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professions and the duties of Christi- breach, and daily succeed in uniting anity, and the weight which this ex- all Christians in that firm and compact ample will have upon all around must body, which is most conformable to produce the most beneficial conse- the commands, and most favourable quences. To all ranks the earnest to the propagation of the Gospel. and affectionate eloquence of the Bi- In addition to all these circumstan. shop in the pulpit will speak a lan- ces we are happy to notice an event guage which will find its way to the recorded in the Calcutta Gazette of very heart of his auditors. All these May 23, 1816, from which, in due and various other circumstances taken time, and if suffered to work quietly together, must surely have a strong we anticipate the happiest results. By effect in reforming the sorals and that paper we find, that a meeting checking the profligacy of the Euro- was held on the 19th of that month, pean settlers, and when that is effect- at the house of Sir H. East, the Chief ed, one great obstacle to the conver- Justice of Bengal, to institute a sort sion of the natives will be removed- of College for the national education the vices and the crimes of those pro- of Hindoo children. At this meeting fessing Christianity.

were collected most of the chief naThe second happy effect to be ex- tives of various casts, and several of pected is the promotion of the cause the Pundits. It was resolved that of unity. One of the great objections their design should be carried into of the natives to Christianity, is the immediate execution, and a very condivision of its members into so various siderable sum was subscribed for the and so contradictory forms of faith. purpose. This circumstance alone, , Let the purity of the Gospel once when it is known with what difficulty shine forth in imocence of life and in 2 Hindoo will part with his money to unity of faith, and one of the great advance any speculation for moral imdifficulties in the way of conversion provement, is the best proof of their will be removed. It is therefore with earnestness in the object. It was reunfeigned regret that we have read a solved, that all casts should be equally most intemperaté_and insulting ha- admitted and educated together, but rangue of Doctor Brice, the represen- that they should be fed separately. tative of the Scotch Church, against The first concession will appear no Episcopacy. This person was sent small effort to those who are acquaintout at the same time with the Bishop, ed with the rigid prejudices of the for the sake of the many Scotch who Hindoos in this respect, It was also were settled in India. All these, be- determined, that the College should fore the arrival of Dr. Brice, were in be placed under the patronage of the harmony with the Church of England, Governor General and the Supreme and willingly united-in all its forms Council: that the Chief Justice should of public worship. The first effect, be President, and that the managing therefore, of this measure was, to cre- Committee should be composed, partate a schism where it found none, and ly of Europeans, partly of Natives. in the person of Dr. Brice not only to To this union we look forward with a create, but to foment division. It was rational hope, as a means of conciliatnot sufficient to tear open the wound ing those prejudices which have hereand to separate the parts which had tofore existed in the minds of the Hin. closed in Christian union, but to as- doos, both with respect to themselves sail, with little show of reason, and and to the Europeans. By the very less of temperance, the unoffending terms of an union of this nature, be it Church and its venerable head. Such where it may, much is conceded by are the triumphs of liberality. Not- the predominant party; and we trust withstanding this lamentable schism, that such a concession may be cauat the very commencement of his la- tiously and gradually improved into bours, we have little doubt, but that the happiest effects. the character, the labours, and the Whatever might have been the opieloquence of the Bishop will heal the nions of too large a part of the go


May, 1817.] Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

153 verning members of the India Com- and veneration of the good. Happy pany, on the establishment of Episco- will he'even be in difficulty, happy in pacy in India, we trust that now they neglect, for both here and hereafter have discovered the worth and the va. TIPOE TO AIDION EBAENEN. lue of him who has been selected as its head, every sentiment either of coldness or of hostility, will subside THE SOCIETY (IN ENGLAND) FOR PROMOTING 'into feelings of the warmest affection and regard. Called upon, as the Bi

upon, as the Bi. The following interesting account of the shop is, to a station of much digrity principles and nbjects of the Society for and expense, with claims

him for Promoting Christian Knowledge, is taken

from A Sermon, preached in the Parish public and private charities of the

of St. Julian, Shrewsbury, upon Wednesfirst importance, with the wants both

day, the 12th of July, 1815; being the of his clergy and of their flocks

press- first Anniversary Meeting of the Salop ing upon him, we trust that a much

District of the Society.

By the Rev. larger allowance will be assigned than

Laurence Gardner, D.D. Rector of the

Second Portion of Westbury, Salop, and the very scanty minimum which the

Minister of Curzon Chapel, London.Act of Parliament prescribes. With an income less by 20001. per annum

It is precisely in conformity with the than the puisnè judges, and inferior great truths and principles—first, that

Christianity should be as extensively proeven to many of the lower officers in pagated as possible : secondly, that it the Company's service, it is impossi- should be propagated according to a preble for him to meet the numerous de- cise and defined system! and, thirdly, unmands which must be made upon his der the persuasion that this can only efrank and station. We do trust that all those aids which divine and human

fectually be done by having recourse to the Company will, from their happy wisdom have supplied--that the Society experience of the good effects result- for Promoting Christian Knowledge was ing from the presence of a Bishop, formed, and has now carried on its labour's and of such a Bishop as Dr. Middle for nearly one hundred and twenty years. ton among them, enable him to extend view, has been to diffuse, as widely as its

The high and leading object it has had in the sphere of his utility, by increas. funds would permit, and by every means ing the powers of his action. Parsi- within its power, a knowledge of the mony in such a case would but ill be. Scriptures of the Old and New Testacome the dignity, and ill promote the

ment. This it has done, in the first place, best interests of the Company. To where the light of the Gospel has never

shone, by the establishment of missions, them his labours are dedicated, from and by employing men of the greatest puthem they should meet their due con- rity and zeal to preach the glad tidings of sideration. The lot of an India Bi. salvation to those who are yet in darkness shop is a lot but little to be envied. and ignorance, more particularly the beIn a climate, where the lamp of life nighted nations of the eastern world; by

translating the Scriptures into their lanburns fast, with no interest to stimu- guages, and promoting their circulation late exertion, with no prescriptive au. wherever there was the smallest disposithority to enforce respect, without tion to receive and peruse them. Even counsel, and without countenance, to

in the first years of the last century, faciduty and to duty alone can he look for long before half of it had expired, a trans

lities for printing were furnished; and comfort or reward. Were he to di- lation of the whole Bible into one of the rect his view to an earthly crown, principal languages of the East, was comwhether of dignity or of applause, he pleted under the auspices, and by means might sink under the difficulties with of the exertions, of this Society. - In our which a cold and calculating jealousy to be directed to the establishment and

own country, its views have never ceased on the one hand, and a faithless and assistance of parochial schools; to these dissembling fanaticism on the other, its liberality is of the most extensive and have encompassed and retarded his extraordinary description, not only by furexertions, he might sink into hopeless nishing them with Bibles, Testaments, apathy and despair. But even his re

Prayer Books, and all the others necessa ward will be found bere, not in pa- dren to read, but with those which in

ry for the purpose of teaching the chiltronage of the great, but in the love struct them likewise in the knowledge of

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the doctrines of the Bible, and the prin- that at which such works are usually obciples of their national Church, I do not tained. believe that I in the least degree exagge- These are the main and principal ob. rate when I state, that three-fourths of the jects in which the Society for Promoting charity schools of this kingdom, establish, Christian Kinawledge is, and has been long ed in conformity with the doctrines and employed: but, in order that its benevo. principles of the Church of England, de- lent purposes my be still more generally rive all their books of these different de. known than they are, and of course its scriptions from this Society, at a price, blessings still more generally extended," generally speaking, not more than one subordinate societies bave of late years half of what they can be procured for in been formed in different parts of the kingthe ordinary way;

dom, whose great business it is to faciliAnother most valuable and important ceive subscriptions, and other payments,

tate the means of obtaining books to reobject of this Society is, to circulate with the holy Scriptures familiar tracts, expla- venient to transmit them to the Metropo

from those to whom it might not be connatory of the great doctrines, and princi lis--to propose new Members and to be ples, and duties they enjoin, compiled either from larger works by some of the

the channel of communication of any hints ablest divines which have adorned the

or suggestions which its friends might be Christian Church of former periods, or by disposed to make, in furtherance of the professed publications of the same descrip. designs which the Society, as a body, tion from those best able to draw them might have in view. up, of our own times. The extent of the

After this plain and simple statement of services it has rendered to the world in

the objects of our Institution, it is perthis way, is almost beyond belief: and the fectly impossible, I should trust, not to

obtain for it the most zealous and cordial channels through which they flow, are almost as numerous as human wants point support--it is perfectly impossible not at It furnishes hospitals and prisons

once to acquiesce in the useful, important, with the books best suited to answer the

sublime purposes it has in view, viz. to

cheer with the light and blessings of important purposes to be derived from a proper religious improvement of those Christianity those who are still in darksituations: and to every ship in his Ma.

ness and the shadow of death, or to illujesty's navy, or in the East India Compa mine and strengthen those who, from ny's service, upon proper application, and youth or ignorance, have as yet been uninwith a satisfactory assurance that a right tions of the Gospel. Let other Societies

formed in the great truths and consolause will be made of the indulgence, it furnishes a sufficient number of Bibles, Test

pursue, as they think proper, their various aments, and Prayer Books, and explana- fere with them. Long before they had an

labours ; it is no part of our wish to inter tory tracts, to enable every sailor in them, so disposed, to understand perfectly his existence, we commenced our quiet, steaduty to God and man.

dy, unobtrusive course—the noiseless te

nor of our way--and we still pursue it But, after having done all this, there with all the anxiety and zeal which obstill seemed to be something wanting to jects of so interesting and momentous' a complete the wise and benevolent pur. description must necessarily inspire. poses this Society had in view; in order to stem the torrent of false, and extend a knowledge of right opinion on religious Seventh Annual Report of the Board subjects among the inhabitants of this and

of Managers of the New-YORK BIof other countries, some regular standard

BLE AND COMMON PRAYER Book Soexplanation of the whole of the Sacred Writings seemed to be necessary, which

CIETY. the great body of the people might refer

On the recurrence of the anniverto with satisfaction and confidence; and believe, that the elucidations they should sary of the New-York Bible and Comthere find were sanctioned by the ablest mon Prayer Book Society, the Board and wisest men of the present and of for- of Managers have again the pleasure mer ages. Such a work, therefore, has to remind her of the part she is bearbeen most successfully undertaken, under the direction of this Society; and á Fami: ing in the characteristic efforts of the I.Y BIBLE is now in a course of publica present day, which are so largely protion, of the most useful and important de. moting the interests and glory of the scription, with notes and explanations of Church of the Redeemer. What can the most valuable kind, selected from the soundest divines, adapted to the capacity couraging spirit of the times, than dif

more properly comport with the enof every description of readers, and, by means of the liberality of this Institution, fusing the words of everlasting life, to be purchased at a price very inferior to and a knowledge of the primitive con

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May, 1817.) Report of the Managers of the B. and C. P. B. Society. 155 stitution, doctrines, and worship of to procure stereotype plates of the that Catholic Church, whose univer- Book of Common Prayer of the 8vo, sal reception, and evangelical infla- size. ence among men, is to constitute the The Board have been for some blessed reign of millennial glory; and time deliberating on measures for the whose exalted hallelujahs, in its tri auginentation of the funds of the Soumphant state, are to celebrate the ciety. The situation of our country, eternal praises of God and of the and various circumstances connected Lamb!

with it, have led to the postponement With this animating view of the of this business from time to time; character of their institution, the but the Board hope that some effecBoard respectfully submit to the So. tual plan will soon be adopted for the ciety, a Report of their proceedings accomplishment of so desirable an obduring the past year.

ject. Still the Board are persuaded The permanent fund of the Society that the Society will join them in has received but little augmentation gratitude to God for the good which during the past year, in consequence they have been instrumental in doing: of a large donation to the Auxiliary The Bibles gratuitously distributed New-York Bible and Common Prayer by this Society, since its formation, Book Society. Still it has somewhat amount to 1990, the New Testaments increased, and now amounts to the to 500, and the Prayer Books to 2766. sum of $ 4301 89.

Total number of Bibles, New TestaDuring the past year, 340 English ments, and Prayer Books, 5256. Bibles, and 570 Prayer Books have We surely may indulge the pious been gratuitously distributed.

and animating hope, that our labours One hundred French Bibles, men- have not been without effect, in awaktioned in the Report of last year, as ening the careless sinner, in comforthaving been purchased, have been ing the penitent, in encouraging the placed with the Bishop, to be disposed humble and faithful; and also in difof by him. Some of them have been fusing the practical influence of the given to Mr. Eleazar Williams, (who evangelical doctrines, the primitive is employed by the Chureh in this Di- order, and the scriptural worship of ocess as school-master, catechist, and our Church. lay-reader to the Indians,) to be dis- It is gratifying to see our fellow tributed among the Indians on the members of this portion of Christ's borders of Canada, and in that pro- Church, animated by its blessed spivince, where the French language is rit, and uniting to diffuse a knowledge generally better understood than the of the truth as it is in Jesus. Since English. The Rev. Mr. Péneveyre, the last Report, most satisfactory proof Minister of the French Church'du St. has been afforded of the zealous and Esprit, in this city, has also been au- beneficial efforts of the Auxiliary thorized by the Bishop to apply for New-York Bible and Common Prayer any number of those Bibles which Book Society. Too much cannot be may be usefully distributed by him. said of this very encouraging and ani

The sum of $ 246 53 has been mating evidence of the pious emulagranted to the Auxiliary New-York tion of the young members of our Bible and Common Prayer Book So- Church. The stereotype plates of ciety, to aid them in the purchase of a the Book of Common Prayer which set of stereotype plates of the Book they have procured, have inaterially of Common Prayer.

lessened the expense of that inestimaAt a late meeting of the Board of ble volume, and aided its extensive Managers, the sum of $430 was voted circulation. It appears from their for the equal purchase of Bibles and Report, that during the first year of Prayer Books, to be gratuitously dis. their operations, no less than 521 Bitributed according to the established bles, and 2750 Prayer Books, have rules of the Board on that subject. A been distributed through that Society; resolution has lately passed the Board an extent of operation surpassing, it

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is believed, that of any similar insti- thus seems to prevail among the memtution in this city. May God be with bers of that portion of the Church of them in their work and labour of Christ which He hath planted in these love!

States. Let them but be truly influ. Within the past year, information enced by her principles of love to the has been received of the institution of mystical body of the Redeemer-her Female Bible and Common Prayer holy zeal in His cause--and her reBook Societies in Newark and Eliza- gard for the souls of men, let them beth-Town, New-Jersey, auxiliary to but suffer her prosperity, and the glo“ The Episcopal Society of New-Jer- ry of her divine Head, to have their sey for the distribution of Bibles, just proportion of claim to liberality; Prayer Books, Religious Tracts, &c." and she will be enabled to stand fore-of the Prayer Book and Tract So- most in this new world, among the ciety of Newport, Rhode Island-of advocates of the cross of Christ; she the Bible and Common Prayer Book will be most efficient in spreading the Society of Connecticut-off the Alba- knowledge of the word of God, and ny Female Prayer Book and Tract faith in a divine Redeemer. Be it Society of the Protestant Episcopal our prayer-be it our vigorous and Female Society of Baltimore for the determined effort, that she may be thụs distribution of Prayer Books and Re- honoured, for His sakė who hath religious Tracts--and of the Common deemed us by His own most precious Prayer Book and Tract Society of blood Virginia. And, with particular plea- By order of the Board, sure, we notice the establishment of

BENJ, T. ONDERDONK, Bible and Common Prayer Book So

Secretary. cieties, as auxiliary to ours, in the New York, Feb. 19, 1817. towns of Windham and Greeneville, in the county of Greene, in this State. The Constitution of this Society It will also, doubtless, be gratifying has been lately so amended, as to refor you to hear that two Bible and duce the terms of annual subscription, Common Prayer Book Societies have entitling to membership from five dolbeen lately established in the British lars, to a sum not less than one dollar; Province of Upper Canada, and are and the terms of life subscription, patronized by the most distinguished from fifty dollars, to a sum not less provincial officers.

than fifteen dollars. The hope is enAs founded upon the same general tertained, that this change will secure principle, and having in view the same for the Society more extensive paultimate object, it affords us pleasure, tronage, for it can hardly be imaginto notice, also, the recent establish-ed that so small a contribution will be ment of an Episcopal Tract Society withheld by any members of our comin Boston—of the Episcopal Mission- munion who feel interested in the ary Society of Philadelphia, having prosperity of religion and the Church. principally in view the establishment 'The stereotype 8vo. Prayer Book, and maintenance of our Church in the which the Society propose to proWestern States of the Episcopal cure, will be of very extensive utility. Missionary Society of Delaware-of The necessary smallness of the type the Newark (N.J.) Church Mission- in the copies now gratuitously distriary Society-and especially of the buted, is a serious objection to those Protestant Episcopal Missionary So- whose sight is affected by age or disciety of Young Men and others, lately ease. The cheapness of the proposed established in this city, for the pur- volume, (it being given to subscribers pose of aiding the ecclesiastical autho- and Societies for one dollar per copy) rity of the Diocess in the support of will render it practicable fully to obMissionaries.

viate the difficulty; and thus secure These facts are communicated to the most extensive advantage of the the Society, with the tender of sincere general dissemination of the Book of congratulations on the spirit which Common Prayer.

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