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turously attempted to be transfused art, as usual, of Allanton, though not into our native language. *

a knight-and this is surprisingTHIS . SACRED. FOUNTAIN. who is married to a Janet Tait,-the 18 . DEDICATED. TO. THE. MEMORY. alleged daughter, however, of one,OF. SIR. ALLAN . STEUART. OF. AL who died in the year 1547: and I on LANTON. AND, DALDUE.

my part subjoin the following docuKNIGHT.BANNERET.

ment, the Latin portion of which I THAT. EXALTED , HEROE . FLOWER. have translated in the text, inserting OF. CHIVALRY.

the original in the note. * HE . WHO. BY. THE , RENOWNED. “ The Inventary of all the goods of BATTLE.

the late Allan Stewart, taken down, at OF. MORNINGSIDE.

Allanetoune, from his mouth, † on HAS. RENDERED. HIS. NAME. his departure, the xijth day of the ILLUSTRIOUS. TO . POSTERITY. month of July, in the year of our + + +

Lord jmycxlvij, in presence of these HAPPY. IN. DISCHARGING. A . PIOUS. witnesses, William Wallace, Alexan


• Inventarium Omnium Bonorum, quonTHE. ELEVENTH . IN. THE.ORDER . dam Allani Stewart factum apud Allane. OF SUCCESSION.t

toune per os decedentis xij die mensis Julü FROM . THAT. MOST. VALOROUS anno Domini jm ve xlvij coram his testibus GENERAL.

Willielmo Wallace, Alexandro Robesoune IN THE . YEAR. MDCCCXIII.

Domino Johanne Lyndesai meo curato diCAUSED. ERECT. THIS. MONUMENT.

versisque aliis.

In primis fatetur se habere quinque boves,

Item duas vaccas, Item duo animalia etatis I may here state, that as little else

duorum annorum, Item unam lye quy etawhere, in any shape, has the faintest

tis unius anni, Item unum ly stot etatis unius notice been yet adduced of the fam anni, Item unum taurum ly bull etatus ily of Allanton, previous to the six- trium annorum, Item unum lie Stot etatis teenth century.

duorum annorum, Item quatuor ly moderlesse calvis, Item xxxvij oues senes, Item

xxij lie hoggis, Item in utensilibus et domitempted to penetrate through the thick

ciliis xls, Item in avenis seminatis xłb. I. vail of obscurity, under which they

tem in Ordeo seminato iï b.

Debita que sibi debentur : are so effectually concealed. But í

Imprimis Allanus Lockhart de lie et am now to present some original in- Alexander Lockhart in Wicketschaw IX formation--for which they are solely mercas monete. indebted to me of this humble race, Debita que debentur aliis : who have thus, in the shade, pursued Imprimis Domino pro firma terre duas the “ noiseless tenor” of their career. marcas vüjd, Item Andree Cadder xxti mar. The next link. still' exclusively cas, Item Gavino Stewart Lxxx mercas e resting upon the authority of Mr John

üji marcas, vulgariter, to rentall him, at my Brown and the immaculate manuscript,

Lord of Glasgui's hand, of fyve merk land

of Daldowe Wester, et xxj 6. land in Mosintroduces to our notice a James Stew

platt:-Item Joanni Steill xijs: Item John

Scot xx 8:- Item Jonete Speir x peccas 01* The original is as follows :

dei :--Item Thome Russell xls:-tem “ D. M.

Willielmo Wallace, xs:-Item Alxo Roger Allani . Stevart. de . Allanton. vi s: Item Thome Smyth iïi s. Et, de. Dalduc. equitis. Banneretti. Cum nichil sit certius morte, nec hora

Viri . egregii . Armis . acerrimi. ejus incertius, hinc est, quod, ego Allanus Ejusdem . qui . insigni . pugna . Stewart, sanus mente et corpore, condo tesApud . Morningside . clarus. factus. timentum meum in hunc modun sequerFons Sacer.

tem : In primis nempe do et lego animam + + +

meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beate Marie V • V.S.L. A. faciund.C. An. MDCCCXIII. H.S. gini, et omnibus sanctis celestis curie, cor: XI. Gradus . distans. hic.a. duce . illo. pusque meum terre, quatuor d. fabrice Sanca fortissimo."

Kentigerni executores meos constituo Elizaof Froin this we may form some idea of bet Tait meam sponsam et Jacobum Doug. the justness of the remark of Candidus, that las in Todhallis ut ipsi disponant pro salute his “ respected friend” is much more able, anime mee sicuti respondere voluerint coram had he chosen to have undertaken the task Sumino Judice in die judicii : Similiter of “ vindicating his family honours.” et lego mee sponse ut sequitur in vulgar

Some ordiuary contrivance-urn, ves. [Then follows as in the text. . vel, &c. &c. for receiving the water.

" Est pauperis numerare greges."

der Robesoune, Master John Lyndisai, willing, to pass wyt my Lord Govermy parish minister, and sundry others. noure and my Lord Zester to ye bor

* In the first place, he acknowledges doure, to ye defence of ye Realme: that he possesses five oxen-two cows Item, I leyf to my wife All my Sted

two animals, of the age of two years dingis yat I haif of my Lord Zester in -one “ lye* quy,” of the age of one Auhtarmuire, during hir lyftyme, year-one“ lye stot,” of the age of wy! all my gudis, movable and imone year-one“ ly bull,” of the age of movable, and to use it to the proffeit three years-one“ ly stot,” of the age and utilite of hirself and effame of two years-four“ ly moderlesse Stewart, my dochter, and eufame to calvis"-xxxvij old sheep-xxij “ lie abide at ye command and counsall of hoggis” t-utensils and household fur- hir moder; and I Ordain hir to use niture to the amount of xl-in oats hir at the comand and plessoure of sown upon the ground, to the amount hir moder, in all maner of sortis : of xl bolls-in barley sown, iii bolls. Item, I Ordane Gawane Stewart, my

“ Debts which are owing to him: sone, to geyf effame my dochter xx

In the first place, Allan Lockhart of for geire yat I loupt to him in EdinLie, and Alexander Lockhart in Wick- burcht,+ and ane gray horse, scho buditschaw, ixxx merks of money.

and at ye consall and comand of “ Debts which are owing by him to hir moder and hir broyer; and as to others :

ye lard of leyse payment, ye contrakkis In the first place, to the Laird for the beris in yaim self I tak one my saule, rent of the land, two marks, viid: Al. I gat nevir na payment of him, excepte so, to Andrew Cadder, xxti marks: jc merkis of money.” Also, to Gawin Stewart, lxxx marks [Confirmed 22d June 1548.7 et ili marks, in order, as it is termed Instead then of blazing at tournain our native language, to rentall him, ments, and of “ commanding” armies, at my Lord of Glasgui's hand, of fyve this humble race have only been solimark land of Daildowie Wester, and citous to gain a decent livelihood by xxjs land in Mosplatt: Also, to John raising a moderate crop of oats and Steill, xij$. : Also, to John Scott, xx$ : barley ;-instead of entering into solAlso, to Janet Speir, x pecks of bar- emn political negotiations with neighley: Also, to Thomas Russell, xls: bouring barons, we find their repreAlso, to William Wallace, x$ : Also, sentative implementing a bargain with to Alex? Roger, vis : Also, to Thomas a village matron for the sale of a few Smyth, üü s. (Including a few more pecks of his grain ;-instead of richly insignificant payments to other ob- caparisoned steeds and palfreys, he has scure people.)

nothing in the shape of such an ani“Seeing that there is nothing more mal; 1-baronial castles are transformcertain than death, and nothing more ed into steadings; circumambient uncertain than the hour, Therefore I, moats into preliminary dunghills ; the Allan Stewart, entire in body and daughter of the house, whom we might mind, make my testament as follows: have fancied noble, and peerless, with a In the first place, I leave my soul to splendid retinue of obsequious knights, the Almighty, and to the Blessed Vir- and damsels arrayed in magnificent apgin, and to all the Saints of Christ's parel, into possibly some such ordinary Church in heaven; and my body to garlic eating wench, though probably the earth, with four pennies to the not so dainty in her diet, as crazed the Cathedral of Saint Mungo: I nomin- intellects of the knight of La Mancha ; ate my executors, Elizabeth Tait, my for whom the damage of certain respouse, and James Douglas in Tod- jected clothing and accoutrements, hallis, to dispone for the good of my transferred by her father to her brosoul, as they will answer for their conduct to the great Judge at the last day. * Either twenty pounds, marks, shillings, I moreover bequeath to my spouse,

or pence, it is impossible to tell which, a as follows in the vulgar:

shred of the paper in the original being torn “I Allane Stewart, intendis, God away..

ť Yat I loupt to him in Edinburcht..

“ To Loup-to change masters-to pass • The French “ le,” usually prefixed to from one possessor to another; applied to all Scorch terms introduced into our Latin property."

Jamieson. documents.

Not Allan certainly-it is even doubt, † Young sheep.

ful if his son Gawin then possessed one.


ther Gawin, about to commence his ta supellex” of the inferior orders of bucolical career, was an ample dower; the community of Scotland in the not to forget the generous donation of sixteenth century, would nevertheless the gray steed, the lordly possessor strike us as luxurious and profuse. of hereditary trophies of ancient val. And yet the age was lavish in our, armour, pennons, and ensang- furniture, and apparel, or “abulziuined banners, won by the illustrious ments” and moveables of all descripAllantons of departed memory, at the tions, to a degree that by a modern battles of Dundalk, Morningside, and person could scarcely be credited, as elsewhere, dwindles down into the might easily be proved by the adhumble owner of a scanty farm, some duction of many contemporary inven. stots, and of four motherless calves! tories--a mania which descended even

The rank and condition of the fam- to the lowest vulgar. ily is easily gathered from the testa- That Allan was a farmer, or rentalment without any commentary. It ler, and not even a petty fewar, is evimay be only observed, that the entire dent from his allusion to the properhousehold plenishing and furniture, ty which in any shape he retained ;the boards upon which they reposed to the “ steddingis * yat (he) haid of their hardy limbs, after, in many my Lord Zester in Auchtermuire ;" cases, but a hopeless wrestling with a and to the lands of wester Daldüe, bestubborn and ungrateful soil, where longing to the Bishop of Glasgow, in some of the common fruits of the which Gawin is to be rentalled, and earth never arrive at maturity,—the NOT INFEFT:T The former, the anplatters, trenchers, and salt-vats, &c. cient estate of Allanton, which, acaffording but slender means of appeas- cording to Candidus, was bestowed in ing the cravings of an appetite not a full property, by the Church, upon little exasperated by the vicinage of their immediate vassal, Sir Allan the keen air of the Shotts,-clothes, Stewart of Daldüe, [whose father was vessels, &c. &c. every thing within the “ second cousin to Robert the Second,"] walls of the steading amounted to the in the year 1420, in reward of his mimighty value of forty shillings, at that litary services ! The other, upon the time, the price of the common military same authority, that still more venerimplement, a cross-bow; as also, ofa able possession, or barony," as it is friar's cloak, and of the homely utensil, called, upon the Clydenear Glasa mortar and pestle, adapted for an or- gow, that Sir Robert Stewart, the prodinary family. *

genitor certainly" of one of the most Contrasted with what these must ancient branches of the house of Stewhave been, the goods and chattels in art,had obtained “ in patrimony". communion, in the well-known ballad from his father, Sir John Stewart of of “ The Vowing of Jock and Jynny," written at least a very few years after the death of Allan, if not before it,

“ Steddyng." A farm-house and of", fices.--The farms were small, and the mi

fi that were to crown the approaching serable steadings (the old phrase for a farm. nuptial felicity of that rustic pair, house and offices) denoted the poverty of which Lord Hailes has pronounced lu- the tenants. “ (P. Alloa Clackmann, Stat. dicrous and wretched, -and which he Acc. viii. 603.)"_I am exilit fra my takkis quotes as a good example of the “ cure and fra my steddingis. “ Compl. S. po

Jamieson. • “ Item unum le corsbow, price xl ; + The term “ rental” is abundantly Item ane brasing mortar cum le pestell, price known. Farmers, in these days, were for xls” Original confirmed testament of the the most part stationary upon the grounds Vicar of Govan in the year 1552 ; where of their landlord, and hence sometimes came are also noticed, “ ane tangis and yrne to be styled native rentallers. scwill, price x$. ; three beif tubbis,” price I admit, that as now, it was at this period

- 191."

expedient, occasionally, even for absolute These prices are taken from the list of proprietors to rentall, or take in lease some the " gudis and geir" of one" Johne necessary portion of the territory of their Gib,” burgess of Edinburgh, who died be- neighbours ; but it is extremely obvious, fore the year 1570: "ane daiger, price x$; that without a certain quantity of land; ane hat, price xls ; ane auld frer's clak, feudally held, none then could be admi price xls ; ane plaid, price xl ; ane irne into the ranks of gentry, or possess the chimpay, price yli ; ane pair of black hoise, smallest political consideration in the count price iij i " Edinburgh Commissary Records, try. The speculations of Candidus upon ith April 1571.

the term fewar are now utterly irrelevant

Bonkill, killed at Falkirk in the year but I peremptorily defy any one to 1298, to whom it is thus alleged ori- prove his existence. They have toginally to have belonged, and not to tally suppressed Gawin and Euphan, the See of Glasgow, who, notwith- but dropt their own offspring into standing, were the ancient proprietors. their nests; but these exotics, not

The family of Yester, or Tweeddale, agreeing with the change of climate, held all Auchtermuir Blench of the are all suffered piteously to die away ; opulent religious house of Arbroath,* an expedient indispensible, in order upon which, previous to the reign of to give the thing a natural appearance, David II., the high privileges of a re- it being rather an odd race that was gality had been conferredt. Agree- in the habit of producing only one ably to the usage that prevailed in member at a time. When these ausuch great jurisdictions, the Abbot of thorities are so accurate, in modern Arbroath would, in the event of the points, they must assuredly be much general raising of the militia of the more so in those of greater antiquity, country to repel such an inyasion as and hence, upon their bare allegation, that of the Earl of Hertford, in the and in the absence of any other evidyear 1547, evidently alluded to by ence, we must believe in the prodigies Allan in his testament, have the lead- of Dundalk and Morningside, and all ing of the men of Auchtermuir, who that has been asserted of this unpawould necessarily rally under his cle- ralleled family. The eventual fate of rical banner. By various notices, how, Gawin and Euphan I have not been ever, in the Chartulary of Arbroath, able to unravel; these are the only it appears that the Abbots were in faint glimmerings I have detected rethe habit of delegating to their vassal, specting them.--I have now trespassed Lord Yester, the duty of discharging sufficiently for the present, upon the many of their civil rights, such as the attention of your readers--if their paoffice of justiciary, within the limits tience be not altogether exhausted, of Auchtermuir. Hence, they would perhaps the residue of " the Historie” not fail also to invest him with those may be forthcoming in the course of of a military nature ; and, accordingly, your next Number.

J.R. Allan Stewart, along with other pea- 111, George Street, I santry of the muir, is to accompany 9th August 1817. Lord Yester, acting for the Abbot, to P. S.-I see it is inaccurately stated, the border. I

that “the learned and worthy BaronMr John Brown, and that precious

et” bears in his arms a spear, in comfamily manuscript, have so utterly me

memoration of a tournament in which tamorphosed those early members of

the Hero of the day of Morningside is the family of Allanton, that it might

supposed to have shared. The fact is, have defied their own acquaintance to

that, on the 21st of December 1815, the

that on the 91st of December have recognised them,- not to advert*

present Lyon Depute--who exercises to the more obvious disguisements, for

even royal prerogatives--conferred upwhom this personage, Sir James Tait

on him, and certain heirs in remainder, of Ernoek, stands proxy, I know not,

by “ Patent,” a new honourable aug

mentation, “ a broken spear, sur• The Tweeddale family were seated

mounted by a helmet as a further mark there as far back as the year 1432. Charty of Arbroath, Ad. Liby fol. 39 b.

of his (Sir Allan's) gallantry in that + Ib. fol. 38.

engagement ;"-as also the motto, “ Universis pateat per presentes nos

« Virtutis in bello præmium.” David permissione divina Abbatem monasterii Sancti Thome Martiris de Abberbrothock et ejusdem loci conventus fecisse

AMBER IMBEDDED IN LIMESTONE. constituisse et ordinasse-Nobilem et potentem Dominum Johannem Dominum Hay

Edinburgh, July 29, 1817. de Zester, Johannem Ogilvy de Fingask,"

MR EDITOR, &c." et eorum quemlibet conjunctim et

Having observed in the last Numdivisim nostros ballívos commissarios camerarios justiciarios infra regalitatem nostram

ber of your Magazine, that Count de Abberbrothock et Ethcarmore.” (5 Ap

Dunin Borkowsky had announced his , ril 1494.) Charty of Arbroath, fol. 132 6. having discovered amber imbedded in

There had also been previously a similar sandstone, I think it may not be uncommission to John Lord Zester, dated 14 interesting to state an analogous obAugust 1488. Ib. fol. 124.

servation which was made about the

end of the year 1813, on the sea shore, plays VVIP " Epitaphy stw * ER in the immediate neigbourhood of 1 ,1; 10! - Sweco Santander,, in the province of Santan, Tu qui passez, one bouche clock kasi der, in the north of Spain, 19. fil -Parla ou ce corps repose, RC , TI

The mountains which bound and ; Ententt ce qe te dirai, datos traverse the whole of the northern pro- Sycome te dire le say. Please vinces of Spain, appear to be a con- Tieli come tu es, au tiel fu, oj bolot tinuation of the Pyrengean range and

Tu seras tiel come je sue sto ih bucl the regular succession of the primitive

.n and newer rooks is very benutifully . De la mort ne pensai-jemve.s illustrated in travelling from east to

Tant come j'avois la Gien gubah

En trell avoi grand richesse: din 1703 west, especially in the picturesque val

Dont je y fis grand noblesse 3 (539033 lies of Biscay, in the course of which,

Terre, mesons, grand tresor, r. nili the most magnificent sections are pro Draps, chevaux, argent, Orria il duced by the impetuosity of the win

i 3 don ') ter torrent. · In that portion which Mes ore su jeo poures** et chetiff 17. skirts the shores of the province of

Perfond en la tre gis.

i r vid

Ma grand beauté est tout alée : Santander, the principal rocks are

Ma char est tout gastée.. sandstone and limestone, occurring in

gji alternate strata, Coal is found near

Moult est estroit ma maison, m??!! Reynosa, in the higher districts, as

En moy na si verité non. illi well as at Laredo, on the coast. In

Et si on me veissez tt V, 101 one of the lowest members of this Je ne guide pas qe vous deissez # brid series, close to the shore, I found a Qe je eusse onques homme este . considerable mass of yellow amber,

Si su je ore de tant changée. P ri firmly imbedded in the limestone. The union was so perfect, that it was

· Pour dicu priez au celestień Roy"""}} impossible to separate the amber with

De mercy ait de l'ame de moy.

Tous ceux qi pour moy prieront. out shattering it into small fragments.

Ou a Dieu m'acorderont :11 The whole was extracted, and is now

Dieu les mette en son Paradis, in London, with some of the limestone. • Ou nul ne poetsS estre chetiff. The fact was mentioned in letters to add

u n "st' two scientific friends in Britain, soon after it was noticed. '

L iisa II.1. Spenser, ii)

In Tod's Life of Spenser, in whichi there is to be found much valuable in formation regarding the studies and

pursuits of this great man, and the state i i ) NUGÆ LITERARIA.

of English literature at that period,

there is a curious letter of Spenser's *I, *. I. The Black Prince.

friend, Harvey, in which he reconds

mends to the author of the Fuery Queen There is a wonderful simplicity and

the study of Petrarch. "Thinke upon beauty in the following humble epi

Petrarche, and perhapnes" it will ad taph on so great a man as the Black

vaunce the wings of your imagination Prince. The author is unknown-but

a degree higher at least if any thing it would probably be composed by the can be added to the lottiness of bus best poet of the age, perhaps by Chau

conceite, whom gentle Mistress Rosacer, who was at this time in the height

lind once reported to have all the inof his reputation, and, from his travels

telligences at commandment, and anin France, must have been well ac- other time christened lim Sigor l'equainted with the French language. paso." The gentle Mistress Rose , The verses are introduced by this in

here mentioned, was a lady to whon scription: Cy gist le noble Prince Monsieur Edward

Spenser was early attached. Jo shows aisnez fils de tres noble Roy Edward Tiers :

the pôetical conversations trith which Jadis Prince D'Aquitaine et de Gales, Duc

he and his mistress must have ento de Cornwaille, et Compte de Cestre, qi

tained themselves, alluding, *s 108 mourust en la Feste de la Trinite q'estoit le viii. jour de juyn, l'an de grace, mil trois . Ou. + Entendez. Tele 3 JAMES cens Septante sisine. L'Alme de gi Dieu ll Terre.'' Maisons. ** Suis-je-naut eut merci, Amen. * *

++ Si vous m'avez vu. #Pranca ss peab

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