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July, 1817.] Bishop Kemp's Address to the Convention of Maryland. 217 dom is altogether compatible with full city of Annapolis, I administered the power to manage our temporalities, holy rite of confirmation to eighteen for my own part I am free to declare, persons. that I wish no other aid from the se- On the 28th of August I visited cular arm. And I avail myself of St. James's, Anne-Arundel county, this opportunity to announce to the and confirmed six persons. world, that although I have been a the following day I held a confirmamember of the Conventions, and en- tion in Allhallows, in the same county, gaged in the business of our Church when fourteen persons received this almost since the revolution, I have holy ordinance. never heard a wish expressed to ob- As soon as I could again leave my tain any aid from the civil power that charge in Baltimore, I visited St. was not strictly consistent with reli- George's parish, in Harford county, gious liberty, or that we would wish administered the Lord's Supper, and should not be extended to all denomi- confirmed. Here nineteen persons nations of Christians.

were confirmed. On the same day, at The superiority in which we glory Havre-de-Grace, I confirmed twelve is of a different character: it consists persons. in the conviction that our Church is a On the third of November I visited truly apostolic Church-possessing a Queen Anne parish, in Prince George's legitimate ministry-enjoying a litur- county, and performed divine service gy superior to any thing else in the in the parish church, and also in the Christian world--and maintaining a chapel. In this parish I administered faith comprising all the prominent confirmation to seventy-one persons. doctrines of divine revelation. During this month I visited the pa

To return to the case of St. Peter's: rishes in Frederick and Washington On the Easter Monday succeeding, the counties. On the 15th day I held a Episcopalians came forward and elect- confirmation at Hager's-Town, when ed such a vestry as they believed would fifty-six persons were confirmed. And maintain their rights, and restore them on the day following I administred the

I to the union of the Church. This ves- same ordinance to eleven persons at try immediately declared their deter. William's-Port. mination to adhere to the Church, to. On the 17th I visited a church on acknowledge her authority, and sub- the Maryland tract, and confirmed a mit to her laws. They then elected hundred and fifty-one persons. And on the Rev. Mr. Henshaw as their Rec- the next day I confirmed thirty-one tór, and thus, by the blessing of Al- persons in the church at Frederickmighty God, the peace and security Town. of the Church are restored, her mem- On the 22d of December I held bers act in concert and in harmony, a confirmation in St. Paul's Church, as the servants of one great Master, in the city of Baltimore, where thirengaged in the work of advancing his ty-seven persons were confirmed. dominion, and saving the souls of their On the 28th of December I visited flocks.

the Churches in Washington and The committee appointed at the George Town. In St. John's, Washlast meeting of the Convention to ington, I confirmed about thirty perprepare and publish an address to the sons; and in St. John's, Georgepeople of our communion on the sub- Town, fifty-one. ject of raising funds for the support This spring I have visited the of missionaries, have published an ad- Churches in St. Mary's county. In dress, and it remains with this Con- Chaptico Church, King and Queen vention to arrange the business in parish, on the eleventh of April, I consuch a manner as to carry into effect firmed eighty-three persons. On the the object in view.

day following I also confirmed twenIn consequence of the indisposition ty-eight persons in St. Andrew's of Bishop Claggett, and at his request, Church, St. Andrew's parish. I then on the 17th day of June, 1816, in the proceeded to William and Mary pa

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rish, where I confirmed thirty-three lately repaired, and it seems was nepersons in the chapel, and thirty-eight ver consecrated. The Church in . in the parish Church. On my return, Washington is a new Church, and is I held a confirmation in All-Faith

a very neat and commodious building, Church, All-Faith parish, where thir- although small. The Church in Balty-seven persons were confirmed. And timore is a parish Church, in St. I closed my visitation by performing Paul's parish, and is perhaps the the same office next day in Trinity largest and most elegant building of parish, Charles county, to fifty-nine the kind in the United States, persons. Thus, since the last cons Since the last Convention, I admitvention, I have admitted into full ted the Rev. Mr. Shaw, and the Rev. membership in our holy Church, Mr. Brown, to the Holy Order of about seven hundred persons. To Priests. The latter gentleman has supply in some measure the want of since closed his ministry here on ministers, I have licensed several lay earth. readers. I licensed Mr. Daniel Mur- I have great pleasure in announcing ray to act as a lay reader in St. to this Convention, that during last James's parish, Anne-Arundel county; year we have received a considerable and after the death of the Right Rev. number of valuable ministers into this Bishop Claggett, I granted a license Diocess. The Rev. Mr. Brady, from to Mr. Richard West to read in the the Diocess of New York, has settled Church of Upper-Marlborough. This in St. Mary's county; the Rev. Mr. Church is now supplied with a minis- Williston, from the same Diocess, has ter.

succeeded Bishop Claggett in his paIn consequence of an application rish in Prince George's county ; the

from the vestry of Addison Chapel, I Rev. Mr. Hawley, from Virginia, granted a license to Dr. Hanson to of- is now Rector of St. John's, Washfciate as a lay reader in that chapel. ington. The Rev. Mr. Keith has But I am informed that the Rev. Mr. been lately ordained by Bishop Moore, Addison is about to bestow some part and is now assistant minister in of his time upon that congregation. George Town. The Rev. Mr. Barry I also licensed Mr. Charles Mann, a has lately settled in the city of Balticandidate for holy orders, to read in more, and established an academy, some of the Churches in the neigh- which promises great and lasting and bourhood of Frederick-Town. vantages to that city, in the important

During an indisposition of the Rev. department of education. The Rev. Mr. Addison, the vestry of his parish Mr. Joab G. Cooper, from the Eastapplied to me to grant a license to ern Dioces, who has been appointed Mr. F. Key to read in their Church. President of Washington College, Mr. Addison is now restored to officiates in St. Paul's parish. The health ; and besides, an assistant has Rev. Mr. Bulkley has removed from

" been given him.

the Diocess of Connecticut to St. A few weeks ago I received an ap- Paul?s, Queen-Anne's county; and plication from the vestry of St. Anne's the Rev. Mr. Henshaw, from the Diparish, in Annapolis, to grant a li- cess of New-York, has been elected cense to Mr. Alexander c. Magrader, Rector of St. Peter's, Baltimore. to act as a lay-reader in a corner of Notwithstanding this considerable that parish, where they were about to addition to our number, there are still build a chapel. This license I conse- a good many vacant parishes; and I quently granted.

must repeat my request to my reverDuring the last year I have conse- end brethren, to encourage young crated to the service of Almighty God, men of piety and talents to enter inthree Churches, one in St. Mary's to the ministry. county, one in the city of Washing- Applications will at this time be ton, and one in Baltimore. The laid before the Standing Committee, Church in St. Mary's, which is Chap- from several young gentlemen, to be tico Church, is not new, but has been admitted as Candidates for holy ore


July, 1817.] Proceedings of the General Convention.

219 ders. This is a source of great gra- waste places in our Christian Zion, tification ; and while it yields a proof and to extend her boundaries from of the superintending care of the Di- the rivers to the ends of the earth. vine Head of our Church, it must de. And to our exertions let us always mand our gratitude and praise. add our prayers, that God, by his holy

Having lately returned from the Spirit, would infuse into the hearts of General Convention, I have great her members, an ardent zeal for her pleasure in announcing to this body, cause, that she may be a repository of the rising condition of our Church in peace and salvation to the souls of almost every quarter. In the western states, in particular, the people are panting for the word of God, and the ministrations of Gospel ministers. Proceedings of the late General ConAnd the means that have been adopt- vention, extracted from the Journal ed, promise, with the divine blessing, of the House of Bishops. a rich harvest in that infant quarter of

(Continued from page 205.) our country. These things, my reverend brethren,

Tuesday, May 27. are sufficient to fill our hearts with Resolved, that the following be enpraise to the Lord of the Christian tored on the Journal of this House, Church-to animate our courage and and be sent to the House of Clerical invigorate our exertions-to induce and Lay Deputies, to be read thereus to spend all our strength, till we in :carry the joyful tidings of salvation The House of Bishops, solicitous to the wilderness and the solitary for the preservation of the purity of places-till the dominion of Christ ex- of the Church, and the piety of its tend from sea to sea

members, are induced to impress upon

the clergy the important duty, with a My Brethren of the Laity,

discreet but earnest zeal, of warning There is one point to which I must the people of their respective cures, beg leave to call your attention in a of the danger of an indulgence in particular manner. From the view those worldly pleasures which may of things at the present time, no doubt tend to withdraw the affections from remains on my mind, but we shall be spiritual things.

And especially on able to obtain a sufficient supply of the subject of gaming of amusements ministers to fill our parishes, and raise involving cruelty to the brute creation, our Church, if suitable exertions be and of theatrical representations, to made to support them. This then is which some peculiar circumstances an object to which you ought not only have called their attention,--they do to devote your attention, but on which not hesitate to express their unanimous you ought to exert all your influence. opinion, that these amusements, as At this period, the Protestant Episco- well from their licentious tendency, pal Church in North America engages as from the strong temptations to vico much of the attention of mankind. which they afford, ought not to be freMaintaining her character for purity quented. And the Bishops cannot reof doctrine-preserving her worship frain from expressing their deep regret from the wild and enthusiastic flights at the information that in some of our of the human imagination, and at the large cities, so little respect is paid to same time enjoying a service into the feelings of the members of the which the true spirit of gospel piety Church, that theatrical representa

, is infused-upholding a system of go. tions are fixed for the evenings of her vernment whose foundation was laid most solemn festivals. by a divine hand she yields a holy The following extract from the and peaceful sanctuary for correct Journal of the House of Clerical and and pious Christians. Let this fa- Lay Deputies was received by this vourable period be ardently embraced House, and read :hy both clergy and laity, to repair the “ Resolved, that the Right Rév.the

« House of Bishops be respectfully mittee to attend for that purpose. In “ requested to designate and establish the case of displacing from the minis

some specific edition of the Old and try as above provided for, it shall be 56 - New Testaments, without note or the duty of the Bishop to give notice « comment, to be considered as the thereof to every Bishop of this Church, 66 authentic version or standard by and to the Standing Committee in *** which the genuineness of all copies every Diocess wherein there is no 16 of the Holy Scriptures used by the Bishop, * members of this Church, is to be as“ certained; thereby, to secure them A Canon for carrying into Effect the “ against perversions, and the people

Design of the second Rubric before 66 of our communion from error, ei

the Communion Service. " ther in discipline or doctrine." There being the provision in the

Whereupon, the following resolu- second Rubric before the Communion tion was adopted, and ordered to be Service, requiring that every minister sent to the House of Clerical and Lay repelling from the Communion, shall Deputies.

give an account of the same to the The House of Bishops, deeming Ordinary; it is hereby provided, that the fulfilment of the request of the on the information to the effect stated House of Clerical and Lay Deputies, being laid before the Ordinary, that is, on the subject of an authentic version the Bishop, it shall not be his duty to of the Holy Bible, a matter requiring institute an inquiry, unless there be very serious attention and delibera- complaint made to him in writing by tion, resolve, that its members will the expelled party. But on receiving give such attention and deliberation complaint, it shall be the duty of the to the subject, previously to the next Bishop to institute an inquiry, as may meeting of the General Convention, be directed by the Canons of the Diand report at the said meeting ocess in which the event has taken CANONS

place. And the notice given as above

by the minister shall be a sufficient PASSED IN GENERAL CONVENTION, 1817. A Canon to govern in the Case of a the purpose of trial.

presentation of the party expelled, fox Minister declaring that he will no tonger be a Minister of this Church.

If any minister of this Church shall Minutes of the Proceedings of the declare to the Bishop of the Diocess

Clergy and Lay Delegates of the to which he belongs, or to any Eccle

Protestant Episcopal Churches of

North-Carolina, convened by apsiastical authority for the trial of clergymen, or, where there is no Bishop,

pointment, this 24th day of April, to the Standing Committee, his re

1817, in Christ Church, in the nunciation of the ministry, and his

Town of Newbern. design not to officiate in future in any

PRESENT, of the offices thereof; it shall be the The Rev. Bethel Judd, Rector of duty of the Bishop, or, where there is St. John's Church, Fayetteville; the no Bishop, of the Standing Commit- Rev. J. Curtis Clay, Rector of Christ tee, to record the declaration so made. Church, Newbern; the Rev. Adam And it shall be the duty of the Bishop Empie, Rector of St. James's, Church to admonish or to suspend him, and to Wilmington; John Stanley, and John pronounce and record, in the presence S. West, Esquirea, Delegates from of two or three clergymen, that the Christ Church, Newbern; John person so declaring has been admonish- Winslow, Esq. Delegate from St. ed, or suspended, or displaced from his John's Church, Fayetteville ; Josiah grade of the ministry in this Church. Collins, jun. Esq. Representative In any Diocess in which there is no from St. Paul's Church, Edenton ; Bishop, the same sentence may be pro- John R. London, and Marsden Camp nounced by the Bishop of any other bell, Esquires, Delegates from St. Diacess,invited by the Standing Com. James's Church, Wilmington,

July, 1817.) Proceedings of the Convention in North-Carolina. 221

On motion, the Rev. Mr. Judd was Art. VI. A Secretary shall be an. appointed Chairman; and the Rev. nually chosen, whose duty it shall be Mr. Empie, Secretary.

to keep a record of the proceedings, On motion, Resolved, that the Rev. and to give due notice to each minisMr. Clay be requested to perform ter and vestry of the time and place Divine Service, and the Rev. Mr. of the next meeting of the ConvenJudd to deliver a' Sermon this fore. tion. noon.

ART. VII. A Standing Committee On motion, Resolved, that the Rev. shall be annually chosen, of not less Mr. Judd, the Rev. Mr. Clay, and

than three, or more than seven, perthe Rev. Mr. Empie, together with sons; who shall have power to admit Mr. John Stanley, and Mr. John R. candidates for the ministry; and, unLondon, be appointed a Committee, til a Bishop shall have been appointto draw up and present to this meet- ed, to examine the testimonials of ing, a Constitution of the Protestant foreign clergymen, to call special Episcopal Church of this state. meetings of the Convention, and to Adjourned until one o'clock. transact all such other business as Divine service having been per- Constitution and Canons of the Ge

they are empowered to do by the formed, the Clergy and Lay Delement; and the Committee presented shall come before the Convention, gates convened according to adjourn. neral Convention.

ART. VIII. In all matters which the following

the Clergy and Laity shall deliberate CONSTITUTION.

in one body; and in voting, the ClerARTICLE I. The Protestant Epis- gy shall vote by individuals, and the copal Church in this state accedes to, Laity by congregations. But if in recognizes, and adopts, the general any case it be required by two votes, Constitution of the Protestant Epis- the two orders shall vote separately; copal Church of the United States; and a concurrence shall be necessary and acknowledges its authority ac- to constitute a decision. cordingly.

Art. IX. The election of a Bishop Art. II. There shall be an annual of this Diocess shall be made in ConConvention of this Church, on the vention, in the following manner : second Thursday after Easter, at such The order of the Clergy shall nomiplace as shall be fixed by each pre- nate and appoint, by ballot, some fit ceding Convention.

and qualified Clergyman for that ofART. III. The Convention shall be fice-and if this appointment be apcomposed of such regularly ordained proved of by the Lay order, he shall ministers as are settled in this state- be declared duly cted. In the of such as are employed as professors above mentioned nomination and apor instructors of youth in incorpo- pointment, a majority of each order rated seminaries of such as are mis- shall determine the choice; provided sionaries of the Protestant Episcopal that two thirds of all the Clergy enChurch—and of one or more Lay titled to votes be present, and two Delegates, for each Church, chosen thirds of all the congregations entitled by the vestry or congregation thereof. to votes be represented; otherwise

Art. IV. Every Convention shall two thirds of the votes of each order be opened with prayer and a sermon; shall be necessary to determine the and the preacher shall be nominated choice. by the ecclesiastical authority of the ART. X. This Constitution may be Church.

altered or amended by a concurrent ART. V. A President shall be an- vote of two thirds of the attending nually appointed, who shall preside in members, at any annual meeting of all meetings of the Convention, ex- the Convention. sept when a Bishop shall be present,

(Signed) who shall, ex officio, be President of BETHEL JUÚD, Rector of St. John's. suid Convention.

Church, Fayetteville.

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