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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

31st August 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette,

Brown, W. jun. Edinburgh, merchant
Ferguson, P. jun. Glasgow, slater
Guthrie, P. Edinburgh, spirit and porter dealer
Gillan, J. Peterhead, merchant and iron-founder
Henderson, D. Linlithgow, merchant
Johnston, G. Annan, apothecary
Leitch, W. Glasgow, merchant
Murray, M. Bailliehill, sheep-dealer
M'Intosh, L. Tain, draper
M Master, E. Traigh of Moror, cattle-dealer
Oliver, P. New Castletown, merchant
Reid, J. Thurso, writer, cattle-dealer, &c.
Ross, J. Inverness, coal and wood-merchant

Armstrong, R. Greenock, merchant; by W. Fer

guson, 78, Trongate, Glasgow, 17th September

Currie, J. Arbroath, merchant; by James Walker,

merchant there, 15th September ! Cobb, J. Pitcarles, cattle-dealer ; by J, Milne,

Warby's Inn, Bervie, 13th September
Crombie, H. & Co. Glasgow, merchants; b A.

Lawson, St Andrew's Square there, Isth

tember Gladstone, H. Leith, merchant; by T. Thomson

Edinburgh Glasshouses, Leith, 9d September Kennedy, W. Annan, linen-drapes; by 203

Rutherford, accoumtant there, 20th Septiniai Reid, J. Glasgow, cabinet-maker; by A. Larsen

St Andrew's Square there, 24th September
Swanston, J. and Co. Glasgow, merchants: by Jas

Ewing, merchant there, 10th October
Whyte, D. of Blair, cattle-dealer, der by Wa

Ferguson, Maybolé, 3d September 3! i



-At Castle Guthrie, the lady of Thoma July 31. At Camis-Eskan, Mrs Dennis. Mylne, Esq. of Mylnefield, of a son toun of Colgrain, of a daughter.

At Durie, the lady of C. M. Christie, E34 August 2. At Forgo Lodge, Dumfries. of a son.-26. At Dunmore, Mrs Campbell shire, the lady of Pulteney Mein, Esq. of of a daughter. 2 son. -Mrs H. Kemble, wife of Mr H. Sept. 1. At Dean Bank, Mrs Captus Kemble, of the Brighton theatre, of a son. Roy, of a daughter.

4. The lady of Dr Campbell, surgeon, Latily-At Linslade-house, the Right No 4, Union Street, Edinburgh, of a son. Hon. Lady Jane Pym, of a daughter6. At the West Kirk manse, Edinburgh, At London, the lady of James Alärande, Mrs Dickson, of a son.-9. At Fisherrow, Esq. M. P. of a daughter. Mrs Alex. Vernor, of a daughter.--11. At 29, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh, Mrs

MARRIAGES. Jas Grahame, of a daughter.-12. At New July 13. At St Petersburgh, the Arch ton, near Jedburgh, Mrs Hogarth, of a son.. duke Nicholas of Russia to the Princes At London, the lady of Count Jules de Po- Charlotte of Prussia.--21. At Edinburgh lignac, of a son.-13. Mrs Robertson, Hope Mr William Nivisón, bookseller, to Mary Street, Leith Walk, of a son.-15. At daughter of Mr John Richmond, Dune Framlingham, Norfolk, Mrs Rigby, of four and seedsman, Annan. children, three boys and a girl. Mrs Rigby August 2. At Limerick, J. F. Hamiiks, is as well as usual so soon after child-birth: Esq. of Westport, to the Hon. Georgia the children are all alive and quite hearty. Vereker, second daughter of the Rip Before the birth of these little ones, Dr Hon. Lord Viscount Gorth Ai Battle Rigby was the father, by his present wife, house, Fifeshire, Robert Ballingall, Esp of eight children, the two eldest of whom of Burnturk, to Margaret, eldest daughter are twins. Remarkable as is the above of the Rev. Peter Barclay.-5. At Durday event, there are circumstances which render Alexander Ramsay, M. D. to Misi Jow it peculiarly so. Dr Rigby is a great-grand. Blair, daughter of David Blau, Est, father, and probably never before were born, Cookstone.6. At Haddington, Jame: To at one birth, three great-uncles and a great guson, Esq. of Kinmundy, to Emils, dau. aunt_such being the relationship between ter of the Rev. Robert Chalinets, Hache the above-mentioned parties and the infant ton.--At Edinburgh, Mr Hugh Handys son of Mr John Bawtrec, jun. of Colchester. St Patrick Square, to Isabela, daughters

w 17. At Caverhills, the lady of James the late Peter Martin, Esq. Bellevule. Burnet, younger of Barns, of a son.-20. Edinburgh, Mr Henry Spears, Aucklestad, Lady Dunbar of Boath, of a daughter. to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Walks 22. At Rochsoles-house, the lady of Lieut.. Dawson, Esq. of Graden.-7. At Sarithe Colonel Gerard of Rochsoles, of a daughter. house, Lieutenant-Colonel James Fullertaling

24. In George's Square, Edinburgh, Mrs C. B. rifle brigade, son of the late Loop Folliott Baugh, of a daughter. --At Edin: Fullarton, Esq. of Kilmichael, to

*** A*** paguanu op Locies, of a son, Johnston, daughter of Colin Hotel PILING 101nis sys! 0, 8 bintind! 3 reeds die beh a al. N Eritrea

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Esq. M. D. of Chester Vale, Jamaica. supervisor of excise.--At Grange-house,
At Edinburgh, the Rev. William Robert. George Thorburn, Esq. merchant, Leith,
son, minister of Laggan, to Margaret, eld- to Anne, daughter of Robert Forrester,
est daughter of James Robertson, Esq. Esq. treasurer, Bank of Scotland.-27. At
W. S.-S. At Edinburgh, John Gairdner, East Comrage, near Fort George, Kenneth
Esq. M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonnell, to Isabella
Surgeons, to Susanna, daughter of William Colina, daughter of James Roy, Esq. sur-
Tennant, Esq. merchant there.-9. At geon to the forces.
Edinburgh, Alexander Cadenhead, Esq. LatelyAt Edinburgh, John Laidlaw,
advocate, Aberdeen, to Jane, danghter of Esq. late of the 61st regiment, to Catherine,
Dr Sherrifs.--11. At North Berwick, Fran. second daughter of the late Mr Denham,
cis James Adam, Esq. youngest son of the writer.
Right Hon. the Lord Chief Commissioner
Adam, to Mary, daughter of his Excellency

General Poltaratzky. -At Stranraer, Colo. Jan. 25. At Meerut, East Indies, Mrs
nel M.Nair, 90th regiment of foot, to Anne, Bruton, wife of Major Bruton of his Ma.
only daughter of William Ross, Esq. col. jesty's 8th light dragoons.-31. At Kytah,
lector of his Majesty's customs there. -At Bundelkund, East Indies, Capt. Alexander
Claret, James Dunlop, Esq. distiller, Un. Tod, of the 1st battalion 26th regiment
derwood, to Janet, eldest daughter of John Bengal native infantry, aged 36, eldest son
Russell, Esq.-12. At Middleton, Linlith- of Mr Robert Tod, farmer, Tipperty, Banff.
gowshire, Alexander Norman Macleod, shire.
Esq. of Harris, to Richmond Margaret, February. At Ceylon, William Orr, Esq.
second daughter of William Inglis, Esq. of the civil service there, eldest son of the
14. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Muir, late Patrick Orr, Esq. of Bridgeton.
minister of St Vigean's, to Grace, daughter March 18. At Madras, George Hay, Esq.
of the late Mr James Watson, painter in June 20. At Charlestown, South Caro-
Edinburgh.-15. At Juniperbank, Mr John lina, Mr John Bonthron, merchant there,
Turnbull, merchant, Selkirk,. to Isabel, son of the late Mr James Bonthron, builder
daughter of Mr John Thorburn, Juniper- in Edinburgh.-30. At Athens, aged 24,
bank.–At Edinburgh, George Turnbull of of a fever, occasioned by fatigue in the too
St Bathans, Esq. W. S. to Grace, youngest ardent pursuit of knowledge, and rendered
daughter of the late James Brunton of fatal by the extreme heat of the climate,
Lugton Bridgend, Esq.-16. At Morland, Benjamin Gott, jun. second son of Benjamin
near Shap, Westmoreland, Mr Thomas Gott, Esq. of Leeds.
Mounsey," Cetra Park, farmer, to Miss July 1. At Hastings, Thomas Cockburn
Atkinson, only daughter of Mr Thomas Stothert of Blaiket, Esq. advocate.-6. At
Atkinson, yeoman, of Sandriggs, near Great Jersey, Mrs Home, widow of Major James
Strickland. The bride is heir to property Home of the East India Company's service.
not less than twenty thousand pounds, and -22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Young.-23.
has been brought up with the most exact The Rev. Thomas Bain, rector of the aca-
economy, and exclusively employed in the demy of Fortrose. -At Aberdeen, Lieut.
dairy.-18. At Strathendry, Andrew Cle- Ogle Moore, R. N. in the 34th year of his
phane, Esq. advocate, to Anna Maria, se age.-24. At Hodsack Priory, Yorkshire,
cond daughter of Robert Douglas, Esq. late Lieutenant-Colonel Mellish, equerry to the
Lieutenant-Colonel 58th regiinent of foot. Prince Regent, a gentleman of great cele-
At Edinburgh, James Bridges, Esq. W. S. brity on thc turf.-26. At Glasgow, the
to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Rev. William Thomson, minister of Ochil-
Lieutenant-Colonel Macdonald of the royal trie.-At Dollerie, Miss Oliphant of Con-
marines.--19. At Glasgow, John Green. die.--29. At his house, Abercrombie Place,
shields, Esq. late of Quebec, to Miss Mar. Edinburgh, John Tait, Esq. W. S.-30.
garet Inglis Dale, eldest daughter of James At London, Major William Shairp, of the
Dale, Esq. merchant.-At Inverary, Capt. royal marines.-At Edinburgh, at the age
Donald Campbell, royal navy, to Ísabella, of 74, Mr James Swan, hair-dresser. His
daughter of John Campbell, Esq. of Craig. funeral was attended by two of his custom-
pure. At St John's, Newfoundland, Mr ers, on whom he had been in the habit of
James Fergus, merchant, to Mrs Eliza waiting regularly every day for upwards of
Boucher.-20. At Edinburgh, Gavin Al. 35 years.
ston, Esq. W. S. to Jane Thomson, only August 1. At his house, Rodney Build-
daughter of Captain Thomson, royal navy. ings, New Kent Road, London, in the 69th
-21. At Eglinton Castle, Richard A. Os year of his age, Alexander Murray Shields,
wald, Esq. of Auchencruive, to the Right Esq. of Lloyd's Coffeehouse.-At Arthur
Hon. Lady Lilias M'Queen.-At Montrose, stone, Colonel Duncan MacPherson of
William Mowbray, Esq. merchant in Leith, Cluny.--At his seat at St Catherine's, near
to Miss M. M. Chalmers, eldest daughter Dublin, in the 88th year of his age, the
of the Rev. William Chalmers of Auchter. Right Hon. David Latouche, many years
gayon.-26. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Walter one of his Majesty's Privy Council, and for
Dunlop, Dumfries, to Miss Janet M‘Lean, 40 years a member of the Parliament of
daughter of the late Daniel M'Lean, Esq. Ireland. He was the senior partner in the

great banking-house of Latouche & Co. Balnespick.-12. At St Andrews, of a rapid Publin, long celebrated in every part of the decline, the consequence of a ruptured bloodBritish empire for probity, honour, and vessel in the lungs, Jane Ann, fourth daughsolidity. So established was its character ter of Mrs Bertram of St Leonard's-16. for wealth, that " as good as Latouche" At London, Major-General Sir Montagu was a familiar phrase in Ireland, when it R. Burgoyne, Bart. of Sutton Park, Bedwas sought to convey an idea of superior fordshire, after a long and painful illness. solidity and sufficiency in pecuniary trans. At Hartree-house, Colonel Alexander Dick. actions; and all this wealth was associated son of Hartree.-17. At Burntsfield Links, with a spirit of liberality and humanity, that Miss Catharine Forbes Montgomerie. --At forbade envy, and conciliated universal re- Edinburgh, Mr Richard Crichton, architect. spect and esteem.-2. At Drimmie Cottage, -19. In Old Burlington Street, London, near Blairgowrie, William Chalmers, Esq. Miss Margaret Mure, third daughter of the town clerk of Dundee, aged 75 years. Be- late William Mure of Caldwell, Esq. one sides holding other situations of trust, he of the barons of exchequer for Scotland. has been principal clerk of the burgh of 20. At Kersehill, Mrs Christian Rattray, Dundee for 45 years, and keeper of the wife of Alexander Ramsay, Esq. banker, register of sasines and clerk of the peace for Falkirk.--21. At Clapham Common, near the county of Forfar, for many years past. London, John Smith, Esq. of Lombard

-At Borrowstounness, Miss Mary Padon, Street, banker. At Setonhill, East Lothian, aged 80 years.--At Port-Glasgow, a fort. Mr Peter Bairnsfather, junior, farmer, night after he landed from the island of 22. In Harley Street, London, of a deep Tobago, Alexander Scott, Esq. much lae decline, the Right Hon. Frances Lady mented by his family and friends.-3. At Redesdale, in her 51st year. Her LadyKnockbain, parish of Kirkhill, John Fraser, ship was the daughter of the late Earl of aged 102 years. He fought under the ban- Egmont, sister to the present Lord Arden, ners of the chief of the clan at Culloden, and of the late lamented Right Hon. Spen. and on many other occasions.-5. At Edin. cer Perceval.-23. At Min-hill, Mussel. burgh, John Gillespie, Esq. of Sunnyside burgh, Charles Stewart, Esq. formerly comLodge, Lanarkshire.-At his house in Gil- mander of the Hon. East India Company's more Place, Edinburgh, MrJames M.Cliesh, ship Airly Castle. At his house in Buclate bookseller there.-6. At Blaircessnock cleuch Street, Edinburgh, in the 74th year of Cardross, Mr James Sands, senior, aged of his age, Mr John Ballantyne, late mer 90 years.-At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas chant in Kelso.-24. At Herne Hill, near Henderson, eldest son of Thomas Hender. Dulwich, Signora Storace. For the goodson, Esq. city chamberlain.-8. At Hay. ness of her heart and the benevolence of her field, by Kinross, at the advanced age of nature she has ever been most eminently 84, Mrs Syme, relict of David Syme, Esq. and deservedly distinguished. Of her proof Cartmore.--At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann fessional talents, as a singer and an actress, Laurie, relict of the Rev. Robert Ure, mi- it is unnecessary to say any thing: they nister of Airth.--At Knottingley, near were the delight and admiration of the Ferrybridge, in the 89th year of his age, public; and certainly she was altogether Mr Christopher Abbott, comedian. He was unrivalled in her particular line.-25. Al well known for the last fifty years in the Edinburgh, Mr Adam Brooks, merchant counties of York and Lincoln, and uni. there.—26. At Burntsfield Links, after a versally respected. He was a man of great long and painful illness, contracted in the probity and patriotism, and no less eccen. service, which he bore with great fortitude, tricity; and, till within a short time of his Mr Robert Walker, surgeon, royal nary. death, was scarcely ever known to have had 27. At Edinburgh, Miss Fyffe, daughter a day's illness. He was at the taking of of the late John Fyffe, Esq. banker in Belleisle, at which place he was severely Edinburgh.-29. At Edinburgh, Master wounded. It was his greatest pride that all Alexander Ross, only son of the deceased his sons had served their country, and nearly Colonel Alexander Ross of Balsartoch. all his male relations; and, according to LatelyAt Nassau, New Providence, his own calculation, be had walked nearly the Rev. John Stephen, LL.D. rector of twice round the globe.-9. At Williamfield. Christ Church, and chanlain to his Majesty's Mr David Wardrobe Chrystal, writer in forces in the Bahama islands. At BallaStirling, in the 26th year of his age.-At chroan, county of Inverness, Mrs Captain Rose Park, Grace, eldest daughter of Pro- Forbes Macdonell, second daughter of the fessor Dunbar, aged four years.-10. At late John M-Pherson, Esq. of Inverhall. his house at Doonfoot, Mr Charles Aber. At Grenada, aged 21, of the fever of the cromby, civil engineer.-In Upper Berkcley country, Mr Benjamin Brown, hospital Street, London, Lieut-Colonel the Hon. assistant to the forces. At Oscomb, LinWilliam Grey, fourth son of the late, and colnshire, aged 47, Mr W. Grant, grazier, brother to the present, Earl Grey.-11. At He has left property to the Ampount Cheltenham, William Mackintosh, Esq. of £100,000.

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