The castles of Wolfnorth & Mont Eagle, by St. Ann, Tom 1

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Strona 336 - He lifted high his shadowy spear! He bent forward his dreadful height. Fingal, advancing, drew his sword; the blade of dark-brown Luno.* The gleaming path of the steel winds through the gloomy ghost. The form fell shapeless into air, like a column of smoke, which the staff of the boy disturbs, as it rises from the half-extinguished furnace.
Strona 249 - The lightning 20 flies on wings of fire! They frighten not Comala; for Fingal is low. Say, chief of the mournful tale, fell the breaker of the shields? Hidallan. The nations are scattered on their hills! they shall hear the voice of the king no more. Comala. Confusion pursue thee over thy plains!
Strona 204 - I beheld thy arms, on thy breast, white tossed amidst thy wandering locks : when the rustling breeze of the morning came from the desert of streams. Hast thou seen thy fathers, Bos-mina, descending in thy dreams ? Arise, daughter of Clatho ; dwells there aught of grief in thy soul ? BOS-MINA. A thin form passed before me, fading as it flew : like the darkening wave of a breeze, along a field of grass.

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