed Delegates to the ensuing what was old. The moral law of General Convention of the Protestant Moses was the text book, to which his Episcopal Church of the United sermon on the Mount supplied a lucid States.

and spiritual commentary; and the


July, 1817.]
Religious Intelligence.

223 sacraments which he instituted, as We are apt to mistake the impulse pledges of his disciples abiding in Him, of vanity for a call to activity, and were, as we have already seen, Jewish to suppose ourselves influenced by a customs spiritualized by his adoption. zeal for God's glory, while we only

Combined with this love of novelty, pant for flattery and renown. A. we are concerned to observe a passion steady and quiet pursuit of our duty, for notoriety, which is indeed essen- in our domestic, social, and civil capatial to the propagation of new systems cities, would subdue this interfering and associations, whose necessity and propensity. Nor let us lament, if our importance must be pressed upon pub- power of correcting evil, and diffusing lic attention; and this sometimes in virtue and happiness, be limited to a manner, that gives an air of quack- our own families; but rather rejoico ery to the scheme, especially if com- in the safety of such privacy; and rebined, as is too often the case, with member, that the aggregate of many insinuations that are prejudicial to a well ordered homes constitutes a moprior establishment. That parental ral and flourishing community. partiality which we all feel to projects either of our forming, or to whose developement we have largely contri- RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. buted, inclines us, when success

NEW JERSEY. crowns the undertaking, to burst forth

On Thursday, 1st of May last, the in a strain of felicitous gratulation; Right Rev. Bishop Croes visited the conand we have lately seen it in the ora- gregation of Trinity Church, Newark, torical effusions of public bodies, tres

and administered the holy rite of Confira passing on a style of encomium which, performed by the Rev. Mr. Bayard, and

mation to 37 persons. Divine service was if not irreverent towards God, shocks

an appropriate discourse delivered by the the modesty of Christian diffidence. Rev. Mr. Rudd. Do these eloquent advecates recollect,

In a late visitation of the Churches in that in the superlative praise they be the southern part of the Diocess of Newstow upon any public body of which Jersey, the Right Rev. Bishop Croes held

an ordination in Trinity Church, at Swedesthey are themselves active agents, the borough, on the first Sunday after Trini. impugners of their labours must dis- ty, (June 8th,) at which Mr. Samuel cover

more of vanity than judgment? Creighton Stratton was admitted to the If the work in which they so ardently holy order of Deacons. Divine service

was engage be really useful, will it not performed on the occasion by the Rev. stand on the firm foundation of a plain and a sermon delivered by the Rev. George

Simon Wilmer, Rector of said Church, report, and the attestation of fact, Y. Morebouse, Rector of St. Andrew's without their assimilating, (doubtless Church, Mount-Holly. The Bishop also in the unweighed rapidity of rhetorical delivered discourses in the above named embellishment) the activity of unin- Church, on Saturday, the 7th, and Thurs

day, the 12th days of June. In the course spired men, with the patient suffer- of his tour, he likewise visited and offiings of the blessed apostles?

ciated at St. Stephen's Church, Mullica's. Has religion no existing obligations, Hill, on Thursday, the 5th; St. Thomas's, binding us to charity, piety, social Glassborough, on Friday, the 6th ; St. kindness, and zeal for God's glory, in John's, Salem, on Wednesday, the ilth;

St. George's, Penn's-Neck, on Thursday, our individual capacities, that we are the 12th ; St. Peter's, Berkeley, on Frithus eager to take upon ourselves so day, the 13th; St. Andrew's, Mount-Holly, many new covenants?

on Sunday, the 15th ; St. Mary's, Cole's. It is greatly to be feared, that, com

Town, on Monday, the 16th; St. Mary's, bined with a desire of doing good, a

Burlington, on Tuesday, the 17th; and passion for distinction, a consequential 18th day of June; to respectable and at

St. Michael's, Trenton, on Wednesday, the dictatoria! humour, satiety of home, tentive congregations. and inattention to the quiet routine of On Tuesday, June 24, being the festidomestic duty, have assisted to engen- Rev. Bishop Croes visited the congrega

val of St. Jobn the Baptist, the Right der many institutions, which court po- tion of St. Peter's Church, Spotswood, pularity with somewhat of empirical for a long time vacant. In the morning, pretensions to preference.

divme service was performed by the Rer.


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James Chapman, Kector of St. Peter's The object of this fund is to afford aid Church, Perth-Amboy, and a sermon, to young men of piety and talents, whe adapted to the occasion, was preached by may need assistance in their preparations the Rev. John C. Rudd, Rector of St. for the ministry. John's Church, Elizabeth-Town, to crowded and attentive audience; after which the apostolic rite of Confirmation

WORKS IN THE PRESS IN GREAT BRITAIN was administered by the Bishop to 37

Dr. Montucci has in the press, an Acpersons. In the afternoon divine service

count was performed by the Rev. Lewis P. Bay. Chinese Dictionary, and of his own. It

the Rev. Robert Morrison's ard, Rector of Trinity Church, Newark, and a sermon preached by the Rev. Mr.

will form a quarto volume, containing Chapman.

about 200 pages, on superfine vellum paThe high degree of interest and plea. per, with above a thousand engraved

Chinese Characters. sure manifested by the people of this congregation in the exercises of the day, and

In the press, a Theological Inquiry into their gratitude for this first opportunity of Baptismal Regeneration, in five dis.

the Sacrament of Baptism, and the Nature of receiving. Confirmation, furnish the most gratifying proof of the increasing courses, preached before the University of zeal of Episcopalians here, and justify Cambridge, April, 1817. By the Rev. C. the expectation that this congregation, for Benson, A. M.

The Author of the Antidote to the Mia long time in a depressed state, will, at no distant day, become a flourishing 'sec

series of Human Life, has in the press, a tion of the Church.

work entitled, Celebs deceived. Wednesday, 25, Bishop Croes proceed.

The Clerical Guide, or Ecclesiastical ed with several of his Presbyters to Christ Directory, containing a register of the Church, Shrewsbury, for the purpose of dignitaries of the Church, and a list of all attending a meeting of the Directors of the benefices in England and Wales, is in

the the Episcopal Society. Divine service press. was performed by the Rev. Mr. Rudd, and an appropriate sermon preached by the Rev. Mr. Bayard. After divine service the Board of Directors held their seventh

Parochial Instruction ; or, Sermons dean annual meeting:

livered from the Pulpit, at different times, It must be gratifying to Episcopalians, in the course of thirty Years. By James especially in New-Jersey, to observe the Bean, M. A. one of the Librarians of the unexpected progress of this institution.

British Museum, and Assistant Minister From the smallest beginnings it has risen

of Welbeck Chapel, St. Mary-le-bone. 8vo. into a degree of consequence and useful

Fifty-two Lectures on the Catechism of ness which its most sanguine friends ne

the Church of England : to which are ver anticipated. This society has receiv

added, three Introductory Discourses on ed with gratitude very important aid from the Subject, addressed to the Inhabitants the Female Bible and Common Prayer

of the Parish of Hinxworth, Herts. Dedi. Book Societies of Newark and Elizabeth- cated, by permission, to the Right Rev. Town, and from the ladies in the city of Bowyer Edward, Lord Bishop of Ely. By New-Brunswick. In addition to these

the Rev. Sir Adam Gordon, Bart. M. A. auxiliaries, it is gratifying to notice an

late of Christ Church, Oxford, Rector of other, just organized, denominated “The West Tilbury, Essex, Prebendary of BrisFemale Episcopal Society of Shrewsbury

tol, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. and Middletown, for the Promotion of

The Fulfilment of Prophecy further Christian Knowledge and Piety."

illustrated by the Signs of the Times; or, The Churchmen of New Jersey, for ma. an Attempt to ascertain the probable ny years desponding under the numerous

Issues of the recent Restoration of the discouragements which have surrounded Old Dynasties; of the Revival of Popery: them, cannot but contemplate with affec- and of the present Mental Ferment in tion and thanksgiving to the great Head Europe; as likewise, how far Great-Briof the Church, the blessings which have

tain is likely to share in the Calamities by lately attended their communion, espe.

which Divine Providence will accomcially in the attainment of the Episcopate, plish the final Overthrow of the

Kingdoms and the advantages which are evidently of the Roman Monarchy. By. J. Bicheno, resulting from the affectionate and pru.

M. A. 8vo. dent attentions of their worthy Diocesan.

From the organization of the Episcopal Printed and published by T. & J. Swords, Society, there have been distributed 176 No. 160 Pearl-street, New-York; where Bibles; 570 Prayer Books, and about Subscriptions for this Work will be re800 religious Tracts, and the Society has ceived, at one dollar per annum, or 24 a permanent fund in a state of gradual numbers. All Letters relative to this augmentation, amounting to about $ 600. Journal must come free of Postage,


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We deem no apology necessary for oc- were Christians, there were Clergy to cupying a considerable portion of the instruct them; and wherever there present number of the Journal with the were Clergy, a Bishop was placed following Charge, a review of which was among them, to advise, to encourage, inserted in a preceding number. It de

to admonish, to preserve Unity of lineates and enforces, in a style distin. Faith and Worship, and to perpetuate guished by simplicity and dignity, several a Holy Priesthood. It is superfluous important principles of ecclesiastical to inquire to what causes we should polity, and duties of the clerical office. impute, in the present instance, the And the application, which is made with delay of a measure so consonant with so much prudence, mildness, and zeal, of Christian practice, and of such obvious

utility: our immediate concern will these principles and duties to the situation of the Church in British India , gives deficiency no longer subsists

, in what

be rather to consider, now that the additional interest to the Charge. Much is to be expected from the labours in

way we may give effect to the im

portant purposes which the LegislaIndia of such a Bishop as Dr. Middleton.

ture contemplated, when it made pro. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of vision for an Episcopal Establishment

the Diocess of Calcutta, at Calcutta in British India. the 7th December, 1815; at Madras

I am fully aware, that in proceed. the 11th January, and at Bombay ing to the consideration of these the 13th June, 1816; at the Primary points, I am entering upon a subject Visitation, by T. F. MIDDLETON, of no common difficulty: I am deeply D.D. F. R. S. Lord Bishop of Cal sensible of the difference which subcutta.

sists between the condition of Christi

anity in these regions, and the order My REVEREND BRETHREN,

and stability which it has long at. The occasion of your being now tained in England: I am ready to assembled is not unimportant in the admit, that the dirties of the Clergy annals of the Christian Faith. The are here to be performed in circumday has at length arrived, when the stances somewhat peculiar; that the purest and most powerful of Pro- public feeling is to be considered and testant Churches is completely esta- conciliated ; and that the suggestions blished in a vast region of Asia; her of Christian prudence no where reClergy, hitherto a small number of quire to be observed with stricter detached individuals, acting without care: but the inferences which arise concert, and not subject to any local from this state of things, must be superintendence, are henceforward drawn with discrimination, or they members of a compacted body, and will lead to consequences which, inunited under the regimen which stead of removing our difficulties, every where prevailed in the primi- could only tend to increase them. tive

ages of the Gospel : from the You are not to infer, where an object first planting of Christian Churches is definite, and legitimate, and accomby the preaching of the Apostles, till panied, as we cannot doubt, with we reach the period of modern Inno. God's blessing, that impediments, vation or Neglect, wherever there however formidable in the ontset, VOL. I.



can in their nature be permanent: it

I wish that I could announce to would be wrong to infer, that schemes you, that you were in all respects of improvement are not to be prose- placed upon the footing of Parochial cuted with ardour, because hitherto Incumbents ; that each of you was to they have been scarcely thought of, have his Parish Church, to which he or under every disadvantage have was to be regularly instituted and infailed ; and admitting the existence ducted, and that he was to be assisted of difficulties to the utmost extent, I in the superintendence of his flock by will venture to remind you, that the Church-wardens and Overseers, as just conclusion is the riecessity of a the Parochial Clergy are in England. ready and conscientious co-operation In time, no doubt, beneficial changes under one Head; upon whom, after will be gradually introduced : for the all, (and I feel it to be no light re- present, however, you are required to sponsibility) the blame of failure must make the best of the circumstances principally rest. And when we re- in which you are actually placed ; collect, that those who have been and they are such as to justify the exmost forward to allege the peculiar pectation of your discharging the ducircumstances of this country as ar- ties of Clergymen with a high degree guments against improvement, have of usefulness and effect. You are usually been persons not remarkable many of you still, by the nature of for their attachment to the Christian your duties, Military Chaplains; but cause, I trust that the last to insist by no means subject to all the inconupon impediments, and to shelter veniences which the name seems to themselves behind anomalies, will be imply. You are placed completely

, the English Clergy. We have no and exclusively under Ecclesiastical natural impediments to contend Jurisdiction : you have fixed and peragainst, but the manners and habits manent stations, to which you are incidental to an enervating climate : henceforward to be nominated by my, and get there is no region on the self; and your correspondence on all earth, where the religion of Jesus, if Ecclesiastical matters will be carried due care be taken to plant and to on with myself or my Archdeacons : water it; will not flourish. The most the rules prescribed for the regulation dissipated city of the East became of your conduct will be precisely the one of the earliest and most distin- same, except where local circum. guished seats of the Gospel. We stances render it impracticable, with know that “the disciples were called those which subsist at home : my Christians first at Antioch;"* and that Letters Patent direct me to adminisa branch of the Church of Antioch ter the Ecclesiastical Laws, as they has subsisted for centuries, under are received in the Realm of Engevery discouragement, amidst the land: and they evidently contemplate mountains of Malabar.

no other discipline than that under An unavoidable delay in the pro- which our Church has been favoured mulgation, by the Supreme Govern- with such manifestations of the Divine ment, of his Majesty's Letters Patent, Blessing, and still continues, notwithkas induced me to postpone, for só standing the cavils of bigotted or is. long a period, the exercise of certain norant men, to be the great depository powers vested in the Bishop, and es- of scriptural knowledge and sacred pecially the very important measure truth, and, under Christ, the main of Licensing my Clergy. The new support of Christian piety throughout system, however, is now in full force; the world. and I am enabled to inform you, in It is needless, I trust, in any cirwhat light you are henceforward to cumstances, to employ much time in consider yourselves, as well as to af- reminding Clergymen of the obligaford you a sketch of some particular tions which they contracted, when obligations.

they solemnly devoted themselves to

their Holy Calling; to bring to their Acts, xi. 26.

recollection, that they promised, by

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